Friday 30 June 2017

8 Ways to Pick a Perfect Domain Name for Your Website.

Ways to select perfect domain name
Selecting the best domain name and choosing a perfect web hosting provider is mandatory for any business. Since the domain name is a representation of your company in the internet, and the web hosting provider needs to be approachable in case of emergencies, these two factors needs to be looked into thoroughly.
Easy Name
Registering the domain name that is easy to spell, understand, grasp and type is critical for a business to achieve success. Industry experts advise on the use of a short name, preferably with two words, from the marketing view point, or a maximum of nine characters. Examples – youtube, google and amazon. Just compare the name with the trending Social media platforms – it will be easy to type and share information.
Things To Avoid
You should avoid acronyms (as Sam DVD Services – domain name –, customers may get confused about your business interests. The domain name should provide information about your services or products.

Select a .com

The internet is around for twenty years and it is the most preferred and recognizable TLD. If the .com is unavailable, but you have a suitable name, the next option would be to go for the .net, and or the ccTLD. ccTLD will be .ca in Canada or .it in Italy (this option is useful only for domestic purposes).
Usage of numbers should be avoided as customers may forget numbers or confuse a numeral with spelling words. Another important feature is usage of hyphens and customer typing errors will lead to mayhem.
Similar Names
The best way to find a domain name for your business is to conduct a search on the internet for a similar type on the top 50, 100, 500 or 1000 websites. You will get several ideas on what successful websites have in common. Example –
Domain name research
Ensure the name you selected is not trademarked, under copyright by another company. It will result in a very big legal mess which will then snowball to cost a fortune and you will also lose the domain name. Mentioned below are some of the extensions of websites.
.co – the abbreviation for e-commerce, community and company
.info – education and informational site
.net – companies offering internet website services and technical sites
.org – non-profitable and non-commercial organizations
.biz – e-commerce websites for business or commercial use
.me – personal websites, resumes and blogs

Domain Name Generator

These generators will give you several different ideas. Some of the popular names are Wordoid, DomainHole, Name Mesh, Name Station and Domainr.

Purchase Similar Brand Names

In recent times, even small businesses are purchasing the likes of diverse domain extension and misspelled versions of your domain name. This will prevent competitors to register likable versions of your popular website. You will prevent the business going down, even if your loyal customer mistypes your domain name.

Best Domain Registration Company:

Take care not to register the domain name with any of the providers. Ensure you check the Domain registration company matches your website requirements. Kindly check the best web hosting provider India for registering the right domain name for your business.
In case you have opted for a suitable domain name, but it is already registered, you should never give up. Ensure you search if there is some other similar website name registered under it. You can contact the specified person to check if he can sell the domain name. You can also hire a consulting marketing firm to recommend names or give feedback.

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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Dedicated server or virtual private server? Know the important differences.

Dedicated hosting or VPS hosting
Choosing the best web hosting company in India is extremely important for your website as without a correct host your website is not going to work properly. Cloud computing has created the latest buzz in the world of internet. Individual or a small scale business to a business giant everyone is trying to cut costs due to extreme competition and pressure in the market. In this scenario, a virtual private server which is also recognised as cloud server is gaining much popularity in the market for its cost effectiveness and other valuable services.
While choosing the best web host, the World Wide Web or the internet provides a few options at your disposal. And the most common hosting plans among them are dedicated server and virtual private server or VPS. Today we are going discuss the basic and the most interesting differences between a dedicated server and a virtual private server so that you can choose the best  one according to your preferences.
Get introduced with virtual private server or VPS
Think of a computer which is accessed by many different users and each and every time the machine is used in different ways. VPS works exactly in the same way and performs like a dedicated server. It’s a wonderful machine which is located in a shared environment and through the root access of it all the customers can get the full control of that server on VPS Hosting Service. So in short, if you have VPS access, you can easily run any customized applications or software related to your business. It is basically designed for small scale businesses who want to optimize their IT infrastructure without investing bigger amounts.
VPS cost usually ranges from 1000 per month to 10000 per month and it provides the options of one or two hosting environments among which you can choose according to your choice. VPS is known for
·       Excellent performance of a website
·       much faster loading
So it is the perfect solution for those who want root access on a server without expending as much as a dedicated server.
It’s time to know more about dedicated server
Unlike the virtual private server, a dedicated server is fully accessed for your own personal or professional use. So if you choose a dedicated server you will be the only owner who will have only right to all the resources. You can even customize the hosting environment according to your preferences. A dedicated server hosting is exceptionally designed for those who receives minimum five lakh visitors per month and who have the obligatory technical support to maintain it.
We all required different things so at first, you need to stock your requirements and then go for the best one accordingly. Here we are providing the basic differences between them so that you can easily choose according to your need.
 Distinction between dedicated server and virtual private server
·       People generally choose VPS for its cost effectiveness. You need to rent or buy a dedicated server and also you have to spend an amount for its management and maintenance. These servers are generally seen at Data centers with collocation facilities. A dedicated server is capable of providing HVAC systems and superfluous power sources. It has already been informed that it is owned by an individual provider so sometimes you can get support for your system or application by them. So you can go for both managed or an unmanaged dedicated server according to your preferences.
·       Through a VPS server, you can pay as much as you use. And as you pay on a monthly basis you can be completely assured that you are not paying anything extra for your host server. On the other hand, a dedicated server is a bit more expensive than VPS.
·       You can increase or decrease your resources with VPS. For an example, if you see that your website is getting a heavy traffic you can increase the server specifications.
So now you can easily understand the importance of a web hosting server. Before choosing three important things you should keep in your mind
·       Your business goal
·       Your future strategies
·       And obviously your current requirement
Then only you can achieve the growing demand and also your users can get the best experience out of it.

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Looking for the best web hosting provider? Take expert’s suggestion before buying!

expert suggestions for web hosting service
In today’s world, the World Wide Web has provided immense opportunities to each and every business. From an individual entrepreneur to large scale businesses, everyone is making their mark in the industry through an attractive website. But a wonderful website with lots of advanced features is not enough to fetch productivity. You have to attract the visitors’ attention first.
Web hosting makes a great impact on attracting visitor’s attention towards your website. It not only helps to amplify the visibility of your website but also you can easily update your website whenever you to. So before designing, you need to choose the best web hosting services to publish it online.
Web hosting also helps in choosing a perfect domain name for your business. And if you are an e-commerce site you will be helped with their excellent shopping cart software and e-mail functionality. As you know nowadays, counterfeits are much sophisticated. So to protect your website from these cyber criminals or from the latest malware, Web hosting will be the ultimate solution for you. In short, if you want to go digital choose the perfect web hosting services which will be a one-stop solution for you. Now you must be wondering how you can choose the best web hosting service for your online presence. Have a look
Choose the perfect price:
You will find various Cheap Web Hosting Packages ranges from a few to thousands of dollars per month. And if you are a small business or just setting up your new website, you can choose the cheapest package to decrease the number of start-up cost. Various web packages are available which are reasonable in cost and provide maximum benefits.  But before choosing, always check if it fulfils all your needs or not or else you might have to pay an expensive value just for changing it. It is absolutely possible to get the best deals but at first, you need to know where to look out for that.
Usability of the services:
If you are a non-technical person or want the freedom to customise your website you have to check the services of a particular web hosting package. At first, look for the programmes which will allow you to customize your website according to your choice and preferences. If you are not familiar with FTP or File Transfer Protocol, choose a web hosting provider which consists exceptional programmes like cPanel, ispCP, Plesk which will enable you set-up and customise your site. You also have to ensure that the hosting provider allows the FTP access or not. FTP access is equally important to upload files from your computer or to add logos or header images.
Additional attractive services:
Most of the hosting providers add a monthly bill for providing additional services. But these services are absolutely fruitful for your business so that they worth it. Additional web hosting services include various options such as you can create your own professional E-mail hosting facility which will help you to build credibility among your customers. A professional email address looks like yourname@yourdomainname. A secure server for an e-commerce website is also included in this package such as SSL certification commonly known as https:// server. Customers make transactions on a daily basis into an e-commerce platform so your site has to be secure enough to protect you from long term damages. Along with that, you will also get to know the website statistics out of these excellent services through which you can easily understand how many visitors have visited your website within a certain time frame.
Customer support is an important issue:
You might have an excellent web skill or you might have chosen a predominant web hosting company, but still, you never know when you face a website emergency which need an Excellent customer support team. So before considering a web hosting company always check their customer care number. Sometimes companies provide live chat facilities through which you can directly interact with an experienced professional. At least you will be completely assured that if you face any problem in future, a professional hand will always be there to help you.
Reputation of that company:
A web hosting provider should have statics and testimonials to demonstrate their customer reviews. You will find different feedbacks and reviews of various customers through which you can easily understand what people have to say about that particular company. Try to concentrate on the uptime percentage of that company which is also provided by the genuine users.
If your web hosting company has any issue, you need to remember that your potential customers cannot access your website which will eventually damage your reputation. So before considering follow these expert’s suggestions properly.