Wednesday, 7 February 2018

G Suite is coming up in the business productively with 4 million paying customers.

G Suite has now 4 million paying customers where the Google’s Cloud Business is already raking in billions of dollars per quarter. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said had revealed the excellence of the G Suite and Google Cloud Business at the conference call while making the Alphabet’s earnings announcement. The Google’s Cloud Business includes the G Suite productivity applications and Goole Cloud Platform which is a rival to the Microsoft’s Cloud-based Office 365.

Sundar Pichai noted that the Google Cloud has now reached a great scale where they are excited to share that they are earning billion dollars per quarter business. Google Cloud Platform is also exponentially growing as the public cloud provider across the world. G Suite is succeeding well and the data itself proves where G Suite 4 million paying customers are doubled in the past two years which represent a steady efficient growth.
G Suite Applications is indeed helping everyone globally with their day to day activities with different kinds of office applications delivered with excellent designs and features. Generally, people are very convenient in using the Microsoft Office so G Suite has smartly designed their office applications that will provide flexibility and convenience in operating the G Suite Applications. Most of the G Suite Applications are free but there are some of the applications that you may have to pay a subscription fee. The greatest advantage that is provided by the G Suite Applications is that it is remote so you can view the application and share it with the other team members.

It is not surprising that we are witnessing G Suite doing well in the coming years because of the excellent services that they are providing to power up the work with simple tools. G Suite Application provides Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts, Gmail, Forms, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Site for Collaboration. G Suite provides powerful security protocols where the G Suite users will be not seeing any advertisements compared to the other free services provided by the other providers. The user's data and information won’t be used for the Advertisement purposes so this shows that G Suite will not compromise Users Security. Google has also introduced the collaboration of the digital interactive Whiteboard Jam board. With all these cool features provided by the G Suite, it is expected that G Suite will be dominating the market side by side with Microsoft relating with the Office tools and Cloud Platform.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

What should you opt for? Windows or Linux Hosting?

When you are looking for a hosting plan you must be noticing that many web hosts offer Linux or Windows hosting. This is because these two hosting plan provides a lot of features and functions regarding Operating System, Performance, hosting plans and much more.

Windows and Linux have a wide variety of different services with different pricing, performance, database formats, security and other features which will affect the functions of the hosting. With Data management Windows and Linux have similar features and the easiest tool you will find in both of the systems is the FTP server. It is fast and convenient which is very great for a file manager. The Operating System is also friendly with the files such JavaScript and HTML. CGI is provided by both the Operating System which is a tool commonly utilised for working on the shopping carts and other E-Commerce solutions. MySQL is also now processed by both of the Operating System but it MySQL was originally was Linux Format. 

Linux Hosting:
Linux is a very convenient Operating System and that is why it is the most popular server solution. Linux’s three components which are MySQL, PHP and pricing are considered to be a flexible solution. MySQL and PHP can operate on the Windows servers but you will get the maximum outcome when you operate this together. This combination works on Linux excellently because MySQL and PHP were originally used for Linux. Linux web hosting is cost-effective where most of the functions provided by the Operating System cost nothing. For Start-up Linux is the preferred choice in consideration with the Flexible system, low, database formats and popular coding and etc. 

Windows Server OS:
If you are working with the ASP.NET then you will have to go for Windows Powered Server. ASP.NET is somewhat similar to PHP and HTML but it utilises a different request processing scheme. ASP.NET works with various databases types. ASP.NET algorithm aids Windows Server to work with big databases faster but you will not find any data to support that idea. It is a myth when they say in a blog or articles that Windows is less secure than Linux. Linux also has a lot of security issues its better with a proper background checkup. 

Which is better Windows or Linux Web Hosting?
  In some ways, Windows is better preference and in some Linux has its own great features too. Basically, the answer comes down to this is that it depends on the user as to what they want according to their requirement so they can choose either one of them to accompany them with work. People who require more than one single domain operating on a cheaper hosting plan with just simple five-page HTML/CSS website are offered a host that provides little disk space and bandwidth but with great automated tools and support that can help them with initial set up. But there are other users who will require highly technical support team that will guide them to scale up exponentially their demand for additional resources grows. For such users, it’s better to do a proper evaluation and interviews their web host to check what services they provide and how they deliver extended support. Windows and Linux have their own advantages and disadvantages so it depends on the usage whether which operating system will be the best option for you. It’s better to consult with your webmaster to understand which Operating System will be the best option for you. You need to list down the requirement and the goals when you will be choosing an Operating System and the Web host so that it can help you know which function, features and advantages can be best suited to cater your needs.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Things that bring the website down and remedies to eradicate this problem.

So many websites are overloaded with a lot of stuff on their websites such as images, links, advertisement, grammatical mistakes and what not. I am sure that you must have stumbled on articles that have a great info but is not structured properly. The advertisement is the most annoying thing to have on a website because it just keeps on popping in front of the screen and hides the content on the website. There are so many websites that make so many silly mistakes and doesn’t realize as to how it is affecting the website. If you are facing similar problem then first you have to learn the basic of any website and the basic is viewer satisfaction. Make sure that you don’t offer your needs first and let the visitor navigate your website with ease.

In this article, I will am going to guide as to what mistakes that you should avoid in your content and website:-

Slow Website:-

In this world, everyone hates a slow website because waiting for the website to load and then again wait patiently for the whole website content to load is pretty much irritating. Do you know that the viewers will only wait only 5 seconds for your website to load and if it delays then the visitor will eventually lose interest and hop on to another website.


If a website is selling a product or a service and there is no way to contact the customer support or if you want to connect with an author and there is no email id provided then such website is a complete fail. A website like this is making a dumb mistake because they are failing to retain its customers and readers. Make sure that you provide an email id or a contact no:- so that they can reach if they find any difficulty.

Advertising is a big Distraction:-

Let’s understand a scenario where you have written down a content and in the middle of the content there is something very important you want the readers to read but the advertisement on the page becomes so distracting that before the reader reads it, the reader is already distracted with the advertisement. What we can learn from here is that too much Advertisement will hamper your website in a very bad way so you structure the advertisement in such a way that it doesn't disappoint the viewer. 


Now you must be thinking of adding a plugin because it will make your website more interesting and fun. But what about fun on a website where the website is loading slowly because of the plugin or most of the visitors are not interested in the plugin. Even if you want to add plugin then make sure that it is relevant to your website. If you want facebook followers or twitter followers then you can add a plug-in to your website but by adding an irrelevant plug-in where the visitor is not interested at all then it is a complete waste of time and space.

Grammatical mistakes:-

Don’t you know that most of the readers and viewers are very picky about the website content and the design of the website. But anyway here we are talking about the grammatical mistake made in content. You should add a built-in spell checker that will correct out your mistakes. If your whole website consists of poor structured content and tons of spelling mistakes then the visitor will make sure that your website is not been visited again and may share with others how poorly your website is doing. 

As you have learned as to what mistakes that bring your website down then I am sure that you will be implementing all these points when you are building your website. The most important thing is that while you are setting up your website make sure that you are able to combine all the elements in a website properly. Having a fast loding website able to hold a user more time. Somehow, your website loding speed is also depends on web hosting servcie, thelocatin of hosting and the user is also metters.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

How Video Marketing can Skyrocket your Business Website.

Currently, Video Marketing Trend isn’t so strong but it will be in over the years according to Cisco by estimating that 80 percent of the consumer internet traffic in 2021 will be lead by Video. So are you choosing Video Marketing as your main strategy in attracting consumers to your Business Website?
Do you know that YouTube is the Second biggest Search engine after Google Search and it is the world 3rd most visited Site on the Web? So it is now time for the Video Marketing to rock in the online marketing world.

In this article, you will be learning as to how to attract major traffic through Video Marketing.

Why is Video Marketing a great strategy for attracting consumer internet traffic?

Brand Awareness:

It is observed that video alone can increase purchase and the brand awareness which ultimately increases sales by almost 100 percent. So like this many people will know about you and will buy more products or services from you. Many Startups aim at spreading brand awareness among its potential consumers because it is a long-term strategy and it helps in a long run of the company.

Why don’t Do Business opt for Video Marketing?

Expensive Means of Online Marketing:

Normally many people find video marketing very costly means of attracting customers but who said that for video marketing you need to have a professional video crew with sound, lighting and editing to just get a simple video. You can even make your video with just a Smartphone or digital camera, microphone, trip and video editing software or you can simply hire a freelance videographer which can help you edit all together. 

“Video Marketing is not so important”:

Well, you will be noticed in some years that over 80 percent of the consumer will be driven by video marketing. Consumers relate to the video and pay more attention to it compare to any other means of marketing tricks.

“Clients don’t spend their time to watch a video”:

According to the Forbes over 70 percent of the executive watch business-related video every week. So you have got a proof right here that there are higher chances of most of the business executive coming across your video.

“Complicated at times”:

There are many video making software applications on mobile and there is also much software where a person with no experience in video making can learn to operate it. You can just capture a video with your smartphone and then you can edit it out simply on the phone with a step to step guide on how to do it. 

Guide on ways to use Video Marketing Tools and Strategy:

Screen Capture:

You can create great videos with Screen Capture Software when you want to demonstrate on to show a software work or you can showcase particular technique to your customers. You can also answer FAQs which will educate your follower or viewers about your service that you are offering. 


The slideshow is another great way of the engaging consumer of what product or services you are offering or giving some FYI about anything particular. There are some businesses that have interest in slides to explain their nature of the business. You can use a Screen Capture Software and record presentation to present it to your consumers. 


Now there are so many Blog Post who provide loads of content but no videos. This usually bore many visitors and you often find yourself handed with only 1 percent of the customers from the total views of the post. This is because the viewers aren’t so impressed with your way of selling to the consumers so add some videos to your blogs so that your blog becomes more interesting.

Unboxing Videos:

Unboxing Video is really very eye-catching and many viewers love such a video because it is very hypnotic. It is very easy to make and if you are consumer Product Company then this will be the best video marketing strategy for you. 

Whiteboard Videos:

Whiteboard Videos is a bold way of representing your product or services to the consumer. Many businesses don’t adapt Whiteboard videos because of the camera shy but many don’t use it so this will be your opportunity to reach your voice to millions of consumers out there. 

Let your Team get involved:

When your team gets involved it will help them and also you. Your team members can explain or answer questions better to your audience so it is preferred that your technical team member gets involved in explaining and answering FAQs. 

Video Testimonial by Consumers:

Your Consumers itself can drive more consumer via Video Testimonial as how they are satisfied with your service or product. A Product review is Golden Goose Egg for any business because it builds more trust among potential consumers in the future.
You can easily develop a video with just a Smartphone and couple of video editing software. At the first, you will find it as a hard work but the number of consumers that you will be generating you will be astonished so just put some effort to create those and showcase them to your audience and you will automatically see your videos doing magic in attracting many consumers to your web page.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Does One Page Website benefit you for SEO and Google Ranking purpose?

Singel page Website ans SEO

A lot of websites are now opting for one-page websites and for sure it looks very attractive and has got great graphics. Many people now know the importance of using mobile-friendly websites because most of the users use their Smartphone to view websites. When people choose one-page websites they look forward to it because it is attractive and neat but they also go for it because they are cheap. Now there are many pro and cons to it and after a lot of research, it indicates a false economy. It is been estimated that High Ranking Websites have more pages. 

High Ranking Website topping on Google Search Ranking...
With High Ranking Website, they have a lot of pages which gives them the capacity to put lots of keywords and you can explain in depth about your services or products. With One page Website, you are not giving an opportunity for your website to come forward in Google Search Ranking because the website doesn’t have sufficient keywords or content. By having a one-page website you are just crowding one place a lot so it doesn’t indicate every service or product uniqueness. For example, if you are offering total 10 service and all those services are different from each other and when people come to your website they are just fed with only one or two lines content. This way the customers have to search for it in other tab and someone else will grab your opportunity where it was actually mean for you.
One page Website is absolutely fantastic when it comes to graphics and looks. It is very good for people who are tight on a budget because it is cheap compared to the websites who have a lot of pages. It looks amazing on mobile devices so yes you will be gaining new users but not like the way you will be able to gain on Google Search Ranking basis. 

How can you exactly top the Google Search Ranking Page?
Now when you are thinking about for one-page website for building business and getting higher ranking on Google is not so easy compared to multiple pages website.
First, you should have a lot of contents on your website so that you have sufficient amount of keywords.
Second, your website should have multiple pages so that you can easily describe each service and product in depth.
Third, your content should be giving detail description of the product or service you are offering.
Forth, Blog is essential for your website because the blog itself can drive 3/4th of the visitors onto your website.
Fifth, Your Website should be attractive so it’s better you hire a web designer to design your website.

Sixth, when you are building a website for your business then your content or description about your service or product should be like as you are the industry leader. When you believe in yourself that you can provide 100 percent quality service then only people will buy your products. Your website is the place where you can brag a lot about your business but it should be legit bragging. Through your website, you should make people believe in yourself no matter what part of the world they are living in and to make it happen you should use video marketing, content development, testimonial video and much more as your strength to showcase people that you are the best in this specific business. 

When you have a one-page website you will not benefit much because you won’t have much space to deliver the detail description of your business. One page website is not at all good for SEO but if you are widely popular or you are some huge company then having a one-page website is not a big deal. 

How Can One-Page Websites benefit you?
For Pay per click campaign, a one-page website is a great option. When this page is separate from the main website then you can direct the paid traffic there and download it to a report which will come in use give some particular information or sell a service. When there is paid search then is against that so SEO is only for the main website for the main business.

When you are building a brand and business at just starting level then its better you avoid one-page website. It won’t help you for Search Engine Optimization and it won’t let you come first on Google Ranking Website.

Friday, 19 January 2018

How Twitter can help local Business to Increase Growth!

Twitter is not only for celebrity presence but it is even very beneficial for businesses to increase their sales and profit. If you use twitter correctly then it will be a great source of income for your business. If you want a guide on how to use Twitter effectively then below here some points that will simply show how to use Twitter for your business.

You must have known the importance of social media in this era on how you can find the potential customers, build authority online and promoting the brand. Big companies and Business have dedicated social media team but it isn’t the same for the local and small business. It becomes difficult to handle and manage their twitter account because they don’t the right way to reach people. So in this article, you will be learning the correct way to handle twitter.

1. First, create your Twitter account and choose a name that is relevant to your brand. You can also add your name that will be recognized as the brand name. Twitter can also help you out in choosing your name by giving a suggestion.

2. Enter all the profile details as the name, email id, location, birth date, website name and much more. You can add the header photo as a picture of your shop or a logo name picture. Add a profile picture so that your business account becomes more specific so that it becomes easier for the business Give a Bio about your business as in what services and products you'll provide.

3. Make sure that you set a Social Media Policy so that your usage with twitter becomes comfortable and so that you don’t have to face any problems in the future. There are many companies who have fallen into big loss just because of bad PR when the tweet goes viral. The guidelines should be read and followed so that your twitter account doesn’t get suspended.

4. When you set up the twitter account make sure that you assign a person to handle the Twitter account by the sole person so that it doesn’t lead to any confusion. If the twitter is handled by many people then it will be difficult for the audience to connect because different people have different style and tones.

5. Now as you have a twitter account so makes sure that you don’t just leave it hanging because then your account will be noted as inactive. Post relevant topics to your business and brand so that people who are interested in that particular niche will be an active follower. Having an active follower to your social media is always beneficial because they will always be there for you and help you also by sharing your account with others.

6. If you have a company blog then link it to the social media accounts by sharing stuff directly from blog to the social media accounts. When you are sharing stuff from the blog then the people will also be visiting your website so you, in fact, making a chain and redirecting people to your website.

7. If you are starting your twitter account then for few weeks just keep on posting relevant post and after some time see statistics about the behaviour and movement of your audience. You can actually set a time as to when to post so that the maximum amount of audience can view your post. There are many tools in the market that can help you find the exact and precise statistics or you can check from the twitter itself to see when your audience are most likely to be active.

8. There is also another way of increasing your followers by following some people because they tend to follow back. Follow the right people that are interested in or who are in the same industry as you are. When you will be doing this you will be not only increasing your followers but also you will get exposure as to what others are people also are strategies to increase their brand awareness.

9. The hashtag is the biggest trend going on in the social media account where even the most famous people are using to get their word out. Use a relevant hashtag so that the right audience get attracted to you. It will also help you to increase your followers and get likes and engagement on your post.

These following points that I have mentioned above will help you in getting more followers and also will help you get more customers. Just make sure that you be careful in posting articles that are relevant and appropriate and also make sure that you add relevant hashtag because using irrelevant hashtag may cost you.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

What is SSL Certification and how Let’s Encrypt will help your website?

At the first time when you must have heard SSL Certificate, you must have thought in your head thinking SSL Certificate to be a physical certificate. But in fact, it is not a certificate in a piece of paper authorised but actually, they are data files. When you install the SSL Certificates on the Web Server you will secure the connection from your server to the user’s browser for safe net browsing. You will automatically notice a small padlock and “Secure” on the left side of the URL. Your site will be starting with https which indicates that the site is much secured instead of the regular HTTP.

As you know now what is SSL Certificate so I will now introduce you to Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate authority that launched in April Last year. It aims at making the online world a secure place by encrypting more web traffic. Encrypt means simply concealing the data. Encrypting the data on the website will protect your website from the hackers and virus so basically, the customers or visitors will visit the website with no regrets.

To obtain SSL certificate you need to pay some nominal fee but with Let’s Encrypt you can freely acquire an SSL certificate free of cost. It is first of its kind to provide SSL certificate because so this will encourage many people to secure their website to spread safe browsing.

SSL Certificate-Let’s Encrypt:

Let's learn about this as how you can encrypt your data with SSL Certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt with free of cost. They are available in any popular web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and much more. This SSL Certificate will only last for 90 days and this is done so that the people are encouraged to renew their certificates. When the SSL certificate runs out the other SSL certificate is automatically issued and renewed that makes sure that there is no period where the website is without the SSL encryption.

With this, you can only register 100 sites to one certificate so most of the people won’t be bothered about this. Only 500 certificates can be registered every 3 hours. This is done so that Let’s Encrypt can protect their servers and avoid serious overloading problem in the future.

You must have first thought that why you want to secure your website by obtaining a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Why go through such procedure just to get a website secured? The main first reason I can give is that it is a free SSL Certificate introduced in the market. The essential point about having an SSL certificate is that you will be securing your browser.

Lets Encrypt will allow you to conveniently encrypt a domain name and also secure the connection. So when you will be getting visitors to your website then they will be feeling safe in knowing that their details are protected and safe from the internet impostors. In short, if you want to go with the current trend in the internet website market then you should get an SSL certificate. It is very simple and easy to manage SSL certificate because everything is automatic and you don’t even have to worry about the new SSL certificate issued because everything will be done for you. From your side, you have to put very minimum effort to get an SSL certificate by just entering the domain and that’s it.

What’s the difference between the Paid SSL Certificate and Let’s Encrypt Certificate?

Let’s Encrypt certificate validity last only for 90 days but on the other hand, paid certificate validity last for a long time. But Let’s Encrypt Certificate may last for 90 days but they keep on renewing it every 60 days. For the paid certificate, you may have to physically keep renewing them.

For Commercial SSL Certificate you will get a warranty with every purchase you make but with Let’s Encrypt you will not get a warranty because it is free. When you go for a paid certificate you will get a warranty so when there is an issue or if you want to re-install then it will be done for free of cost.

With Paid SSL Certificate you can cover both the Domain and the sub-domain but it isn’t the same as Lets Encrypt. For every Domain and Sub Domain, you have to encrypt it with SSL Certificate.

The main reason for choosing a Paid SSL certificate is that if you have a business website you will be getting support if any issues occur with the certificate. But with Let’s Encrypt there isn’t support while installing the certificate but anyways it is a simple process but there are some who may find it hard to do so. When you choose a Paid SSL certificate you will be getting the support when you need it because you will be paying money so they can afford to provide staff to help you with this. But Let’s Encrypt gets donations and some sponsor to provide free services to the people so that the Browsing become much safer.

What we have learned here is that Let’s encrypt is a free SSL Certificate that will secure your website and encrypt precious data free of cost. But if you are really serious about your website and need a dedicated team then you should go for Paid SSL Certificate.

I hope that you have learned valuable information as to how important is to have an SSL Certificate for a website and its benefits. If you have any questions then you can leave a comment down below so that we can get the conversation going on and so that I can help you further with queries or questions regarding SSL certificates.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

G-Suite introduces Search within the folders and also added additional support for Braille Displays.

Google G Suite Office Application has now added a new set of features that will guarantee user experience much more enhanced and flexible. With the new update comes up with improved accessibility options for Drawings, Slides and Google Sheets. The users can use the Screen Magnifier with Slides, Drawings, Sheets, and Docs on Chrome Operating System Devices and on Mac Operating System.

You can now also search the files, picture, videos and documents of a Sub-Folder in Google Drive. This can be done conveniently from the drop-down menu in the search bar and you can select the folder from the Location menu or you can also tap into a folder and search within that folder. But folders which are on the My Drive or within the Team Drives can be searched but if a folder is shared then it has to be added on MyDrive.

Support for Braille Displays:

 The People with the Braille Displays can now use the Google Sheets. Earlier the users who have Braille Displays were only limited to the support to Google Docs, Drawings and Slides. But now you can utilise the Braille Display to read and edit the contents of cells and the cells in the sheet can be navigated. Now Braille support in the Sheets is now only available on Chrome Operating System with the ChromeVox Screen Reader. Now Google is now working on to improve and add support for various platforms and screen readers. This significant support for the Braille Displays is a huge advantage for visually impaired users.
G Suite is a hugely popular platform that benefits the IT organisation and also worldwide users that need tools to aid them to simplify and make the process more flexible. G Suite offers free tools such Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google+, Documents, Forms, Slides and Sheets. It provides various features and functionality that will simplify the work related to documents, storage and re-creation of the sheets. Now Google has also included Whiteboard Jam board to make work more exciting and productive. The G Suite Administers can customise their security and privacy setting that provides an added advantage and boost usage of this interactive tool. The best thing about this online Google Tools is that you won’t be seeing any advertisements because the G Suite accounts don’t get utilised for the advertisement purposes.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Why you should get a Mobile Friendly Website!

Mobile Frendly website

When the Business Website is Mobile friendly it becomes easier for the mobile users to view your content. To have a mobile-friendly website is the basic plan of setting up your business on a website whether it is a small or large business. There is a lot of demand for the mobile-friendly website because now people access the website through mobile devices compared to the traditional devices such as devices and laptops. Now the trend is just started and it will increase exponentially. Mobile is going to be the future of the web so Google now knows this so it has started to penalize for the non mobile website. A mobile website is growing in large demand so turn your business website into the mobile friendly website as soon as possible.
Now you must have known how important it has become to have a mobile-friendly website. First, to get started you should first test it by viewing your mobile on a phone and tablet to see how it looks. You can also test your website here to check your website if it is mobile friendly website or no.
You must have checked your website how it is working and if you want some help in making your website mobile friendly then you are at the right place. In this article, you will be learning step by step to make your business website more mobile friendly.
Mobile Website Builder tool:
You should first get a mobile website builder tool and there are many mobile website builders where you have to pay a minimum fee per month or yearly. You can conveniently utilize the website builder and you can create pages and can add a logo and publish to the main website simultaneously. When somebody is accessing your website via mobile then it will automatically identify and present the mobile version.
Website Builder Tool:
You can also utilize the website builder tool which already has mobile friendly templates so that you don’t have to rebuild the website again and you also don’t have to maintain a separate mobile version. It will be very cost effective and it provides easy functionality.
Responsive WordPress Theme:
With a Pre-made responsive WordPress Theme can be used to rebuild the website. WordPress is a preferred choice of building a website with its robust templates and tools. It is world’s most popular web design tool with advanced designs and templates. Using a WordPress Theme will enhance your website so in fact it will attract a lot of visitors to your website and your website will create a cool impression on your audience. Responsive Design is now widely used by many top business and company website which makes you website look cool and great when it is viewed on Smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop and other devices. You can now buy world class responsive WordPress templates. The templates can cost varying from $50 to $60.
You can also ask someone to build your website but that will cost you more than getting a template so it is better to get a template for your website so that your website is much more website friendly and it will create attract more people to your website. So if you want your website to be up and running then ensure that you also go for a mobile-friendly website that will help your website in Google Ranking factor.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How to Improve Local SEO strategy to Boost Traffic

In this era, everyone is trying different and smart strategies to boost their sales and profit in their business. In fact, there are hundreds of ways where you can achieve this goal and the most popular strategy is online marketing. Many have tried and have achieved a great outcome out of it. Many business moguls know that if they have to come first in the race then they have to use the strategy that is currently trending.

Are you facing problem with your business relating to marketing? Is there some other entity trying to outdo you by beating you at Local SEO ranking? I am sure that everyone is facing this problem because every minute people are trying to improve their strategy and deserving the Google Rank Stage. The first 3 websites in the Google Rank Search gets huge chunk of traffic and the rest of the following get only crumbles. Well that’s online World!

Don’t worry because there is always a way out and as you have taken the first step in finding ways to boost your traffic that means you are already in the game. In this article, I will be providing you some points on how to improve the Local SEO.

Setting up and Optimising Process:-

First set up the main local listing such Yahoo Local, Google My Business and Bing Place for Business. It is very essential and it simple to understand because you don’t need any expert skills to do this. Fill all the necessary details required and also include a detailed description utilizing the keywords that frequently searched on. You can take help of Google keyword planner tool t find the most searching and your business related keyword. It is recommended to add photos and videos but try not to include flash. You have to attract customers and not bore them.

Local Reviews:-

According to the research, the website that has the higher amount of reviews is considered more trustworthy compared to the website that has got none. If you have business and website then encourage your customer to provide some reviews of the services that you have provided them. In this way, many visitors will find your website more legit and ultimately you will get more visitors and traffic. Now don’t go overboard with getting 100 reviews in a week because it will look unnatural and Google will penalize your website. If you get few reviews in a month is also fine so steadily work this strategy.

NAP Citations:-

Now there are many reputable local listing websites where you can list your website in and Google tends to trust such sites more. It is very convenient also to get listed. You have to enter your details such as Name, Address, and Contact. Almost most of the website provides free listing but there is some website you will be charged a fee for more enhanced features. You should get your website listed and then link it back to your website.

Specific Directories:-

It is beneficial to get listed in such a directory where it is more specific as to what industry and service you are into. The Google will then provide relevant websites according to the visitor’s demand where it will showcase your website indicating that you are related to this particular sector. This will improve your chances in Google Ranking which will ultimately send you strong links back to you.

Particular Service Pages:-

So many websites list all their services on one page and it really becomes too common and less distinctive. A website that has different pages for different services tends to get preferred more by Google because Google prefers the pages that are more precise to the service that the person is looking for. A Website that is providing all the service on one page makes the content look too crowded and less unique.

Relevant and Quality Content:-

It is very important to market your website through content so make sure your content is according to the marketing standards. Google prefers content those are unique and lengthy content. Your content should be 500 words minimum and 1000 words plus because Google prefers content which detailed informative content. Now you must be worried by thinking from where you are going to get so much content from. Worry not, just create one content in a week more than 1000 words with informative detailed content and that will be enough to reach the audience.

Page Optimization:-

In Page Optimization, you aim at optimizing your pages of your website at its best. Now you should first select a keyword that is relevant to your website. Then generate meta tags for each page on your website and make sure that you put an appropriate and relevant page title and meta description. Add the keywords to the URL of the page and then add a keyword to the Heading of each page. This will make your website look more organized and well stacked instead of a messy website.

HTTPS Hosting:-

The loading time of the website and security makes a huge difference in the Google Ranking so choose a host that will provide security and facilitate great speed. You can also install security shield on your website that will notify you of any threats on your website and it will help you in eradicating the virus. Solid State Drive hosting is also a great choice to host your website where there is no traditional hard drive so your website in an electronic storage. This will increase the speed and the agility of the website.

Local SEO is not so hard to achieve because it is a very realistic goal where you can easily achieve it if you follow the points that are mentioned below. Nothing comes easy so you should put little effort every day and you will start seeing results in no time. Just have patience in terms of getting reviews and citation because it should look more natural and less desperate. Create Blogs so that the people are more attracted to your website and you can ultimately make them your followers and customers. Try using Video and Pictures because that will do magic on your website because it makes your overall website very informative and engaging.