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8 Things Need to be Considered Before Buying Hosting Plan in 2017.

Things Need to be Considered Before Buying Hosting Plan
It is well known that a good web hosting is the main key for a successful website. But selecting an Excellent web hosting plan is the biggest question in 2017. Thousands of companies promising all necessary commitment such as 99.9% up-time, unlimited space, easy panel, managed hosting and etc. But are they providing such facility for hosting plan? I mean, think about unlimited hosting space, sounds good right?
But in practical, there is no unlimited resource in hosting industries. All they want is to get good business and sell the maximum hosting plan. However, selecting a good hosting provider and hosting plan is not so big as it sounds. Having little knowledge about web host can able get a perfect hosting for your website. This guide will describe you and help you to find an appropriate hosting plan by comprising multiple hosting plans in 2017.
  • Bandwidth:

The reason keeping bandwidth on 1st is to avoid the most confusing situation created by the similar word of unlimited and unmetered. These two words are sounds like similar but a huge difference between them.
Unlimited- no limit restriction of using bandwidth.
Unmetered- Having limited bandwidth for a particular period of time, but you can use it for the whole time or you can finish it in a short period of time.
However, bandwidth is used by the server to show your web page when a user types the web address in his/her system address bar and press enter. Most of the hosting plan comes with limited bandwidth and very few plans are coming with unlimited bandwidth. Make sure that you are getting enough limit of bandwidth for your website for your user. If bandwidth will be finished your site will not open.
The more traffic you get, the more band will be used. It is very important for your site.
  • Storage:

In web hosting storage is used to keep your web page on the server, including web pages, content, image, video and other files. Initially may be your site need very less space to host, but later on, your website page will be increased so did the size. Sign up for a hosting plan providing you enough server space to host. Most bloggers need a big storage size as they will upload images, video and other files frequently.
  • Services:

No one can guarantee that they will provide 100% safe and zero service downtime. May be some time your website will be slow or stop functioning due to unexpected issues, that time you need a technical support service to resolve the issue quickly. Now if we start comparing the hosting plan and price almost all of them are providing same plan and feature, but service flexibility matters all a hosting plan purchase. Find a host provider who will provide you technical support not only 24x7 but also instantly by using advanced technology. Ensure that company should provide you multiple connecting platforms such as E-mail, Phone, fax, Live chat and etc.
  • Email:

For any business, a customized email address will create a brand awareness and build trust factors in between customers. However, you can purchase Email hosting separately and after hosting also. But if your web hosting plan will come up with few emails that will be an advantage. Few companies providing free email hosting along with your medium and large hosting plans.
  • User interface & easy control panel:

Every hosting company has a control panel system to manage hosting to upload, download and manage files. Almost all companies trying to offering easy to navigate interface, but choose a hoster whose interface and control panel you can understand properly. Plesk panel is good one to operate as its interface is like Windows XP.
  • Features and Add-ons:

Well, this is here your hosting company says he is special. Every hoster providing some free and extra add-ons to enhance their business and make hosting more valuable. If you are selecting a hosting service, make sure you are getting number of add-ons and feature compared to other.
  • Flexibility to Grow:

Here is the point new business owner or start-up company should concentrate. You may own hosting plan best for the current moment, but what, if you want to upgrade or degrade for any necessary? You may need some extra space or bandwidth or you may want to migrate your server from shared hosting to VPS Hosting or vice versa, then your hosting providers should be ready at any point of time to do the needful.
Will they do easily for you or you have to stick with the same plan for a particular time period?
Will they allow you to migrate a server from lower to higher plan or higher to lower plan?
Are they charging more for extra bandwidth?
Be clear from your service provider before SignUp.
  • Price:

Listed in last as it has no impact on your hosting plan, but still a prime game changer in hosting industries. Some people believe that the more price they give the good hosting they get but trust me there is no thumb rule that costly hosting will give you better service. A cheap service may also give better service then the costly one. Take a closer look at service, feature, reliability, uptime and other advantages of your hosting service provider in-spite of judging price.

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