Thursday 30 June 2016

Choosing the Best Web Based Email Hosting Service.

e-mail hosting provider
Email is one of the fastest and easiest ways of communication medium now a days. It helps an organisation to grow in multiple ways. However the email server is not same for all, so it is very essential to choose a Right E-mail web hosting server.

Knowing your hosting needs:

Before you go for an email hosting you should very clear about your requirement. You will never get a right email hosting plan and host server without knowing your needs. Well, for few moments keep all thong aside think what actually you need for email, and here is a checklist which will help you to define your email hosting needs.

  • What kind of website are you building?
  • Do you want something common (a WordPress blog, for example)?
  • Do you need Windows applications?
  • Do you need a special version of the software (ie. PHP)?
  • Does your website need special software?
  • How big (or small) can the web traffic volume go?
  • How many E-mail accounts you need?
  • What should be the volume of email you are receiving and going to send.
First, define and clear this basic thing before choosing email hosting. Figure out what's happening in next 12 months and according to that, you can change your plan.

Overview of Webmail service:

Finding a Webmail service provider is easy, but selecting a Webmail service provider is not easy. You can find a service provider providing multiple plans and email and few companies are providing free email with web hosting. Now it is also important that you are taking email plan for your individual need or organisation need, so the plan should be different from stage to stage.

Here is a checklist you must find in your email hosting:
  • Number E-mail associated with the plan
  • Web space for email
  • Advanced Webmail access
  • Uptime of server and server reliability
  • add-on domain facility
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Support for Outgoing emails

Review of Webmail:

Know the fact of why you need the email service and the purpose of using an email service. These upper checklists will help you to choose a good web hosting provider, but apart from that here is few more things you must take care.

  • Up-gradation and de-gradation flexibility at any point in time.
  • Value for money: Sign up price and renewal price comparison.
  • Money back guarantee and refund policy
  • E-commerce feature
  • Integrated Multi-layered anti-virus protection for all incoming and outgoing emails
  • Spam Analysis Engine with auto-updates, auto-learning. Spam filter training facility for each mailbox
  • Personal Whitelists and Blacklists allow/block emails from specific IDs/domains
  • Secure IMAP and POP support for incoming emails
  • Customizable user mailbox quotas
  • Fully qualified technical support, such as Live Chat, Phone and Email
  • 24/7 Monitoring facility
A service provider may give you all kinds of assurance, but don’t fall with their marketing words. Try to find out the truth about their assurance and check with customer review online. It is always best option to ask a human being, so you may find some person from your friends or surrounding who are using such kind of services and that may help you to choose a right E-mail hosting service provider.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Which kind of web hosting do you need?

A website performance totally depends on web hosting and a few other factors related to the website. We can't say a web hosting is good or bad, but it totally depends on what kind of web hosting service you are choosing a site, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. Any kind of web hosting cannot be a good hosting for any kind of website. However, the amount of space, control, flexibility, reliability offer by a web hoster is also considered as a parameter of performance.

Now let's collaborate and elaborate each and every type of web hosting with its benefit and compatibility.
Dedicated Web Hosting:
It is one of the most independent and powerful hosting solutions all time. If you own a Dedicated Hosting means you will allocate to a particular server, which means all the bandwidth, space and server access is only can be used by you. If you will host a website on the server means that will be benefited from all the access you get from a dedicated server. As this is one of the most powerful hosting services and having enough space can be used for an E-commerce website, online gaming site, live video streaming or any other website having more data and traffic. The space provided by dedicated can be used to store your website files such as image, content, video and other document files. You will allocate total access panel having the liberty to access all information. You can add multiple websites and manage them.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server:
This is the 2nd powerful web hosting solution in a cost effective way. It is very helpful for the medium and big business organisation. If you will purchase a dedicated hosting you will allocate a server with physical equipment but in VPS server you will get a server created virtually. In this case, a web hoster will create a virtual server with your requirement and give you access to that. This will be a smart choice for a medium size organisation with a flexibility equal to dedicated hosting but a lower cost of that.
A dedicated server will divide into multiple parts virtually and each part will independently work on that server having separate access to that. In that case, the server which created virtually will don’t have the hardware maintenance charge and no extra resources required so it becomes cheaper and as it has created in a strong server circumference means the VPS Hosting has also a powerful capacity.

Shared Hosting:
This one of the most selling and Cheap web hosting plan for all time. In this case hosting service provider will host and leave your site in a server with multiple other sites. You don't have a separate access panel or full access control panel. As service provider hosting multiple sites with the same server means the charges are getting split and divided by all. You may not get enough space to keep your site document and limited bandwidth will be also a headache. But if you are a start-up or small business owner or student than shared hosting will do better.

However, in shared hosting also different plans are theirs with compact-able space, bandwidth and other resources. Shared hosting is good for them who have a small website with less traffic. For a start-up also shared hosting is the best option and later on, you can change the hosting plan to upgrade plan.

Cloud Hosting:
Basically, Cloud Hosting is a hosting provider to multiple customers from multiple servers connected through the latest technology formed cloud server. It is the latest technology of web science. Also, it is called server on demand, because it gives you a flexibility of data usage and most important is you have to pay only for the data used. Cloud hosting is expensive but very powerful hosting with no downtime.

Now if you are ready with your website and looking for a best web hosting plan and choose a hosting plan smartly with goals for the space, control, and reliability in mind so that it will fulfill your need.

Monday 16 May 2016

How to hire a Skilled Web developer For your Website?

Having a skilled web developer can design a website best for the market. Web development industries are changing extremely and appearing with different language, technology and frameworks. Earlier websites are designed, for desktop and laptop only, but now mobile is also in the race. A website must have quality such as responsive, compactable with mobile, quick loading time, Well structure, best functionality and etc.
Now, developing a skilled website is totally depend on web development. If you are having a small business or hiring a web developer for your personal need then you must find these below quality before hiring a web developer. However, it is hard to find a skilled web developer, but not difficult.

Website you want to be:
If you assign a web developer then he/she must deliver a website which you imagine in your mind. Your developer should have understood your thought process and deliver website according to that. To judge your developers thought process give him/her 5 websites which you like the most and requested to create a template according to that, also inform all your website niche and motto. If the template which is created by your developer is up to make or according to your expectation than maybe he is perfect for your need.

Website Speed/Performance:
Now a days Website Speed/Performance is a major factor for all websites also good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your website is loading quickly in desktop and mobile that means user will love to surfing your website. Ask your developers about previous project and check it through different online tools such as Google Pagespeed Insights tool or Gtmetrix. Once you check website through this tool then it will suggest few things need to be changed or modified to improve the speed of your website. If your developer can able to do such things means he/she is recommendable. Having a quick website loading speed improve your SEO ranking.

Website Functionality:
Having a search bar, online form, shopping cart or any kind of tool, adding value to the user is called as website functionality. However, it depends on what kind of website you are developing whether it is an E-commerce, static or dynamic website. Your web developer should able to construct any functionality at any point in time and it should work properly. Suppose you are creating a website and providing information and collecting user details to generate leads from it. Your website should have a form which should fill by the user. Cloud packers is good example of website which have best functionality for user and providing packers and movers services in Banglaore. After filling the form the details should rich your mail as well as it should save in your database in a structured way.

Proper Coding:
A web browser can read only HTML but a website can be built in any language such as PHP, .NET, ASP.NET and etc. Proper coding means the language which you developer used to build the website should be clean there shouldn't be any simple error. The small coding error may not affect your website look, but it affects your website performance. However, if you are not a developer it is a bit difficult to find and understand the coding. You can check it through HTML Validator.

This is one of the mandatory things your developer should have. Creative idea can deliver a better website. A skilled web developer will be creative enough to get around, over and under any issues that pop up to ensure a seamlessly functioning website. In addition to being about to find or create solutions, he or she should know what course is best to take in solving a problem. Easy to navigate website, convert user, providing more information with less click simple and easy to find site map can be done a creative developer.

Other Skill:
We can't judge a developer on the basis of only coding or work style or personality. Here are few more things you must search in a web developer which is very important for a developer.

Attention: To create and deliver the best website your developer should have attention.
Collaboration: A web developer can't build and live website alone. He/She had to collaborate with different teams such as graphic designer, Web Hosting department, Domain Registration and a few other departments.
Enhancement: A website can enhance with different sub domain to create your blog, news, forum, knowledge.

In a simple term, a good web developer means to write code, build structured website and solving any problem related to development. Some time designers also responsible for creating a good website. Remember a good web hosting will help you to perform your website better.

Friday 6 May 2016

Why it is important to register a right Domain name for a Small Business.

Choose right domain for small business
If you are planning to own a business or you already have a business setup or you have some talent such as writing, photography, music composition or any other talent then you must need a website to showcase your talent to the world. Any of your activity or work can be an online subject and for your business, your website can be the most cost effective sources to get users.

Now if you have a domain name, then you can go ahead a build a website and host it. But does the domain name you are having currently is best for your business?
May be the best or maybe not! In the post, we will discuss few things which will explain the importance of having a right Domain name for your business or personal need.

Note: - This post will not only help to find a right domain to businesses but also help for your personal need.

Firstly let's understand what is a domain name?

Some people think that domain name and website are same, but they are different. A domain name is the address of your website on the Internet. If someone types your domain name on a browser, then the website or web page hosted with the name will appear on the browser.
A domain name has two parts, one is named and other is extension part.
Example: here “google” is the name and “.com” is the domain name extension.
Note: The same domain name may have multiple domain extension.
If you are looking for a right domain, then you can read our previous blog post to select a right domain “Why and How Can I Purchase a Good Domain Name for my Business !

Right Domain name will be helping to build a brand name:

An online business is completely known for its domain name only which will also become a brand for the business or company. Once a company gets the brand name, can impact huge impression on online users. Sometime brand name goes viral which is a good sign for a business. A brand domain name will be always short and different from the other. Such as google, bing, snapdeal and etc. Your business may have a big name but a short domain name will be good for domain name selection.

Your domain gives a uniqueness on the internet:

Having a business with a unique domain name will identify your business from another. If someone is typing your business name on the search bar and found others website details then it will impact a bad impression on your business.

The domain name will be your brand in online:

It is very commonly known that on the internet your domain name will be your brand names such as google, bing, olx, and etc. Your business may have a big name or you may have registered your business with a lengthy name but registered your domain with a short and catchy name. Having a catchy domain name can become viral and help you to enhance your brand name.

Better performance in SEO:

SEO is a prime source of user for any website nowadays. SEO is free but time taking process, but still having a very powerful impact on the internet. If you have a domain following all the guideline of created by a search engine may help you to rank better in search result. You can create a website in free by using some sources. But search engine gives importance to them who are having an own optimized domain name rather than those that are using another domain name.

It is always recommended to have an own domain name it may be for your business or personal use. Don't go for free if you are serious about your website. is an India based hosting providing company and a leading provider of domain and web hosting. Providing domain with a reasonable price and less renewal charges from other.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

8 Things Need to be Considered Before Buying Hosting Plan in 2017.

Things Need to be Considered Before Buying Hosting Plan
It is well known that a good web hosting is the main key for a successful website. But selecting an Excellent web hosting plan is the biggest question in 2017. Thousands of companies promising all necessary commitment such as 99.9% up-time, unlimited space, easy panel, managed hosting and etc. But are they providing such facility for hosting plan? I mean, think about unlimited hosting space, sounds good right?
But in practical, there is no unlimited resource in hosting industries. All they want is to get good business and sell the maximum hosting plan. However, selecting a good hosting provider and hosting plan is not so big as it sounds. Having little knowledge about web host can able get a perfect hosting for your website. This guide will describe you and help you to find an appropriate hosting plan by comprising multiple hosting plans in 2017.
  • Bandwidth:

The reason keeping bandwidth on 1st is to avoid the most confusing situation created by the similar word of unlimited and unmetered. These two words are sounds like similar but a huge difference between them.
Unlimited- no limit restriction of using bandwidth.
Unmetered- Having limited bandwidth for a particular period of time, but you can use it for the whole time or you can finish it in a short period of time.
However, bandwidth is used by the server to show your web page when a user types the web address in his/her system address bar and press enter. Most of the hosting plan comes with limited bandwidth and very few plans are coming with unlimited bandwidth. Make sure that you are getting enough limit of bandwidth for your website for your user. If bandwidth will be finished your site will not open.
The more traffic you get, the more band will be used. It is very important for your site.
  • Storage:

In web hosting storage is used to keep your web page on the server, including web pages, content, image, video and other files. Initially may be your site need very less space to host, but later on, your website page will be increased so did the size. Sign up for a hosting plan providing you enough server space to host. Most bloggers need a big storage size as they will upload images, video and other files frequently.
  • Services:

No one can guarantee that they will provide 100% safe and zero service downtime. May be some time your website will be slow or stop functioning due to unexpected issues, that time you need a technical support service to resolve the issue quickly. Now if we start comparing the hosting plan and price almost all of them are providing same plan and feature, but service flexibility matters all a hosting plan purchase. Find a host provider who will provide you technical support not only 24x7 but also instantly by using advanced technology. Ensure that company should provide you multiple connecting platforms such as E-mail, Phone, fax, Live chat and etc.
  • Email:

For any business, a customized email address will create a brand awareness and build trust factors in between customers. However, you can purchase Email hosting separately and after hosting also. But if your web hosting plan will come up with few emails that will be an advantage. Few companies providing free email hosting along with your medium and large hosting plans.
  • User interface & easy control panel:

Every hosting company has a control panel system to manage hosting to upload, download and manage files. Almost all companies trying to offering easy to navigate interface, but choose a hoster whose interface and control panel you can understand properly. Plesk panel is good one to operate as its interface is like Windows XP.
  • Features and Add-ons:

Well, this is here your hosting company says he is special. Every hoster providing some free and extra add-ons to enhance their business and make hosting more valuable. If you are selecting a hosting service, make sure you are getting number of add-ons and feature compared to other.
  • Flexibility to Grow:

Here is the point new business owner or start-up company should concentrate. You may own hosting plan best for the current moment, but what, if you want to upgrade or degrade for any necessary? You may need some extra space or bandwidth or you may want to migrate your server from shared hosting to VPS Hosting or vice versa, then your hosting providers should be ready at any point of time to do the needful.
Will they do easily for you or you have to stick with the same plan for a particular time period?
Will they allow you to migrate a server from lower to higher plan or higher to lower plan?
Are they charging more for extra bandwidth?
Be clear from your service provider before SignUp.
  • Price:

Listed in last as it has no impact on your hosting plan, but still a prime game changer in hosting industries. Some people believe that the more price they give the good hosting they get but trust me there is no thumb rule that costly hosting will give you better service. A cheap service may also give better service then the costly one. Take a closer look at service, feature, reliability, uptime and other advantages of your hosting service provider in-spite of judging price.

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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Best & Cost Effective Web Hosting Plan For All Your Website Need.

Cost effective web hosting plan
It is very widely known that a hosting service is the key to a successful website and a good website the most effective tool for a successful business. An online element, such as the website has a potential to reach globally and enhance your brand awareness.
Now if you look around the market then you may found various types of hosting plans are available for hosting, some are very cheap and some are high priced. But in this post, we will discuss how a Good Hosting Plan is very convenient option for all your website needs.

Here is few points are briefing below ensuring you that you are purchasing the right hosting plan for your website.

International Level Hosting service:

Look for a hosting plan with lots of free features best for the global market. It should come up with all essential services included, such as high tech service support, Featured rich Plesk panel, FTP access and 24/7 monitoring. Cost effective host, easy to use control panel, easy up gradation, multiple language support and different OS support (Windows/Linux) facility make hosting service more valuable.

Windows or Linux?

This is the two famous OS used for hosting from the very beaning. There is not much more different to explain both are having almost the same type of service quality, security and reliability. However, your website programming language and script used for your website have very good compatibility from one of the hosting type. If your site is built on an ASP, ASP.NET and a few other windows scripts or language than Windows Hosting will be the obvious option in this scenario. If your site is based on PHP, Perl, CGI, Phyton or any other Linux support script then Linux Hosting will be the best option. In both can your site will be run at an optimal speed, but having different compatibility. However, Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting and good in security protect than windows.

Go for Right Hosting Platform:

Every website has some hosting requirement according to site traffic, website size, database and uses. Normally you find 4 types of hosting provided by a web hosters.
  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting
Shared hosting is the low cost and limited hosting plan. Your website will be stored in a shared server with limited feature and multiple websites will be connected to the same server. In VPS Hosting hoster will create a virtual server with your requirement and it Dedicated your website. IN dedicated hosting plan a physical server will be allocated for you, have full access to the server and you can host multiple sites on it. Cloud hosting is the latest technology and you have to pay as per your website uses.
VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting are bit expensive than shared hosting. In Primary find out your website size, assume traffic and your future need and according to that select a hosting type.

Web Hosting Company:

Selecting a good hosting company is very important, you have to select your hosting partner very carefully. As you are creating a website that means you are accepting some business from it and think if your site goes down again and again!
Almost all hosting companies are promising with 99.9% guaranteed uptime but are they?
As a business owner obviously you mostly looking for a service provider who can give you 24x7 export service support for any technical need. Well to finding an excellent hoster is not a big task, but you have to checklist of criteria for the same. In our previous blog “What does a web hosting company offer you!” we have already explained it.
More to that you must check manually about a company background, customer review and reputation. Compare the service catalog with different company so the price, feature, flexibility and compatibility.

To sum up, choosing the proper web hosting you most sure that your website is getting the best guarantee of its top-notch performance, maximum efficiency and ultimate security. Having a working hosting can keep you away from thousands of headache and you can invest your valuable time in business which takes you towards success. providing another online element, such as domain registration, Instant website building tool, SSL Certification and many more. We always believe in customer satisfaction and focus on service quality and quantity. We are having featured rich hosting plan specially design for the Indian market. More to that you can upgrade and de-upgrade your hosting plan at a point of time if needed. Providing multiple free features, managed server, easy control panel with 3o days money back guarantee. 24X7 expert technical support will make your hosting hassle free.

If we miss something, please correct us by commenting.

Wednesday 6 April 2016

How to Open Your Own Online Store.

how to open online store
Things are getting changed, business model is getting advanced and people are getting smarter. In this circumference business owners are choosing the smart way and reach billions of people with less invest, an online store is one of them.
The beauty of online store is no need to hire a physical business shop or place for our business and your online store can give you a thousand of benefit from several ways and most of the big business are doing the same like, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. Are you looking for an online store for your business, for your unique product, Then this post will help you to build an online store easily and in a cost-effective way.
To have an online store, you need to have few web elements and you have to complete few process.

Domain Name Registration:

This is your very first step to having an online store. Chose a good domain name from an Accredited Registrar. Your domain name should be small, easy to remember and catchy. Always choose a right domain name which should explain your primary business nature.

Build business website:

This is the most important part of your business. A good website structure and easy navigation system can give the user proper informational, motivate to purchase. Hire an experienced website designer and decorate banner, image, video and information properly. Try to provide more information in small places and design in such a way that users have to click less to reach the final destination. Mention all the terms and conditions clearly.

Web Hosting Service:

Having a good website may give you more business, but what if it goes down multiple time can impact business. Choose Web Hosting Service Provider carefully as it is your backbone of your business. Choose a Web Hosting Provider having a good reputation, go for a hosting plan which should give enough server space and bandwidth, having 24x7 smart technical support and easy customization facility in hosting plans, backups and programming if it needed.

SSL Certification:

Go for a high security level SSL Certification as your online business has tons of sensitive information and thousands of online transaction will be made every day. SSL will make your financial transaction safe and build a trust factor with your website and user.

E-commerce Software:

Go for the best E-commerce software which would allow you to manage and store all financial and non financial transactions of your business and help in secure purchase. You may find lots of cheap software in the market but choose the best one for your business, don’t fall for cheap initially.

Configuration of Merchant account:

Go for a merchant account and synchronize with your online store to provide flexibility of use credit card, debit card and other online bill payment. Add payment gateway in your business and try to provide more number of mode of payment.

Go for Marketing:

Once you, complete with all setup, it's time to market your business online. You have different types of marketing platform such as physical marketing, online marketing and electronic marketing. Initially, you can go for online marketing as it has the accessibility to reach more numbers of people with less cost. Go for SEO service as it is free and if you have time you can do SEO on your own. If you have a handsome budget, then you may go for advertisement on TV and physical marketing.

Give offers in your business, be different from other, easy purchase option, on time delivery, satisfactory service and featured rich product can able to give you good profit and good ROI also.

Thursday 31 March 2016

How Google Apps Are Important For Every Business?

Google Apps For Every Business
One of the most popular communication mediums online is E-mail. People like it more to send emails rather than phone calls. Emails play a vital role in any business. It has become an integral part of all business. We communicate with all our clients through emails as it delivered instantly and professionally. The most beautiful factor about Email communication is it will keep all your mail communication records respectively.

Now if you have an email with some free service provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Rediffmail then may it will not build the trust factor and so on less impact on brand awareness. So it is necessary to have your own customized email for your business. In order to own a personalized email address, you may take an Email Hosting Solution from your web hosting service provider or you can use a different platform for your email address, such as Google apps for your business or Microsoft office 365.

However, in this article, we will discuss the importance of google apps and its importance for your businesses. Take a deep breath and have a coffee in your hand and let's go.

Business Email Branding with Google:

The need of email communication has been increased. Business branding is becoming popular among the peoples. Businesses now need to have their business name incorporated for consumers to trust email transfers, and Google Apps for Business make branding easier.
With Google Apps for Business, we can transfer their email domain text from the usual to the business name;

Google Apps for Business offer a wide range of facilities like personal emails, business calendars, Email Spam Protection, Google Drive cloud storage and Google Docs. The most impressing point is all your data will be saved and backed up automatically on the cloud server, cloud is known as the most advanced technology till now.

With the help of Google Apps Businesses can now touch a whole new approach to brand marketing. By using Google Apps one can use a business name for the all employee email id and can communicate among with the peoples. A business email can express a lot about you and your business.

Google apps for business is the best alternative to Microsoft office 365.It is best for all small scale businesses that are not having a large budget. It is good for a video conferencing app, cloud storage with unlimited space. It provides a feature of Calendar also. This calendar can be used to keep records for all appointments.

Google docs is a full-featured word processor that let us write, edit the documents. Google sheets are the powerful spreadsheet editors. By using the sites we can create business presentations, maintain Excel sheet online and another document. It can also work offline. When we change or edit the data, then it gets reflected next time when we are online.

Use google apps for business allow us to save all our data in cloud so it can be accessible from everywhere, any time and any person to whom we give permission. It gives you the flexibility to browse and edit documents with the different place at a single time.

Any business can take the advantage of google apps, including small, medium and large business. Having a three employ in a company can own google apps and enhance their business. This is a very cost effective and easiest way to lead your business and convert most of the lads in to sell. can help you to get and integrate google apps easily and instantly for your business.

For more information, you can visit our official Google Apps for Business service web page.

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Monday 28 March 2016

Office 365: Your Complete Office solutions in cloud.

Microsoft office 365 Business tool
We are in the year of 2015 and surrounded by a highly comparative business environment. The reason is very simple everyone in their business want to appear on the top. In order to be on the top, your business should have a certain quality, secure environment and require accessible anywhere at any point of time.
Microsoft office is the perfect business tool for all your need. Microsoft one Drive for Business had synchronized office tools and cloud technology in such a way that it will give your business a secure platform by which your business can be accessed, any time, any part of the world securely.

Microsoft office release on November 19, 1990 and almost all business using office tools such as word, excel, power-point, mail and act. So all business is familiar with office tool. Now, this Microsoft one drive provides all kinds of benefits associated with cloud, including the capability of storing, syncing, sharing, collaborating and easily managing all your files in real time, thereby, making sure that every employee of yours stays on the same page. The beauty of this tool is allowing you to save all your data in the cloud server.

This Microsoft Office 365 for the Business plan give you a storage space of 1TB and it is accessible from any device and anywhere. You can save your office files and documents with provided 1 TB storage. As you can save it on cloud storage so you can share it with your team member or they can browse it and edit it if needed. You can share outside of the office strafe also for your convenience. The same file can be accessed through the different person through different PC and can be viewed, edit simultaneously and feedback can be shared by commenting. You can always sync your data and important files with your team, any time.

As your data is saved on online, secure assurance is the most important one. However, Office 365 saves all your data private by default. No one can access your data until and unless you share with them. Depending on your organisation permission and setting your desired person can access your data from the cloud.
One big question for every organisation is a data backup as sometimes it seems that the data was deleted mistakenly by the new employee. Office 365 store all your data online so by default it will save and backed up automatically. In any critical situation such as damage of the computer hard-drive, the OS crashed and any failure nothing is going to lose as your data saved in cloud buy office 365. And in a cloud, there is zero risk of data losing and server crash as it connected to different servers and having multiple data backups.

As we all are familiar with Microsoft so it is proving very easy set-up option and easy to use admin center to manage all your services. With 99.9% uptime guaranteed, easy to create business element, and customized professional business tool defiantly speed up your business.

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Monday 21 March 2016

19 Ways to Make Your Business Different From Other.

Tips to make your difference
Every organisation was gifted with an incredible gift to grow their business is the internet. Most of the organisation are living and growing with the help of internet. You may have a pretty matured knowledge about the physical market but things are getting changed, the world is getting digitized. If you have a business, then Expecting over business is not a crime.
But the big question is how can we get overflow business. However, I am going to give you a few tips to take your business to the next level.
This will basically for the average business person to make out more money in a very less or no investment. These tips will help you to grow your business on the internet as well as in physics also.

  1. Give a regular time for internet marketing as well as physical marketing. You may not need any tips for physical marketing, but for internet marketing donate some time to read internet marketing technology.
  2. Offer companions, family and outsiders your best. By acting with trustworthiness and giving lavishly of yourself, you'll experience more prominent adoration, lavishness and individual plenitude.
  3. The Success mantra of any business is work dedicatedly and share your profit with your customer, user and staffs make your business world a better place forever.
  4. Learn from your competitors. Your competitors are your best teacher as they have more experience than you and try to explore the reason how he is getting business.
  5. Find time for business analysis, track your business performance by keeping all records and find the improvement of your business. For physical analytic, it may be a bit difficult, but for online, you have many analytic options such as Google analytic and Bing analytic.
  6. Make your customer a better platform than others and make it simple, easy, reachable and user friendly.
  7. There is no limit of business trick, keep discovering and experimenting business trick to boost your business. May some work and some may not work, but we must keep trying till reach your goal.
  8. If you have a physical shop then your location matters a lot choose a right place to set up your business.
  9. Take help of the Internet and explore your business in the internet world, by simply creating an awesome website.
  10. To build a website Purchase a Domain name with proper keyword content and business name. After that build a professional website in such way that it will help everyone to navigate the desired page with less click.(How to build a website of your Own )
  11. You can take help of Instant Website Development tool to build your website. You can find many ready website templates, chose the right one and build a professional website without any coding knowledge.
  12. Go for a Reliable Web Hosting plan for a smooth website performance.
  13. Be transparent about your business. Provide all hidden, unhidden information, terms, condition, price and all required information in your website.
  14. Now to got appear in the search engine result you have to go for SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  15. Primly use the free powerful marketing weapon such as social media, blog, free article, free press release and image sharing. It is always a good practice to go for free marketing first.
  16. Don't create spam elements. If you are posting any blog or article then give proper information which people would love to read and get some benefit. Publishing copy content or old information can slow down your business.
  17. Make your internet platform a better platform by providing some offers, discount or extended services.
  18. Active on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pintrest, and Google+. Do regular posting to engage your customer by providing relevant information.
  19. If you are selling any product then you can go to E-commerce website.

Sometimes working harder is less effective than luck, But Luck is not in our hands but hard work is. Put your best effort and committed to your business and your work chance your luck.

Wednesday 9 March 2016

You can do Better Than a Website Designer.

You can do Better Than a Website Designer.

How should my website look after publishing?Will my website perform better?

These are some basic questions that come in our mind while creating a Web site. We always give website building work to a website developer and pay a handsome amount to design our website. The designer will develop a website which is not we are expecting. Sometimes the design is not related to our business nature also.
Sometimes people are also interested in having a website for their own business, they do some necessarily related inquiries. While they come to know that there are basic steps to have a website like domain registration, website development and web hosting they find it quite difficult to create one for themselves. But, Believe me, friends, it's not so difficult. This article helps you to build a website of your own and help you to save a lot of your time and obviously money.
In this article, I am going to give some tricks by which you can create a website easily. Also, I am going to give some idea which will take you to build a website of your own. No need to give a good amount of money to the website designing master piece. My tips will help you to develop a website by yourself without any coding knowledge. Only the thing is you have to take some help of any online tool which is easy to understand and very cheap.
If you want to register a dream domain for your business, then you can purchase from any service provider in India like After purchasing a domain the core work will start with building a website. Now I would like to inform that Registering a domain in India and hosting it is not a hectic task anymore. You can do it on your own, but building a website is a little bit tough compared to domain registration and web hosting.
Friends if you are smart then you will follow the role and I am assuring you that you will save a lot of money and time. An Instant website creating tool is available in the market by which will lead you to build a website without any coding. You only have to do is operate some simple tools to build your dream website. There are ready made Templates available in the application that will reduce your effort and you can select your favorite among them.
The beauty of the product is that you can add your photo, video and your own content with the help of instant website creating tool. It is as simple as Microsoft paint. Simply you have to choose a photo and your content and you can drag it in any part of your page. You can plug-in multiple numbers of the plugin your web page, including social plugin, flash, animation, dairy, map, tab and many more.
Once you complete your website building process go for the Web Hosting Service according to your requirement, include Email hosting, server space, data usage according to your requirement. Hosting is not so complicated like rocket science, for that, you don't need much of a technical knowledge. You only need to take care of a few things while settings or you can take a help of the technical support team from the service provider.
When you are done with this process, you can go for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Which is a free service by all search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing. Basically, it is a time taking process. I would suggest everyone do SEO by himself only, in spite of hiring an SEO executive.

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Thursday 25 February 2016

Things Need To Be Considered Before Domain Registration.

consideration before domain registration
Registering a domain for your need is not a big deal, now a days. Domain name industries expanding its numbers by 965 million registered till 2014. which is approximately but a huge number. If you are looking for the live website then till 2014, 697 million live websites are serving to internet user on earth. The most important factor is every year internet is providing more numbers of domain extension to choose the right for your business or personal blog.

However, Domain Registration is the primary step to get involved in the internet world. Your domain name will become a brand for your need. A short, ear pleasing and catchy domain name can amplify your business as well as your brand name. If you go to the internet world a battle of domain selling is going on between different service provider. Everyone is offering huge discount and cheap price for domain registration. But here are few things you need to consider before domain registration. This tip will reduce your efforts, some common mistake which mostly happens at the time of registration and surely lead your business to success.

If you want a great domain name, then here are few blogs which will help you to own right domain.

Offer trap or Free Domain:
domain offer trap
This is the most decision changing factor for a domain registration. If you find a registrar offering a domain with low cost, then we may go with the register, and obviously, it is human tendency. Also, you may find some service provider offering free domain registration but beware from them because no one can give domains in free as some base coating is there. They may go to charge in some different way or renewal charges will be higher than the other.

Hidden cost:
hidden cost of registrationSometimes companies will offer you charges and at the time of billing, it became more. Yes, service tax is considerate, but apart from the service charges service provider may include some other unfair charges. Apart from registration charges cross verify renewal charges and domain transfer charges.

Renewal charges:
domain renewal charges
Here is income part for every service provider. You can get a cheap domain at the beginning but suggestion will be cross check the renewal charges. If you will go for a survey, almost all the service provider selling domain at offer price but renewal is different. If renewal charges are a bit higher than registration, then it's okay, if it is double of registration or more than that, don't go for it.

Privacy protection:
privacy protection of domain After domain registration, all data will be saved in WHO.IS, including your name, email address, contact details and physical address. So if someone will search your domain name on who is the person can find all your details. You can hide information by turning off the WHOIS on your domain name. It is very simple to turn it off, but some company asking extra money to do so.

After domain registration:
before and after domain registration
Domain registration is not a single time process, you have to pay every year to renew it then only you can continue domain service. What you can accept is an honest service with a reasonable price. Tricky commitment or unfair charges can give a user's headache in a result user will transfer the service to some other registrar. Technical support is a basic thing you may need at any point of time after domain registration. Carefully choose a domain registrar who can honest at the time of registration and after registration also.

Compare with others:
It is always good if you compare your products with multiple companies which will give you the overall knowledge about that product. To register a domain you can compare price, service, quality, control panel accessibility and privacy protection. Don't fall for cheap at the beginning.

Easy way:
After multiple domain registrations, you may allow accessing a complicated tool which will help you to manage your domain name. Always look for simple and user friendly interference for the same.

Someone Should their to Listen to you:
Calling to customer care and listing automated voice can make your business affected. You need technical help from some highly trained human only not from an automated voice system. However, to connect with the tech support, you may have different options such as email, live chat, telephone, miscall on some number or SMS requirement on some number with space. But the whole concept is to get in touch a hosting professional for an easy and instant solution.

Monday 1 February 2016

Ten Qualities that's must for a good web hosting.

Top ten web hosting quality
According to Wikipedia the first website was created and hosted on 6th August 1991 and publicly announced in September 1992. The first web server was launched in North America on December 12, 1991. Till 1995 near about 100 websites and web server have been found. In the year of 2003 and 2004, the website grows by 1704%. From the day it founded till today web hosting has come up with different technologies, principles and methods.

We are in the year of 2016 and almost all business have a website to showcase talent online and most of us having personal blog or website for the different purpose. Now, this world has given us many advanced technology to host our site as well as many choices to choose a hosting provider. When we as a website owner trying to find a Web Hosting Company, we must find some important quality and good service commitment from a web hoster.

There are many reasons for which we must look for a Good and Cheap Web Hosting. Suppose you a coffee lover and every day you want a coffee shop to have coffee. One day you found a shop closed as the coffee machine is broken or due to some different reason, this may take you to another coffee shop and if it continues or happens again and again, you may have to change your coffee shop to get your coffee.

Similarly, your hosting must never go down for any reason at any point of time. In this article, we will explore the ten qualities of your hosting providers which a quality hosting insists for.
Let's begin.
  1. Speed
Speed is the basic act for every website which depends on our web hosting server. If your site load slowly, then maybe you are loosing user. Make your site blazing fast. Not only your web hosting your website coding and design also affect your website speed.
  1. Guaranteed uptime/Reliability
If you are taking Web Hosting Service from some service provider, then you will not like if your site goes down many times in a month or some downtime issue on your website. Most of the hosting company assuring 99.9% Guaranteed time, but less than that will be not acceptable. However, a very less downtime of your website can lose a customer.
  1. Space/Backups
Required space depends on your website size and page content. But if your service provider is providing more space then you have the flexibility to enhance your website at any point of time.
Make sure that your future hosting provider must have a weekly backup facility. You may not seek for any backups now, but if something wrong happens to your site that time you need a backup data from your service provider.
  1. Substantial Bandwidth
Every website is allocated with some amount of bandwidth, which will be used by visitors and when you cross the bandwidth limit then your site will not open by any user. So before you sing up for a hosting plan, estimate your traffic. If you are going to get huge traffic than you can go for VPS or Dedicated Hosting. Remember, no web host is giving unlimited bandwidth. But make sure your service provider will give you the flexibility to purchase more bandwidth if it needed.
  1. Support
This is the most important factor need be considered for a web host. Doesn't matter how big your holster is and how good in hosting, but still, there is a possibility of facing some unexpected issue in your hosting. This time tech support will be the only help who can take you from the issue. Find your web host have a good technical support facility with highly trained professional. It should serve you 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. Also, consider how you are going to communicate with them. Always look for multiple connection facilities such as email, phone and live chat support.
  1. Superior Features & Technology
Well, this is a very good point need to be considered in 2016. Technology is getting advanced and things are getting simpler. When it comes to website hosting you must look more feature rich plans and add-ons. Your control panel should support more of Domains and sub-Domains, your host should support numbers of languages, script and database.
  1. Sufficient Email
Every business needs its customized and professional email address which helps you to improve brand awareness and build the trust factor with customers. Make sure your hosting provides E-mail Hosting facility with a good number of emails and if it required you can increase the number at any point of time.
  1. Security
Once you purchase a hosting plan means you will get some space on the internet and you will upload your valuable information, image, content video and more thing. But if it hacks by someone that will a big question mark for every website owner. Ask your web host about SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification, which will make your web element secure from hackers. Also very much beneficial to E-commerce websites.
  1. Secure Location
It is always preferable that your server should be located in your targeted user location. If you are planning to build a website in India and you are focused on India user then server located in USA or UK may slow down your site loading speed. So it is always best that your server should be located in your targeted location.
  1. Standard Pricing/Payment Plans
At last but the most decision changing factor is pricing. You may have come across multiple web host providers offering cheap hosting service, but don't prefer cheap at the beginning especially when it comes to hosting. Low price hosting can reduce hosting feature and space.

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