Wednesday 30 May 2018

What is W3C CSS and List of CSS Validators tools?


CSS is the computer language that depicts the detail view of the web pages that includes fonts, layouts, and colors. CSS is also known as Cascading Style Sheets. It enables presentation of the web pages to adjust to different types of devices such as the printers, large screens or small screens. CSS is independent HTML source so it can be utilized with any XML based markup language. The separation of CSS and HTML makes it convenient to handle tailor pages to a different environment, websites and share style sheets on pages which are referred to as separation of the content from presentation. It determines how the HTML components should be displayed on the paper, screen or in any other media. By doing this you will save a lot of work because it can manage the layout of various web pages all at once. The External Style sheets are stored in the CSS files.

CSS was introduced because HTML was only intended to describe the content and not the format of the page. Earlier it was very difficult for the developers to add color and fonts information to every single page which was becoming very expensive and long procedure. Thus to solve this World Wide Web Consortium introduced CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). CSS removed style formatting from the HTML.

CSS provisions more control over the presentation aspect of the Web Page to the Page Creator instead of browser designer or the viewer.  With CSS you can STYLE attribute on the element tag, you can import style sheet and merge an external sheet with the current one.
As you have learned what is CSS and how it has helped developers for the development of the web pages. Now let’s look out for the best W3 CSS Validator tools that you can utilize to fix any coding issues on the site.


W3C’s is an online CSS validator tool which is widely popular among the users. It scans your website with validation service that is very easy to the user which is based on XML and SGML parsers. W3C offers to Validate by URL, Validate by direct input and Validate by File Upload.

CSS Lint is an online tool that will scan your website and provide you with information regarding any CSS errors on your website that you will be able to easily solve it.

CSS Validator is validator tool that will show you all the broken links, check all the spelling and validate HTML and CSS. This tool offers features such as checking every link in every single page, validate to HTML 5, 4.01 standards or XHTML, Spell check everything with just a single click, check analytics code is installed on every page, check the dependencies like JS and CSS links, Validate CSS in record time and find the missing images in CSS and HTML.

Total Validator is a CSS, accessibility, HTML validator, broken links checker and a spell checker with one-click validation of your website. Total Validator offers features that are validating your CSS and HTML, Checks if the pages are accessible, check for broken links, spell checker and one-click validation of the website.

Free CSS Toolbox is free productivity software especially designed for the web developers who work with the CSS coding. It provides a variety of tools for improving the development of the style sheet code such as the advanced CSS validator and CSS Formatter and for fast-tracking. Some of the main features that it offers are Simple CSS Editor, CSS compressor, CSS Formatter, CSS validator and Integration with W3C CSS Validator.

Saturday 19 May 2018

Does cheap hosting benefit website relating to Performance and Hosting Plans?

web hosting

So many web hosting companies are out there in the market that is offering cheap web hosting plans but have you given a thought that Is cheap hosting is it really worth? There are so many Web Host scam companies out there that are providing excellent plans with cheap rates so that to lure customers to loot their money. Opting for an expensive web host is also not always the solution but choosing a qualified web host is the answer. 

You can choose a cheap hosting but you have to assure that the web host provider should be genuine by checking the reviews of the company in the customer testimonials section. Choosing a cheap hosting is a good option when you go to a quality hosting provider. There are many services available and the prices go down over time so it’s normal because of lower the prices the more the potential customers they tend to receive so it’s a win situation for everyone. 

When you are looking for a cheap web hosting because of the tight budget but at the same time you don’t want to compromise with security and quality service then you should check different aspect of the web host company. Just because a web host provider offering cheap hosting doesn’t mean that it is a reliable web host company so you have to look at another aspect which is mentioned below.

The following are the essential aspect that you should look out for when you are deciding to go with a cheap hosting plan:

Excellent Support:

A company that provides an excellent technical support is always preferred because if the issue arises at instance then it is important for the issue to be resolved as soon as possible. A web host provider company delivering 24/7 technical support is a reliable company because it shows that the company is taking the initiative to clear out the customer’s doubt instead of just luring with services and not giving attention at the time of desperate need. 


There are times even a small website can be targeted by the hackers so you should have a web host that takes security as its first priority.

Great Performance:

A web host provider should first provide top-notch performance by offering faster loading times. It is been observed that the website that a slow loading time attracts fewer visitors so that in turn hampers the business. So choose a website that provides faster loading time. 

Variety of Plans and Prices:

There is some web host that doesn’t provide a variety of services so when you are in the need of different services you have to switch on to another web host. It is not preferable to choose for a website that doesn’t provide different services because then it becomes difficult to choose different plans from different web host providers. 

If you already know a web host provider that fulfills all the above criteria then you have found the right web host provider for your website. If the web hosting plans are cheap then it doesn’t matter but what matters is the quality of the service. If you find a website that includes the preferred hosting plans that fulfill all the above criteria then you have got a bonus. 

Shared Hosting is a cheaper hosting plan that enables the providers to share servers between the users but a Good Web Host provider will make sure that the volume for each server is sufficient where it can be managed with consistent performance. Virtual Private Services is also the other option where you can get a full control over the system and you have to just pay for the services that you use so as the usage for the resources will increase the more they will charge you. 

Cheap is always taken in a negative way but it isn’t the same with every situation so when you are choosing the right web host provider with excellent service, support and resources at a reasonable rate then low-cost web hosting is not bad. When you are looking for an excellent web host then see if they deliver strong performance, excellent support, top-notch security and a wide range of plans and prices.  

Friday 18 May 2018

How to optimize YouTube videos to promote website and business?


YouTube is the most streamed online video site all over the world with 300 hours of videos uploaded daily and five billion video views per day. YouTube is at the top of the video platform pyramid change and this trend is going to stay for a very long time. YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world and Google (parent company of YouTube) dominates the top slot being the first largest search engine.

It has become essential for the small business and also big brands to promote their business on YouTube because of the wide exposure gained through uploading video about the product and services. A company who uploads optimized YouTube videos has a great impact on their business by gaining more potential customers with the ability to reach one billion users.

You should create a video that will attract the audience and that should be your primary goal and you also need to see how search engines will index the content. When you create a quality video then your main goal will be is to reach a larger audience but if it’s not reaching a larger audience then it is waste of the resources. So in this article, you will be learning as to how to optimize the YouTube videos so that it reaches larger audiences.

Optimized and irresistible title:

When you add a compelling title then it makes your potential audience jump on to your content out of curiosity to see what your video is about. You should try to include keywords that are more searched basically try looking out for an SEO keyword that people normally type while searching on to particular content.  Use a conversational and natural language spanning to one short sentence with only 100 characters including space in the title and any title above 70 characters will be shortened.

Google Keyword Planner is a great search keyword tool where you can run the keywords that you wish to target depending on the search volume and popularity. You can also check the URL of the YouTube videos with a high rank to check which keywords rank higher in your niche. Google Trends also can be used to see the keyword that you choose rank how well on the video platform. There is also a cost-effective way of looking out for a well-optimized keyword by looking out for competitors videos and analyze as to see what the target market are interested to watch so that you can learn from their failures and success.

Informative Short Description:

Now when you upload a video you can also write some description about the video which is more of like a summary of a video where you can write as to what the video is about and what will be featured in it. Most of the video watchers try to read the description to get the idea what is the video about so add an informative description and keep in mind that they have come to watch a video and not read an article.

You can use description to your advantage by adding relevant keywords in the description and you can talk about the essential points featuring in the video. So the YouTube Search engine Crawlers can see what your video is offering. YouTube will only display 100 characters and to view more the followers have click show more.

Meta Tags:

Meta Tags allows the search engine read and analyzes the content of the video so it will help the YouTube to find out the similar video that can be shown along with your video which will increase the channel’s reach. Google Keyword Planner can be used to find recommended tags that you should use. Use Metadata that is related to your video so that your video does not get spammed by using unnecessary tags.

Use Thumbnail:

Inserting a Thumbnail to your video plays an essential role in increasing the click-through rate of the videos because it gives a preview to your audience as to what the video is about. Custom Thumbnail has helped 90 percent of best performing YouTube Videos to get higher click-through rate. You should use 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 ratio) saved as jpg, png, bmp or gif and high resolution with 2 MB size limit. But only a verified YouTube Accounts can use a custom thumbnail.

Many Businesses are opting for video marketing for an online marketing campaign by acknowledging that this trend will be dominating the market by 2020. Audience better understands the content when it is visual so video marketing is a huge advantage for the business to feature their product or services to the potential customer via YouTube Videos. You can provide success stories or customer testimonial via YouTube Videos. This will help people to know the quality of your service that you deliver to your customers and build trust.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Why Registering domain name from the right source is important?

Domain name

It is difficult to find a genuine and right web host and it is the same when it comes to registering a domain. There are a lot of online services available in the market that provide domain name registration but not all these service providers are not the same when it comes to quality service, technical support and much more.

As you must have realized that not all web host are the same so it is same with Domain registrars. When you go to the right domain registrar you will save money in the long term and your work will become much easier depending on what management features they offer. In this post, you will learn what are domain registrars and the difference between their services and some tips on how to choose the right one.

Domain Registrars:-

A Domain Registrar helps you select from the variety of different domain names available and purchase a domain for your website. This will allow you to register any number of domains you want to and assign them to your website or save them for later use. So for this, you will have to pay a yearly fee to maintain the ownership of the domain name after you purchase. So you can check what domain names are available that will be best suited for your website and most of the websites offer multiple Top-Level Domain options. If the domain name that you wish to register is available then you will need to just fill some forms and pay a fee which will depend on domain and Top Level domain you choose.

Hosting a website and registering a domain name is two different things. There are some web hosts who offer domain registration services so that it becomes easier to use all the website resources at one place. Domain Service is part of the website management so it becomes easier and natural for all the service managed at one place.

Difference between Domain Registrars:-

When you buy a domain name from any domain registrar it doesn’t become so important from where you purchased it from but however, there are some domain registrars who offer different services and advantages.

Multiple Hosting Services:

Some web host offers both hosting and domain name registration and there are others who offer only one service.

Different Prices:

You will find different prices on different domain registrars for the same domain name for any reason so shop around to look out where you can save your money.

A different set of Top Level Domain Name:

Domain Registrars provide popular TLDs such as .com and .net but there are also other domain registrars who provide .wiki, .blog, .net and many other options.

Management Features:

It is recommended to use a registrar that  offers a user panel which will help you manage the domains. There will be chances where you will want to transfer some domains or modify CNAME records so it will become easier to go for the registrar who will provide better domain management features.

Tips on choosing the Right Domain Registrar:-

Choose the domain registrar that will allow you to make changes easily so choosing a quality registrar will pay off because it makes things easier. When it comes to transferring a domain it is a very difficult process so it’s better to go for a registrar that offers flexibility.

Easy to use:

It is better to go for online services that offer easy interfaces because it will make your work easy and less frustrating.

Low prices:

Before choosing a registrar it is better to shop around or do some research to see cost varying at different places. There won’t be much difference but it is better to save some bucks.

Domain Management Features:

A domain registrar serving different features is an added advantage to see if the domain registrar that you choose should give you an option of hiding your information from the people who want to look at your domain records.

Web Hosting Service:

It is better to get all the services under one roof but there are some who want to keep the domain and hosting separately. But for people who want to make their work easier than having a web host and domain registrar at one place is convenient.

After you have selected the domain registrar then you just have to pick the perfect name for your website and purchase it where setting up everything will just half n hour. Make sure that you consider these points while choosing the domain registrar which is a broad selection of TLDs, easy to use interface, competitive domain prices, advanced domain management features and complementary hosting plans.