Wednesday 29 August 2018

How to hide domain name details from the public for security reasons

domain registration

With the online security threat rising rapidly it has become utmost important to maintain a website with optimum security measures. Earlier, the online threat was rising predominantly because not many people had known about their rights to privacy and security. But now people have come to know how they can protect their privacy and secure themselves from online threats such as spamming, hackers, identity theft and much more. 

Most of the website owners know the importance of security when it comes to their customers and visitors but what about the security of the website owner. When someone registers their domain name with the domain registrar their details such as Name, Phone number, email address and etc can be viewed via WHOIS website


WHOIS allows you run a query and then it provides you a set of information about the domain name. So when you register a domain name with the registrar you have to provide contact information such as mail address, contact number, name and other details.

When the domain name is registered, a WHOIS record is created that has all the information that you provided during registration of domain name. When you purchase a domain name then your contact information will be available to the public. These records can be accessed by anyone through the WHOIS website.

If you have a website with the domain name registered then you can run a WHOIS search and see what information is available to the public. 

Now there are some who want their contact information to be available because it’s another way of providing contact information to their customers. But not everyone is comfortable with their information being shared with the world and that is where Domain Privacy comes into the picture. 

Domain Privacy:

Domain Privacy allows you to hide the contact information that you don’t want to show up on the WHOIS website. There are many web hosts who provide this service as an add-on service when you are purchasing a domain name. 

There are web hosts who will secure your information where the information will be listed as the name and contact information of the web host. If anyone wants to contact you regarding domain name then they will have to first contact the web host and if they find out that it is not a spam call then they will redirect it to the customer. 

Customers who register a domain name without Privacy often experience that their inboxes are full of spam emails. They will receive emails from digital marketer pitching SEO and marketing services, small business related offer, website builder tools and discounts and lots more. There will be services that will be genuine and there will be some emails that will be a scam. Customers do have a wrong idea that the domain registrar has sold their information to the third party but in reality that is not actually the case. The web host or the domain registrar never sell customer’s personal information to the third party. It is just your personal information is available to the public when don’t opt for domain privacy while registering a domain name. 

How can you make your website more secure?

Now once you have a website you should be prioritized two things that are the development of the website and the security of the website. Development of the website concerns the structure and layout of the website and security concerns protecting the interest of the customer or the visitor and also the interest of the website owner. But here will be focusing more on the security aspect of a website. To make your website more secure you can opt for an SSL Certificate that will keep your site secure from all the malware, virus and hackers. If you want to know more about SSL Certificates then click here.

Monday 27 August 2018

Use cPanel to launch Site Publisher to create a Website

cPanel hosting

Now as you are setting up your website you must be first looking out for a Good Web host that will give you the right plans that will cater your website needs. After choosing the right web host and purchasing the hosting package you must be then eager to set up your website right away. 

Now setting up your website is like setting up the interior of the house so you must have got the idea that it is not easy to set up a dynamic website in one day. When you are setting up your website with content management systems such as Joomla and Wordpress it can be a little difficult to learn everything in just one instance. But with Site Publisher, you can set up a website even though if you have never created a website before. 

Now if you are setting up a website but you already want to let people know about your website then you can opt for a Site publisher tool that can set up an one-page website in just matter of minutes. cPanel had launched Site publisher in 2016 that enables you to easily set up a one-page website quickly without many configurations and procedures to follow.

Site Publisher:

Site Publisher allows you to set up a simple website without any need of having prior knowledge and experience regarding setting up a new website. You can select an appropriate template according to your needs and enter the website content. Site publisher provides you with inbuilt templates and adds your own images to create a website. 
You can use SitePublisher if you want to set up a simple informational page. Anyone can set up his or her website with SitePublisher even though if you have no prior experience or any expertise. You can use SitePublisher from the cPanel itself. 

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that offers you tools to simplify the hosting process. Through that, you can control the process of the website and server from the web application. 

How can SitePublisher help you?

Now if you want to set up a simple website page about their business or themselves such as creating a portfolio of the business or an online CV. If you are newly launching your website then you can set up a website saying “under construction” until the main website is finally launched. 

How to create a website using SitePublisher?

First select a domain from the list of the domain that you have registered such as domain, addon domains, and subdomains.

If you have only one domain or you have you have come to the SitePublisher site via the subdomain or addon domain link then you will be automatically redirected to the next step. 

You can then select a template from the list of template section with a preview image, description, and name for each template. This way you can select the right template that will fulfill your requirement. 

After selecting the template, you have to then update and enter the desired website content

Once you have finished all the formality you can then click Publish. 

When you publish the site publisher website the cPanel automatically saves a copy of the domain’s document root’s current content as a tarball in the backups section under the directory in SitePublisher. If there are any backups that are 30 days old then cPanel will automatically delete it. When you publish a new website with SitePublisher the system creates new website file data and stores them in the document roots under the domain name. 

So next time if you have to publish any website in a hurry then worry not SitePublisher has got your back. 

Thursday 23 August 2018

G Suite users should use these security measures to control their privacy and security settings


There are several G Suite Administrators settings that you can choose from when it comes to privacy of the new G Suite files, security configuration for account sign-ins and sharing settings on Team drives. Usually, G Suite Admin opts for default settings that keep the G Suite Files private which will be only viewable to the creator of the file. Team Drives allows the file to be shared externally and 2 step authentication for enabling improved security measures. 

The G Suite security configuration depends on different organization according to their requirements and security concern. For example, there are organizations that store files on Windows server and their security configuration is only defined to allow access from the systems that are connected via Ethernet. But with this very few files or folders are private because once signed-in to the account most of the files are available to everyone. As the organization went on board with G Suite they wanted the same security and privacy setting on G Suite when the files were stored on Windows Server. So with this we learn that G Suite settings can be customized to the needs of the user.

In this article, there are 3 main G Suite settings that you should consider when configuring the security and privacy settings on G Suite.

G Suite Files: Private or Public:

Each Document, Sheet or Slide that you create on G Suite is only accessible to the people who have created it. Now there are some people who want to keep files stored on the G Suite viewable by other team members. As the files are kept private by default you can change this setting to the people that you want to share it with. 

To do so you have to go to the Admin Console and then click on apps and you will see a set of applications so in that you have to click on G Suite. Once G Suite is open you can go to the Drive and Docs and open the sharing settings. You will see an option called Link sharing defaults and then choose “OFF” or “ON”. 

ON - Anyone at <your organization> with the link (here only with the links can access the files)
Or ON - Anyone at <your organization> (here you don’t need any link to access the files)

Once you enable this setting by making it public the team members will be able to see your files. But the files will be only viewable to the team members that you select and not to the world. In future, if you want to change the privacy setting then you can change the settings to private.

Files on Team Drives:

The files that are stored on the Team Drive in the G Suite can be accessed by all the team members. The G Suite Admin can remove or add the team members and configure the permission settings of each team member. When the member is been added by the G Suite to the Team Drive the member can access the files that are stored on the Team Drive. If the member is been removed from the Team Drive then he/she will lose all the access to the files. 

The Team Drive is been created with an aim to add a set of team members that can share the files or view the files or make any changes on them. Now the G Suite Admin can change their privacy settings by controlling the access of the team members. You can limit the access of the team members by not allowing them to share the files outside the organization and restrict downloading, printing or copying any content. 

It is recommended to configure the settings to “Edit access” instead of “full access” because this will allows the member to add or edit the file but they won’t be able to remove or delete the data. 

To do so you have to go to the Admin Console and then click on apps and you will see a set of applications so in that you have to click on G Suite. Once G Suite is open you can go to the Drive and Docs and open Manage Team drives. You will find a list of settings where you can edit or control the access by specifying the user role based on sharing, downloading, accessing content, printing or copying. 

Two-step Verification:

If you want to improve your security measure then you should add Two-step verification. This way the people will require you to sign-in with the account name and password. Once they have entered the correct credentials then the Google will approve the access. You can also approve the access through other means by enabling Google to make a call with an identification key number, SMS message, security key or an authenticator app. 

To do so you have to go to the Admin Console and then click on Security. Once you have done that, the basic settings page will pop up and you have to click on Two-Step Verification and check the box that mentions “Allows the users to turn on Two-Step Verification”. After all this, you have to follow the link below the box that mentions “Go to Advanced Settings to enforce Two-step verification to manage the enforcement

Every organization and user have different priorities set thus there will be also different settings chosen by different users. According to the requirements you can choose the security and privacy settings that will best suit your security measures. If you have any suggestion or queries then feel free to drop down a comment. 

Friday 17 August 2018

What is General Data Protection Regulation and how it’s going to affect you?


General Data Protection Regulation is been enforced by the European Union Law on Data protection and Data privacy. This law will be applicable to all the European citizens and individuals that are within the European Union and European Economic Area. The GDPR law was brought to attention so that the citizens have the control over their data and also to simplify the regulation when it comes to International business. 

With this effect, the personal data of the citizen is highly protected by any exploitation that interferes with the individual personal information. General Data Protection Regulation went  into effect on May 25th, 2018 that was passed by the European Lawmakers to systematize data privacy laws on all the EU states. 

The General Data Protection law can influence business both outside and inside of the European Union because of its broader scope. Any information such as name, address, contact information, financial information, email address, identification number and etc that are exposed on the Internet can be exposed to other people or business. Even digital information such as geo-location, cookies, IP address, browsing history and any other digital identifier that associate with the person can be shared with other business. So to prevent the exploitation or sharing of personal data the GDPR helps in protecting the person’s identity. 

Individuals Rights under the GDPR Law:-

Right to Restrict Processing:

An individual can restrict the access to the data or limit the use if he or she thinks that the personal data is collected unlawfully or inaccurately. 

Right to Object:

If the individual doesn't want their personal data to be included in any analytics or receive any marketing emails or any personalized marketing content then they can opt themselves out from such marketing campaigns. 

Right of access:

Under this law, the individual can ask any question about their personal data as to how it is going to be used and they can also ask for a copy of their personal data. 

Right of portability:

When you are asking for a copy of personal data then you are liable to receive that data in a structured and machine-readable format. 

Right to rectification:

The individual has the right to remove, correct or revise the personal data at any time.

Right to be forgotten:

The personal data can be deleted if the individual wish to do so.

How business affect from GDPR regulation?

Business, Companies or individuals that are residing or not in the European Union but are offering products or services or monitoring the behavior of the customer residing in the European Union need to comply with the Law. Now you must be already following some laws that are laid down by the European lawmakers. 

While communicating with the customer you should keep these points in mind mentioned below.

  • You should communicate and let the customers know about the usage of their personal data. 
  • You have to make sure that the privacy policies are updated to the upcoming requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • You have to mention what is the purpose of the processing of the personal data, what legal foundation that you are relying on and for how long are you going to keep the data.
  • Whatever legal basis that you are using for the usage of the personal data should comply with the GDPR. 
  • If you are sending any marketing content or any promotional content then you have to take prior permission and then only you can send such marketing content. 
  • The rights that are laid down by the GDPR have to follow by the business owners, companies, and individuals. 

It is been speculated that there are more changes are going to be put forth by the European Union to make their laws stronger about data protection and data privacy. The article is not meant for a substitute of legal advice but the article is developed with the basic understanding of the functions and features of the GDPR law. You can visit the main website of the EU GDPR here for more information.

Monday 13 August 2018

Ever had the curiosity to know who owns the domain name. If Yes, Here's how you can find out

domain name

Most of the time people come across some weird or amazing domain names and want to know who owns that certain domain name. But many people often make mistakes or go the wrong way and end up finding the host of the website. Finding the details of the domain name owner and host of the website is two different things so you will need a different approach to find out the domain name owner.

Here’s how! Let’s find out...

The first question raises that why find the owner of the various domain names and how it can benefit you from this information. You should ask yourself this question because it will help you get your goals right. 

In fact, it is very rewarding to collect all this information because one, for instance, the domain name can be always for a sale. So this way you can contact the domain name seller for the purchase of the existing domain name. There are scenarios where the website site owner is thinking a name for their website which will be perfect but when they are registering the domain name he/she comes to know that the domain name is been already registered. 

If you are not one of the giving up kind then there are even further steps that may help you get that old domain name back. So the first thing you can do is contact the domain name owner and see if he/she is ready to sell. You can also fetch the details to know when the domain name expires so that you can purchase when the time comes for renewal of the domain name. At the time of the domain renewal, you can contact the owner and give a bid for the purchase of the domain name.

This kind of information can also help you to cross check if your details are right or no. If you find that there are some details are missing or something is wrong then you can resolve it by contacting with your web host. By doing this you will be saving yourself from any issues that may occur in the future. You can also find out when the domain name will expire so that you can re-purchase it when it expires. 

How to find out who owns the Domain name? 

It is not as difficult as it seems to find out the domain name, in fact by just one single source you can come to know all the information that you need. You can find all the information here on the It is very easy to find out the owner of the domain name which is as easy as typing the name of the domain in the search bar. You can also search the domain name owned by, just typing in the keywords, it is as easy as it gets. 

Once you have searched the owner of that specific website you will get a list of information which includes who the domain registrar is, email id and phone number. You will also have the access to the information about the status of the domain as to when it was created and last update and when the domain name will expire. There is also other additional information that will be available for you that might come to your interest. 

Based on the information you can predict whether the owner will be ready to sell you the domain or no. If the domain is created for over 5 years span of time or more then there are very less likely chances for you to purchase that domain name. If you want the domain owner to sell the domain name then you may have to payload sum of the money in exchange of the domain name. will provide you the basic information you will need to know if you are planning for a domain name purchase. But if you want more information then you can search for the site called Domain Tools that has WHOIS Lookup that provides extra information. With that tool you will view information such as the response code of the website, SEO score, number of links and the number of images included in the website with DomainTools. This way you can come to know the status of your competitor’s website to see how their marketing tactic is working all along. It is also another way of comparing and analyzing your website. 

Now you must have come to know how to find out who owns the domain name easily by just typing the domain name and after that, all the information will be presented to you. If you have any suggestion or any query then feel free to comment down below.

Thursday 9 August 2018

Looking for a new Website Theme! Here are the best Wordpress Themes for Free

Wordpress website

Are you bored of your website looking the same for ages? If yes, then there are lot of Wordpress Themes for your website that can make your website look more advanced and cool. Now if you are already on the lookout for wordpress themes then you must have come across website that offers wordpress themes with hidden prices. We have listed number of websites that offer free wordpress themes with best designs, templates and features. 

There are thousands of Wordpress themes in the market and that can be little confusing and overwhelming for you. In this article we have listed the best wordpress themes websites that can go best with the blogs or best suited depending on the type of the business. 

So here we go.....

Venture Lite:

Venture Lite is probably the best website that offers the best wordpress tools because it covers all the features that you will want for your website. It offers mobile friendly website which is sleek and full of features that give your visitors and customers’ access to the website with more user-friendly features. Venture Lite also offers attractive themes that can be quite an eye catching scene. So If you are looking for website that should look very modern and attractive then Venture Lite is the best in the market. 


If you are a musician or an artist that wants a simple website but with advanced features then Obsidian is the website to go for. You can easily put music or playlist at the bottom of the screen or anywhere else. This will provide your fans and visitor an elite experience with simple functionality and great visuals.


Are you looking for a website that offers you the basic functionality with the touch of elegance and classiness then Breviter is the website that can fulfil all your needs. With Breviter you can create full-featured themes with clean and clean looking website where you can add links, quotes and images. You can add this theme if you are looking to promote any new release or any seminar or summit. 


Nowadays Business owners know that if you want to sell online then you have to also look good online. That is what Shapely will do for your business website. It’s a great Wordpress Theme for your online E-commerce presence with picturesque and responsive design for your website. You don’t even need any coding skills if you want to create any custom design in the website. So it is a great option for people who are not so familiar with coding. 


If you are really serious with a website for your business that should do fulfil your every need then Business is the best wordpress theme for online business people. You can easily put up storefront pricing options, custom menu options, blog and employee profile pages. You can create a terrific website with elegance and simplicity loaded with features that any business will want for their website. 


If you are looking for a professional image presentation, then Trends is the place for you. It is absolutely free and highly preferred for people and companies in the property field and also for freelance journalists. Trends will bring you access to a number of features such as predefined template shortcuts, post slider options to bring a stunning visual looks and ready translation for taking your company to the global audience.

Food Hunt:

Restaurant owners and foodies all over the world will find Food Hunt meeting all their expectations. It brings a vast number of color options bringing high resolution to your images so that you can present your favorite foods in an appetizing way! A few other ingredients include flexibility, auto-focus and a menu plugin to help you create an on-site menu, bringing your insight in your own unique way.


Websites fixing temporary projects are a plenty all over the Internet, but choosing one to minimize any kind of hassle is a bit challenging. For example, if you are planning for an opening announcement for a wedding broadcast or getting out info regarding a reunion, go for Goran. Its super simple to operate and you wouldn't need any specialist with a tech background from outside or your family to post your message. It also comes with a number of in-built features such as automatic displace in the menu while linking your message to social networking sides.

To make your Website even more responsive and powerful you can opt for a web hosting plan that can make your website load more faster and responsive. As you know that there are many Hosting Providers but there are very few who offer excellent service with a trusted name in the market. is a leading brand in India that offer exceptional service and reliable customers support. Hosting your website on will leverage your website with a 99.9% uptime and 24x7 customer support. 

If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment down below, it will be great to hear from you.

Monday 6 August 2018

Are you Tight on Budget! If yes then Shared Hosting is a great web host source for you and Here’s How!

shared hosting

Shared Web Hosting services are been used by many website owners because of its economical attributes. It is a great way for the small business owners, bloggers, and new websites to opt for Shared web hosting who are looking to start a website quickly with limited funds.  If you are too on a tight budget and looking for a web hosting service that can fulfill all the website need with a limited budget then Shared Web Hosting is highly recommended. Below is a list of things that you should know before starting with the shared hosting.

Shared Hosting:

In Shared Hosting many websites are hosting on a single server where the websites share the server resource among the website that is hosted on a single server. Every website is assigned with limited features and resources that are defined by the hosting plan.

Small business can create an online presence with shared web hosting without spending too much on the maintenance and resources on the server. Shared hosting provider offers Windows Shared Hosting and Linux Shared Hosting are multiple types of the shared hosting solutions that are offered by most of the web hosting provider.

The difference between the Windows Shared hosting and Linux Shared hosting will depend on the type of the coding language and the development platform that you will utilize your website.

How does it work?

Now what happens in Shared web hosting is that the server hosts various accounts for multiple customers. The customer will manage their website, databases and emails in the server limited or with a defined storage space and the cost will be shared by all.

Shared Hosting Platform is like living in an apartment with other people where you have to share resources like water, gas, electricity, rooms and etc. You will have to pay equally when the due date is up for rent payment or the maintenance. So this way it is economic for everyone to pay rent and maintenance by splitting the money equally.

How is shared hosting different from Virtual Private Server hosting and Dedicated Hosting?


Shared hosting platform host multiple websites account in a single server. VPS hosting host website on the physical server by giving the root access and it is shared by other Virtual Private Servers. Dedicated Hosting host website allots the server to a single client or the website.


Shared Hosting performance may vary because of the shared resources when other websites are receiving more traffic than yours. VPS Hosting offers you complete root access which gives you a large chunk of resources at disposal. Dedicated Hosting provides you with an entire server for your use where you can deploy your own application and run large websites and application.


Shared Hosting does not provide optimum security compared to another hosting platform because of the increase in other website activity can blacklist your IP. In VPS Hosting there are very few website accounts that are hosted so the chances of getting affected by other website account activity are low. Dedicated Hosting offers you the entire server to a single client so the risks of getting affected by other website activity or other threats are eliminated.

How is Shared Hosting beneficial for you?

It is true that Shared Hosting has its own limitation but if you are tight on budget or if your website is new then trying shared hosting will be useful for you.


When you are launching a new website for the first time you will be not sure of the success that the website will receive in the first instance. Spending a huge chunk of money and resources on your website will be putting a hole in your pocket. Shared Hosting is very cost-effective where you have to pay as little as low as newspaper or magazine subscription in a month.

No need for Technical Maintenance:

You don’t have to maintain any Technical aspect of the server because there will be skilled professional that will be responsible for the whole maintenance of the website. So this way you focus more on running the website and business and less worry about the maintenance of the website.

As you know that there are many Hosting Providers but there are very few who offer excellent service with a trusted name in the market. is a leading brand in India that offer exceptional service and reliable customers support. Hosting your website on will leverage your website with a 99.9% uptime and 24x7 customer support.

Our Company has a presence in the market for 18+ years and understands customer needs very well. We run 24x7 and 365 days along with NOC (Network operations center) and we have 15 minutes of the first level response of Service Level Agreement. With 18+ of experience, you are assured that your website is in safe hands.

If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment down below, it will be great to hear from you.

Thursday 2 August 2018

Google's Latest update aims to change security measures and this is how it will affect your website

Google update

Google has updated their Chrome Web Browser that will let the visitors know that they have landed on a website that is not secure or not. This update will create more awareness among the website owners that need to implement strong security measures. Looking at these changes there will be also other web browsers that will implement these measures to eliminate and minimize the online threats. 

Online threats are increasing and the concern for security is been shooting skyrocket so Google has taken the first step in eliminating this. But with such changes that are being implemented your website will be affected if you don’t take action over this matter soon. 

Customers are now being aware of the importance of security measure and they won’t be comfortable doing a transaction or even just simply browsing on a website that is not secure. Google has prioritized this move to a certain level by determining the website’s search engine ranking depending on the security measure of the website. This means that no matter how great your website or the content is but if it doesn't have any security measure such as SSL certificate or HTTPS then your SEO ranking will be affected. Your website will be at the bottom and this will decrease the number of users that you receive. Basically, this will disrupt your online business set up and your customer base.

What will happen with the new update by Google?

The Google Chrome browser version 68 will release in July and with this, the users will come to know that the website that they are visiting is not encrypting the traffic by showing ‘Not Secure’ message on the URL tab. 

When the customer comes across such website that is not secure then they are most likely to avoid entering such website to make any purchases or signing up for a newsletter. The customers now also look out for another sign to check the website authenticity by looking at the URL tab to see whether there is HTTPS at the start of the URL or no. The website that is secured with https will be seen as ( and if it is not secured with https then it will be simply written The other downfall of not having an SSL certificate and HTTPS will be that your website will not be favored in the Google Search Engine Ranking. This will affect the amount of traffic that you expect to receive with your website being at the bottom of the Search Engine list. 

How can I make my Website Secure?

You can opt for an SSL certificate which is a standard security technology for encrypting the link between the web server and the browser. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that will make your website more secure for browsing. A web server stores, process and delivers the web pages to the clients and web browser is a medium where the customers can view the website from their devices. The Web Server and Web Browser work together to deliver the contents of the website. Thus, there is a need to keep the link between the interaction between the web server and the web pages secure and that is what SSL certificate do to keep the browsing more secure. It encrypts the link so that the hackers won’t be able to infiltrate the information that transitions from the browser and the server. This creates the confidence and the trust between the customer and the company so that they can securely browse through your website without any worry of any online threats. 

With the seriousness of the online threats that is affecting many website owners and visitors, Lets Encrypt offer free SSL certificates for basic protection of your website.  You can read this article here about how Let's Encrypt is providing free SSL certificates.

Importance of Encryption:

A website without an SSL certificate is a house with no lock because when information that are passing through the web server to the web pages are at a greater risk. That information can be stolen, misused or exploited so to prevent that website should implement SSL certificate and HTTPS. SSL certificate can benefit your business in many ways by improving the trust, quality, security and SEO ranking of your website. Encrypting your website will not only protect your website from any harm but it will also protect your customer's interest.