Friday, 17 May 2019

Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting – Which one is suitable for WordPress site ?

If you have already decided to build your website in WordPress then your next question will lead to the Hosting. Wondering which one of Linux or Windows is the right option for your WordPress site? Fortunately, there isn't a huge variance between them and either type of account works for many users. Whether you are unfamiliar to producing a blog or moving from one server to another, it is very essential to select the correct hosting. It is primary to know the hosting option criteria. The basic and rather very dominant thing to consider while selecting hosting is after your budget and requirement.

Are You Using MS SQL, .NET, ASP For Your Website?
If the answer is yes, then we suggest you to go for Windows hosting. All of these requirements are endured by Windows hosting. Linux hosting does not serve these snags. Fairly, this is the solely cause to select Windows hosting.

As far as Linux is included, it can give a lucid cause to retain Linux hosting working. Let’s review why Linux is better option than Window. Why you should go for Linux hosting?

As here stated earlier, it is major to comprehend the hosting requirements to know it thoroughly. Let’s focus at when and why you opt Linux hosting.
“WordPress” is mentioned in the heading, so it is clear that you need to get the correct hosting for your WordPress blog or site. WordPress, MySQL, PHP, this will you require for Linux Hosting.

These are some reasons why Linux Hosting is Better.

1. Linux is 20% faster than Window
You can install plugins / shopping cart software on sites that runs smoothly with Linux hosting. If you are having difficulties with your web server and require a session on server configuration, most sessions are very helpful if you are on Linux hosting.

2. Inexpensive
Linux hosting is low-cost than Windows. Talking about shared hosting, Windows values 30% more than Linux. If you need to host only Windows-based servers, you will be charged 10 to $ 100 more per month than Linux hosting prices.

3. Secure
It’s not like that Linux cannot be hacked, but Linux hacking is relatively hard as differentiate to Windows. It is clear that window hosting have more security risks and hackers discern simple to enter in window hosting. So comparatively its so obvious that Linux is often secure than Window.

We would like to recommend Linux Hosting for your WordPress site, as you all got an idea with this article that how its beneficial for your requirements. This article will help you to choose your hosting as per your requirements which will be best suit for your site.

If you need any guideline related to Hosting then feel free to connect us. HostIndia provides fast and reliable cloud based Linux Web Hosting.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Few Things To Be Considered Before Migrating To Cloud

Presently, each company’s motive is to migrate their business to the cloud, however the question is still persistent that “Are they set to migrate to the cloud?” There are various features offered by cloud yet all companies require to be set before the relocation can be perfectly done. To obtain extra from the migration to cloud, here are mentioned some requisite tactics which require to be executed before relocating to the cloud.

Does Cloud Contains Each Resource To Assist Your Requirements?
The very initial point to know what resources you would require to report your relocation to the cloud. Throughout the analysis phase, explore which hardware your business using already and then all you would want to relocate to the cloud effectively. You require to consider your web servers, storage capacity, databases, applications, besides with the other required components. Currently, many organizations are depending thoroughly on AWS Services, like Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, databases like RDS, Aurora, and so many. With this you need to examine your business needs and the resources offered by AWS inside cloud. The motive of behind this is get to know that are these resources sufficient to handle your deliverables.

How Software Licensing Functions?
After migrating to the cloud, you may require extra licensing for your software, that may or may not be available during your requirement. So this need to be discussed with the Cloud Service Provider during your cloud migration analysis phase. BYOL i.e Bring Your Own License – is supported by AWS. So the licensing might look like a heavy move, containing sizeable economical allocation; ensure that you take advice from your legal and business team before concluding the checklist of software to me shifted to the cloud.

Which Application Move First?
This is an important point need to consider cause a company can have a chain of applications, that need to be shifted to the cloud. At the time of moving phase, a company has an alternative to proceed all things in just sole instance or relocate heavily and leisurely. If you are going to relocate later then you might need to discover the high priority applications to be migrated and rest will be followed by them. Otherwise, you can endeavour and proceed those applications which have least complexity and dependencies. So that post relocation, there will be least effect on production and operations.

How Do You Utilize Scalability And Automation?
Scalability and Automation are the key features of Cloud amid the other benefits. If you are using AWS then you will shortly discern that you have the chance to build a scalable infrastructure, exactly at the starting phase, which can aid increased traffic, meanwhile permitting you to keep efficiency model. You have a freedom and flexibility to scale up and down, relying on the resource availability. These are few worthy talks which can be considered, exactly at the time of the preparing phase, as these are key components value thinking eventually.

How To Execute The Transition?
Migration to the cloud is not as simple as it sounds. It is requisite to determine the relocation strategy and what will it require. There are many evaluative planning which goes into deciding the set of cloud service manage; a company require to find out the benefits and disadvantages of all cloud service before any action. 3 major cloud services are – public, private, and hybrid. As per the requirements, cost, security, and other elements, a company can reduce the possibilities and select the perfect apt.

Does Workforce Need To Be Taught To Work In Cloud?
As this might look to be somewhat magnified, its however important to teach your employee to work on Cloud extra smoothly and effectively. At initial stage, employee will face difficulties to use as this will be new domain for them. Discover which team member will go on board initially. Then build detailed training manuals to guide them to improve and acquire the cloud services.

If you have any queries related Cloud, AWS or any related services then feel free to connect us. Our certified AWS Team will provide as much guidance and support as you need with your AWS solution. Whether you're new to AWS and don't know where to start, or if you're already using AWS but need help monitoring and managing your environment, HOSTINDIA.NET's Managed AWS provides comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Friday, 3 May 2019

How Cloud Computing Is Better Than On-Premises Computing ?

Cloud computing has lately earned demand owing to the ease of flexibility of services and security measures. Previously, on-premise computing was the one ruling the domain because of its utter assets of data authority and security. The major difference between the On-premises and Cloud Computing is the hosting they offer. In on-premise computing, to host the data, the organization utilizes software installed on organization’s server behind its firewall, whereas in-cloud computing the data is hosted on a third party server. Although, this is only the outer difference—the deeper we explore, the greater the differences become. 

  • On-Premises : As earlier mentioned, in an on-premise model, the organization stores and maintains all their data on their server and boasts complete authority of what occurs to it; this has straight consequences on better command on their data as differentiated to cloud computing. Yet, so might not be completely precise because the cloud provides whole access to the company’s data.
  • Cloud : In a cloud computing, the possession of data is not lucid. In contrast with on-premise, cloud computing enables you to keep data on a third party server. These computing domain is favored amid either those whose business is specially unforeseeable or the ones that do not have privacy influences. 

  • On-Premises : More fragile data is chose to be stored on-premise because of security compliance. Some information cannot be distributed to a third party, for example in banking or governmental websites. In these situation, the on-premise framework assists the objective superior. Folks have to continue to on-premise as they are either bothered or have security compliance to experience. 
  • Cloud : However cloud data is encrypted and solely the supplier and the user have the access to that data, people lean to be unconvinced across the security scales of cloud computing. From many years, the cloud has evinced its mastery and procured numerous security certificates, even so, the deficiency of authority across the data lessens the reliability of their security states. 

  • On-Premises : On-premise includes individual control on both computing and the data—they wholly are liable for the keeping and raising prices of the server hardware, power consumption, and space. It is comparatively extra costly than cloud computing. 
  •  Cloud : Conversely, cloud customers not required to pay the outlays of storing and maintaining their server. Organizations who select for the cloud computing framework require to pay only for the resources that they utilizes. Conclusion, the outlays reduces extremely. 

  • On-Premises : Several organizations have to experience compliance policy of the government which seeks to shield its citizen; this may includes data protection, data sharing limits, authorship and so on. For organizations which are concern to such rules, the on-premise structure does them superior. The locally controlled data is saved and operated within same. 
  • Cloud : Cloud solutions too pursue particular compliance policies, yet because of the built-in feature of cloud computing (i.e., the third party server), few organizations are prohibited to opt cloud. For example, while the data is encrypted on the cloud, the government never chooses the cloud due to losing authority over their data is straight obliteration of their compliance scales. 

  • On-Premises : Name itself indicates, it’s an on-premises domain, in which resources are deployed in-house on the local server of the organization. This organization is only liable for keeping, sheltering and integrating the data on the server. 
  • Cloud : There are several types of cloud computing, and hence the deployment too differs from type to type. Still, the major conclusive of the cloud is that the deployment of data takes place on a third party server. It has its benefits of liability like the transfer of security and extension space. The organization will have all the control to the cloud resources 24×7. 

Multiple elements distinguish cloud and on-premise computing. It’s not that one is superior or less worth than the other, yet rather than that they have a divergent group of users for them. To defeat these barriers, a new technology, viz. Hybrid Cloud, has derived which handles the authority topic allied to cloud computing via a hybrid deployment of on-premise, public and private cloud. Connect us if you need any help in cloud computing, HostIndia. We have significant expertise in architecting, implementing, optimizing and supporting AWS Cloud Hosting Solutions.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Premier Benefits of Cloud Computing

In basic terms, Cloud Computing is totally depends on the Internet. In earlier times, when people required to execute programs or applications from Software that would be downloaded from a server or a physical computer. Cloud Computing Services aid them to obtain those applications through Internet. Let’s take an example from your daily routine; Consider you are updating your Instagram Profile Picture, this activity is based on Cloud Computing or Suppose you are using Mobile Banking, then you are using Cloud Computing. We can say like utilization of Cloud Computing Services becomes our daily routine. Some of leading Cloud Computing Service providers are AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and so on.

Currently, widely using cloud computing service is AWS Cloud Services (Amazon Web Services). It is a growing and extensive platform for cloud computing provided by Amazon. Approximately, 90% of the businesses in the world are using at least of one cloud service. Now, Cloud Computing is not at a buzzword because already so many businesses are migrating towards Cloud. It is simply because there are multiple advantages of cloud computing. It aids in refining the cash flow, magnifies the efficiency and many more. Let’s focus on these peak 10 benefits of cloud computing.

1. Accessible For 24x7
Many of the cloud service suppliers are thoroughly reliable in providing their services, with maintaining an uptime of 99.9%. The people can get onto the applications required primarily from anywhere. Some of the applications even function off-line.

2. Simply Controllable
Cloud computing provides clarified and advanced IT maintenance and management potentials by agreements backed by SLA, central resource administration and managed infrastructure. You get a primary user interface without any need for installation. And you are certain guaranteed and timely management, maintenance, and delivery of the IT services.

3. Least Prices
The services are free from capital outlay. No heavy hardware prices requires in cloud computing. Your services estimate are based on ‘pay-as-you-go’ principle according to subscription plan.

4. Flexible Capacity
It gives flexible facility which could be turned off, up or down as per the user requirements. For an example, a sales promotion is very famous, capacity can be instantly and rapidly added to it for the avoidance of losing sales and crashing servers. When those sales are done, the capacity can be lessen for the price cutting.

5. Security
Cloud computing provides expert security when any important information has been missing. As the information is saved in the system, it can be directly accessed even if anything occurs to your computer. You can still remotely clear out data from the lost machines to keep safe and away from going it in the misleading hands.

6. Functioning
Besides, Cloud computing gives benefit of working from anywhere over the world, just with an internet connectivity. Even though using the superior cloud services which provide mobile apps, there is no restriction of the device used.

7. Upgraded Collaboration
Cloud applications boost collaboration by allowing different sets of people nearly meet and interchange data with the aid of shared storage. These potential aids in upgrading the customer service and product development and further lessening the marketing time.

8. Auto-Updates Software
In cloud computing, the server providers frequently update your software covering the updates on security, so that you do not require to fuss on exhausting your important time on maintaining the system. You get more time to concentrate on the major things like ‘Expanding your businesses.’

9. Command On The Documents
Previously, employees required to mail files in and out as the email attachments for being worked on by a single user at one time eventually closing up with a trouble of opposite titles, formats, and file content. Migrating to cloud computing has helped central file storage.

10. Carbon Footprint
Cloud computing is aiding organizations to lessen their carbon footprint. Organizations use only the amount of resources they require, that aids them to stay away from any over-provisioning. Consequently, no need of resources and energy to consume them unnecessarily.

Yet the some of these benefits of cloud computing are sufficient to follow businesses to migrate onto the cloud computing services. Harness the full power of Cloud Computing with our managed services. We have significant expertise in architecting, implementing, optimizing and supporting AWS Cloud Hosting Solutions. Connect us if you need any help in cloud computing, HostIndia

Friday, 12 April 2019

Simplify Your Journey Through The AWS Cloud With HOSTINDIA.NET

Cloud hosting is a hosting method in which web applications are hosted in a cloud computing domain. So rather than dedicated hosting (a set of computing servers is dedicated to an application) or shared hosting (multiple applications share a set of computing servers), cloud hosting deploys applications in virtual machines or containers across a cloud service delivery model (SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS) with some guaranteed availability and performance isolation. AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure are examples of cloud hosting services.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Solution Provider, HOSTINDIA.NET - B.U. of Hostin Services Private Limited - offers Amazon Web Services implementation and management services. We have significant expertise in architecting, implementing, optimizing and supporting AWS Cloud Hosting Solutions.

  • Extensive experience in Hosting
  • Proven Expertise in providing AWS based Solutions
  • Audited Microsoft Workloads Competency
  • Cost Optimization And Simple Billing
  • 24/7 Customer Care for AWS Services

Our certified AWS Team will provide as much guidance and support as you need with your AWS solution. Whether you're new to AWS and don't know where to start, or if you're already using AWS but need help monitoring and managing your environment, HOSTINDIA.NET's Managed AWS provides comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Our Managed AWS Offerings include

AWS Account Management
  • Managed AWS Account, Simplified Billing and Payments
  • Access Control, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Detailed Utilization and Billing Reports

AWS Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Automated Infrastructure Management
  • Pro-active Monitoring with Customized Notifications, Escalations and Follow-up
  • Security Alerts
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery

Cost & Performance Optimization
  • Plan AWS Costs. Analyze your AWS spending, provide options and recommendations to reduce cost
  • Identify over, and underutilized resources to highlight areas of inefficiency and waste
  • Updates Amazon Web Services (AWS) Best Practices
  • Reduce total Cost of Ownership

SLA Driven Operations and Issue Resolutions
  • SLA Guarantee
  • Priority based Issue Resolution
  • Ticket based Incident Management and Phone Support
  • AWS Service Provisioning Operations

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you simplify your journey through the AWS Cloud.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Further Assets Of G Suite

G Suite – Everything You Need In One Package! Previously known as Google Apps. G Suite has different fundamental bonuses for its clients. G Suite is also known as Collaboration Tools. Gmail accounts consists of Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google My Maps and Google Sites. G Suite covers collaborative business versions of each of these and other.

In our previous blog, we have covered why you need to divert your business to G Suite. In that we have focused on some of its additional reasons to think of diverting your business to G Suite. Now, we will cover further assets of G Suite.

Many of you are using basic applications of G Suite such as Emails, Documents, Spreadsheets and Slides, but there are more features provided by G Suite. Besides, of these basic applications, Let’s discover G Suite’s additional reasons to think about moving to G Suite.

Hangout Meets : Video Meetings For Your Business.
Join with your team from any place. You can endure face to face meetings avoiding your extra cost of traveling with easily connecting video calls. Hangouts Meet is integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar. An online meeting can be arranged by generating a calendar event. Calendar request receiver who use G Suite or Gmail can connect the meeting by clicking on a link in their calendar event. Hangouts Meet offers more functionality as of paid applications like WebEx, GoToMeeting Several attendees that can cover voice only, video and/or screen sharing, Hangouts Meet is an outstanding extra feature for online meetings.

Hangout Chat : A Messaging Platform Built For Teams.
Hangouts Chat is an intelligent and communication tool for teams to be able to get their work done in one place. Hangout Chat aid teams to unite simply effectively with individual messages or with group discussions. Chat makes it easy to keep trail of growth and follow up activities with dedicated, virtual rooms to house projects over time — plus threaded conversations. Presently, Hangout Chat is available in 28 languages and every room can support up to 8,000 members. Hangout Chat enables for virtual collaboration between G Suite and Gmail users. Meeting rooms can be set up.

Google Sites : Effortlessly Create Impactful Team Sites.
Google Sites is bonus for non-technical Gmail users. They can create websites by their own. No need to have programming or designing knowledge. And these sites are responsive with any model of Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, etc. HTML code can be embedded in the sites.

Google Forms : A Survey Administration App.
Google Forms are use to gather and manage data received in Forms. Google Forms can be created for registration, newsletters, quiz, survey, poll, web forms, login forms, and many more. Google Form can be added in a website to collect sales leads. A free add-on called Form Notifications ensure you get back to your site audiences immediately.

Google Cloud Search : The Information You Need, Right When You Need It.
Google Cloud Search gives you solutions against your queries and linked guidance to aid you throughout. Google Cloud Search is use to find your organization’s data from Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and many more. Cloud Search will also be available as a standalone offering. Machine Learning assists to solve your Google Cloud Search that gives you immediate query solution in over 100 different language.

If you are looking for a focused G Suite service provider, HOSTINDIA.NET Google experts make it easy to get started with expert setup and ongoing support. Please Check G Suite in the Services from our website, or Click G Suite Email.

Friday, 29 March 2019

The Importance Of Diverting Your Business To G Suite

Let’s say you are having a company named as XYZ and consider that currently you are using free Gmail Account for your organization’s transference. For Example – And your employees may be using diverse mail addresses for business reasons like or However, your business is increasing and/or you need to begin with professional email addresses containing your domain names like or

Steven Aldrich of GoDaddy has specified that inherent clients are far more likely to do business with a company which utilizes a business email address than those that don’t. And getting domain name mail addresses for your business like above given examples are very easy but they do not have the same skills as Gmail has. In this way, G Suite comes in picture.

G Suite – Everything You Need In One Package! It is Google’s suite of smart apps. This was formerly known as Google Apps, until it was renamed in late 2016. We particularly suggest G Suite for those customers who requires email hosting for their business. Regardless, G Suite is not only about an email. Moreover, it consists of a diversity of apps and features which are entirely user-friendly. Indeed, you must be already using or may be well known with few of them. G Suite is simply a business version of Gmail. No extra tuition is required for its current users of Gmail.

Many of you may or may not be completely up-to-date with the wide range of your free Gmail account practicality — that your Gmail accounts consists of Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google My Maps and Google Sites. G Suite covers collaborative business versions of each of these and other. G Suite is also known as Collaboration Tools. The primary version of G Suite costs on $5 for per user/month.

If you already have a domain mail address like — that you got from a your hosting supplier; then there is a direct one-time installation required to operate the same domain mail address for your G Suite email addresses.

Further G Suite Assets
G Suite has various core assets for its clients. Let’s focus some of its supplemental reasons to consider a redirect to G Suite.

1. 2-Step Authentication Security
Security is the prime aspect related to any application. And G Suite offers supreme layer of security which can be applied to every users, if the admin decides to do so. This foremost layer is 2-Step Verification. When you log into G Suite from any unknown device such as laptops, computers or smart phones, you will get text of verification code. In case, if you are working from no network area range on your mobile phone, you can have a bunch of backup codes in your wallet so that you can securely access your G Suite account. 2-Step Verification is mostly essential when you opt to use Google Drive as the cloud backup standard for company PCs or your Macs. You can make 2-Step Verification optional or you can make it compulsory for each users.

2. Email Account Possession
Your organization have all employee email accounts. Your employees don’t possess them. Suppose if anyone left your organization to work for a rival or to launch a rival company, but they individually have the email address that your clients use to communicate them? But with G Suite administration, if anyone quits the company, you can instantly alter that employee’s password and forward any emails sent to their address to anyone else. You can also access each of that employee’s email history.

3. Support
G Suite provides 24/7 through phone, email and chat customer support. No support is available for free Gmail account. There are various other advantages of G Suite utilization, but few of them get a little more technical. Remember that you can simply upgrade your individual Gmail account to your business account. If you want to move the email from a Gmail account to a G Suite account, Google provides a service for this.

4. Document Sharing
It is simple to share documents within your organization members when everyone is on the same G Suite account. Consider an example, if you like to give all members view-only access to a Google Sheet, that can be achieved in only few clicks. You do not need to send that Google Sheet to everyone individually.

5. Great File Storage
Free Gmail accounts provides 15GB default storage. Whereas G Suite Basic offers 30GB per user. G Suite gives multiple options for expanding storage beyond the 30GB per user. G Suite Business contains Team Drive, which provides a business a lot more administrative control over file sharing. Refer to know more about Google Drive

6. File Ownership
With G Suite, every Google Docs, Slides and Sheets designed by employees are possessed by the organization. Remember that Google Drive is an option for a cloud backup to services like Dropbox. You could create a company policy which needs employees to back up their local PC or Mac work folders and files to the company’s Google Drive. Suppose for example, you chose to terminate an employee, you would have complete access to all their business files.

7. CRM Integration
Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Sheets and Google Drive can all be integrated with with Salesforce. A number of other CRM systems integrate with Gmail.

8. A Company Branded User Interface
Your company’s logo can be notably showed at the top right of the screen in each of G Suite.

G Suite is a powerful and adaptable tool for your small business, and you can experience an immense amount out of it. In this blog we have covered only some outlines of what your business can do with G Suite. There are many more tools and options available. Best of above all, G Suite offers free trial and inexpensive to use. Sign up and start collaborating today! Concerned that G Suite might not be right for you? No need to worry – HostIndia offers you Free G Suite Trial. You can sign up and try-out freely to make sure the tools are perfectly suitable for your business organization. Click G Suite Free Trial

Friday, 15 March 2019

How Regular Website Backup Prevents From Any Unwanted Occurances

Various Factors needs to be considered for your website’s security, starting with selecting an excellent web host and powerful passwords. Though, the extremely vital step you can take is to do website backups – first and frequently. Latest backup of your website can aid you from various cases. The latest website backup will pull you out from any circumstances such as if you lose prime data or your website gets hacked, then in this situation your present backup can be the only solution. Besides, it usually don’t require much time to get the backup as its an automated task of few minutes. Let’s go through some of objectives why regular website backup is important.

1. Secure Against Human Mistakes
Any human being can make errors – knowingly or unknowingly. You might wipe out an essential file on your website, make any modifications which interrupts some of its functionality, and so on. There are answers to solve these types of errors, yet in our incident, few are as efficient as reinstalling last backup.

To place this into view, consider that a relevant part of your website stops operating. You have two choices :
  1. Find the issue and search the answer to fix it.
  2. Upload latest backup of your website and continue.
In first option you will waste time in finding the problem related to how the problem is. However, in second option, you will require only uploading time to just start your website normally, for that you need latest backup. This will save your time.

2. Reverse Difficulty While Updating
This article focus on taking backup regularly to maintain your website working seamlessly. Simultaneously, its usual to make an update to your website, just to check anything suddenly fails. This does not states that yu should not do any modifications – it states that you have to be careful at the time of alteration.

Preferably, you’ll have an automatic backup mode set up for your site. Hence, whenever changes done in website gets updated in backup automatically.

3. Aid In Data Loss
Data is the only factor which matters a lot everywhere and what if that data gets destroyed? Suppose, your website have a blog page which includes numerous articles and unfortunately someone deletes any/few of them – knowingly or unknowingly, as mentioned earlier. You can consider this as one of the prime reason of taking regular website backups. This makes sure that your whole data of website is safe and accessible anytime. So be one step forward and take backup oftenly.

4. Manage Compatibility Difficulties After New Installations
If your website id designed in WordPress or any other CMS, then you perhaps depends more on add-ons, like plugins, themes, etc. These tools are extremely user-friendly. However, every time you install a new add-on, you’re inserting module which may not work well with the rest of the site. So while utilizing plugins or themes be extra careful for them. Go through its specifications, customer reviews, ratings, etc. So take backup before you upload any new theme or any plugin. In case anything goes wrong while uploading new plugin/theme, then you will be ready with your recent website’s backup.

5. Fix Malware Virus
Though you are proactive about website security, attackers have high techniques in their collections. Besides, remember that not even bijou, lesser-known websites are safe from attacks. WordPress users, for example, often face threats from bots looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit.

Troubleshooting malware can be extra difficult as it’s tough to realize when your site is completely virus free. Even then, if you don’t find and fix the security puncture that headed to the virus, you’ll stay unsafe. Having recent backup will aid you to get your website clean faster.

Be Ready With BackUp Always
Take a backup – This is more frequently used phrase to give advice to prevent from digital attacks. Regular backups helps in any types of situations. You can easily fix anything with recent backups.

Do you have any queries on how to take website backups? Contact HostIndia to get your issues resolve!

Friday, 8 March 2019

A Reduction In Expenses Of Data Server Security

In general, Data Security is the method of protecting data from manipulation, stealing, or missing and its fast retrieval in such case of variations. Innumerable data is produced on Internet Server and data storage expands with technological improvements, so does the chances of data loss or stealing becomes foremost. These are the dominant reasons why we should choose Data Security.
Certifying data isolation and securing it from inherent stealing or loss is the central element of data security. Although, it should be considered that, data security means data retrieval and stealing also generating an functional backup of data so that data accessibility is possible consistently. Hence, Data Security plans work on two aspects
  1. Data Accessibility : Make sure users keep data they require to perform their data even though quite havoc has happened to it.
  2. Data Management : Make Sure administration of backup activities to ensure data protection also accessibility.
Latest data management tools are produced to aid administrators to know what is running in their domain and what is not. Hence, enables them to concentrate extra on handling the errors and infrastructural pitfalls, instead of consuming time in troubleshooting.

Data Security And Cost Cuttings
Data is usually saved in a Server or Data Center and as such, its maintenance is essential for effective Data Security and Storage. Accordingly, the price increment appears into the concept as maintenance value for servers is an unfailingly costly.
Few cost optimization suggestions are mentioned here :
  1. Server Virtualization :
Till lately, many of the data center operators used to install only one physical server per application. But now, with VPS this can be enlarged. Numerous virtual replicas of one physical server can be utilized one per application, as a result of that growing the functional output of that one physical server. Previously, various applications needed installing one server per application but now just one physical server is required. This certainly minimizes server buying, installation and maintenance price extremely.
  1. Withdrawal Of Non-Functional Servers :
Reviews have presented the presence of ‘comatose’ servers- servers that are worthless but yet working. Withdrawal of these servers will minimize server cost as they are ineffective but yet waste maintenance costs. The reduce in electricity consumption and waste heat production too reduces maintenance costs. As per the latest analysis, withdrawal of on 1U rack server can retain yearly up to $500 in energy and OS licenses and up to $1500 in hardware maintenance.
  1. Buying Energy Efficient Servers :
Current servers utilize extra energy-efficient concepts. Added efficient power suppliers, better DC voltage regulars, etc. Result in low power consumption by processors. Latest reviews present that changing old servers with new ‘ENERGY-STAR’ certified models can lower maintenance cost. The ENERGY-STAR certified products absorb on an average, up to 54% low power than older models. Hence, low power consumption implies low watt-hours and as such, low cost.
  1. Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Layout :
Recommended Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle layouts can reduce cooling costs. As the servers equipment do more enhanced computing, so it is usual to become hot. And so accordingly, better airflow management is needed. Employing low fan speeds and using air/water side economizers can lead up to 25% cutting in cooling prices.
  1. Appropriately Designed Airflow Management :
Data loss can happen because of the misconduct of the server from immoderate heat. Airflow management concentrates on extending cooling system in Data Centers. So, data security too rely on server cooling system and as such right plan and management have great price. Tough, they can be reduced as well by right airflow plan.

Final Words :
Maintaining databases, utilizing trusted networks, retaining your system updated and right option of security, each one of these are foremost for maintaining your dedicated server protected and guarded. HostIndia expect that this blog will help your queries respecting data security and associated cost cuttings.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Few Important Pin-Points To Protect Your Private Cloud Hosting

The basic reason of Private Cloud Hosting utilization is security when compared with to Public Clouds, though if its applied correctly throughout the Cloud Infrastructure. In Public cloud Hosting, you have to consider several phases of security. At the same time, Private Cloud Hosting offers proficient diversity of tools and alternatives to secure the customer accounts and resources from un-certified utilization. With the help of information for access management, HTTPS endpoints for encrypted data conveyance; different logical administrative controls and further the related validation and permission, user activity logging of security observing are all included in security protocols.

Let’s explore few important points to protect the on-premise infrastructure.

Secure Registration : It is the process of authorization, validation and registration of an user and the server across the infrastructure. A cloud service provider adds the IP addresses on the host through AN SSH terminal session to the server console at the time of installing in the cloud in this method.

Access Control : The access control of the infrastructure is mainly splits between the cloud administrator, business unit admin, project admin, and project member/user. Each group use Server-side validation to get the access control of the system. Each group has completely divergent phases of outlined access and rights.

Authentication : All the data of the admins, further as external accounts like VMware, external storage device, and Active Directory, are saved confidentially on the private cloud server with the help of one directional cryptography inside the internal cloud authentication database. Once a client is genuine to access managed private cloud, a provisional session key is created from the private cloud server validation service which observes the client’s activity and commands executed with that session. The user logs out of the system, as the key terminates and require to log in again with the matching credentials if required.

Key Pairs : The private cloud hosting infrastructure is limited to create private/public key pairs to safe access to a VM. These key pairs operate by maintaining the private key on the private cloud server and the public key on the local workstation. The cloud certifies that these keys match before starting a certain connection.

Tools and Techniques :
There are various tools and methods which will be applied to secure the Private Cloud Hosting services and some of them are stated as:
  • Restoring Cloud Servers Client Location : The private servers do not look to be straight accessible from the cloud infrastructure as it physically situated on on-premises in a customer location behind their own firewall. Besides, the bottom OS executing on each private cloud server is secured with the a user ID and password for more security.
  • Maintaining Client Data On-Premises : Each of the client information, compute instances, networks, volumes, and object store data is saved on-premises hardware. Only the roles with relevant credentials have access to the assets inside the system.
  • SaaS Security : With the use of HTTPS the traffic between the cloud and further the servers can be encrypted and the transmission can be made secure. The private cloud starts outbound connections alone.
  • No New Connections And New Ports Formation : The cloud hosting supplier should guarantee that there aren’t any incoming connections formed and no new ports are opened on the firewall to ensure the value-added level of security to the private cloud infrastructure. This minimizes vulnerabilities and attacks to an extreme level.
  • Application Security : There is three-level of application security on the private cloud hosting infrastructure which offers an entirely secured cloud as compared to public clouds or standard virtualized environments. These 3 levels of security are :
  1.  Per-VM firewall policy
  2.  Running behind a perimeter firewall  
  3.  Isolated non-public networks
Private Cloud Hosting is an ideal answer for high -level businesses that need a scalable and reliable hosting choice. HOSTINDIA.NET is a leading provider of domain names and web hosting solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. HOSTINDIA.NET is well known for Reliability, Performance, Connectivity, Quality, Value, Service and Support.
  • Accredited Domain Registrar and leading Domain Registration Service Provider in India
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers

Friday, 22 February 2019

Does Revising Domain Name Affect On SEO?

The answer is undoubtedly, Yes! Changing to a new domain name will definitely influence your search engine ranking. So now the question in people’s mind is – is there any answer in which the search results don’t get influenced because of revised domain name. Now people are ignoring at modifying domain names frequently, and it happened when they are forced to do so with respect to some of causes specifically company unites, domain vending, rebranding, and many more. If you decide to transfer some of old website data to the new then you have to make sure that data migration done right.

Exert 301 redirects to your website
The basic and leading thing to do is apply 301 redirects for the reason that a domain name alteration is a persistent action. A 301 redirect notifies the search engines that the migration is constant, and applying the correct code is one step of the betterment. A 302 is used while the migration is momentary. 301 redirect should be used rather than 302. Assigning 301 redirect notifies search engines about directing the user to the latest or correct page. Redirect requires to be executed in the .htaccess file which sends each of the files on a domain name level. It is essential for web hosts and website holders to make sure each of the pages and links are given a 301 redirect to make sure you remain on the ground for user hunts and traffic.

Ensure You Have An Identical URL Structure
While redirecting domains; it is crucial that you retain the same domain structure while revising from one to another domain. Once the domain has been moved, required modifications can be done to alter the URL.

Notify Google About Your Actions
It’s absolutely easy to reach this, just need to login into your webmaster tools, and select the gear icon, and chose ‘change of address’ to apply the modifications. This change will tell Google about your domain name alteration and executes the required updates in its system as well.

Review 404 Errors Repeatedly
If your page is not redirected appropriately, then it could give a 404 error. At the beginning, for couple of weeks, website holders require to review on 404 errors repeatedly and fix them, if there are any.

Migrate Gradually
If there are more than single site, and you like to merge all the information of those sites into one, then to be on safer side, it’s better to test it first. For this, you can redirect a sub-domain to the new domain and verify whether you receive the same traffic or you can migrate a site or sub-domain that gets the minimum traffic and then analysis your results too.

Keep Old Website Working For Few Months
By keeping your old website live for some period of time ensure to user and search engines to spot your 301 redirects, and this helps the switch productive instead of obstructive in which if you choose to terminate the old domain immediately, then it would consequence in deficient search engine indexing and lower number of users aware of your switch.

If done accurately, the shift can be a constructive and your SEO rankings will not collapse too low. So before you thinking changing your domain name, consider these points mentioned in this article. It’s better to have this done by a skilled one to avoid a wrong move which can pull out your website from the search engine by affecting your search ranking results.

If you have any Domain related queries or want to register Domain then connect with us at  

Friday, 8 February 2019

Consider 3 Fundamentals To Be Found In Google Search Engine

As long as you design an attractive website with revealing content, you should have a mass of people leading towards your website very quickly. Correct?

Alas, the complex network of the internet is not entirely liberal. Enormous organizations with an impressive websites have arrive and leave only because of no one ever realized they lived. The extensive bulk of online people depends on Google to find new websites and if your site is not searchable on Google, then there is possibility of never being discovered though your website is appealing with good informative content.

HostIndia being Hosting Service Provider, we studied that the users who applied Search Engine Optimization service gained 2X time big traffic from Google comparing to those customers who did not apply it.

So the point of concern is, which basic steps will help you to get your website noticed in Google Searches? And the answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to pull out your website to be most noticeable from bulk of websites in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.
Consider following tools and strategies which can help you to ensure that the website you have designed for your organization is found online by the one of the powerful search engine globally. So will discuss the three main fundamentals to be found in Google Searches. Following are three easy steps to get your website noticed on Google;

1. Mobile Friendly Website with SEO
Mobiles are playing vital role in everyone's life, they are making everything so easy and convenient. So make sure your website will be mobile friendly at the time of designing website. The important things that you will have to optimize your website for search engines. Mobile friendly websites makes it easier for your users to notice your website faster. Frequently, Mobile optimization left undone but especially prime part of any SEO campaign caused by the increasing demand of mobile utilization for internet browsing. Use Google’s own mobile-friendly test tool to check whether your website is Mobile Friendly or not. Or, if you are designing new website from start, then include integrated SEO tools to make sure every page of your website are mobile-friendly.

2. Perform Keyword Analysis
To be get found in Google Searches, you need to rank higher and to accomplish this target you require most perfect keywords. These frequently searched appropriate keywords helps you to be in high position of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). To find these most searchable keywords, every business needs to perform keyword research according to their business requirements. Google offers you Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to analysis your business related commonly searched keywords according to your business criteria. This tool helps you to select Keywords which are high in Google SERP that eventually will help your business to get found in Google Search Engine.

3. Register Your Business in Google
Google My Business is a no-cost and simple-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to handle their online existence across Google, containing Search and Maps. By validating and editing your business data, you can guide users to search you and your business. This Google My Business feature is designed specially for local businesses, offering them a direct medium for more visibility in searches. Google My Business is essential for local SEO, this will help you publicize your business.

If you keep in mind the basic requirements of SEO at the time of creation of your website and a appropriate plan to prescribe your website content making and continuing management plan, these tools can guide any business person and any organization to scale high in Google rankings. The higher rankings of your website in Google will give you the more visibility and visitors which convert into large revenue. The recurrent concept in this article is based on SEO process, so if you have not done it yet, then consult today to be get found Google SERPs to increase your business growth.

Friday, 1 February 2019

How Maintaining Domain Registration and Web Hosting At One Place Helps?

Earlier, when the website hosting industry was in its early stage of the development, lot of businesses and personal sites holders were suggested to keep away from maintaining their Domain Registration and Website Hosting controlled by the same provider. One of the prime intention was to minimize a service supplier’s exclusive control over a company or someone’s online existence such as their website address and content. For example, if customers retained their both; website and domain services under the same supplier, but failed to give their hosting charges, the most probable unintended consequences would be their websites going down until their accounts were paid. However, if customer had a different domain registrar than their website hosting supplier, even if their accounts were unpaid, they could directly redirect the domain to a new site or sign up for a new website hosting service.

The Features of Split-Up Earlier
Businesses who allow their domain names expire have always pushed into panic situations. In the starting phase of the internet, we could say yes to excuses because of human forgetfulness, particularly as not every person was well-versed in handling several suppliers of domain names and website hosting. Besides, many domain registrars implement firm rules of no tolerance when a customer’s domain name expired.

This summer marketing software giant forgot to renew its domain name at Network Solutions. In the minimal hours of July 25, the website faded from the internet, while millions of customer emails and following links stopped functioning. This was a tragedy for a company whose market value has about $2 billion. Fortunately, one of’s clients willingly renewed the expired domain name with his own credit card and tweeted the invoice to the company. The site launched to normal before noon on that day only.

Now, Everything at One Place is Effective
Currently, there are several reasons why customers should continue website hosting and domain registration together at one place and not just to be away from Marketo’s kind of mistake. HostIndia did the survey to know reviews of our customers about Under One Roof Formula of Domain Registration and Web Hosting.

1. Single Account
The basic questions we asked was why our customers have clear opinions to shift their domain registration to one place. 60% plus customers surveyed answered that it was the potential to handle numerous websites and domains within one account.

2. Reasonable Price
Many of survey answerer picked “Affordable Price” when asked why they choose to shift their domain registration to one account. Buying a domain and website hosting jointly can get at very reasonable charges since many suppliers offer different schemes to customers. If customer controls multiple websites, so it can be a huge money saver for them accordingly, if he is wrapping the two services jointly.

3. Website Hosting Updating is Easy Some of survey answerer replied – its easy upgrade to website hosting, when questioned to describe their choice. We consider that to mean that our customers decide on enlarging their web existence, and retaining their domains adjacent to quality hosting offers is a tactically sound move.

As explained in above example of, infrequently a domain registrar can harm well known company position cause of an expired web address. The answer to this problem is – maintaining domain names and website hosting services inside single account. Do not forget to choose a perfect service provider. Consider HostIndia, as a one stop solution for your Domain Registrations and Web Hosting Solutions.

HOSTINDIA.NET is a leading provider of domain names and web hosting solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. HOSTINDIA.NET is well known for Reliability, Performance, Connectivity, Quality, Value, Service and Support.
  • Accredited Domain Registrar and leading Domain Registration Service Provider in India
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers

Friday, 25 January 2019

How To Choose Domain Name Wisely?

Presently, any feasible venture can vision to rise shoulder-to-shoulder in the market with own unique identity. If you are thinking of starting business online, first you need a website that requires a domain name, and that domain name will have a remarkable impact on the triumph and future of your website. But first let’s know, why domain name is so influential?
  • It’s your “First Impression”
  • It affects SEO
  • It defines your brand
These are only few basic elements why your domain name is so important. So now the question is how you choose the right domain name? This article will help to pick the ideal domain for Brand/Business. Make sure that you will consider below mentioned points before choosing your domain name.

1. Easy to Type
When you inform your domain name to anyone, they should feel easy to type or search on internet. So while choosing your domain name avoid difficult names or informal names. That will help users to find or search your brand name easily.

2. Short But Meaningful
Do not ever go for a phrase or sentence as your domain name, that will make your domain name longer than standard. If you choose long domain name then there might be chances of misunderstanding while informing over phone or mistyping or misspelling it. So keep it short and simple but more meaningful.

3. Use Keywords For SEO
Try to use keywords in your domain name which define your business or services that you offers t your customers. For example, if you are having electronics gadget repairing business then you can go for domain names like “ or” etc. Cover the descriptive keyword in your domain name that will help customer to find you online on search engines which increases traffic for your business.

4. Targeted Location
Targeted location means try to cover your area name while choosing domain name if you are having localize business. Consider above mentioned business example of Electronics Repairing and that business is limited in say Kerala; Example - then adding your area in domain name will help your local customers to find your business easily.

5. Exclude Hyphens And Numbers
Usually, numbers and hyphens are misinterpreted. If suppose you are informing your website address contain numeral “9” but over phone it spelled out “nine” then there might be chances of misunderstanding. Or if your website contains “-” and people may take it as “dash”. So it will be good to exclude such kind of combination to avoid misinterpretations.

6. Be Remarkable
There are n number of competitors you will get in market so standing unique in multiple gets difficult. So keep in mind while registering domain name that it should be noteworthy which will make sense to your targeted audience.

7. Analyze It
Check that whether your selected domain name is copyrighted or is it being used by any other company? Analyzing it will help you to avoid further any legal complications and loss of money.

8. Correct Extension
Here are some basic extensions and their meanings
  • .co : an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  • .info : informational sites.
  • .net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
These extensions are added to your domain names as a suffix. For Example, or, According to your business category you can choose the extensions. The .com is mostly chosen extension. Try not to use fancy extensions like .zone or .voto etc.

9. Secure Your Brand
Sometimes for business competition strategy, you need to buy multiple versions of domain extensions or misspelled versions of domain names. This will helps you to redirect your audiences to your website even though they mistype it.

10. Register Fast
Everyone is aware of the value of time, so do not waste your time in only deciding or thinking about domain name. Simply consider every aspect related to your business and book your domain name as early as possible. During your long thinking process of domain name; somebody else will just get that same domain name which you are being decided to buy. Domain names gets quickly sold out.

Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name — it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the web; you want to make sure you choose a name that not only fits your business, but is also easy to find and promote. Run your business online from anywhere in the world. To Get Your Domain Name Visit Our Website Now

Friday, 18 January 2019

Does Implementation of Google Search Console Improves Your Business Progress?

Google Search Console(earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It enables webmasters to study indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. The Google Search Console is a strong fusion of SEO and reporting tools. This tool gives users with data and configuration for your website via different metrics. It examine the site for any errors, broken links, site indexing, and so on. If there are any problems with your website, Google will dispatch notifications or take actions against it. It could be anything from a malware attack, too bad linking applications or technical difficulties with the Search Engine. This Tool is operated by developers to associate their apps with a website or be cautious of crawl errors. It is no-charge web service by Google to observe sights for the site or optimize its live existence.

In order to that, this tool can assists organizations to improve Business Progress via different mediums such as –
  • SEO Performance
    The Google Search console is a strong tool to know the position in Google Search Results. Consumers can examine the amount of search traffic over time, the location it is getting from, and the search queries which can expand the visibility of your website. With the SEO Performance tool, users can retain about the devices which are used to enter the search queries and their click-through rates. A site performance can be examined and upgraded through click analytics and large concentrated efforts with Google Search Console.

  • Site Indexing
    Google crawlers used to find webpage’s on the internet. They travel through several of links to index pages on the web and recover important data on related to webpage’s back to the Google Server. Consequently, Google Algorithm creates an index which lists those pages and is presented suitable related to the page quality and ranking. It also displays the number of errors the crawlers faced through the process of page indexing.

  • Search Traffic
    The Google Search Console presents data on the site traffic during real-time recording in terms of Click Through Rates, Impressions, Clicks, and more. Additionally, it studies each part of internal link structure and the link quality of the other web pages associated with it. This has been named as very prime reports for webmasters and SEO experts to view and upgrade on.

  • Growth Record of Content Marketing
    The Google Search Console checks via the very frequently used keywords in your website. This is obtained by Google’s crawling bot or the Googlebot. This proves content marketers or website owners accurate statistics on how their content is functioning, and how marketers can influence effective command on their campaigns. If a minor remarkable keyword collects considerable density, then it can be changed with one that has large importance to the brand or business.

  • Mobile Compatibility
    Mobile friendliness of your website is very prime feature of search engine rankings. The Google Search Console gives a large incentive for webmasters to explore their compatibility on different mobile devices and optimize them if required. The Mobile Usability Report records mobile compatibility and notices key areas of development. This can build prominent room for development for mobile optimization and website growth for mobile devices.

  • Geographical Targeting
    In Google Search Console, the country option focus users in a particular country. If targeting requirements to be done for country particular domains, then there is no necessity for geographical targeting.

Final Words The Google Search Console is a strong, user-friendly tool for multiple websites and webmasters to analyze and improve on. The Google Search Console is there to help you to be found online. The Google Search Console guides you to track your site’s performance by monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting your site’s presence in Google Search Results. It delivers worth data insights into how your website should be offered so as to get large number of leads and conversions from incoming traffic.

About HostIndia HOSTINDIA.NET is a leading provider of domain names and web hosting solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. HOSTINDIA.NET is well known for Reliability, Performance, Connectivity, Quality, Value, Service and Support.
  • Accredited Domain Registrar and leading Domain Registration Service Provider in India
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers

Friday, 11 January 2019

How G Suite is Ideal Collaboration Tool For Your Business

No matter whether you’re operating a victorious single-handed company, or have 50 employees working for your company, you may be focusing to trim your productivity by setting up shop in the Google application suite. It was earlier known as Google Apps, but now its rebranded as a G Suite. Even extra purposeful, Google officially introduced that the Google for Work brand has been updated and will directly be called Google Cloud. The variation is an act Google states will enable them to focus an extensive market by putting less of an emphasis on the work element, and focusing more on to the group of apps which are extremely functional in everyday life. Google apps has become the business standard for internal workflow, and as a solution, has made the lives of the working independent more simpler and easy. 

Let’s know more about the Benefits of G Suite Usage - Enlarging on the possession of the email account are multiple advantages excluding to utilization of the G Suite paid subscription.

1. Email Address Bunch Your organization is perhaps divided into multiple unique sections and functional roles. Instead of attempting to recollect each single email on mailing out a message to a particular section you can categorize people who should be accepting the message into categories such as Sales, Accounts, Marketing, Developing, etc. There are no extra charges for bunching, and the number of groups you can cover is boundless.

2. Document Possession A major anxiety of the last generation was maintaining record of essential documents being associated on inside the edges of a company. On G Suite allowing access to documents stored on the cloud is trouble free by allowing the creation and possession to the administrator. Also, G Suite enables for you to coordinate an employee’s machine so that each of their documents on the machine will be transferred where you can access them on anytime from anywhere.

3. Huge Storage Capacity By default, Gmail accounts gives 15GB storage for per gmail user, extend between your email and anything you maintain in the drive. For a G Suite account that capacity is bounced up to 30GB at the $5/month level. Storage can be instantly boosted to single accounts by charging $10/month. Refer storage space for entire list of storage options.

4. Sharing Documents By merging complete bunch under one platform, sharing documents will be easy over the same storage platform in just few clicks. Privacy Settings are available for your documents such as ‘view-only’ and ‘can edit’ according to your document priority.

5. Boundless Aliases You are allowed to use multiple aliases for each G Suite account. Consider an example of an IT company, Say “Mr. A” work in IT company which is divided into multiple sections. He receive mails under different aliases such as / / This multiple aliases permits you to create particular and symptomatic starting points for prospective clients to get in touch. The multiple aliases can also be applied to multiple accounts as a way for your employee to manage incoming mails as a bunch.

6. 24/7 Customer Support Free Gmail account does not offers 24/7 customer support. But G Suite gives you full 24/7 customer support over phone, email and live chat customer support

7. 2-Step Verification Cyber security is becoming a major issue which increased vulnerability. Many of organizations are facing violations in their cloud systems from last few years, So, it is very important to know your delicate business documents are secured by security layers. G Suite provides 2-step verification that can obligated on all of your company’s users to assure each device associated to your network has been verified through phone and email.

8. G Suite Integration To validate your domain name and begin using emails with your domain name’s URL you will require to follow a couple of steps with your hosting service.

Final Words - Experience The Best! Transform your business communication and collaboration with Google Apps for Work. Get all of the benefits of traditional email and office productivity suites, with the added advantage of enterprise security, mobility and collaboration. HOSTINDIA.NET specialists there to support and assist you through your deployment, migration, and the day-to-day challenge of leveraging these tools to drive better outcomes for your business.  

HOSTINDIA.NET is a leading provider of domain names and web hosting solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. HOSTINDIA.NET is well known for Reliability, Performance, Connectivity, Quality, Value, Service and Support.
  • Accredited Domain Registrar and leading Domain Registration Service Provider in India
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers

Friday, 4 January 2019

How VPS is Right For Your Business?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS has become an advisable hosting solution for small to medium-sized companies in the current situation. It is the most desired answer which explicitly connects the space between the limitations of shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated server hosting. VPS is a virtualized server that split-ups a single physical server and builds several servers within it. Every virtual server is different of its neighbor and operate like a network server individually. A VPS hosting copies a dedicated server within a shared hosting domain. VPS hosting is well known and supported by the online globally as it offers the alike level of hosting as that of a dedicated server at a reasonable value as compare to shared hosting.

VPS Hosting Description
A VPS runs its personal replica of an operating system (OS), and users may have superuser-level access to that OS instance, so they can install nearly any software which executes on that OS. VPS are offered much lower than a similar physical server. Though, as they share the latent physical hardware with other VPSes, performance may be lower, based on the workload of any other running virtual machines. A VPS is an unintegrated machine on a physical server. There can be many VPS created on a single physical server based on the different identifications of the physical server. The VPS has its IP address and executes on its Operating System. The users have the root access of Vms hence, they can install whichever software reconcilable to that OS. VPS hosting is a strong method to design a website on a server with more security, potential, firmness. Considering between the traditional shared hosting and relatively costly dedicated server, VPS delivers the best in security also in an economical way.

How VPS is different than Shared and Dedicated Hosting?
You hire a whole server during the utilization of a dedicated server hosting. The dedicated servers are in want of people having large traffic websites, applications, gaming profession as well as for eCommerce websites. For startups and small scale companies, a short part of the server can be a least requirement. In other words, Shared Hosting means sharing a part of the server across the other users instead of only hiring an entire server. Virtual private server, as the name indicates, you have your volume on a physical server that is being divided into various private domains. Virtualization is the technical term used for this. In VPS your area is eventually yours, and you don’t have to share resources as well as bandwidth like you do in Shared hosting. Different from dedicated hosting, VPS hosting enables a high rate of control and customization as you can modify server settings, install software, add users, and even turn the server on and off as and whenever needed.

VPS Hosting suitable for whom?
Largely small and medium scale companies which are intending for high-volume traffic or heavy-data websites use VPS hosting. VPS allows rapid load time and closely 100% website uptime. VPS hosting is an perfect choice for new startups as the service also offers the features of a dedicated server extra cheaply relatively. VPS hosting gives you the inexpensiveness of shared hosting and simultaneously allows more power and control like dedicated hosting.

Let’s have a look at advantages of VPS Hosting:
1. Performance : Your allocation of resources allows you and your website guests to appreciate speedy loading time delivering a quality-performance every time.
2. Flexibility : You can choose any OS you want and various software’s you need to install on the server.
3. Personal Privacy : Keeping privacy at its best is possible because you will not share your OS with anyone, no other websites on the server can access your files or any data.
4. Customization : You will have your personal Operating System while working in VPS. Accordingly, you will have your personal server applications for use like PHP and MySQL. If you wish to alter any service you can do which fits to your requirements.
5. Dynamically scale IT with business : So many businesses are recurrent in nature. Payable your own server indicates that you have to deliver extension even before the server is delivered to you. Whereas with a VPS Service, you can begin smallest business which can afford by you and extend as your business grows.
6. Dedicated Resources : VPS hosting offers disk space, CPU, and RAM increasing your hosting resources excluding any downtime or any technical difficulties.
7. Add new servers on demand : As small businesses recognize the advantages of E-commerce, they experience the expectation of unpredictability and volatility. Extension flows are frequent happening offline and online. VPS is created for this domain.

Final Words - Experience The Best!
VPS hosting has a plenty of expectations for the future because of its advanced features. As compared with shared hosting, it is very affordable hosting service. HOSTINDIA.NET is a leading provider of domain names and web hosting solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. HOSTINDIA.NET is well known for Reliability, Performance, Connectivity, Quality, Value, Service and Support.
  • Accredited Domain Registrar and leading Domain Registration Service Provider in India
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers