Thursday 28 November 2019

Why securing a website with SSL is important?

What is SSL and why is it so essential? If you are possessing anything that is most crucial for you individually or together then security is must. Let’s make this simpler with an example, imagine the security concern you have regarding your business information, business accounts, and so many.

Similarly, in this digital world, if you are having a website or a blog there comes SSL to secure your website/blog. And SSL certificate is no longer big-budget kind of thing but an excessively in demand.

Let’s understand the major reasons why SSL Certificate is must :

1. Data Security By SSL :
SSL – Secure Socket Layer : the name itself is describing the meaning of SSL need. The primary function of SSL certificate is to shield client-server communication. By enabling SSL Certificate, your each single bit of data is encrypted. While utilising the banking details like credit card numbers, account numbers, login ids, passwords, etc. SSL protects you in case of malicious activities. As it converts original data into encrypted format.

2. Identity Validate By SSL :
The second highest advantage of SSL Certificate is to offer authentication to a website. Identity verification is especially powerful feature as long as web security is concerned. There is certainty about the reality that the internet is more and more misleading. There have been number of cases in which people lost money on fraud website. Here comes SSL.

When you decide to install SSL Certificate, you must refer a validation method define by third party called Certificate Authority (CA). Based on Certificate Types, the CA validates your identity and your organisation's.

When you validated your identity, your website gets faith showing for your trustworthiness. When users spot SSL, they realise that this site is secure to traverse.

3. Search Engine Ranking Improvisation :
Google launched a new update in algorithm in order to give the higher rank to https-enabled websites. This has been so obvious in different analyses led by SEO specialists across the globe. The founder of – Brian Dean proved a strong connection between HTTPS and Higher Search Engine Rankings. Everyone wants to be on first page of Google’s Search Engine.

4. PCI/DSS Needs Fulfilled by SSL :
If you receive online payments, you should consider couple of things regarding PCI/DSS prerequisites. To receive online payments your website should be PCI compliant. Refer Google guidelines why to protect your sites with SSL. Enabling SSL certificate is one of 12 basic requisites assigned by PCI.

5. SSL Boosts User Faith :
Besides authentication and encryption, SSL Certificates are essential from a user faith perspective. The simple to recognise signs brief the visitors that the information they transmit will be safe. And if you have enabled Organisation or Extended SSL, they can view your company’s details.

Final Thoughts :
In 2018, Google Made SSL obligatory. For secured browsing Google has marked to flag the websites which don’t have the SSL/TLS Certificate enabled. If any website do not follow the SSL Certificate, then Google set the ‘Not Secure’ tag before their url. So its better to be owner of secure website with SSL Certificate. At present, you can immediately get best offers of SSL Certificate and secure your website.

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Buy A Best Suit Domain Name For Business!

Each person should book a domain name those who desires to design a website for business or sole. Domain name is an unique individuality of your website over an internet. Domain name is an intermediate of your audience and internet thing across the online world. You can have business or personalised email ids and several sub-domains and also you can have SSL certificate to secure website based on your domain name.

Though, if you are searching for domain name for your personal or commercial use then we are quite sure that this article will help you search a best suit domain name as per your need.

Let’s see how to select best domain name for business.
Pre-analysis is must to pick a right domain name. You should have ample of ideas concerning how it will ideally acceptable for a business. At the time of selecting a right domain name to certify that it will be accurate for your business name besides it will be simple to locate on internet.

Follow below mentioned steps during domain name selection :

1. Certify that domain name is simple type : Don’t use any complex words or short-form words in your domain name. Example – don’t use ‘U’ instead of ‘You’. Keep domain name simple and short. There are chances that users can get confused numbers. Example – if you have ‘9’ in domain name, user can confused with ‘9’ or ‘nine’.

2. Short Domain Name is helpful : If you choose your domain name as complex and long then it will be troublesome for users to type it. It may result into mistyping and chances of redirecting to your competitors website which will lead you in trouble.

3. Consider Keywords : At the time you start domain name search initially, then it helps to have keywords in reasoning. Once you have the perfect keywords, then it will be simpler to choose a best domain name. Example – you desire to begin a photography business, then keywords like “capturebeauty”, ”fireangles”, ”beautycapture” are much productive.

4. Concentrate on Location or Region : If your business is small and local, then try to cover your city or state in your domain name to make it simpler for locale users to find. Example –, will be recommended.

5. Stay away from Copyright Violation and hunt before buying.

When you kick-off a new business, then for building its online existence greater and to woo the users to your website you must have your own site. Still, if you don’t have a website, then its a huge possibility for you as you will unable to reach out the users who are influential for your business. Everyone who like to obtain quality services he/she first google it online and after only plan to buy or not. So, think over the matter and try to buy web hosting from a renewed hosting company like Hostindia.Net.

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Why Different Variations of Domain Name Registration Is Necessary?

Domain name is an unique identity for online existence for any business holder. Each domain name holds a significant value to the business and to its users. As the trend is growing, and mass of people are getting knowledge of the Google search, a wide range of people type in Google Search for the result, rather than typing the URL.

If you are unclear on selecting the perfect domain name for your business, then refer our earlier article : Easy Tips To Choose Your Website Domain Name

If you are cleared that phase and now you have a difficulty in choosing domain name variations are important or not? If yes, to what range? Losing audience traffic for business websites is a huge snag, it occurs frequently if businesses do not take precautionary measures to keep away customers getting lost, registering different variations of your domain name is like registering a shop in your name at each alongside road, your audiences may get lost but they will reach to you finally.

Multiple domain name versions are Not required but it is a better objective to occupy subscription on each extensions for productive SEO on a website. So, at HostIndia we propose in approval of it. You should at least review the general misspellings for your domain name. That is why businesses highest domain preference to get registered with .com at the end of their name, though customers get lost .com works as the anchor to fetch them back. If .com is not available for the moment, do wait for it and do not skip any chance in making it your domain extension.

As we all familiar, the domain name is a unique internet identity, so it is supposed to have different versions. You might be thinking what type of versions? If I have a domain name of, and I know that users may spell it wrong as or,, also the numbers,, it's in businesses best appeal to book each miss spells. Or else, a strong rivals of yours may reserve it and make the benefit from the redirected traffic.

Everyone knows the great example of company. How they fought to obtain their original domain name, they could not get their brand name so misspelled it, and then acquired the real domain name registered after.

Booking multiple domain name charges you around 250-500 Rs, its between 20-40 Rs/month. It's a better to spend one or two bucks extra instead regretting it later.

If you do not procure .com domain in first try then it is recommended to go with the .org and .net domain names as these are quite commercial. Whenever you register new domain your service provider automatically setups the domain 301 redirect, it directs to your main website address from a different domain name. So the end your content stays isolated and your audience also does not get lost.

Host India has the great scale of Domain Registration, and the domain locking and privacy policies are the added bonus for every client.

  • FREE! Business Web Page - Single Page Website
  • FREE! Domain Forwarding - URL Redirection & URL Masking
  • FREE! Parked Page or For Sale Page
  • FREE! Easy to use Control Panel for Domain Management
  • FREE! Name Server Support
  • FREE! Total DNS Control - Realtime Management DNS records
  • FREE! Live Customer Support
To get specifications and domain name pricing details, refer Domain Name Pricing. If you have any queries related to hosting services then write us at

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Avoid Some Mistakes From Dropping Your Website’s Ranking

Numerous websites are having an excessive amount of work, responsibility, or information. With an excessive content on their websites like images, links, advertisement, grammatical mistakes and so on. The advertisements are extremely irritating thing exist on website cause it only keeps on popping on screen and overlaps the main content of your website. Multiple website are having foolish errors and does not understand how it is effecting on the website. If your are experiencing comparable issues then initially you have to know the fundamental of any website and the underlying audience satisfaction. Certify that you do not provide your requirements initially and allow the audience drive your website with simplicity.

Herein, will guide you to help what mistakes you should avoid in your website and content. 

Slow Website :
Everybody dislikes a time-consuming website since waiting for the website to load and then again wait patiently for the full website content to load is quite annoying. Audience do not spend more than 5seconds on your website to get load and if its taking more than 5seconds then your audience will eventually lose attraction and jump on to another website.

Contact :
If a website is selling a product or a service and there is no option to contact the customer support or if you want to contact with an owner and there is no contact details available then such websites are complete fail. A website like this is making a stupid error because they are lacking to maintain its audience. Certify that you provide contact details so that they can connect if they have any issues.

Advertising Is A Huge Interruption :
Let’s consider a situation where you have written down a content and in the middle of the content there is most essential you want the readers to read but the advertisement on the page gets so disturbing that before the reader reads it, the reader is already distracted with the advertisement. This scenario tells you that too much Advertisement will hamper your website in a very bad way so you structure the advertisement in such a way that it doesn't disappoint the audience.

Plug-ins :
Now you must be thinking of adding a plugin because it will make your website more attractive and pleasant. But what about pleasure on a website if your site is taking time to load because of the plugin or many of the audiences are not concerned in the plugin. Still you want to include plugin then certify that it is applicable to your website. If you want Facebook followers or twitter followers then you can add a plug-in to your website but by including an inapt plug-in where the audience is not concerned at all then it is a total waste of time and space.

Grammatical Errors :
You know that plenty of the readers and viewers are extremely fussy about the website content and the design of the website. Anyways we are here talking about the grammatical errors made in content. You should include a built-in spell checker which will correct out your errors. If your whole website contains poor structured content and tons of spelling mistakes then the visitor will confirm that your website is not been visited again and may share with others how awfully your website is doing.

As you have understood as to what errors that lead your website down then we assured that you will be applying all these points when you are designing your website. The very basic thing is that while you are setting up your website verify that you are able to merge all the components in a website correctly. Holding a quick loading website able to hold audience many time. Somehow, your website loading speed is associated with web hosting service. If you have any queries related to hosting services, then feel free to connect us.

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Read How Blogging Helps Your Business

The holder of organization select blogging as their marketing strategy. Since there are various obstacles related with blogging, like searching for a good writer, determining what contents to write about, understanding how to post, dividing content, keyword density, etc. Yet, blogging has plenty of advantages for your business when it’s executed properly.

Here are 5 Advantages of Blogging!

1. Offers Less Customer Recovery :
Business holder utilizes blogs to boost traffic to their websites and produce their business leads. Businesses are decreasing because of their direct mail and telemarketing. Many businesses are tend to choose blogging and inbound marketing. The research presented that blogging is an inexpensive mode of increasing audiences liken to other standard actions like telemarketing, pay-per-click advertising, trade shows, emailing and many more.

2. Blogging Boosts Website Traffic and Subscribers :
Blog is a medium where you can share your ideas and data related to your business and services. The more productive data you present in your blog the more audience, you will attract to your website. Yet, blogging has the individual potential to raise the traffic to your company website, as a result of that maximizing page views and hits as your business get more publicity.

3. Sales Raises :
When you post productive and instructive content uniformly in a blog on your website then automatically website traffic raises and it indirectly leads to growth in sales. Blog is the platform via which we can inform the people more about our business, our products, our services and so many things. Many businessmen utilize blogging medium for maximizing sales and expanding their business.

4. Brand Awareness :
Blogging is an inexpensive platform to inform people what we are? And what we do? It leads to getting people know about your brand online. When we write a blog for our business then it assists to raise the marketing of our company and it widen awareness between people about our brands and services. When we share our blog on social media websites, then automatically traffic grows.

5. People Get Knowledgeable :
A business blog is a conclusive way to upskill your visitors and customers about your services. Your content blogs will raise and generate attentiveness in your business and offerings. Usually, people get exhausted by continuous emails and phone calls. Blogging is a unique way of expressing our thoughts and services in front of people in a different way.

6. SEO Advantages :
Having a website of your business should accept some traffic and some leads from the traffic and some business from the leads. However, blogging will support your website to get visible in the search result. It is the perfect method of boosting sales, customer acquisition, getting more traffic and business.

Now the prime question of this blog should be how can we own a blog?
Before that, you have to face another question that is do you have a website for your business?

If your answer is “YES” then it's WOW, but if your answer is “NO” then you have suggestion will be to have a website for your business first. But don’t worry, you have a blog site without a website also.

There are lots of free blogging service providing free blogging for your need, such as Blogger,, Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and much more. You can go for any free blogging service. But if you have a website then you can go for an own personalized blog for your business.

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Easy Tips To Choose Your Website Domain Name

Choosing the best domain name and a perfect web hosting supplier is essential for any business. Since the domain name is a portrayal of your company in the internet, and the web hosting provider requires to be accessible in any particular situation of emergencies, these two components requires to be looked into extensively.

Simple Name
Registering the domain name that is simple to remember, type, recall and follow is critical for a business to get success. Industry specialist suggest to use of a short name, ideally with two words, from the marketing point, or utmost nine characters. Examples – youtube, google and amazon. Differentiate the name with the trending Social media platforms – it will be easy to type and share information.

Things To Keep Away
You should avoid acronyms, users may get confused about your business interests. Consider Example, suppose Sam DVD Services is your service name – then do not use domain name as The domain name should offer data related to your services or products.

Opt .com
The internet is available from last 20 years and it is the extremely preferred and recognizable TLD. If the .com is unavailable, but you have a suitable name, the next option would be to go for the .net, and or the ccTLD. ccTLD will be .ca in Canada or .it in Italy (this option is useful only for domestic purposes).
Utilization of numbers should be avoided as users may not remember numbers or confuse a numeral with spelling words. Further major feature is utilization of hyphens and user typing errors will lead to chaos.

Alike Names
The correct way to search a domain name for your business is to conduct a search on the internet for alike type on the top 50, 100, 500 or 1000 websites. You will get numerous options on what successful websites have in common. Example –

Certify the name you picked is not already trademarked, under copyright by some other organization. If this happens, then it will lead you towards a very huge legal fuss which will then snowball to cost a fortune and you will also lose the domain name. Following are some of the extensions of websites.

.co – the abbreviation for e-commerce, community and company
.info – education and informational site
.net – companies offering internet website services and technical sites
.org – non-profitable and non-commercial organizations
.biz – e-commerce websites for business or commercial use
.me – personal websites, resumes and blogs

Domain Name Generator
These generators will provide you numerous different options. Few famous domain generator website are Wordoid, DomainHole, Name Mesh, Name Station and Domainr.

Buy Alike Domain Names
Nowadays, even small organizations are also buying the likes of various domain extension and misspelled versions of your domain name. This will avert rivals to register similar versions of your popular website. You will stop the business going down, though your loyal user mistypes your domain name.

Best Domain Registration Company :
Take care not to register the domain name with any of the providers. Make sure you verify the Domain registration company matches your website needs. Thoughtfully examine the best web hosting provider India for registering the right domain name for your business.

Friday 26 July 2019

How Correct Domain Registrar Helps You?

It is difficult to find a genuine and right web host and it is the same when it comes to registering a domain. There are a lot of online services available in the market that provide domain name registration but not all these service providers are not the same when it comes to quality service, technical support and much more.

As you must have realized that not all web host are the same so it is same with Domain registrars. When you go to the right domain registrar you will save money in the long term and your work will become much easier depending on what management features they offer. In this post, you will learn what are domain registrars and the difference between their services and some tips on how to choose the right one.

Domain Registrars
A Domain Registrar helps you select from the variety of different domain names available and purchase a domain for your website. This will allow you to register any number of domains you want to and assign them to your website or save them for later use. So for this, you will have to pay a yearly fee to maintain the ownership of the domain name after you purchase. So you can check what domain names are available that will be best suited for your website and most of the websites offer multiple Top-Level Domain options. If the domain name that you wish to register is available then you will need to just fill some forms and pay a fee which will depend on domain and Top Level domain you choose.

Hosting a website and registering a domain name is two different things. There are some web hosts who offer domain registration services so that it becomes easier to use all the website resources at one place. Domain Service is part of the website management so it becomes easier and natural for all the service managed at one place.

Difference Between Domain Registrars
When you buy a domain name from any domain registrar it doesn’t become so important from where you purchased it from but however, there are some domain registrars who offer different services and advantages.

Multiple Hosting Services
Some web host offers both hosting and domain name registration and there are others who offer only one service.

Different Prices
You will find different prices on different domain registrars for the same domain name for any reason so shop around to look out where you can save your money.

A Different Set Of Top Level Domain Name
Domain Registrars provide popular TLDs such as .com and .net but there are also other domain registrars who provide .wiki, .blog, .net and many other options.

Management Features
It is recommended to use a registrar that  offers a user panel which will help you manage the domains. There will be chances where you will want to transfer some domains or modify CNAME records so it will become easier to go for the registrar who will provide better domain management features.

Tips On Choosing The Right Domain Registrar
Choose the domain registrar that will allow you to make changes easily so choosing a quality registrar will pay off because it makes things easier. When it comes to transferring a domain it is a very difficult process so it’s better to go for a registrar that offers flexibility.

Easy To Use
It is better to go for online services that offer easy interfaces because it will make your work easy and less frustrating.

Low Prices
Before choosing a registrar it is better to shop around or do some research to see cost varying at different places. There won’t be much difference but it is better to save some bucks.

Domain Management Features
A domain registrar serving different features is an added advantage to see if the domain registrar that you choose should give you an option of hiding your information from the people who want to look at your domain records.

Web Hosting Service
It is better to get all the services under one roof but there are some who want to keep the domain and hosting separately. But for people who want to make their work easier than having a web host and domain registrar at one place is convenient.

After you have selected the domain registrar then you just have to pick the perfect name for your website and purchase it where setting up everything will just half n hour. Make sure that you consider these points while choosing the domain registrar which is a broad selection of TLDs, easy to use interface, competitive domain prices, advanced domain management features and complementary hosting plans.

Friday 19 July 2019

Avoid Basic Mistakes To Prevent Website Failure

Countless websites are available on the Internet but not all of that offer a satisfying experiences. Yet there are websites that can be set as an examples of worthwhile websites. Certainly, not everyone can invest millions for brand awareness, marketing and advertising to reach out to the end users, regardless of how bad your site experience is, right? That indicates you have to be extra acute, offer more satisfactory than the others, and avoid basic mistakes to see your website (and business) take off. Take care of these three basic mistakes to prevent from website failure :

1. Time-Consuming And Old-Fashioned
Majority of small business holders are like “if something is reasonably successful, there is no need to change”. That traditional direction might be helpful in few conditions, but web design does not follow the same. To rival, a website requires frequent updating and maintenance. That means it should regularly follow best practices for site navigation, layout, and design to boost usability and SEO boost. As technology consistently upgrades, it may require modifications in your website. Latest business trends require updated website. Your old websites with flash can be out of race, and these consequences pieces of your website may seem torn in latest browsers. Maybe worse, they can delay your website to a crawl, make it hard to direct, or avert users from watching major elements of the UX. Time-consuming and rarely updated websites too lower the position in search results, as search engines consider that rare updates compare to past data that’s low relevance to the searcher. To avoid these website loading issues, update your site frequently. Add a blog on website and write blogs regularly. Change the entire visual of a website after certain years to retain it concurrent. Certify that images are big sufficient for latest, higher resolution devices and monitors.

2. Non Responsive Website
While creating a website remember that responsive website is a core necessity. As every single person is using mobile phone for any kind of browsing. Talking about old-fashioned website, avoid creating anything which seems impressive on a desktop or laptop screens, but does not transform same on mobile phones. Although recent mobile phones are very superior than their predecessors at presenting data on non-mobile optimized sites, the experience is yet quite clunky. Website data expands beyond the boundaries of the mobile screen, gets too tiny to read, and may bound functionality. Actually, according to survey, the count of people accessing the web through mobile phone is larger than the count of desktop users, and it is increasing rapidly. If your website is not responsive for mobile phones, you may be stopping your new likely visitors from visiting. So make sure that your website is mobile friendly that anyone can access it from any location across the globe.

3. Complex & Vain Content
When you search on Internet for something and you get that search found but result of that search is hard to understand or not appealing. Perhaps, this is because excessive use of content stuffing, slang, or grammatical mistakes. Even bad, you refer a website exploring for something particular, but there is no such appropriate content available on that website. Many of us had faced this issue. This is the biggest reason visitors exit from your website without walking through website. Consider you have zero knowledge related to your own industries business. And then think how to grab attentions of visitors to your website. How your website is answering to visitors queries. Is your website offering data that both spots the problem and describes solutions. If you have Blog added, then do you write blogs for beginners, learners or for expert levels? Can everyone understand your blog? So do regularly write blogs and keep consistency in your writing language. Use graphics content to enhance your website traffic.

Hope that this article helps you increase your online audience through website. And by avoiding these above points your website can stands on higher rank in search engine results. If you haven’t created website yet, then visit HostIndia for your website Domain Registration

Friday 12 July 2019

Guidelines To Start Your Professional Website

When you enter into a business world, make sure you qualify all the professional needs. And having a business oriented website is one of them. If you are having it already, then cheers for your professional existence in the business world. This guideline will help to them who wants to introduce their brand on online platform. You are a business professional, a savvy business person, who understands how to convert inputs into outputs. For your online existence, the very first orders of business will spin around designing and introducing your website. And the best part is, you can create your own website however you don’t have knowledge of web design or coding in HMTL. Yet its feasible and time consuming in initial stage as you don’t have mastery in this field.

Following are some guidelines that will assist you to build your first professional website successfully.

1. Pre-Plan Before You Start
Lack of planning can be the major hurdle to start a business website. So before start actually start designing a website, start planning it. Review the structure and functionality you require on website. Few points to follow while pre-planning - start writing your ideas on paper, start doing analysis, take references from your competitors website, do not copy them, mark your unique identity, gather all requirements to showcase, highlight your USP, collect product images, copy, and other content prior to starting and the action will go much faster.

2. Keep It Simple
A fussy, clutter websites are intolerable for users to handle or to find what they are looking for. So make sure that you have simple, unique but attractive designs for site that is user-friendly. Certify that your site is easy to navigate from any webpage of website. Include navigation at header and footer. Your contact details should be easily available for users. Keep it as simple as possible and let your business speak for itself.

3. Put Realistic Objectives
Determine what you desire your website to perform. Ask following questions to solve your objectives based on your requirements. Are you after sales conversions or are you accumulating leads? Is it only about increasing brand awareness? Do you want to integrate any apps? The answers to these questions will support you to describe the grade and functionality of your site. For example, if you are running Restaurants, then it should have menus and event calendars, but not certainly eCommerce. Consider your website as a visitor would. What and which features will lead them the serious satisfaction? Are you planning to incorporate blog also? Some features can be managed by integrating a widget and some may requisite custom coding.

4. Outline a Budget
It is always better to remember that you will requisite to outline a budget. Understand that you will have to spend something; nothing can gets for free. If you’re creating website by own, then your thousands of money can be spared. You will need to buy a Domain Name, WordPress Hosting, WordPress Theme, that all together will cost you couple of hundred dollars. But, appointing any expert designer, will charge a sizeable numbers. If you follow the actions with a budget keeping in mind, you will more than probably be able to stick to it.

5. Keep Eye On Competitors
To be on the peak of services in your industry, you have to understand what your other competitor is up to. Examine your competitor’s websites and refer if anything innovative or new from their book. Don’t copy any design elements straightforward (and you shouldn’t), instead you can take ideas as there is nothing inappropriate with follow few features and functionality. As you both are competitors to each other so certainly you both share the couple of similar services, means what suits for them can surely appropriate for you.

6. Discover SEO
SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, that is one of the very powerful part of doing business on the web. SEO aids to upgrade your visibility with search engines and bring organic traffic (i.e. unpaid) to your site. The right SEO plan will drive striking value to your marketing performances, so knowing what it can (and can’t) do, is forever a better objective. Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool these tools will help you to do keyword research. Follow the latest updates of SEO to know about it as it changes often.

7. Try Open Source CMS
There are multiple open-source CMS (Content Management System) are available online among them WordPress is one of the most strong and handy CMS. The profit of using WordPress is that there are thousands of developers and users across the globe who can work with it, so you are permitting yourself lots of flexibility at the start and moving ahead. WordPress is perfect fit to go whether you wish to design your website by own or appoint an expert web designer. WordPress is the very often used CMS so there are enough of designers and developers that savvy to work with it. WordPress is easy to gain knowledge by your own. You will require to buy web hosting and install WordPress onto your web hosting account. HostIndia is satisfactory option for hosting WordPress.

8. Design Mobile-Friendly
You may have heard ‘responsive website’ somewhere, that actually indicates your website will require to be mobile friendly and be correctly visible on any devices. Now the mass of people access the web with the mobile devices, and use them for online shopping, any search on google and so many other usage. Search engines recommend mobile-friendly sites, so it’s to your individual benefit to certify that your website is mobile-friendly. Many CMSs like WordPress present responsive themes/templates. While designing, consistently review your website on each of your mobile devices to ensure it looks impressive and operates as it should.

9. Avoid Flash/Music
Flash is an ownership compressed animation technology, developed by Adobe. It’s attractive but not supportable with many devices, like iOS (Apple, iPhone, and iPad). And it is takes lot time to load as it is heavy in size. So many people have switched off the Flash on their devices or computers, so try not to use it. There are many other options available, use them.

We hope that these above guidelines will help you to build your website by your own. And if you have any queries then please feel free to contact us, HostIndia offers affordable Hosting Plans.

Friday 28 June 2019

The Worth Of Business Email Hosting!

Can you visualize handling your business without Email? Neither can we. Email communication is no longer a mysterious term in Business World. The very basic and much useful Internet based communication platform is Email. As an ultimate means of business communication, Email, exclusively hosted email, is immensely paramount to every organization. Email Hosting is a secure and very helpful platform to enhance your online communication for your organization. With the assistance of Email we can send mails in any place of the world and today this functional feature is accessible with web hosting services. Due to of its vogue and efficiency thousands of users are delighted with the Email hosting results.

Business Email Web Hosting is a service that permits organizations and singles the power to generate personalized email accounts for better web business.

Importance Of Hosted Email Due To :

1. Professionalism : The reliability which gets from an email address that anyone utilizes from and address is immensely disparate that the professionalism that is delivered from a business email address, i.e.

2. Security : Emails are essential for corresponding with prospects and clients and also with your own employees and team members. We generally send legal documents and financial information in emails and if you use a free email then you are at risk. There is no guarantee for free emails and if your email gets hacked then you cannot do anything about it.
But, if you use business emails then this can be avoided and all their emails would be saved on your server which you have full control off. So your information remains with you only and all the business data is retained safe.

3. Branding Prospects : Whenever you send an email to anyone from your hosted account, you are expressing your brand and domain to your customers, prospects, and vendors. Besides, it supports in brand recall. When a Customer/Prospect needs to locate your business online when you have communicated with them via an email, they are probably to recollect your website URL since you have mentioned it in your email address.

4. Trust : If you are operating with a free email account for your organizational correspondence then it becomes hard for clients and prospective customers to have faith in you. Anyone can easily have a free email with few clicks and data and there is no assurance that your business is legal and you offer good quality products and services.
Whereas, if you get a business email which is of your own domain name then the customers can straightforward link to your company and also produce faith in your organization.

5. Durable : Some email service providers provide email accounts at no cost, example and, but at the time you switch the provider, these email address goes with them. But your hosted email addresses stays along with you.

6. Sector Division : No matter what your organization size is, each company having the categorized email addresses to different sectors accounts, support, testing, maintenance, billing, administration, and customer support, will describe you as professional, and also helps in managing your incoming emails as per sections.

Boundless options are available for email hosting, but most important are security, functionality and availability. Looks like all your queries related to hosted emails are sorted now? Even if, you have any queries then contact HostIndia. To get further details on the same, and to schedule a free consultation with our expert team regarding the features and pricing of our Hosted Email service for you, please feel free to contact us. Now go ahead and get a professional business email addresses that makes your organization seem legible and trustworthy, Contact Us.

Friday 14 June 2019

Why Data Centers Are Important ?

Although the fact that hardware is continuously becoming compact, rapid and very robust, we are a growing data-hungry people, and the need for handling power, storage space and data in widespread is expanding and persistently frightening to outpace organization’s potentials to deliver. Any system which creates or utilizes data has the requirement for data centers on some level, containing government agencies, financial institutions, educational bodies, telecommunications companies, retailers of all sizes, and the vendors of online information and social networking services like Google and Facebook. In many cities, our existence depend on the working and availability of one or different data centers. It is not an exaggeration. Many of the things in each part of human actions like energy, lighting, telecommunications, internet, transport, urban traffic, banks, security systems, public health, entertainment and even our physical integrity are controlled by data centers.

What is a Data Center? 

Every data centers are basically buildings which offers space, power and cooling for network infrastructure and a huge set of networked computer servers usually used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data. It is a centralized area provided with computing resources and major telecommunications that covers Storage Systems, Databases, Softwares, Servers, Applications, Devices, Access Networks. These things are operated by particularly skilled workforce to utilize and to handle industry, government and company services. Few years ago, the Data Center was judged as one of the prominent harmful cause to the environment by its pointless power consumption and the highly growing prices of operating.

Anyway, now the situation is greatly divergent. The new era of Data Centers are more small and modular. This is huge corporate drift, the modular advancement.

The advanced data centers absorb low power and require minimal space. Their extension rely on the need for services. They expand as the requirement for services increases. Essentially, they are born compact and calculate on the energy consumption, carbon outflows and global warming. The sustainability and its consequences on the environment is an actual anxiety, even if there are very affirmative outcomes for the organizations themselves, in the ideology of “green technology”.

If equated to elderly data centers, these latest modern data centers have 4X greater execution potential and engage barely 40% of the space. Rigidly speaking, it is not due to the trimming of components, yet cause of the current analysis for the complete system efficiency, that includes the theory of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Further, differentiated with the earlier data centers, current data centers have huge potential to keep data and information in racks, such as in earlier days it was very hard to cool them down. Modern and upgraded technologies not only allow rise in density, but also certify superior cooling because of which modern data centers hold least space. The complete system efficiency can be expanded in different methods, as multi-zones are obtainable with specializing in high, medium and low level of processing.

A further dominant and prime swing in data centers is the unbending trail of top levels of security, mostly, those which perform the areas of important services and financial sectors. Wide reaching banks require to certify that there is a certain consistency of services and lessen the chance of disturbance and power cuts to nearly zero. This identically implements to the telecommunications companies, mainly after the advent of the Internet.

Progressively, technologies are developing and people are relying on data centers as they provide the higher levels of security, flexibility and accessibility to data and information across the world. Our proficient team will work to deliver you the benefit of deploying your complex infrastructure parts in discrete solutions depending on your particular requirements. Grab benefits of our resources simultaneously keeping your costs low assigning HostIndia As An Exclusive Supplier for all of your dedicated hosting requirements.

Friday 7 June 2019

What Does A Web Hosting Company Offer You?

As you are reading this, you probably a website owner or looking for a web hosting service, then you might have looked for some extra offer suppose to provided by your web hosting company. However, in this article, we are exploring all the details of general feature and extra feature with a web hosting service you need for.

Guarantee of uptime

The reason I am explaining about a uptime in 1st as this the most important factor to run your site smoothly. However, every web hosting provider demanding that they are proving 99.9% guaranteed uptime but did they actually? This will be a big question! As a customer, you must look for a service who can give you very less time on downtime from another. Yes, if any company proving 99.9% uptime with live monitoring then you must feel safe, but less than (if it is 99.8% also) that will not considerable. The wise customer always wants to choose a service with maximum uptime.

Storage capacity

This is major concerns for all kings of the business. When you buy a web hosting you must want to know how much data you can keep on the server? Well, you have a small business and your website doesn’t have much element to keep but maybe, later on, you must look for some more space. Some hosting providers informing unlimited storage! But are they really providing? Don't believe in such things read properly the terms and conditions of web hosting plan before you purchase it.

Bandwidth Limitation

Bandwidth is the amount of data used by your visitor to upload and download your site from server to user system. The more visitor you get, the more bandwidth your hosting needs. So this will be a most considerable factor for every hosting. Now a day almost all service providers providing unlimited bandwidth for hosting, but still in cheap web hosting no one can give unlimited. You must look for a plan having unlimited bandwidth. Don’t be confused in unlimited and unmetered! These two words are same in look and sound, but a huge difference, unlimited means no limitation of bandwidth and unmetered means no limit of using your limited bandwidth. Okay, maybe you are confusing! Let me clear about unmetered. Suppose you sign up with a plan of unmetered bandwidth and the bandwidth limit is 1GB. That means this data can be used by your visitor within 1 minute or one hour or the whole month. So have a discussion about bandwidth limit with your future service provider.

Customer Service/Tech Support

This may be a decision changer option for your web hosting plan. Always look for a service provider having 24/7 support with a different connecting medium such as telephone, email and chat. You may have to face some unexpected issue any time in the process, then you have to seek for a technical support with an instant solution. Your tech-support team must have highly professional and proactive person to help you with better technology. Must have their own database, article, forum and video tutorial. Don't trust a hosting company blindly, know what kind of support they are providing exactly.


Don't get divers your decision about a Web Hosting India Company because of he is proving web hosting service in cheap. It doesn't mean that the company will meet your criteria. But also some company providing good service in a pocket budget plan. Yes, paying a little bit extra can give you more advantage to you. Always work out with your budget and some necessary research can able to match you the best plan for your need. Some more factors you should work out is your billing cycle, mode of payment, and etc.


Every company or website owner always keeps their own backup for safety purpose. Apart from this if you lost your backup for any unknown reason, then definitely you will look forwards to your hosting company for backups. Ensure that your web hosting company is always keeping a regular backup. Your company should have a very easy and reliable backup system.

Plesk Panel

Although it is not so necessary for personal use website, but for business or an organisation Plesk (The best control panel forms all control panels in India) control panel is very important. This powerful tool will allow you to manage files, email, backups, manage add-ons and view statistics. Right now one of the easiest to use Plesk control panel is given by in a standers price. If you want to add supporting carts, newsletters or anything like Add-on and all then you should have Plesk control panel. For some different company, the control panel name may be different.

Domain and sub domains facility

Once you own a website doesn't mean that it will be the end. Later for you have to purchase multiple domains and have to create so many sub-domains according to your need. Assured that your hosting plan should allow you to host a number of domains. Yes, every hosting plan can have a definite number of domain host with it. This is very important that your domain name should register with your name and details, not your service provider details. For a large business, it is very important.

Email account and features

Customized email creates a big impression on your business and you must look for the same in your web hosting plan and some additional features to it such as add-ons, plug-ins and popular language support. Find out how many email accounts and email space, you are getting with your web hosting plan. You can add multiple add-ons and plug-ins to your website to give a magical look. Also, keep in mind that you can synchronise google apps or Microsoft office with your excising website. If your web hosting plan comes with framework support that will give the advantage to create blog and forum for your website. Must look for SSL Certification which is a very necessary part of every website now a days.

Good terms and conditions

Whenever you are going to sign up with a web hosting company in India there should be some terms and conditions created particularly for this company. If you are going through the agreement and found that it is very short and not in detailed then it could become an obstacle for your future hosting. As a user's everyone hates to read the terms and conditions written by the company, but it is a very important part of an agreement. The company you are going to be connected should know what kind of hosted customer company having and should your company deals with any illegal practices such as spamming, pornography and so on.

Room to grow

Before choosing a web hosting company, make sure that the company will allow you to upgrade your plan or any feature immediately and easily which leads your business to grow. This won't be necessary to stick to a single plan, because when your small business will grow, then you need to add more features to your plan and this should be provided by your company very easily.

Money back guarantee

This is one of the most important reasons you should look at a company. Because indirectly it will indicate the company's service potential. Few companies providing 30 days money back guarantee for the unused month and some of then return the whole month. You ask, ask your company in the future the charging amount is going to be changed or it will remain same.

Friday 17 May 2019

Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting – Which one is suitable for WordPress site ?

If you have already decided to build your website in WordPress then your next question will lead to the Hosting. Wondering which one of Linux or Windows is the right option for your WordPress site? Fortunately, there isn't a huge variance between them and either type of account works for many users. Whether you are unfamiliar to producing a blog or moving from one server to another, it is very essential to select the correct hosting. It is primary to know the hosting option criteria. The basic and rather very dominant thing to consider while selecting hosting is after your budget and requirement.

Are You Using MS SQL, .NET, ASP For Your Website?
If the answer is yes, then we suggest you to go for Windows hosting. All of these requirements are endured by Windows hosting. Linux hosting does not serve these snags. Fairly, this is the solely cause to select Windows hosting.

As far as Linux is included, it can give a lucid cause to retain Linux hosting working. Let’s review why Linux is better option than Window. Why you should go for Linux hosting?

As here stated earlier, it is major to comprehend the hosting requirements to know it thoroughly. Let’s focus at when and why you opt Linux hosting.
“WordPress” is mentioned in the heading, so it is clear that you need to get the correct hosting for your WordPress blog or site. WordPress, MySQL, PHP, this will you require for Linux Hosting.

These are some reasons why Linux Hosting is Better.

1. Linux is 20% faster than Window
You can install plugins / shopping cart software on sites that runs smoothly with Linux hosting. If you are having difficulties with your web server and require a session on server configuration, most sessions are very helpful if you are on Linux hosting.

2. Inexpensive
Linux hosting is low-cost than Windows. Talking about shared hosting, Windows values 30% more than Linux. If you need to host only Windows-based servers, you will be charged 10 to $ 100 more per month than Linux hosting prices.

3. Secure
It’s not like that Linux cannot be hacked, but Linux hacking is relatively hard as differentiate to Windows. It is clear that window hosting have more security risks and hackers discern simple to enter in window hosting. So comparatively its so obvious that Linux is often secure than Window.

We would like to recommend Linux Hosting for your WordPress site, as you all got an idea with this article that how its beneficial for your requirements. This article will help you to choose your hosting as per your requirements which will be best suit for your site.

If you need any guideline related to Hosting then feel free to connect us. HostIndia provides fast and reliable cloud based Linux Web Hosting.

Friday 10 May 2019

Few Things To Be Considered Before Migrating To Cloud

Presently, each company’s motive is to migrate their business to the cloud, however the question is still persistent that “Are they set to migrate to the cloud?” There are various features offered by cloud yet all companies require to be set before the relocation can be perfectly done. To obtain extra from the migration to cloud, here are mentioned some requisite tactics which require to be executed before relocating to the cloud.

Does Cloud Contains Each Resource To Assist Your Requirements?
The very initial point to know what resources you would require to report your relocation to the cloud. Throughout the analysis phase, explore which hardware your business using already and then all you would want to relocate to the cloud effectively. You require to consider your web servers, storage capacity, databases, applications, besides with the other required components. Currently, many organizations are depending thoroughly on AWS Services, like Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, databases like RDS, Aurora, and so many. With this you need to examine your business needs and the resources offered by AWS inside cloud. The motive of behind this is get to know that are these resources sufficient to handle your deliverables.

How Software Licensing Functions?
After migrating to the cloud, you may require extra licensing for your software, that may or may not be available during your requirement. So this need to be discussed with the Cloud Service Provider during your cloud migration analysis phase. BYOL i.e Bring Your Own License – is supported by AWS. So the licensing might look like a heavy move, containing sizeable economical allocation; ensure that you take advice from your legal and business team before concluding the checklist of software to me shifted to the cloud.

Which Application Move First?
This is an important point need to consider cause a company can have a chain of applications, that need to be shifted to the cloud. At the time of moving phase, a company has an alternative to proceed all things in just sole instance or relocate heavily and leisurely. If you are going to relocate later then you might need to discover the high priority applications to be migrated and rest will be followed by them. Otherwise, you can endeavour and proceed those applications which have least complexity and dependencies. So that post relocation, there will be least effect on production and operations.

How Do You Utilize Scalability And Automation?
Scalability and Automation are the key features of Cloud amid the other benefits. If you are using AWS then you will shortly discern that you have the chance to build a scalable infrastructure, exactly at the starting phase, which can aid increased traffic, meanwhile permitting you to keep efficiency model. You have a freedom and flexibility to scale up and down, relying on the resource availability. These are few worthy talks which can be considered, exactly at the time of the preparing phase, as these are key components value thinking eventually.

How To Execute The Transition?
Migration to the cloud is not as simple as it sounds. It is requisite to determine the relocation strategy and what will it require. There are many evaluative planning which goes into deciding the set of cloud service manage; a company require to find out the benefits and disadvantages of all cloud service before any action. 3 major cloud services are – public, private, and hybrid. As per the requirements, cost, security, and other elements, a company can reduce the possibilities and select the perfect apt.

Does Workforce Need To Be Taught To Work In Cloud?
As this might look to be somewhat magnified, its however important to teach your employee to work on Cloud extra smoothly and effectively. At initial stage, employee will face difficulties to use as this will be new domain for them. Discover which team member will go on board initially. Then build detailed training manuals to guide them to improve and acquire the cloud services.

If you have any queries related Cloud, AWS or any related services then feel free to connect us. Our certified AWS Team will provide as much guidance and support as you need with your AWS solution. Whether you're new to AWS and don't know where to start, or if you're already using AWS but need help monitoring and managing your environment, HOSTINDIA.NET's Managed AWS provides comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Friday 3 May 2019

How Cloud Computing Is Better Than On-Premises Computing ?

Cloud computing has lately earned demand owing to the ease of flexibility of services and security measures. Previously, on-premise computing was the one ruling the domain because of its utter assets of data authority and security. The major difference between the On-premises and Cloud Computing is the hosting they offer. In on-premise computing, to host the data, the organization utilizes software installed on organization’s server behind its firewall, whereas in-cloud computing the data is hosted on a third party server. Although, this is only the outer difference—the deeper we explore, the greater the differences become. 

  • On-Premises : As earlier mentioned, in an on-premise model, the organization stores and maintains all their data on their server and boasts complete authority of what occurs to it; this has straight consequences on better command on their data as differentiated to cloud computing. Yet, so might not be completely precise because the cloud provides whole access to the company’s data.
  • Cloud : In a cloud computing, the possession of data is not lucid. In contrast with on-premise, cloud computing enables you to keep data on a third party server. These computing domain is favored amid either those whose business is specially unforeseeable or the ones that do not have privacy influences. 

  • On-Premises : More fragile data is chose to be stored on-premise because of security compliance. Some information cannot be distributed to a third party, for example in banking or governmental websites. In these situation, the on-premise framework assists the objective superior. Folks have to continue to on-premise as they are either bothered or have security compliance to experience. 
  • Cloud : However cloud data is encrypted and solely the supplier and the user have the access to that data, people lean to be unconvinced across the security scales of cloud computing. From many years, the cloud has evinced its mastery and procured numerous security certificates, even so, the deficiency of authority across the data lessens the reliability of their security states. 

  • On-Premises : On-premise includes individual control on both computing and the data—they wholly are liable for the keeping and raising prices of the server hardware, power consumption, and space. It is comparatively extra costly than cloud computing. 
  •  Cloud : Conversely, cloud customers not required to pay the outlays of storing and maintaining their server. Organizations who select for the cloud computing framework require to pay only for the resources that they utilizes. Conclusion, the outlays reduces extremely. 

  • On-Premises : Several organizations have to experience compliance policy of the government which seeks to shield its citizen; this may includes data protection, data sharing limits, authorship and so on. For organizations which are concern to such rules, the on-premise structure does them superior. The locally controlled data is saved and operated within same. 
  • Cloud : Cloud solutions too pursue particular compliance policies, yet because of the built-in feature of cloud computing (i.e., the third party server), few organizations are prohibited to opt cloud. For example, while the data is encrypted on the cloud, the government never chooses the cloud due to losing authority over their data is straight obliteration of their compliance scales. 

  • On-Premises : Name itself indicates, it’s an on-premises domain, in which resources are deployed in-house on the local server of the organization. This organization is only liable for keeping, sheltering and integrating the data on the server. 
  • Cloud : There are several types of cloud computing, and hence the deployment too differs from type to type. Still, the major conclusive of the cloud is that the deployment of data takes place on a third party server. It has its benefits of liability like the transfer of security and extension space. The organization will have all the control to the cloud resources 24×7. 

Multiple elements distinguish cloud and on-premise computing. It’s not that one is superior or less worth than the other, yet rather than that they have a divergent group of users for them. To defeat these barriers, a new technology, viz. Hybrid Cloud, has derived which handles the authority topic allied to cloud computing via a hybrid deployment of on-premise, public and private cloud. Connect us if you need any help in cloud computing, HostIndia. We have significant expertise in architecting, implementing, optimizing and supporting AWS Cloud Hosting Solutions.

Friday 26 April 2019

Premier Benefits of Cloud Computing

In basic terms, Cloud Computing is totally depends on the Internet. In earlier times, when people required to execute programs or applications from Software that would be downloaded from a server or a physical computer. Cloud Computing Services aid them to obtain those applications through Internet. Let’s take an example from your daily routine; Consider you are updating your Instagram Profile Picture, this activity is based on Cloud Computing or Suppose you are using Mobile Banking, then you are using Cloud Computing. We can say like utilization of Cloud Computing Services becomes our daily routine. Some of leading Cloud Computing Service providers are AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and so on.

Currently, widely using cloud computing service is AWS Cloud Services (Amazon Web Services). It is a growing and extensive platform for cloud computing provided by Amazon. Approximately, 90% of the businesses in the world are using at least of one cloud service. Now, Cloud Computing is not at a buzzword because already so many businesses are migrating towards Cloud. It is simply because there are multiple advantages of cloud computing. It aids in refining the cash flow, magnifies the efficiency and many more. Let’s focus on these peak 10 benefits of cloud computing.

1. Accessible For 24x7
Many of the cloud service suppliers are thoroughly reliable in providing their services, with maintaining an uptime of 99.9%. The people can get onto the applications required primarily from anywhere. Some of the applications even function off-line.

2. Simply Controllable
Cloud computing provides clarified and advanced IT maintenance and management potentials by agreements backed by SLA, central resource administration and managed infrastructure. You get a primary user interface without any need for installation. And you are certain guaranteed and timely management, maintenance, and delivery of the IT services.

3. Least Prices
The services are free from capital outlay. No heavy hardware prices requires in cloud computing. Your services estimate are based on ‘pay-as-you-go’ principle according to subscription plan.

4. Flexible Capacity
It gives flexible facility which could be turned off, up or down as per the user requirements. For an example, a sales promotion is very famous, capacity can be instantly and rapidly added to it for the avoidance of losing sales and crashing servers. When those sales are done, the capacity can be lessen for the price cutting.

5. Security
Cloud computing provides expert security when any important information has been missing. As the information is saved in the system, it can be directly accessed even if anything occurs to your computer. You can still remotely clear out data from the lost machines to keep safe and away from going it in the misleading hands.

6. Functioning
Besides, Cloud computing gives benefit of working from anywhere over the world, just with an internet connectivity. Even though using the superior cloud services which provide mobile apps, there is no restriction of the device used.

7. Upgraded Collaboration
Cloud applications boost collaboration by allowing different sets of people nearly meet and interchange data with the aid of shared storage. These potential aids in upgrading the customer service and product development and further lessening the marketing time.

8. Auto-Updates Software
In cloud computing, the server providers frequently update your software covering the updates on security, so that you do not require to fuss on exhausting your important time on maintaining the system. You get more time to concentrate on the major things like ‘Expanding your businesses.’

9. Command On The Documents
Previously, employees required to mail files in and out as the email attachments for being worked on by a single user at one time eventually closing up with a trouble of opposite titles, formats, and file content. Migrating to cloud computing has helped central file storage.

10. Carbon Footprint
Cloud computing is aiding organizations to lessen their carbon footprint. Organizations use only the amount of resources they require, that aids them to stay away from any over-provisioning. Consequently, no need of resources and energy to consume them unnecessarily.

Yet the some of these benefits of cloud computing are sufficient to follow businesses to migrate onto the cloud computing services. Harness the full power of Cloud Computing with our managed services. We have significant expertise in architecting, implementing, optimizing and supporting AWS Cloud Hosting Solutions. Connect us if you need any help in cloud computing, HostIndia