Monday, 17 August 2015

How Google Apps Will Help You to Grow Your Business !

google apps to grow your business
Google, which is a famous search engine in the cyber world, providing cloud-based collaboration and productivity tool. Being a popular company Google always provides a wide scope to small business as well as the large organisation. Gmail (Google email solution for business), apart from Gmail they are a various product offered by google such as Online storage, Docs, Calendars, Video meetings and more, to speed up your business communication and productivity. 

When we talk about google apps, then somehow Microsoft office 365 come into the picture as Microsoft is a daddy player in Cloud-based Collaboration and documents. However, we have already published a blog in which we have distinguished the difference between google apps for work and Microsoft office 365.

This article is dedicated to Google Apps For Work. Google apps for work is very new to market compare to Microsoft office 365. Use google apps are a cloud-based solution that offers your business a scalable platform to grow. Here are the benefits for which you must go for google apps for your business.

Benefits of Google Apps for Work:

Google apps make your work different:
First of all, google is a trusted name and leader of good cloud infrastructure. Google apps designed and served with cloud based technology, which is the most advanced technology in the world. It is the only suites which include all your need like storage, sharing, document, email, video meeting, calendar and much more. You can experience this application with different operating systems, devices, browser across the globe with round the clock.

Offline support is a great tool offered by the company. Yes, you can view and edit the calendar, gmail, and google docs in offline and it will automatically be syncing once you connect to the internet.

Flexibility of Google Apps:
If you have a small business or you are into a business in which very few numbers of employees are working then google have the flexibility for small business. You can purchase google apps for 3 users. In this site, you will get all the apps package integrated for smooth work flow.

compatible with all the email client:
If you are purchasing Google apps, then you can eligible to send and receive an email from the Gmail web interface with your favorite desktop client. Yes, you have the flexibility of using IMP or POP mail protocol of your client.
If you are updating to google apps from an old client, you can use Google Apps sync to transfer your data from the previous client to google apps. Google Apps sync is plugged in, you can also install the plugin in Microsoft outlook in all the versions.

Update your software to Google Docs:
In 2015 also most of the office using the old office suits for all the necessary work, but google providing this platform to upgrade your work module and productivity with cloud based collaboration.
With the help of google docs, you can create. edit different kind of files, presentation, text document, spreadsheet and upload it to google drive online. The advantage of the product is you no need to install any application on your PC or tab, everything can be done on the Internet.

More option Provided by Hostindia for your website:
If you have a website you can purchase google apps and speed up your business, but if you don't have a website, also you can Purchase a Domain for your website and host it with HOSTINDIA.NET Hosting Service. Also, you can purchase the required amount of google apps that suits your business and Hostindia expert will help technically to set up all your business need.

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