Wednesday 27 December 2017

Important Elements You must know About Web Hosting!

When you are building a website it is essential to have a Reliable Web Hosting. Your Web host determines how your website is provided to the customers. A website should be powered in such a way that anyone should be able to access your website anytime of the day or at night. If you are planning to have a website then you should also think about considering a web host because it will help your website become more robust and efficient. If you have made a decision of choosing a web host for your website then you have a made a smart choice.
Why should you get a Web Host?
All the files, images, videos and etc are stored on the remote computer server which is also known as a Host. Now you must have accessed many top websites and I am sure that you must be even having some of your favourite website in mind. I am sure that these websites deliver excellent speed and excellent content and the reason for this is that they are hosted by a reputable web hosting company. To get a web host you have to pay every month but you have to also pay separately for domain name and design.
Is your Website loading Slow?
Imagine a scenario where you have a retail shop that is frequently closed for some reason and when the customers seem to always come up to your shop but they never seem to get an answer from you. Every time a customer comes to your shop and if your shop is down then you will keep on losing customers. It is the same thing with an E-commerce website, when your website is down and if the visitor experiences this often, then your website will get a bad reputation and at the same time; you will lose a potential customer. This will cause low sales and low profit or even loss. Therefore, you should opt for such a Reputable Web Host that can handle your traffic so that there is no overloading of the system.
Why Dedicated Hosting?
If you are running a Business which has a lot of sales and profit and tons of customer base then you should opt for Dedicated Web Hosting. In Dedicated Web Hosting, you will get an entire server to yourself that will enable you to choose hardware, operating system and etc according to your needs. You will have full control over that server, unlike shared web host service.
Is Cloud Web Hosting better than the regular hosting?
When you have a regular web host you can come in contact with failure with the server or if there is a boost in traffic then the website can be temporarily down or it can also take several hours to come online. But it is not the same thing with Cloud Web Hosting because the service provider will take care of the server on your behalf even if there is any failure then they will take it immediately take care of it and handle it on another server. With this, you don’t have to worry about your website crashing down for several hours and you don’t even have to worry much about data loss. It can easily handle the traffic because Cloud site scale’s automatically so if this happens then the server will manage to handle increased traffic.
As I have briefed you about the Web Host and its various components as to how it can take your website skyrocket. So you should opt for such a Web Host that will provide you most of the web hosting services all in one place so that if there is any problem or if you want some more features then you don’t have to depend on different companies where one company can do all the same.

Thursday 21 December 2017

Best reasons to take your business online by 2018.

Taking business online is the best thing the entrepreneurs or companies have ever done it’s because now everything has become digital so targeting customers online has become much easier. As you are reading this that means that you are digitalized so are other people around so when you will be taking your business online you will be sure that you will gain the benefits of online business. We have come very far from when the Internet was introduced so now over the years digitization has gained a great demand. According to Bill Gates "If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business."
Bill gates quotes

You already have an idea of social media taking over the traditional forms of meeting and interacting. So as for how this generation is hooked on to the online world then it is a desperate time for your business also to switch on to the online business world. Below are some points that will provide you with some points as to why you should take your business online.

Strong Competition:

Most of the businesses have taken their business online so that they can earn more sales and profit. Movers and Packers servies in Bangalore have very high competition in online as well as offline also. As the competition has increased it has time come for you to update your business to the latest trends. There are a lot of strategies are involved in online marketing and online sales that will help you to reach out to the customers and increase brand awareness.

World Wide Audience:

The difference between a traditional form of business and online business is that you will be limited out in audience wise when you are opting for a traditional form of business. That means that you will be only getting business from the limited parameter of your business location. But when you opt for online business you will be exposed to the wider audience that means that you will be generating more sales.

Greater Flexibility:

With an online business, many find the opportunity of flexibility in their business with a lot of tools provided and an option of working remoteless. There are so many start-ups that are formed in a coffee shop where you can operate your business with just some business tools and wifi. There was a time where working in a remote location was the only legit option but now as because of the online business, no one is now tied up to their office desk. With an online business, you will get the flexibility of working anywhere at any time but don’t misunderstand that just because there is a flexibility of time there will be flexibility in hard work too.


The Biggest Challenge for every business is to control cost at the same this shouldn’t affect the day to day to the function of the business. Earlier, it was a very stressful subject for many strategist and experts to provide cost-effective ways to save up cost and increase efficiency. But now with an online business, you can save tons of cost and also you can bring efficiency in the business.
You don’t have to worry about the retail space, door to door marketing and sales, stocking up the inventory and much more when you are doing online business. The 50 % percent of the business will be virtual and the remaining 50% of the business can be arranged and organised online.

As you have learned how online business can help your business reach the sky then I do hope that you even consider blogging and being active on social media platform to reach a larger audience. Put some more effort to spread your presence out on such platform because just creating a website and Hosting won’t be enough because people should know that you exist, thus social media does this work for you. Now, don’t assume that posting once in a while will be enough; an updated website is always a productive website.

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Eight Online Marketing Strategy that Really Works for Your Website.

Earlier Marketing Strategies weren’t so robust as how it is now because of many factors that are available to promote business and social media has become a fire which makes sure that it spreads everywhere but as a Marketing Expert you should know on how to take the business to the sky.

But there are many who have limited knowledge as to how they can use the internet to promote their business globally, locally or to a specific location. In this article, I will give you the right way to form a marketing strategy that will work for your website.

Many methods are there in the market that will guide you with marketing strategy but you will get overwhelmed with so many tactics and you may be even asking yourself questions that which is the best marketing strategy that can take the business to the highway.

You will find many people who will think that they have Digital Marketing knowledge but that is not the case because you need a technical knowledge also to make this work where an Expertise can provide. Online Marketing and Traditional or Offline Marketing is very different even if they share the same interest, principles, and values.

Let’s understand the 10 best marketing strategy that will help the website grow:-

Active and Responsive Website:-

In 2014 it was recorded that only 53% business has a website which shows that 47% of small business didn’t have a website but ever since the number is decreasing and now most of the business has a website. A lot of people think that having a website it total waste of money or it is expensive and it is also time wasting but little they know that how a website can boost their business with daily customer generation depending on the service and product.

Start Blogging:-

I am sure that the minute you read that you have to start blogging you must have already said you in your head let’s skip this part. But do you know that businesses who have blogs receive 67% more customers compare to the people who don’t have a blog! There are at least 170 million blogs in the entire world which indicate that Blog can effectively help you in your business and you can earn some money if you want to via the blog.

SEO is essential:-

People create a website and put useful and informative content and there is also great services and products on your website that people need and love but what is the point if people don’t find it. Search Engine Optimization can help your website reach the maximum people. Many people find SEO time consuming and sign up for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads but if you really be patient and let the SEO play the game it will be really rewarding for you.

Guest blog:-

Earlier, Guest Blogging was considered to be the best strategy as a robust way of link building and traffic generation but if you see the scenario now SEO backlinks used in a wrong way will let Google Block you. However, Guest Blogging is still very essential in creating Brand Promotion and creating blog traffic source and bringing back some traffic to your website. Guest Blogging is also useful in building relationships with viewers from communities and blogs.

Email Marketing:-

A lot of businesses don’t make a list of emails which is very essential for the business. Make sure that you start making a list of email for email marketing and List building. You may thousand and millions of followers on facebook, twitter and Google but when you have a list of emails you secure your fans and users with you. It is the most profitable and cost-effective way of retaining your customers and providing more services and products to them. For email marketing, you must have your own personalized Email account.

Social Media Marketing:-

Social Media has worked for everyone effectively no matter for what reason and it has worked perfectly for the website to get traffics. Social Media is not going away for a long time and you will find most of the audience on it.  Find which social media platforms work for you the best and try to build different ideas to be where your audience is. Make sure that you spend your time, money and expertise on the social media platform that works for you the best.

Content Marketing:-

Nowadays, Content Marketing is a force because it is working very well for every website where you have to just create content that is informative, useful, problem-solving and compelling online content that will attract potential customers and convert them to paying customers. Social Media and Blogging can be used in the content marketing strategy to bring in many viewers to your website. Content can be generated by utilizing it for video, Ebooks, white papers, webinars, live stream video, and audio.

Influencer Marketing:-

It is one of the most effective marketing strategies that work in creating traffic to your website and it will help your website grow increasingly better. Influence Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the potential leaders that will put a word out for you that will spread your brand message to a large market.

As we have finished with the best marketing strategy to be applied for growing your website traffic and business, now keep in your mind that Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be very costly and all the above methods are cost-effective. When you will apply all these strategies it will provide you more opportunities for your business and you will discover more methods and ideas to reach more customers online. 

Saturday 9 December 2017

Creating Personalized Documents on Google Spreadsheet With Simple Steps.

Document Studio is a Google Add-on that allows you to create reports and documents using the merge data that is stored on the Google Sheets. You can also generate documents with live data from the Google Forms Submissions. The documents that are created can be sent within the personalized email messages by utilizing the built-in Mail merge which has a built-in sharing option that can quickly share the documents with other recipients. 

The Documents can be created in Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, ePUB ebooks, Open Office format, HTML web pages from Google Docs. Such files can be uploaded to Google Drive and can be shared and also you can send the file directly to the printer through Google Cloud Print.

The businesses workflows can be integrated with Document Studio and you can do a lot of things such as produce Sales Quote, Purchase Order, School Certificates, Event Invites, Policy Documents and much more. Document Studio offers flexibility on one platform with many features and functions that helps you generate quality documents. 

To get Started with Document Studio the following are the steps on how to use Document Studio:-

First create a Template in Google Slides, Google Sheets or in Google Docs and insert Placeholders and enter the details such as Name and Address for merge Fields.

Now Open a Google Sheet with the source data and the column heading will coincide with the placeholders in the template while the rows will correspond to the records. 

After that, install the documents merge add-on and follow the wizard to create the documents. Document Studio will generate one document per row on the sheet. 
The Document Studio also consist of a WYSIWYG email editor that helps in sending the merged documents to the multiple or single recipient inside the personalized email messages. 

G Suite is comprised of many features and services that will help you in creating documents, spreadsheets, and slides. You can also use the additional G Suite Features such as Hangout, Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Vault, and Jam board that will revamp your workflow and also your workspace. Document Studio is an Add-on to Google Docs, Spreadsheet or Slides that will help you in creating documents from the Google Spreadsheet data and quicker response from Google Forms. You can use the built-in Mail merge to email files and documents that are saved in the Google Drive which can also be automatically printed or shared to other recipients. Document Studio can used to generate professional and sophisticated documents that consist of customized customer invoices, business letters, purchase orders, student test results and other type of documents. Google Maps images, QR Code Images and PayPal Payment links can be inserted in the generated emails and documents by using the built-in spreadsheet function. All the Documents will be saved on the Google Drive so you don’t have to worry about the storage and it is 100% secure in the Google Drive.

Tuesday 5 December 2017

Understand Why Web hosting is slowing down the site loading time that can give a kickback to the traffic.

web hosting slowing down your site

A website can give you a fortune if you set up your website according to the market standards and when I mean Market Standards it may relate to anything that features on the website. Design, Images, fonts, website loading time and much more but here on this article we will discuss the Website Loading time and how it can be a huge drawback for your Website. A lot of things can happen in seconds so a website should keep up to that speed and latency so that the viewers can get a great experience. But a Slow website or a lazy site will diminish the count of visitors and conversions rate.

Let’s learn as to what factors are holding things down!

Slow Servers:-

Slow Server issue
Slow Server can be a huge problem to your website. Make sure that you choose a server that will instantly load the data for you. The server is like Electricity, when you want to switch on the light bulb you will have to first have electricity that has a power like a lightning thunder.
Thus, Server should have a high latency speed so that it quickly loads the data. 

Location of the Server:-

It’s a simple understanding that further the destination, the more the time it will take to reach. So while you are setting up the website make a strategy as to what customers or viewers you want to target and according to that, you should set up a server location. Data is fast but if you see it practically it will take time to reach if the viewer is far from the data server location. 

Large Size Images:-

Many want their website to be loaded with high definition images that will make the website more attractive. It will be possible to put images but it will slow down the loading time of the website. To find out and to optimize image google pagespeed insights tool is the best tool.
google pagespeed insights tool
There are many tools that will help you compress the size of the tools but you can use Compress Image ( 

Code Density:-

HTML Code of a website
There are a huge number of codes behind the website which is one of the reasons of a slow loading time of the website. If you know what HTML (, Javascript (  and CSS (  are then you may know that there are a lot of codes on your website. 


If you have a Redirect to the website then it will be like loading the page twice but if there is a good strategy to do that then okay but its better you avoid redirect on your website.

Bunch of Plugins on the Website:-


Multiple Plugins to a website
The more the plugins you add, the more the time it will take time to load because every plugin will have some CSS file or some javascript to load. Add Plugins which is necessary because if you are operating a lot of plugin on your website then it will slow down the website drastically. 

Outdated Content Management System:-

If you are using Wix, WordPress, Wix or Drupal to manage the website then you will get a regular popup asking you to install the latest version of the software. It is recommended to update because they must have eradicated any error or issues related to the CMS which ultimately speed up the process of the data loading time.

As you have read the points on how to maximise the speed of the website you also make sure that the website is as attractive as it should be. With the fear of slow website speed don’t remove all the plugins from your website or don’t stop adding images on your Website with a best web hosting service. Add what you want but just keep in mind that you keep these points in your head while setting up and also while managing the website.

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Saturday 2 December 2017

Tips to Solve Errors in Gmail and G Suite Regarding Spam E-mails.

Already Google has a system that identifies spam messages to remove Spam email entering into inbox but G Suite Admin can take further additional methods to block spam. Sometimes you get spam emails intentionally and unintentionally or there are some emails that you send get spammed because of the content or number of emails send in a day or someone imitating your email. There are a lot of factors when it comes to spam email or messages but here in this article, I will be showing you on how to tackle such situation for G Suite Admins and for Gmail Users.

How to get Spam out of the Inbox?

It is indeed very easy to manage Spam in your inbox so don’t worry, just sit back and read the whole article. Firstly to identify the spam message you need check the sender’s email address and not just the sender’s name. Many times any name can be listed in the sender’s details thus it is not necessary that the sender’s email address has to match the name and vice versa. If there is an email account the spam is appearing from and if you know the person then you can notify them so that they can change the password so that there is no password breach but make sure that you don’t email regarding this instead text, call or notify them about this personally.

There is also another method of the getting the spam out of the inbox by selecting the message and then click on “Mark as Spam” button which is on the top middle bar just below the search bar and moves the email to spam.

But even after doing all this you are still receiving the specific unwanted message then you can create a filter. First, select the spam message and then select “More” from the drop-down menu and then choose “Filter messages like these” You can adjust the filter set according to your customization and then choose the “Create filter with this search.”  After this check the messages that you selected so that to make sure that they match. Select “Delete” and then “create filter”. By doing this you will no longer get the message from the specific sender you chose.

Block Spam Email from the Domain:-

G Suite Administrator can block spam email or message for everyone who is within a group. Just Sign in to the Admin console and then go the apps to G Suite and then click Gmail and then tap on advanced settings and search for Blocked Senders option and then click on “Configure”. You can add more email addresses or domains which are spam. You can also keep your inbox strict by filtering spam but there are chances where even good emails might go to spam so you will have to review spam folder frequently.

Verify you Security Settings:-

You can verify security settings of any email account so that you can identify that does the email provider supports modern email standards which will help you reduce spamming and prevent fake emails entering your inbox. You can use tools that will make it tough for the spammers to send an email that may seem to be from your account so such tools are Sender Policy Framework; Domain-based Message Authentication Conformance and Reporting and DomainKeys Identified Mail. ( is used to test the email that is genuine or no.

It is very difficult to log in to your Gmail account and the first thing to see is a load of email from spammers thus as a Gmail user you have the right to block spam emails and users. With G Suite Administrator, the Admin can block the spam for everyone in the organization so that it helps in eradicating outbound fake email from your domain.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Finding a Web Hosting- 8 Quality Should a Good Web Host Deal With!

Out in this world, there are many web hosting companies offering you mind-blowing deal and offers but always one question pops into mind asking that are they reliable. There are many indicators that will point out the difference between an average web hosting company and a quality assurance trust worthy company. It’s a real task of finding a web host that will cater all your needs.
To find out a good website hosting company you need to do a good research to see how well they provide customer service and at what quality they provide their service. Here below I will give you some points and tips in understanding and Identify a Good Web Host.

1.    Older the Company the better:-

There are many start ups company that provides Web Hosting but it is completely different from a company that is providing 20 years of experience in Web Hosting business. The company that is operating for a long time indicates that it is a reliable web host provider. If you opt for a web host which isn’t so well established then there are chances that your website may go down and then even if it is for a short time you will lose customers that means you will lose profit, reputation, members, etc.

2.    Great Speed:-

The Website loading time should be great because the slower the website will load the higher chances of losing customers. According to research, it is been observed that there is 11% decrease in traffic when the website takes a longer time to load. So now you have got a statistics you should now aim to go for a web host who delivers faster speed in loading website. If the website is slow that means that server is overburdened or is on a slow network with this happening to your website the viewers will opt for some other website instead of yours.

3.    Sizable Bandwidth:-

The Web Host that you choose should be able to provide you more bandwidth in the case in future if you need it when your traffic increases a lot. A Bandwidth is very important for website because if a day comes that you get too much traffic on your website then they cut off the website or they will charge you. By doing this they protect the web hosting companies from getting all server resources used up by someone. Therefore a Good Web Host will provide Ample of Bandwidth when needed.

4.    Excellent Customer Service:-

The first test you should take when you are choosing a web host is to check their customer service. When you will be facing some problem with your Web Host Company then you will want to troubleshoot the problem by getting in touch with the customer service. Therefore, try calling on the phone number and check their hours of support and how convenient it is to reach a customer support.  

5.    Variety of Services:-

A Website that is able to provide a variety of service in Web Hosting means that are experienced in what they do and have the perfect knowledge to fulfill customer needs. A Good Web Hosting will give you all the options that are required by the customers for their optimization of the website. Check their control panel as to how many numbers of allowed sub-domains, databases, scripting language or is it hosted on Unix or Windows platform.

6.    Plenty Email Facilities:-

Check the limit to the number of Email boxes that you can acquire and what other email features they provide. See that you have a full control over Email and should be able to manage them yourself.

7.    Server Location Matters:-

It is preferable that you choose a local web host because it will be faster because it will easier and reliable to contact compare to those who are not nearby. The visitors or viewers you will target the server should be in the same country because of the speed and scalability increases. A Good Web host will provide safety and security to the website information so check their level of security.

8.    Pricing:-

You must have already checked some web host offers that will be offering tempting prices but the logic to this is that the better the service the better the price you have to pay. If you want a great quality service then you shouldn’t look for web host offering cheap price but go for a web host that is offering market price. There are many hosting companies that will tempt you with lower price but for an extra feature, you may have to loads on the money where on the other hand there are standard prices offered by most web hosts.

As you have learned what features to look into a Good Web Hosts make sure that you don’t rush into subscribing to a Web Hosting without researching and testing their service! 

Thursday 23 November 2017

5 Essential Tips to find and select SEO-friendly Domain Name in India.

A Website should be comprised of many attributes but the Domain Name is the main factor. While keeping a domain name you should first give the due importance to SEO so that it improves the website’s search engine ranking. If you keep an improper domain name which doesn’t relate to the website it will give a wrong impact on your website or blog for a long run. There are many who keep their personal name as their domain name which is not recommended but it's an exception if you are a celebrity or a well-known person. 

Now I understand that there are many domain names that are already taken but there is an option of buying a domain name where you may have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars if you want to.

While selecting a domain name you should go for .com domain extension because it is good for SEO and branding but if you want your website to target more of Indian Traffic then you should go for .in domain extension. For example, is easy to remember and easy to pronounce but if you keep a name like then people won’t take your website seriously so you should choose a domain name which relates to your website and should be an appropriate domain name. 
The following are tips and advice for choosing an SEO friendly domain for your website:-

Original yet Unique:-

You have to be super creative while choosing the name for your blog because it’s the first thing your viewers or your audience see so it should resemble your website, it should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, catchy name and many more. When your domain name itself is creating a buzz and attracting viewers then you have done a wonderful job. You need to keep your viewers coming back again to your website or blog so the domain should be in such a way that it is memorable.

Short and Crisp:-

A long domain name will bore your potential viewers or they might forget the second they read the domain name. Make sure that the domain name is simple and short by targeting to keep the domain up to 10 characters which will ultimately make it easy to remember, understand and convenient to type.

Hyphens not allowed:-

A domain name that includes Hyphen is expected not to be an SEO friendly name. The Domain Name that includes a Hyphen is supposedly observed to be spam website because they are available at low prices. But even though it is difficult to type a name with punctuation marks and it is also more difficult to remember a domain name with hyphens. So it is better that you avoid using hyphens in the domain name because that will affect the website traffic rate.


If you are focusing more on SEO then you should use your brand name for your domain name. There are many who avoid using their brand name which adversely affects your website SEO. Whatever service or product you will be rendering will be according to your brand so selling stuff on your website with your brand name will be added advantage for your business and also for SEO purpose. If you do this then your domain name will be your marketing component. A brand name often derives uniqueness and its own identity thus when you put your brand name as your domain name then you will be creating an active user followers.

Website extension:-

As discussed earlier that choosing a .com extension is recommended because it is global and it is most common extension used thus it makes it easily recognizable by the users. But if your website traffic target is limited to the specific countries then you should use extension according to the country domain level. In India, the domain name extension most commonly used is .in.


Jason L Bauman, SEO Associate at Trinity Insight said that the best option is to select a company branded domain is to determine the targeted keywords that will be suitable to the service or the industry you are into. Ubersuggest is a tool that can be used to look for suitable terms from your industry that will give you an idea to keep the domain name. 

Search Engine Optimization is often used gaining traffic from the targeted users so when your website name is not visible to the preferred audience then it is a waste of the Internet space. Therefore, it is very essential to keep a name that is SEO friendly so that it fulfills the aim and goals that your website targets.