Friday 7 November 2014

SEO today's essential ingredient to every business -

SEO for every business
SEO-Search Engine Optimization

I went to my friend's office last night she was talking about Digital marketing for her new website. I went on thinking about this for a long time. Look what thinking does to people, they start blogging! jokes apart! Seriously guys, is digital marketing worth giving a shot? why are people so obsessed with SEO?

Honestly, the stuff I read online was hard to understand, so, I would like to put it in my own words. SEO is nothing special but a way to help general people the mango crowd acquire the best possible results and importantly relevant results.
The main purpose is to make the site understandable to both the people and the search engine robots.

I say SEO is very essential and considering the growing popularity, it's not going anywhere soon.
Google's new updates make it easy for the people to get best results but make it tough for the websites to get a rank up in the search results.

SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. To optimize the search results.

Later in the upcoming post, I will explain, "How to make your site SEO friendly". Right now
I wanna give you 10 reasons to use SEO for your website.

1. SEO gives you strong visibility and credibility online. It helps your business flourish.
2. It helps people notice that you have the stuff they really want to buy.
3. SEO is your brand marketing force which works in your favor 24/7 and 365 days.
4. SEO helps the buyer to research before buying. You definitely want to be that search result.
5. Google looks for best content, SEO starts with content only.
6. Helps your business compete with the current market trend.
7. SEO merges your total sales effort and multiplies its target audience.
8. SEO is free advertising. it takes a lot of effort to set up but when done correctly gives a lot of icing on the cake.
9. SEO targets very specific market and helps you in the leads conversions.
10. It is cost effective.

SEO takes times to work but once started booming it works wonders. It's never too late to start an SEO campaign for the business website. Also, it's important to know that SEO developers from the website's content only. If you have healthy content and give sufficient description about your products, it is definitely going to work.

So keep optimizing your site because SEO is a continuously evolving process. We can not say it's done. I will be back with tips and tricks for SEO optimization. Until then define your business goals and objectives.
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Wednesday 5 November 2014

Office 365 a service of significance-

You can Run your business the easy way with  Office 365 for Business. Get everything you need to run your business anytime, anywhere with ease.

 It gives you all of the benefits of familiar email and office productivity suite, with the added advantage of cloud-based productivity tools, security and collaboration. 

Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business offers a better way of working, and HOSTINDIA.NET experts make it easy to get started with expert setup and ongoing support. Office 365 is the Microsoft's invention to give whole existing online service to everyone on the go and help the business go green.

Office 365 is an essential tool for the corporate office, it brings the joy back to work. Without the baggage of carrying the files everywhere.

This is very easy to use, operate and understand. Compatible with other softwares also.
Along with the latest update from Microsoft, clients need not pay for the service from the external party, they can easily add their order with the cloud service. All the services and contents of the office 365 can be altered, managed and configured with the help of online portal.

In office 365,  Microsoft has integrated the specifications of the cloud server with the traditional office ground system advantages. All the advantages of cloud-based computing are served for the purpose of the remote access of documents and information anytime anywhere.
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Monday 3 November 2014

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Plan?

Lets comprehend what is web hosting. It can be defined as the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites.

Before purchasing a hosting plan from company we need to make sure of many things, these are listed below with details.

1. Price:

Most of us really care less about the specifications of the web hosting plan we are about to purchase but deliberate more about the price. However the price is also a very important factor in making these decisions but it should not be the first one.
Long term results are endeavored through the quality of the web hosting service not through the price.

2. Web Space:

The basic objective of the web hosting is the online space to operate and run our site from a distance.
Its important to know the exact amount of space we are being offered. It also depends on the type of hosting plan we are about to select, While choosing shared hosting we get less space but its the most preferred business plan too. Less expensive and good for startups or bloggers.

VPS Hosting plan: It is for the sites which need a little extra than the simple shared hosting. You get more space and hardware controls, plesk or cpanel. It is suitable for the fast growing businesses.

Dedicated hosting plan: It is the best plan for the websites or businesses with high traffic and require more freedom in operation. This plan is suitable for big business.

3. Updated Servers:

If a web hosting company is offering you all packages for very cheap price beware that they might be using old, beat out servers which give minimum performance indices. To know more about the server configuration you need to dig deep and ask for it. No one just gives away the information, so prepare a check list and ask for the configuration.

4. Choosing Between The Linux And Windows Hosting:

Yeah yeah!! I am making a never ending list here, just keep up guys its going to help you.
So where were we? windows or Linux,

Linux is the cheaper one and mostly popular among businesses. If you have a business which does not require running Microsoft applications, Linux is the right choice for you.

Windows hosting is the little less economical option, its costly than Linux server but definitely worth investing if your company has all the business running on the Microsoft applications. It means if you have programs written on the Microsoft's .NET language.

5. Speed Of Access:

It is the parameter with high significance. A site with frequent downtime losses many valuable visitors. Potential customers visiting your site for the first time from the Google search results, will rarely come back to check if your site is up another time.

These are few factors that I feel are important in choosing the correct web hosting plan for any business. Give me feedback if you find anything missing and needs to be added. is One of the best web hosting providers. You can easily get the reviews from sites and then decide to register through it.

Feel free to ask queries too, I am happy to help... I'll be back with some brand new and interesting posts as soon as possible.