Monday 28 September 2015

Email Spamming and Why it is Bad !

Email spamming and protection

Here, I don’t want you guys to put up a lot of thought on it, but yes, it's definitely important for you to know about spam. Here's a summary of what I got.

Definitely, you have heard many professionals and non-professionals talk about SPAM,
So what is this spam exactly?

Spam emails generally called as spams are actually the automated emails that are unsolicited and used for the purpose of saying mainly advertising. Wait a minute, advertising? This does not sound like a threat, right?
So let me tell you one more thing, the important one, in certain practice these emails are used solely for the good purpose, but you all know how good turns bad and then to worse....!!
some hackers who are interested in the potential information of a bulk of their choice, (first of all a target is set, sometimes one group or random people.)

These hackers send spam emails to say junk mail to the targeted group or candidate when the user opens this mail, it may contain many links that direct the user to sites hosting malware.
These spam emails may include scripts or other executable files attached to the mail.

Definition of Spam is: A message in the form of mail that is unsolicited and sent in bulk.

*Unsolicited means an uninvited message/mail.

What do uninvited mail means, we have to understand that any mail, having a valid sender address or your friend from college trying to contact you, any personalized message by someone or any newsletter that you sign up for (they annoy you but still) do not come into the category of spam mail. In short, any mail that you nearly expect in your mailbox are not spam. But in contrast, the emails that you not at all recognize are the spams.

Well, when you are learning all about spam then you also must know how many types of spams are present, No kidding..!! there are types too.

At first, when people started to recognize the presence of spam they made spam filters, so what do the spammers do now? These intelligent spammers made a way out of filters as simple as that.
  • scams
  • phishing
  • appending
  • image spam
  • blank spam
  • backscatter spam
I don’t know who is wondering, but I did when I first read about spam that why spams are sent in the first place?

It's shocking, but the answer is that it's profitable and simple it works..!
Many of the potential clients who are not aware of the services of one brand have the information delivered right to their inbox, a lot of users buy stuff reading these articles..! Seriously, it's true.
And it is relatively cheap. Sending emails do not cost a lot to the sender. All the cost is beared by the recipient.

Why is spam bad?
Spam is bad because all the effects are borne by the receiver only. Like if this is the case of a hacker and he sends any botnets(Also known as a zombie army) to users or any mail faking banks feedback form and requesting the user to fill up the details. These tricks are potentially harmful and misleading to the user.
The attached viruses and malware can crash the user's operating system as well as it can hide all your valuable data. It can send your valuable information to the internet which will give become a headache in the future.
The reason spam is sent to your system is the total cost is borne by the recipient.
Spam is cheap and it can send any spam friendly machines.
Spam can be avoided by using anti-spamming technology like V-Fort Technologies.

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