Monday 23 February 2015

Enhancing Your Brand with Personalized E-mail Address !

Build your brand with personalized email address.

E-mail communication has become one of the most used forms of communication in the personal and professional world. 
In 1971 the first mail was sent by Ray Tomlinson. From that day till 21st-century email priority had been never been decreasing.

E-mail is an address of your own identity on the internet. Basically, for personal use, we mention our name in the email address. Almost all of us are using free E-mail service like @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail and etc. These emails service providers are providing free, simple to understand structure with easy to send and receive messaging system.
But when you purchase a domain name for your business or for any small organization then you are developing a new world of your won possibilities. You will create a new brand in the world.

The concept of creating a new brand would always become a craze by every founder. So to build a good brand with multiple factors should be followed, like a brand logo, brand image, brand name, brand people, brand domain and much more.

We all know that for anything, the first impression is the last impression. Take an example of this blog home page in which background image is book self, header color is a combination of white, blue and red with creating an impression of this particular blog-site, Which will lead to a brand and a brand will help you to identify you from the crowd.
Now in order to create a brand for your business. You will purchase a domain with that you will get an Email Hosting Plan also. Using a personalized E-mail address will help you to enhance your brand value and brand name.

For example: if you have a business of a beauty salon with a brand name of "I care beauty salon" and your website is "" but your email address is "" then that will create a space in between your email address and your business website. Your customer will not trust it suddenly with this email address. Honestly, if you ask yourself, you will also recognize that something is different between an email address and your business. It will not create a trust factor between your customer and your business.

Choosing a personalized email address for your personalized business will build a trust bond between your customer and business, which will encourage people to believe in your brand and gives them a reason to do the same.
Not only your E-mail address, your domain name, blog and all should be personalized with your business which will provide a sense to your business in terms of building a brand value.

How to create a personalized email address for your website?
Once you complete with web hosting service formality forms a service provider you will get a Plesk control panel. By the help of Plesk control panel only you can create multiple email address with the different name but similar email domain. Basically, every hosting plan has a limited email address depending on hosting plan.

While creating an email address for your employ or your business partner three things you will have to take care of.
1)- Email address name for the employ
2)- A password
3)-Size of the mail box
Once you complete with these upper setting your employ can sign-up for the email address. Apart from this, you have to protect your email from spamming.

Nowadays offline mail clients are getting install in a system, in case your sever goes wrong or you are disconnected from the internet for any reason then you can take help from the offline mail client. Hopefully, this will help you understand the importance of personalized E-mail address.

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Tuesday 17 February 2015

11 reason you should go for for web hosting !!

      From Past 15 years providing web hosting service in India, and every year the number of satisfied customer is increasing. Hostindia statistics say that every year it is getting more no of transformed(Moving from different service provider to customer then the fresh customers
Now a days a millions of websites are hosted with and still it is increasing. When the company start at 1999 is famous as Hostin Service PVT LTD and focus only India customer as it is a India based company, but right now it has owned a WOW no of customer all over the world, if you want to know the reason then stay with us, take a long breath and go through the article.
However here is some important point we are going to discuss which will give you a clear vision about and its culture.

1) Domain Registration:
Domain registration India
Domain Registration by 
If you are looking for a Dream Domain Registration for your leading business with a proper domain extension then with a simple way you can search your domain and also registration is more easy from others. If you compared a Price of a Domain Registration India the you will find standard Price with the domain with all extension but with some other service provider you will have special price range for domain, like you search for a domain a bit popular then they will charge it more with a complicated registration process.
If you come to domain renewal service then you will find the charges is more cheaper then other. This is a reason many user are moving to Some company providing domain in a big discount for 1st year and then the renew charge is 4-5 times more then the registration price.

Domain Name Server by hostindia
Domain Name System
2) Domain Name Server:
If you are registering a domain with then you will get a DNS(Domain Name Server) which will help your control DNS zone associated with Email name, DNS records, DYN and many more. This company is providing free domain locking, free domain parking, Free URL redirection, free name server support and many more. Our quick response with a proper solution for any need is appreciated.

3) Instant Website Build Tool:

Instant Website Build Tool
After domain registration you should have a website which will give information to your user. You can create a website form a professional website builder or you can create a attractive website of your own also by using instant website building tool. This Sitebuilder provides you an unique capabilities for a normal users who want to create, publish, and maintain their web sites without any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. This is an awesome tools which will save your effort and able to gives you a professionally designed website in a short period of time.  
4) Web Hosting:
Web hosting India
Windows And Linux Web Hosting By Hostindia
Web hosting is necessary for making your website live on internet. is providing pocket budget web hosting services in India. This company had created multiple Web Hosting plan with proper impact of feature like hosting space, E-mail space, bandwidth, data base support, aliases and many more on customer demand. So that it will be more easier for a user to go for plan with his requirement. If your site is build in different languages then we have different web hosting plan for then like Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting. 99.9% update time, 24/7 monitoring, spontaneous customer support and our feature rich web hosting plan makes our customer delight and create a long time bonding.

5) VPS And Dedicated Server:
VPS and Dedicated hosting server
VPS and Dedicated Server
Basically VPS(Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated servers are used by big organisation and always loved by E-commerce website builder. If you are taking these service then you have all the rights to control and manage your hosting to run your website smoothly. is providing easy to use and control all your need by the help of plesk control panel. As it have colocated our IT inftrastructure at Tata Communication's [formerly VSNL], providing you world class service with fast and reliable service in India which will take you to the next level.

6) SSL Certification:
SSL Cerification Service In India
SSL Certification By Hostindia
In the day of virtualizaton every day we are sending and receiving very sensitive data from different sources through our website. Some times you are providing your personal and financial information to a website and if you have a website you are asking your customer for some confidential information, But did it secure ?
 May be your customer will not agree to give any information in your website if your website is not secure !
To create a safer business environment is providing Globalsing SSLCertification in different plans. You can choose your plan according to your need.

Colocation & Datacenter Services in India
Colocation & Datacenter Services 
7) Colocation & Datacenter Services:
This is a service taken to overcome the challenges of IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management. is providing India based Colocation & Data center Services. We offer various Data-center spread across India to provides you best deal, saving your valuable resources and experiencing the reliable service. Our Pro-active Monitoring with Customized Notifications system, Escalations, regular Follow-up and 365x24x7 customer support makes your less effort into a better conversion.

8) Business E-mail Solutions:
Business E-mail Solutions service in India
Business E-mail Solutions service
Personalized E-mail service for your business and organisation will lead in brand awareness. provides fast and secure email hosting to keep multiple user connected with your business. It proves total outsourced mail solutions with complete control on all feature. had implemented some unique roll to monitor and track out for spamming and junk email protection.

9) Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and Other Business Tools:
Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 in India
Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 is providing certain kind of business application tool for your business to meet your business goals. Basically it is providing services like Google Apps for business Solutions, Microsoft office 365, business instant messaging and business email hosting, which will offers a scalable platform to grow. This all application will boost your business, productivity which leads your business in a traditional and secure way. By the help of these business application you can share, upload, shuttle and edit your document any time and any where assessable to carry forward business. always believe in smart work and our effort is to make your business the smartest one.

10) 24/7 Customer Support:
24/7 Customer Support by live chat, telephone and E-mail
365x24x7 Customer Support by Hostindia
For every business customer support acts like a backbone. A customer support handles all sales issue, technical issue and all type of unaccepted issue appear in between customer and service. In a different terminology you can say a company is more advanced when its customer support is advances. Keeping these thing in mind is providing tremendous customer support of 24/7 apologized by thousands of customer. Fully qualified professional team of technical support team will gives you the smartest, easy and quick solution of your issue. Live chat, email and telephonic conversation is the three way to connect hostindia support team. Remote desktop support is added to advantage in its services.

10) No False promise:
value for money provide fully genuine information about our service and products. No other wrong commitment to attract customer. So many service provider use false commitment as well as hot model to attracts customers, but hostindia had never did that. it always believe customer satisfaction, so our service have 30-days money back guarantee and multiple service which specially optimized for customer satisfaction. It had never try to force or motivate customer by manipulating them by false commitment and  police.

11) Featured Advantage:
Apart form this is famous for his delightful support, budget priced service, easy to control feature, fast and reliable connectivity, fully accessible interface and broad networks leads to an ideal company. has a very good reputation in internet world. Every month we receive thousands of appreciation feedback form our delightful customer.

Thursday 12 February 2015

Price Compassion Between Domain Name registration and Domain renewal !

Is Your domain expiring very soon! 
And you don't want to pay a great amount of money for renewing your domain?
lowest domian Renew price by

If your answer is yes, then definitely I will say that this information will help you to save your money. In general, if you want a Domain for yourself, you will have to compare pricing list a lot in your favorite search engine. Finally, you choose a service provider who is providing the domain in very cheap price and you purchase the domain from that company. But, Did you ever try to find the renewal charges for the same domain?
If your answer is NO, then you are making a big mistake, which is going to make your pocket light.

If you have purchased a domain from a buyer which has lower prices on domain registration, will you be satisfied there itself? But, Honestly, did you ever check the renewal price? Check now and you will find the renew price is 5-6 times more than the registration price and sometime it will touch 10 times more !!!
So What to do?

Don't worry, I will help you out from this confused situation to save your money. To overcome this kind of situation you have to choose your domain service provider carefully.

Have you Interested a Cheap Domain service provider?

Before choosing the service provider, firstly, enquire about the renewal charges. If you find that a company is providing a domain at 99/- only but its renewal charges are 699/- and in another case domain name price is 299/- but renewal charges are 299/-, then, you are much smarter to understand the difference and you know what is better to choose.
The main issue with Indian market is whenever we get a cheap domain we blindly purchase the cheap one and later we have to pay a lot for the same.

Anyway if you have already purchased a domain and right now you don't want to pay the jacked up price to your service provider who forces you, then here is the solution. You can transfer the domain name to another service provider who is providing standard domain renew price like

Domain transfer process and requirement.

Before that, your domain should qualify some basic requirement which is created by ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN is responsible for all the transaction, maintenance and methodology of several databases of unique identifiers related to the namespaces of the internet and ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.

The requirement is given below:

1)- Your domain must be 60 days old or more.
2)- Your domain should not have been transferred to your current service provider within the last 60 days.
3)- The domain must be released or unlocked by your current service provider.
4)- Any private or hidden whois service should be disabled. you can disable it through the current service provider, You can check it through whois lookup domain.

If you passed out from the upper line condition then you can put a request to your new service provider for transfer of the domain. Basically, the domain transfer process is complete in 5-7 working days. Sometimes if the transfer did not happen due to some unaccepted reason then you have to re follow the whole process.
Standers domain price and cheap domain renew by hostindiaThe whole thing indicates that domain renewal process is a bit complicated than the domain registration. So if do some proper planning for domain registration before purchasing a domain it will lead you to save a lot of money and effort. You have to admit that if you get a domain at a bit cheaper price at the beginning you have to pay a lot for same later on !!

Keeping you smart from all.

Our market research about domain registration India will make you smart among all. is 15 years old, India based company that provides priced service to thousands of customer consistently. Every year a ton of customers are migrating from other service providers to, as well as it gaining a good number of satisfied customer every year.

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Monday 9 February 2015

Internet Security tips to protect your E-mail account.

Internet security tips to protect E-mail account.

The World is getting digital and highly advanced, and So is the hacking technique. As an internet user, we should be very conscious about internet security and spamming. This article will help you to Make Sure Your Emails are Safe. Here are some helpful tips for your Internet security.

On an everyday basis, you will get a ton of unwanted e-mail in your Inbox. However, this happens every day for almost all email user. At the beginning, it is a bit less but after few days it will become a headache. As a result, it will make your computer run slower. At the worst, your personal, professional and financial information can be hacked, or your entire computer can crash and everything would get Vanished due to a virus(A small Program which can't be detected by the computer, very small in size and powerful).
In order to safeguard your computer from email virus attack or any spamming activity follow the below Instructions.

1: - Don't open any E-mail attachments apart from you Contact list or the people you don't know. However, most of the people do it all the time. Usually, this type of email coming with unwanted subject either make it look as though they are sending you something that you requested (“here's the information you asked for”) or they make it appear as if they know you (“Hey, it's me, Rahul”), sometimes they reward you as a winner of unknown competition(“Congratulation you had win 50k, replay for claim” ). However, if you weren't expecting any email with an attachment and you don't recognize the sender's address don't open it. It could contain some invisible virus which will harm your computer. First check the mail properly if you ensure that mail belongs to some of your contacts then only open the attachment

2: - Normally in a day at least one E-mail should come which will ask about your details by manipulating. Don't fill any information or reply or don't give out any personal or professional information to this kind of E-mail or any unknown email. On the other hand, sometimes your internet security system presented on your computer can be threatened from senders who pretend to know you and try to get you to give them information.

For instance, if you are looking for any job and you search and applying for jobs then someone might contact you and say that they found your resume from this particular job portal. That time they could suggest you to visit some different site and fill some information with your social address or number and few thinks related to your study subject or interested field, pretending to have you fill out an application. My Suggestion is DO NOT fill or provide any information to them unless if you are applying for a Government job or the interview that you have been already attended. You should not give any details of social security number to them. Once you complete
with an interview process or if qualified for a government job then the only background check is done.

3: - If you using any E-mail service in India from any free service provider then use strong password never use a simple password. Best practice is not to use the same password every time in all your account, like in your online bank account, any information site or your finance related account. It is very easy to find out your E-mail password by the hacker once he will figure out any password of your related account. It will be hazardous if any hacker reached your E-mail account. Hacker can use your information and your email account as he wants to.

4: -Keep changing your account password on regular Basis. Use a complicated password for your account, use characters, numbers, and symbol to make your password more strong. Avoid using your name, DOB in your password.

5: -Don't share your email account password with anyone. Always ensure that you log out from your E-mail account when you are leaving a system. Never give your account password to someone else and don't let them access your E-mail account.

This is all tips for a free email account and personal used email account. If you are using corporate level E-mail hosting service (Business email hosting) from any service provider like or GoDaddy then they are providing special email protection service to protect your email from spamming and hacking. Still, you can use upper tips to make your email account safer. 

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Thursday 5 February 2015

11 simple step to promote your website and boost your web traffic.

If you have a good website with proper information that fine but you will have to promote a website to get a good number of traffic to your website. We have discovered that there are tons of ways to promote your website. In this article, we will give you some trick to promote your website.
11 simple step to promote your website.

1: -Put your website URL in Your E-mail Signature:
In your email messenger, you can put your all details including designation, name mobile number and the most, you can put a link to your website at the end. If you have installed google analytics code then you can track the actual traffic to your website by email. Here is an example of the email signature.

Thanks and Regards
Mr. Debasish Pramanik
Manager- Marketing
+91-mobile no

You can use like this or shortened version of the signature in your email signature and all online forum. It will help people to find your website very easily.

2: - Impressive website with proper Information: 
If you are putting some information on your website for your visitor then a visitor can visit the website and read the information and then go on the internet again and search for some other. So whatever information you are putting on your website should be motivating so the user will visit other web pages and come back again to your website.

3: - Website Details in Your Official visiting Card:
If you have a business or working in some company then you should carry your business card with you, having your website address. Offer this card to your official contacts also let them inform that they can find tons of information on their official website. And if your photo is present on your website then the client can easily remember that who are if he forgot your meeting also.

4: - E-mail Marketing:
If your site is proving some service or product then you can create login platform in which user can share their experience with your company. In order to log in that website, a customer has to give some minimum information including email id. Once we get a set of email id we can start re-marketing from our old customer. As they are interested in our product so we can send an email about our new product and offer, as well as you can leave your website address in that mail which navigate customer to your website.

5: - Submit Article and Start Blogging:
Write an article about your product and experience and submit them in different article site like www.ezinearticles. Com. Also, you can start blogging in different blogger to make your user educate about your product and service.

6: - Link Exchange:
You can exchange link with your related website. You can exchange link with your competitors also who have the same target audience.

7: - Link Submission:
You can submit link in different directories site. As SEO is essential for every business, submit your link in good directories for SEO prospect. Make some necessary research about directories and submit your website link.

8: -Traditional Terrific Source: 
Try to promote your business in some unusual way to get a traffic and create a brand value. Some think like if you have an area specific business then put your website address with your business logo in ticket and banner, something like local cinema and banner on the street. Interested people will come to your website to get relevant information. 

9: -Post your Feedback
Find some popular blog which is related to your website business and give feedback honestly and put your website address in that feedback. Make sure you are not fooling a user to get a traffic to your website. Be genuine and give useful feedback. Your useful feedback will motivate the user to come to your website, not the false information.

10: - File Shearing: 
Share your website information and file like pdf, photo, ppt, E-book on the internet in free. All the element should be a good structure which leads the user to fall in love with your website. Be sure your website link should be there. Let everyone download the e-book and all files in free.

11: - Newspaper Service
Apart from this, you can take help from the newspaper. Although it is bit expensive but let offline user should know about your website.

If you are new to the internet market then you have to take help from online as well as offline also. Now a digital marketing brings a revolutionary change in India market, so peoples are becoming digital so never try to fool them and don't try to give any wrong information.

Remember one more thing, once a user visits your website means you can track them for more business by remarketing and roll.

If you are looking for more support for choosing a great service provider for your website following article will help you