Saturday 25 November 2017

Finding a Web Hosting- 8 Quality Should a Good Web Host Deal With!

Out in this world, there are many web hosting companies offering you mind-blowing deal and offers but always one question pops into mind asking that are they reliable. There are many indicators that will point out the difference between an average web hosting company and a quality assurance trust worthy company. It’s a real task of finding a web host that will cater all your needs.
To find out a good website hosting company you need to do a good research to see how well they provide customer service and at what quality they provide their service. Here below I will give you some points and tips in understanding and Identify a Good Web Host.

1.    Older the Company the better:-

There are many start ups company that provides Web Hosting but it is completely different from a company that is providing 20 years of experience in Web Hosting business. The company that is operating for a long time indicates that it is a reliable web host provider. If you opt for a web host which isn’t so well established then there are chances that your website may go down and then even if it is for a short time you will lose customers that means you will lose profit, reputation, members, etc.

2.    Great Speed:-

The Website loading time should be great because the slower the website will load the higher chances of losing customers. According to research, it is been observed that there is 11% decrease in traffic when the website takes a longer time to load. So now you have got a statistics you should now aim to go for a web host who delivers faster speed in loading website. If the website is slow that means that server is overburdened or is on a slow network with this happening to your website the viewers will opt for some other website instead of yours.

3.    Sizable Bandwidth:-

The Web Host that you choose should be able to provide you more bandwidth in the case in future if you need it when your traffic increases a lot. A Bandwidth is very important for website because if a day comes that you get too much traffic on your website then they cut off the website or they will charge you. By doing this they protect the web hosting companies from getting all server resources used up by someone. Therefore a Good Web Host will provide Ample of Bandwidth when needed.

4.    Excellent Customer Service:-

The first test you should take when you are choosing a web host is to check their customer service. When you will be facing some problem with your Web Host Company then you will want to troubleshoot the problem by getting in touch with the customer service. Therefore, try calling on the phone number and check their hours of support and how convenient it is to reach a customer support.  

5.    Variety of Services:-

A Website that is able to provide a variety of service in Web Hosting means that are experienced in what they do and have the perfect knowledge to fulfill customer needs. A Good Web Hosting will give you all the options that are required by the customers for their optimization of the website. Check their control panel as to how many numbers of allowed sub-domains, databases, scripting language or is it hosted on Unix or Windows platform.

6.    Plenty Email Facilities:-

Check the limit to the number of Email boxes that you can acquire and what other email features they provide. See that you have a full control over Email and should be able to manage them yourself.

7.    Server Location Matters:-

It is preferable that you choose a local web host because it will be faster because it will easier and reliable to contact compare to those who are not nearby. The visitors or viewers you will target the server should be in the same country because of the speed and scalability increases. A Good Web host will provide safety and security to the website information so check their level of security.

8.    Pricing:-

You must have already checked some web host offers that will be offering tempting prices but the logic to this is that the better the service the better the price you have to pay. If you want a great quality service then you shouldn’t look for web host offering cheap price but go for a web host that is offering market price. There are many hosting companies that will tempt you with lower price but for an extra feature, you may have to loads on the money where on the other hand there are standard prices offered by most web hosts.

As you have learned what features to look into a Good Web Hosts make sure that you don’t rush into subscribing to a Web Hosting without researching and testing their service! 

Thursday 23 November 2017

5 Essential Tips to find and select SEO-friendly Domain Name in India.

A Website should be comprised of many attributes but the Domain Name is the main factor. While keeping a domain name you should first give the due importance to SEO so that it improves the website’s search engine ranking. If you keep an improper domain name which doesn’t relate to the website it will give a wrong impact on your website or blog for a long run. There are many who keep their personal name as their domain name which is not recommended but it's an exception if you are a celebrity or a well-known person. 

Now I understand that there are many domain names that are already taken but there is an option of buying a domain name where you may have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars if you want to.

While selecting a domain name you should go for .com domain extension because it is good for SEO and branding but if you want your website to target more of Indian Traffic then you should go for .in domain extension. For example, is easy to remember and easy to pronounce but if you keep a name like then people won’t take your website seriously so you should choose a domain name which relates to your website and should be an appropriate domain name. 
The following are tips and advice for choosing an SEO friendly domain for your website:-

Original yet Unique:-

You have to be super creative while choosing the name for your blog because it’s the first thing your viewers or your audience see so it should resemble your website, it should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, catchy name and many more. When your domain name itself is creating a buzz and attracting viewers then you have done a wonderful job. You need to keep your viewers coming back again to your website or blog so the domain should be in such a way that it is memorable.

Short and Crisp:-

A long domain name will bore your potential viewers or they might forget the second they read the domain name. Make sure that the domain name is simple and short by targeting to keep the domain up to 10 characters which will ultimately make it easy to remember, understand and convenient to type.

Hyphens not allowed:-

A domain name that includes Hyphen is expected not to be an SEO friendly name. The Domain Name that includes a Hyphen is supposedly observed to be spam website because they are available at low prices. But even though it is difficult to type a name with punctuation marks and it is also more difficult to remember a domain name with hyphens. So it is better that you avoid using hyphens in the domain name because that will affect the website traffic rate.


If you are focusing more on SEO then you should use your brand name for your domain name. There are many who avoid using their brand name which adversely affects your website SEO. Whatever service or product you will be rendering will be according to your brand so selling stuff on your website with your brand name will be added advantage for your business and also for SEO purpose. If you do this then your domain name will be your marketing component. A brand name often derives uniqueness and its own identity thus when you put your brand name as your domain name then you will be creating an active user followers.

Website extension:-

As discussed earlier that choosing a .com extension is recommended because it is global and it is most common extension used thus it makes it easily recognizable by the users. But if your website traffic target is limited to the specific countries then you should use extension according to the country domain level. In India, the domain name extension most commonly used is .in.


Jason L Bauman, SEO Associate at Trinity Insight said that the best option is to select a company branded domain is to determine the targeted keywords that will be suitable to the service or the industry you are into. Ubersuggest is a tool that can be used to look for suitable terms from your industry that will give you an idea to keep the domain name. 

Search Engine Optimization is often used gaining traffic from the targeted users so when your website name is not visible to the preferred audience then it is a waste of the Internet space. Therefore, it is very essential to keep a name that is SEO friendly so that it fulfills the aim and goals that your website targets.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

The Google Jamboard is packed with super cool features that will provide more flexibility and efficiency.

Googe Jamboard

A flexible team with flexibility tools can deliver more creative and innovative ideas. Google has now come with a robust device that will make work more interesting and exciting. Google Jamboard is a 4k display that can help the team sketch their ideas by adding notes, drop images and draw out anything from the web while you are working with your team from any location.

Google Jamboard a cloud-based digital whiteboard technology is a 4k display with a 55-inch digital whiteboard that can be moveable and it can also be firmly fixed on the wall. This product was first launched in May and Google is continuously adding new updates and features to improve the collaboration in enterprises. You can add notes and images, input text which can be shared with other team members across the enterprise. The Retail price for Google Jamboard is $4,999 USD that will enable the enterprise to conveniently collaborate with other team members by utilizing data from G Suite apps.
Brighten up the team’s ideas:-

Jamboard encourages collaboration of the team with a real-time co-authoring that facilitates G Suite’s application. This will engage creativity and innovation no matter what location team workers are operating from by using the Jamboard app on a tablet or phone.

Canvas Style:-

Working on a Canvas does give a feeling that you are doing something creative and imaginative where Jamboard stands to deliver the similar experience so that you feel natural to draw normally the same way you do on the traditional whiteboard. You can pull out content and images from the web and also photos that are stored in Drive and paste it right on the Jamboard, Simple Isn’t it?

Sleek Design:-

Jamboard is easy to move around the office with a single cable set and a built portable stand that makes the whiteboard more convenient instead of being austere. The 55 inch, 4k display Google Jamboard does shine the workplace by making it look more happening and innovative. The Jamboard consist of a passive stylus and eraser so you don’t have to worry about running out of ink or batteries.

Google Jamboard allows the users to accompany a collaborative session through Google Hangouts to share images, content and data that is drawn out from an application such as Slides, Docs, and Sheets or even from the web.

The Jamboard mobile application lets the Android and iOS users collaborate with their tablets and smartphones. The recent update is that the team members can collaborate with the other team members who reside not just in the United States but now they can also collaborate with team members residing in the United Kingdom and Canada as well. You can do a lot of things in Jamboard what you similarly do in other devices but Jamboard offer’s you more flexibility. Google also added more features to make things much more convenient by enabling quicker sharing that speeds up the work and the users can also give feedback on a project related to work from team members or colleagues.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying a Web Hosting Service 2018.

Choosing a domain name is crucial part as it soon becomes your brand name if it was catchy, then how about hosting? Web hosting industries growing like anything as peoples want a smart and time-saving technology to fulfill every need. In 2018 finding hosting service without any paperwork may cost you a lot with no gain. Can you choose any hosting that is cheap with some limited features? Absolutely No!

Choosing the web hosting carefully is highly required in this promotional era. The reason why I mentioned the word ‘promotional era’ is, web hosting service providers may try to attract you by providing hosting at cheap price with no required features or with very limited features as a part of their service promotions. So, before buying a hosting for your dream website, these are the essential things you should keep in mind.

What Should I check Before Buying Web Hosting?

1.     Price: 
Price is the first thing comes to our mind while buying anything and same with the hosting. But buying the hosting because you are getting it cheap is not really a good idea. Remember you get what you pay for. Important things like non-outsourced support and uptime cannot be bought for mere $2 per month. The better idea is to compare the features along with price while buying.

2.     Uptime Score:

24 x 7 operating web hosting is really essential if you want to maintain your website without any server issues. 99.8% and above uptime is recommended to avoid further complications and you can get that only with a powerful server and stable network connections. So it is required to have a deep look at the uptime score before choosing a web hosting.

3.     Renewal Cost:

Wonder how cheap the web hosting is? Here is the logic. Most of the web hosting service providers increase the cost that you cannot actually bear for renewal. However, you can choose another hosting. You can get the shared hosting for less than $10/mo which is actually buyable for new websites but don’t forget to check Terms of Service as the providers can manipulate you.

4.     Tech Specs: 
Depending on the type of your website, you have to choose the web hosting, if you want to host an e-commerce website or the blog contains rich content, images, and videos, you have to go with a better hosting package rather buying cheap hosting and creating problems for yourself. A Disk space, Ram, and Processing Space will be provided only if you pay enough bucks

5.     Add-ons:

Why you are choosing the specific web hosting? Are they providing any special features or add-ons? You must check that the hosting service providers are providing hosting space for multiple domains as you can buy multiple domains because of their cheap price but what you are going to do without a good hosting space?

6.     Hosting Control Panel:

Everyone cannot handle a hosting control panel because of not having enough knowledge on technical issues. So, it is better to choose easy-to-use hosting control panel. If you are not able to choose a user-friendly control panel, you have to contact a technical support team of hosting provider for basic issues who may not respond many times to your problem

7.     Professional Email:

If you are maintaining an online website for your business or if you want to make your website a brand, a professional email id is required. Almost all web hosting service providers provide a professional email hosting for your business. Though you have many ways to get professional email id, buying it along with web hosting is a good idea

8.     Refund Policies:

Knowing the refund policies before buying the web hosting is essential. Many hosting providers will offer a trial period and that’s really good but they may charge really high when you cancel the account and you have no option other than paying them. So, be careful while opting for a trial period from a specific provider. Check the refund policies, if you didn’t find anything similar to their website, you can contact support team to get clear details on the refund policies. A few hosting companies provide the pro-rated refund and offer a money back guarantee which would be a better option.

9.     Site Backup:

 it’s a mini heart attack when you came to know your website got hacked by replacing index.php file or your database destroyed. So, your hosting provider must be able to take backup regularly and give it to you when required, in no time. Site backup should be done easily through your control panel and for that, you have to select the hosting company who are providing automatic backup and so you can managing it by yourself

10.  24 x 7 Live Support:

You can make a call to the web hosting providers when you have an issue with your hosting, but live chat is really helpful when your calls are not getting connected. Also, live chat will help you to solve the issue step-by-step by the instructions. People who cannot manage to talk on a call can use this option to get their problem solved. Along with that your hosting provider must have the facility of remote desktop access which is really fast with an end to end solution instantly.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

The New Updated version of Google Calendar has got a new make-over and is more efficient to use.

Google Calendar has got a new make-over and many more features are introduced. In 2014, Google had announced new design language called Material Design that helps in bringing out the perfect balance in design and also same with the user experience on Web, Desktop, and Mobile.
As Google Calendar was offering great tools to carry out the work but at the same time, there were some areas where it needed improvement. Over three years now, Google is trying to slowly introduce new features and update services and products with cleaner interfaces. Now Google Calendar looks more modern and works perfectly on the mobile app.
Let’s see what features are added by Google that will make your work more efficient:-
  • First, visit the Google Calendar after the page loads you notice a button at the top right corner between the more and Agenda button. Click on the button that says Use new Calendar. By doing this you will get the Material Design Version of the Google Calendar. But if you can’t see the button then this link will help you on how to forcefully make the button appear. 
  • Now you will be on the updated version of the calendar and if you don’t like the new design then you can try customizing the design and theme. Tap on the Settings Cog in the top right corner of the screen and click Density and color.  Under Information Density, select the compact and under Colour set select Classic which will bring you to the older design or you can simply tap on Back to classic Calendar.
  • The GSuite Admin can now add details about the office’s conference rooms with details on the location of the conference room also as to know how many people can fit in the room and the available tech. You can also see the specifics while booking the room which will make it convenient to know which one is right. With this latest release, the contact info for other people attending the meeting can be viewed by simply navigating the mouse toward someone’s name.

  • You can see multiple schedules side by side when you want to know when everyone is available. Earlier it was showcased on one tab which made it look jumbled up and messy. You can also get a side-by-side view by just checking the box next to the other staffer’s name on the left-hand toolbar.
  • Links can now be added to spreadsheets, documents, and presentation with an invite. There will be no need to email separately the links which will ultimately make it convenient to keep everything in one place.

Not many changes are done to the new updated version of Google Calendar but it was all necessary because it will help users to be organized. Now the users can easily organize their calendars without any mess that use to be created with the earlier version.