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8 benefit of purchasing a long time domain registration or renewal.

Benefit of long time domain registration
As we all know that to have a website for any reason should have a domain name first. Recently we had come across so many comment and forum where people want to know whether they should go for a long time domain registration of short time domain registration. And Also so many comments have been coming for the same. Surprisingly everyone had suggested going for a long time domain registration but no one had informed, “why ?”.

We do agree that a long time domain registration is better than a short time or one year domain registration, but Why? On the Internet also I did some active search to find the answer but no satisfactory answer was found. So this article will make you understand why a long time domain registration is more beneficial for you.

Before we come to the benefit part we should know the domain registration process and its function. Domain name is nothing but an address of your website in the business. We can purchase a domain from a domain service provider. To have a domain name we have to provide some information including desired domain name, your address, telephone no, e-mail address, payment information, the time period and etc.
Once you submit all the information to the service provider then they would process your request. The registry information will be saved at “whois”. Your domain is considered registered and ready-to-use once all your information has been saved and updated.

We all know that domain registration costs are very less than web hosting. So many companies are providing domain registration free with web hosting. So in the following points, we will explain you the advantage of long time domain registration.

Long time Domain registration

  • You are locking your domain for a long period of time. So there is no need to worry about renewal process for every year. And no one can take that domain for those time period.
  • If you go for a long time domain registration then you can get a huge discount from the service providers.
  • You would be able to save a good amount of time every year as you don't have to renew your service again and again.
  • Every year domain registration or renew price is increasing. On 31st February .net domain extension is increasing by Rs-50. Like this if you compare all domain extension price then you will find that every year domain extension price is increasing, to avoid that extra amount you can go for a long time domain registration which will save your increased domain price.
  • Some few years back it has been heard that google and other search engines were monitoring the expiration date of domains in order to evaluate the legitimacy of the websites. So If you are going for a long time domain registration then it would be more search engine friendly.
  • In prospects of SEO, no one had a definite answer regarding how google or other search engines will treat your website. But if you are choosing for a long time domain registration process or renewal process then it is not negative for SEO but it will give an advantage to SEO.
  • As domain age affect the google page ranking will improve if we go for a long time registration, your domain will give a good impact to the algorithm.
  • If you have a very good site with a very good niche then long time domain registration will help you to build a good reputation on the internet.

If you think that you can update the auto payment method and renew it every year then a possibility of your card can be expired and your domain will be locked by someone else lock which can create a headache for you.
Okay here is a disadvantage of having a long time domain registration which one I found from so many discussion that if you go for a long time domain registration process then you may forget your domain registration details like login user id and password.

So basically we can say that if you go for a long time domain registration then it would be a better option than short time domain registration.

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