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How to find and register, and domain name with proper documentation by,, and domain extension

For India .IN Domain Extension is a top level domain extension. If you are located in India and want to build a website geographically targeting to Indian audience then .in will be the most powerful one. Here is some example of dot IN domain extension with suitable organisation for it. :-   Academic :- Academic and educational site :-  Indian Research Institutes :-   Commercial website :-  Network and web :-  Profit Organisation :-  General website :- Website for Firm

Well, in our previous article we have already discussed .in Domain Importance and its Benefit. In this article we will focus on three .in domain extension: Such As:, and Also, these domain extensions are used for the India based technology site, Ministry, information, research, and government site use this domain extension.

These domain extensions are a little bit different from other in terms of registration and documentation as it is specially designed by ERNET.

However, in recent had found that these three domain extensions are getting registered by an unaccepted number and the main issue faced by the most customers is to register and complete the documentation formality. So take a minute and have a coffee in your hand.

To register a domain like, and you need to go through few step which is given bellow:

Step No-1
Search your dream domain name from a Domain Service Provider with your appropriate domain extension.

(Note: Very few domain service providers are providing these domain extensions, and is best of them who providing, and Domain service. )

Then you have to place your order with the service provider.
Remember: In this case, if you place an order also the domain will be not locked for you once you complete the documentation and registration process then only the domain will be lock for you.

Step No-2
Once you place the order you will get a call from the domain service provider to submit the original scan copy of the required documentation.
Documentation list:
Document 1:
A written request in form of a letter, on the letterhead of the organization duly signed by the head of the organization. The letter should be addressed to:
ERNET India,
Electronics Niketan, 6 CGO Complex,
Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003

The letter should clearly state that: Your institute would like to register a domain name with or or extension. It should also state that the register(Ex: authorized to complete all formalities for the same.

Document 2:
Documentary proof of the institute related to the domain name applied for new registration that the institute is involved in the academic/educational field, e.g. copy of Registration paper/Affiliation letter from any university or CBSE/letter from AICTE etc.

Step No-3
Once you submit the document to the service provider, then your service provider follow another registration process with ERNET India on behalf of you. After the document verification process done your domain will successfully register with ERNET India as well as with your service provider also.

If your documentation process is failed due to some unexpected reason, then you have to submit the correct document, to own the domain name or else your money will be refunded automatically.

However, in such a critical documentation your service provider will help you to complete the documentation process. Also, the domain registration process has a very stranded price for all service providers. is an 18 years old company trusted by thousands satisfied customer worldwide. This company is providing domain name service with almost all domain extensions. As in the begging, we had informed that very few company in India providing, and extension service and hostindia is one of them. If you are looking for any of the above domain extension, then visit our official website:

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