Monday 27 July 2015

Importance of Domain Name and why should you register a domain of your own?

Your domain name registration
Before I start explaining the importance of a Domain Name Registration, we must know more details about domain name.
I believe most of us heard about domain name. If you are planning for a website then the first thing you have to plan is domain name registration. It will be an address for your website on the internet. Your domain name choice will become your first success mantra in terms of brand building, popularity, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Social Media Marketing) and more.

However, in this article, we will help you to choose a domain name which will become an identity of your business. Apart from that, we will suggest everyone purchase an own domain name for a future requirement.

Let us explore the importance of domain name registration:

A domain name will become your brand face.
If you have a business with a unique name and also having a website with the same domain name will lead to a professional touch to your business. If any new user will search your business on any search engine then definitely he will check the first result and if he finds your business name as a domain name then it will create an impression as well as a trust factor. If you will choose some different name or he didn't find any result, then you may be losing a customer!

A domain name leads you to uniqueness:
Having your own domain is like your own house with a unique address, not a rent or leased one. If you book a domain with your business name, then it will be only yours. No one can purchase the same one. If someone will type your domain or your website URL than your website will be seen. Yes, if someone wants the same domain, then he can purchase a domain look like you or with different domain extension.
If you have registered a domain ""
some can buy ""
or he can purchase ""

Your domain will help you to build your brand:
If you are looking for a long runner business with a brand name then your domain name may become the first priority. We have a great example of “Google”. If you will add your brand name with your domain name, then it will amplify your brand awareness and its value. If your brand name is ear pleasing and catchy then it generates a good impression, as well as a visitor, does care for the future visit. Your visitor can make your brand viral if it is awesome.

The advantage of personalized email address to domain name:
If you are registering a domain name with any domain registration service provider, then you are eligible for personalized email id with your domain name. Again the advantage of this Email Hosting is if you will send any mail to your customer with your own business email id will build a trust between your business and customer. Again your personalized Email address will enhance your brand name. Professional looking email id will give you more response and business compare to others.

Your domain name will become your online element to build an online empire:
If your business deals with a physical shop or online product don't matter, but still in the days of the 20th century every business needs a website to grow better. So if you have a business, then your domain name will help you to enter into the internet world and build an online empire.
You can get a lot of platforms where you can build a website with some other partner like WordPress and blogger. But when you will get good traffic at that time it may be an issue for you. So better to have a domain of your own.
If you are a writer, photographer or have an idea that you want to show to the world, then you need a blog or a website. In this situation better to have a website of your own to show off your talent.

For a better result in SEO:
If you want to sell some product or service through your website then you have to build a website which is search engine friendly. The search engines recognize the importance of domain name and give preference to those websites that have their own unique domain names rather than those that are using another domain name.
You can get a domain name and host free, nowadays, but still, you have to think a lot about the future of your website. If you are trying to build a website for a temporary requirement or study purpose then its fine.

We will highly recommend all to have an own domain name and realize the importance and power of domains. Domain registration will not take a painful amount of money, but it will cost very less. Especially if you will purchase a domain from you will own a domain at a very cheap price as well as its renewal charges is very less compare to other service providers.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Finding a right website builder for your websites.

Instant website builder tool.
In previous days having a physical shop was sufficient to start a business, but now a days having a shop is not enough to get a customer and grow your business. Having a website for any business has become very mandatory and if you are planning for a website then probably it could be the best time to have your own website for your own business.

Technology is getting developed and always helps to save our money, time and effort, which encourages a business owner of a website. As I mention that technology helps human to save time, effort why not to build a website?

Yes, now a days no need to pay a forced amount of money to a website developer or agency to Build Your Website. There are multiple numbers of Website Builder Tools which are available in the market which will make you a developer and save your money. Wordpress is one of the most commonly used platforms to build a website, but apart from that, there are tons of different website development tool which will give you a better platform with easy to control website builder tool.

However, in this article I am going to discuss some key features point you must look into your website builder tool. Our main focus of this article is to educate you about the website builder tool and introduce you to some factor which will lead you to choose a great tool from millions and make your website a long runner website better than another.

Builder affordableIs it affordable?
As per my knowledge PRICE will stand on the very first for every businessman. Yes, if you have enough money to invest then fine, but for small business and stated it would be your main question. Also, if you are paying a good amount to build a website by website builder then better to hire a developer because you are going to invest time and effort to build a website through the tool.

Now if you search for a website builder then you may find some free and some are paid version. Hate these free builder tool as it will not give you the full access to control your website as well as it shows its own banner and while you live your site which gives a negative impact to users.

Before you choose a tool to have a rough calculation of your estimated web page requirement because of most of the tool charges according to the web page you design for.
If pricing exceeds more than your estimated one, then better to move to the next convenient one.

hosting compatible builder What about hosting?
This may be the 2nd major question you look for the answer.
Yes, if you are selecting an instant website builder tool, then after finishing your website design you need to host it. Confirm that your Hosting Service Provider allows you to host your website with any other hosting service provider because most of the instant website developers provide their own hosting service and they will motivate you to choose their web hosting service.

You can choose a website tool according to your choice and also you host in with your favorite hosting provider according to your requirement, including web-space, bandwidth, speed, update time, and more.

builder flexibilityBuilder flexibility!
Before you choose a website builder tool always think a step ahead.
First of all check till what customization is possible. Sometimes you may get very less template with minimum customization facilities. May be the same template has been used thousands of customers with same design perspective.

The second is easy to control the tool. Yes, if you are selecting a tool which functionality beyond your understanding level or providing a very complicated control panel to use then maybe it will become a headache for you or you can't create a good website for your need. Remember, you may have a very good design idea for your website, but your instant website builder tool will not allow you to give a perfect platform to deliver the design idea.

Your builder tool may be allowed you to edit website images, font, content, page design, etc. But apart from that our instant tool should allow you to edit all the areas including background, footer, margins etc. Previewing facility is one of the most important features you must look for in your builder tool.

Your instant builder tool must have provided you the facilities to install plug-in and add-on to make your website more featured rich, visible and user friendly.

The main purpose of using the website builder tool is to avoid coding so that anyone can build a website without coding knowledge. While you are creating a site using tools in the back side coding part is taken care by builder tool. But your site builder must allow you to edit the code. Because if you want to install any analytic code or webmaster code like google, yahoo or bing then access to coding part is mandatory.

Now a day most of the people are using a smart phone and they are browsing sites through mobile only so your builder tool should give you a responsive design website by which your website can open any type of device including mobile, tab, desktop and laptop. If you are selecting a builder tool with a nonresponsive design, then your site may not open on mobile and on some different browser.

multi tasking tool
Does your builder tool up to limit?
This factor depends on your website type!
If you are selecting a builder tool to think what is your website building purpose. There are tons of reasons for which you may need a website such as to sell a product or service, provide knowledge, find a customer, partner or client, educate students, funds collection, for art or photo gallery, music collection purpose, blogging and much more.

Think smart and choose a builder tool which will deliver a better website for your niche. May be a builder tool delivers you a better site which is good for an art gallery but not for blogging. Same way website templates provided by the service providers also matters a lot.
If you are selecting a template and designing a website then you can't redesign or move to a new template suddenly. So always choose a design which is latest and will become a long runner for your website. Some instant builder tools are providing an old design template. Don't go for an old design stuff try to get some new design template which may attract your user.

SEO friendly builder
Is your builder SEO friendly?
If you are building a website then having an awesome website with great content and dashing look may not be given much traffic. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) has also become necessary for every website to be a long runner on the internet. SEO is good for the user as well as search engine also. If you are purchasing a site builder tool then you must look at the featured of SEO functionality in that. Basically, SEO gives you an extra advantage in terms of website visibility in the SERP(Search Engine Result Page). If you have some extra budget for SEO then fine, but in the low budget if your builder tool gives you the flexibility of adding meta title, meta description, meta keyword, image ALT tag, image title tag, H1- H6 tag and some more will make your website better.

Today market is full of competitors providing different tools to build a website. You need to choose a best one for your website.

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Saturday 11 July 2015

.IN Domain Registration and Its Importance.

.in domain extension

When you need a website you have to come across few steps to get a live website. Such as Domain Registration, Website Building and Web Hosting. If you analyse closely then you may find domain registration will be your first step to having a website. Also, choosing a correct domain name with correct domain extension is very important for every website to make to more user friendly and search visibility website.

If you are looking for a website, particularly targeting an Indian audience or want to spread your business wing in India then this article will suggest you go for .in or domain extension. If you are targeting worldwide people then .com domain will do better than other. Now we are going to Focus few point below which will explain the importance of .in domain extension for the Indian market.

Before that let's understand what is a domain name?
Basically, a domain name is a unique identity on the internet of an owner. It will give an address to your website in the cyberspace. Having a domain name will give you the same feeling of owning a home or flat of yours.

Your domain name will become your website identity, like a business card of your business. A business owner can purchase the same domain name with multiple domain extension something like you had created the same business card with multiple colors with some evolutionary design.

We all know the first impression is The last impression so having a good and impressive domain name will become your first impression. Also, your domain name will tell the nature of the website. You can't forget SEO while selecting a domain name as it is an essential part of every website.
Our previous blog “How to choose an ideal Domain Name” will give you a broad idea about a good domain selection.

.IN domain is top level domain extension in India country code level. This .IN domain extension operation created in 2004 by INRegistry to NIXI(National Internet Exchange of India).

Let's understand the importance of .in domain for the Indian market.
Your domain extension will indicate its geographical location- .in, and all .in extension broadly used in India. If you will register a domain with .in domain extension, then its domain name server will be located in India. All the .in domain extension was controlled and distributed by NIXI which is totally an India government organisation.

Help you with Local SEO-In prospects of SEO also you will get advantages if you are targeting Indian users. Your domain name will be more catchy through the search engine spider and more visible to Indian users. A .in domain extension will build up a credibility between customer and website. If you have a physical store as well as a website then you can appear in the local search engine also.
If you are having .in domain extension and India based web hosting then your site will take less time to load.

User trust Factor- .in domain extension can build-up a trust factor between Indian user. As it is approved by Indian Government. Simply, if we want to purchase something from the market, then we want a brand or some approved logo on the product. Suppose we want to purchase some electrical equipment, then we must look for ISI logo to make sure that the product is ISI approved. The .in domain name creates and builds a distinct Indian identity for brands, companies and individuals in the internet world.

Simple to register and Indian government approved- .IN domain is carrying the top level domain extension in India. It is a unique symbol of India, which rolled all over the world. It has a very simple documentation formality with easy registration option with fast and reliable technology.

Proper domain extension with .IN extension- if you are planning for a website which deals with web development services, then you can extend your domain with In the same way you have the flexibility to choose a proper domain extension suitable to your business. Some of the .in domain extension are given:-,,,,,,, and etc.

It is highly recommended for everybody to understand the importance of .IN domain extension and get your own .in domain extension. If you are purchasing a .in domain also you can purchase the same domain with different domain extensions such as .com, .org, .biz, .net and much more according to your need. is a 16 year old company have tie up with NIXI and providing all types of .IN domain variation with an affordable price. It is providing an easy registration facility with fewer renewal charges from other service providers in the industries.
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