Friday, 27 November 2015

What does a web hosting company offer you!

As you are reading this, you probably a website owner or looking for a web hosting service, then you might have looked for some extra offer suppose to provided by your web hosting company. However, in this article, we are exploring all the details of general feature and extra feature with a web hosting service you need for.

Guarantee of uptime

The reason I am explaining about a uptime in 1st as this the most important factor to run your site smoothly. However, every web hosting provider demanding that they are proving 99.9% guaranteed uptime but did they actually? This will be a big question! As a customer, you must look for a service who can give you very less time on downtime from another. Yes, if any company proving 99.9% uptime with live monitoring then you must feel safe, but less than (if it is 99.8% also) that will not considerable. The wise customer always wants to choose a service with maximum uptime.

Storage capacity

This is major concerns for all kings of the business. When you buy a web hosting you must want to know how much data you can keep on the server? Well, you have a small business and your website doesn’t have much element to keep but maybe, later on, you must look for some more space. Some hosting providers informing unlimited storage! But are they really providing? Don't believe in such things read properly the terms and conditions of web hosting plan before you purchase it.

Bandwidth Limitation

Bandwidth is the amount of data used by your visitor to upload and download your site from server to user system. The more visitor you get, the more bandwidth your hosting needs. So this will be a most considerable factor for every hosting. Now a day almost all service providers providing unlimited bandwidth for hosting, but still in cheap web hosting no one can give unlimited. You must look for a plan having unlimited bandwidth. Don’t be confused in unlimited and unmetered! These two words are same in look and sound, but a huge difference, unlimited means no limitation of bandwidth and unmetered means no limit of using your limited bandwidth. Okay, maybe you are confusing! Let me clear about unmetered. Suppose you sign up with a plan of unmetered bandwidth and the bandwidth limit is 1GB. That means this data can be used by your visitor within 1 minute or one hour or the whole month. So have a discussion about bandwidth limit with your future service provider.

Customer Service/Tech Support

This may be a decision changer option for your web hosting plan. Always look for a service provider having 24/7 support with a different connecting medium such as telephone, email and chat. You may have to face some unexpected issue any time in the process, then you have to seek for a technical support with an instant solution. Your tech-support team must have highly professional and proactive person to help you with better technology. Must have their own database, article, forum and video tutorial. Don't trust a hosting company blindly, know what kind of support they are providing exactly.


Don't get divers your decision about a Web Hosting India Company because of he is proving web hosting service in cheap. It doesn't mean that the company will meet your criteria. But also some company providing good service in a pocket budget plan. Yes, paying a little bit extra can give you more advantage to you. Always work out with your budget and some necessary research can able to match you the best plan for your need. Some more factors you should work out is your billing cycle, mode of payment, and etc.


Every company or website owner always keeps their own backup for safety purpose. Apart from this if you lost your backup for any unknown reason, then definitely you will look forwards to your hosting company for backups. Ensure that your web hosting company is always keeping a regular backup. Your company should have a very easy and reliable backup system.

Plesk Panel

Although it is not so necessary for personal use website, but for business or an organisation Plesk (The best control panel forms all control panels in India) control panel is very important. This powerful tool will allow you to manage files, email, backups, manage add-ons and view statistics. Right now one of the easiest to use Plesk control panel is given by in a standers price. If you want to add supporting carts, newsletters or anything like Add-on and all then you should have Plesk control panel. For some different company, the control panel name may be different.

Domain and sub domains facility

Once you own a website doesn't mean that it will be the end. Later for you have to purchase multiple domains and have to create so many sub-domains according to your need. Assured that your hosting plan should allow you to host a number of domains. Yes, every hosting plan can have a definite number of domain host with it. This is very important that your domain name should register with your name and details, not your service provider details. For a large business, it is very important.

Email account and features

Customized email creates a big impression on your business and you must look for the same in your web hosting plan and some additional features to it such as add-ons, plug-ins and popular language support. Find out how many email accounts and email space, you are getting with your web hosting plan. You can add multiple add-ons and plug-ins to your website to give a magical look. Also, keep in mind that you can synchronise google apps or Microsoft office with your excising website. If your web hosting plan comes with framework support that will give the advantage to create blog and forum for your website. Must look for SSL Certification which is a very necessary part of every website now a days.

Good terms and conditions

Whenever you are going to sign up with a web hosting company in India there should be some terms and conditions created particularly for this company. If you are going through the agreement and found that it is very short and not in detailed then it could become an obstacle for your future hosting. As a user's everyone hates to read the terms and conditions written by the company, but it is a very important part of an agreement. The company you are going to be connected should know what kind of hosted customer company having and should your company deals with any illegal practices such as spamming, pornography and so on.

Room to grow

Before choosing a web hosting company, make sure that the company will allow you to upgrade your plan or any feature immediately and easily which leads your business to grow. This won't be necessary to stick to a single plan, because when your small business will grow, then you need to add more features to your plan and this should be provided by your company very easily.

Money back guarantee

This is one of the most important reasons you should look at a company. Because indirectly it will indicate the company's service potential. Few companies providing 30 days money back guarantee for the unused month and some of then return the whole month. You ask, ask your company in the future the charging amount is going to be changed or it will remain same.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Do you know Why blogging is Important For your Business?

Business owners choose blogging as their marketing medium. Because there are many challenges associated with blogging, such as looking for a good writer, deciding what contents to write about, knowing how to post, distributing content, keyword density, etc. However, blogging has lots of benefits for your business when it’s done effectively.
Here are five benefits of blogging.

1) Provides Less Customer Recovery:
Business owners use blogs to increase traffic to their sites and generate their business leads.
Businesses are getting reduced due to their direct mail and telemarketing.
More businesses are prefer blogging and inbound marketing.
The research showed that blogging is a cheap way of gaining customers compared to other traditional methods like telemarketing, pay-per-click advertising, trade shows, emailing and so on.

2) Blogging Increases Website Traffic and Subscribers:
Blog is a platform where you can submit your ideas and information about your company and products. The more valuable information you provide in your blog the more user, you will get to your site. However, blogging has the unique capacity to increase the traffic to your company website, thereby increasing page views and hits as your business get more exposure.

3)Sales Increases:
When you post valuable and informative content consistently in a blog on your website then automatically website traffic increases and it indirectly leads to increase in sales. Blog is the medium through which we can tell the people more about our company, our products, our decisions and many more things. Many businessmen use this blogging medium for increasing sales and growing their business.

4) Brand Awareness:
Blogging is a cheap medium to know people what we are? And what we do? It leads to getting people know about your brand online. When we create a blog for our business then it helps to increase the marketing of our company and it spreads awareness among people about our brands and products. When we put our blog into social media websites, then automatically traffic increases.
A good example of blogging is Marriott Hotel.

5) People Get Educated:
A business blog is an ultimate way to educate your visitors and customers about your product. Your content blogs will increase and create interest in your business and offerings. Generally, people get bored by regular emails and telephones. Blogging is a different way of putting our thoughts and services in front of people in a different way.

6) SEO Benefits:
Having a website of your business should accept some traffic and some leads from the traffic and some business from the leads. However, blogging will help your website to get more visible in the search result. It is the best way of increasing sales, customer acquisition, getting more traffic and business.

Well, now the major question of this blog should be how can we own a blog?
Before that, you have to face another question that is do you have a website for your business?
If your answer is “YES” then it's WOW, but if your answer is “NO” then you have suggestion will be to have a website for your business first. But don’t worry, you have a blog site without a website also.

There are lots of free blogging service providing free blogging for your need, such as Blogger,, Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and much more. You can go for any free blogging service. But if you have a website then you can go for an own personalized blog for your business.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Useful Tips and Trick for a Successful Online Web Business.

trick for a great online business
Are you looking for a business or you want to expand your business into online market? What should be the basic growth strategy you must look for your business?
How can a hosting company help to drive good traffic to your website and help you to grow your business online?

When you have started your business, you may have thought a lot about your business, you may have read a lot of articles, blog, books and magazines to get an idea about your future business. You may have consulted with a business expert for your business growth. However, your business is performing average and you want to take it to the next level. So, Now what?

This article will be helpful for them who have a small business or want to set up a business freshly. There are numbers of factors if you follow then it will lead your business to a successful one.

Please Note: This article is especially useful for online businesses only. If you have a physical store and want to build a website then also this is useful. If you have a physical business and want to grow the physical business then, suggestion will be not to read this article.

We all very much aware that to start an online business, you need to have a website is mandatory. So before we jump into website development part lets consider a few things about your business you must look into.
  • Your business name and location
  • your source of investment and investment budget.
  • Potential business partners for business need.
  • Define your targeted audience.
  • Market analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Legal policy and insurance.
  • Business staffing requirement.
Well, after taking care of the upper factors you need to focus on online presence which is your website and to make its effective website you need to host your website with a Good Web Hosting Service Provider. Your website will act as a connector between you and your customer. However, here are few useful tips to capitalize your trends:

Create high-quality content and give maximum useful information.
The Internet is specially designed to provide information not to sell any product or service, but still, your goal is to sell some product service. If your site will provide high-quality content with blasting information then it will make your customer engage, encourage your customer to return your site for more information. If you able to provide the right information about any element will leads a user to your customer. For a batter engagement, you can leave some space for the customer to comment and reviews your product.

Build a user-friendly website:
A good website depends on some factors such as content, design, navigation and functionality. However, in the above, we have already discussed content part. Now in the bellow mentioning few tips for user-friendly website:
  • Maintain proper color scheme with high content visibility.
  • Use the proper color difference between your background and website design(Best to take white background)
  • Use proper font with visible size
  • For easy navigation system use clean layout for your tab such as home, gallery, products, about us, contact us and etc.
  • Create maximum useful internal link to provides more details about your website easily.
  • Make your site responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Focus on website speed and loading time.
  • Avoid abbreviations, acronyms and negative title.
  • If it possible add a customized search bar to your website to easy find website details.

Make Your Site Search Engine friendly:
Search Engine is the main source of visitor for every website. Make your website more search engine friendly for better visibility in the search result. Here you can follow for basic SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tips primarily for your website:
  • Manage proper keyword density in content.
  • Use proper meta tag including title tag, description tag, Alt tag image tag and etc.
  • Use H1 to H6 tag
  • Use proper internal link structure.
  • Create proper URL for your web-page
  • Use SSL certification for batter security purpose.
  • Include site-map and robots.txt on your website.
  • Install a webmaster and analytic code to track your user activity.
  • Spread your website details in social media and link it your website
  • Create blogs for your site and provide information regularly.
  • Use press release, forum and article wisely.

Host it with a reliable hoster:
Well, if you have done with building an awesome website right now the most important part is to host your website with a right web hosting service and which is very important as your hosting will directly control your website performance. Before you choose a hosting provider you can judge your service provider carefully. Here is some checklist you need to put ticks before you sing for a service:
  • The uptime should be 99.99%
  • Enough bandwidth for your website
  • 24/7 Live technical support service.
  • Add-on facility provided by hoster
  • User friendly control panel to upload and manage website files.
  • Email hosting features
  • Flexibility to upgrade and de-upgrade of your hosting plan if it needs.
  • An affordable price which Should not be a major issue in your web business.

Apart from these factors you can find reviews, customer comment and user opinion on the internet of your hosting providers, read them and try to know the company's service quality and hosting strength. You can check the pro-activeness of Tech support by seeking for a help in the holidays or festivals. Take some time and read the license agreement of your future web hosting company before you sign-up for hosting.
You can start promoting your business online once you finish with website development. Apart from promoting analyzing with the help of any analyzer like google analytic or bing analytic and updating website information regularly is also important.
If I miss something to mention, please let me know in the comments.
Best of Luck!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Why and How Can I Purchase a Good Domain Name for my Business !

purchase a domain name of yours

Everyone should register a domain name who wants to build a website online for organizations or individuals. A domain name gives you a unique identification of your site in the online. In the online world, your domain can be connected to your user or internet element. On the basis of your domain, you can have your personalized or business email address and multiple sub-domains as well as you can Get an SSL certificate with the name of your domain.

However, if you are looking for a domain for your business or for some individual use then this article will help you to determine a perfect domain name for your requirement.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is nothing but an identity of your business or a person on the internet. If someone will type your domain name in the browser and hit ENTER then the browser will send a request to the internet or DNS (Domain Name Server) to find the same domain name then the site associated sites will be open in your browser for your request.
Every domain name is associated with an IP address you can find any site with the help of IP address also but the domain name is used to avoid confusion and to find web address easily.

Again a domain can have multiple domain extension with the same domain name. Example: your domain name is then you can own same domain name with another domain extension such as:
Here are few examples of LTD domain extension

How to Choose a Perfect Domain name for your Business?

To choose a perfect domain name one should have a lot of thoughts regarding how it will perfectly suit for a business. While choosing a good domain name to make sure that it will be perfect for your company name also it will be easy to find out on the web. Follow following steps while selecting a domain name:-

1.Make sure that domain name is easy to type:
It is tough to find an easy domain name to type. Don't use short forms like you instead of you, it will be tough for people to find it out on the web just choose a simple and easy name.

2. Short Domain Name is very effective:
If you select your domain name as critical and long then it will become hectic for people to type it. It may lead to mistyping and getting the wrong information.

3. Deliberate Keywords While you begin your domain name search for the first time, then it helps to have terminologies in mind. Once you have the best keywords, then it will become easy to select a perfect domain name. For example, you want to start a photography business, then keywords like “findyourbeauty”,”fireangles”,”imagecapture” are very effective.

4. Focus on Locality or Area:
If your business is small and local, then try to include your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for native customers to search. Example:, will do better.

5.Avoid Copyright Violation and search before purchasing.

Why web hosting is Necessary and how it works?
Becoming a good businessman is not an easy task, and it takes some time to achieve that because things are not easy in the beginning. For those who are planning to get started with a small business, a Good Web Hosting is surely a great choice. For web hosting, you don't want to invest a lot of money.

When you start a new business, then for making its online presence better and to attract the customers towards your site you must have your own website. Now, if you don’t have a website, then it is a very big risk for you as you will not able to reach out the customers who are important for your business. Any person who want to get good services he or she first google it online and then only decide to purchase or not. So, think over the matter and try to purchase web hosting from a renewed hosting company like Hostindia.Net.