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Ten Qualities that's must for a good web hosting.

Top ten web hosting quality
According to Wikipedia the first website was created and hosted on 6th August 1991 and publicly announced in September 1992. The first web server was launched in North America on December 12, 1991. Till 1995 near about 100 websites and web server have been found. In the year of 2003 and 2004, the website grows by 1704%. From the day it founded till today web hosting has come up with different technologies, principles and methods.

We are in the year of 2016 and almost all business have a website to showcase talent online and most of us having personal blog or website for the different purpose. Now, this world has given us many advanced technology to host our site as well as many choices to choose a hosting provider. When we as a website owner trying to find a Web Hosting Company, we must find some important quality and good service commitment from a web hoster.

There are many reasons for which we must look for a Good and Cheap Web Hosting. Suppose you a coffee lover and every day you want a coffee shop to have coffee. One day you found a shop closed as the coffee machine is broken or due to some different reason, this may take you to another coffee shop and if it continues or happens again and again, you may have to change your coffee shop to get your coffee.

Similarly, your hosting must never go down for any reason at any point of time. In this article, we will explore the ten qualities of your hosting providers which a quality hosting insists for.
Let's begin.
  1. Speed
Speed is the basic act for every website which depends on our web hosting server. If your site load slowly, then maybe you are loosing user. Make your site blazing fast. Not only your web hosting your website coding and design also affect your website speed.
  1. Guaranteed uptime/Reliability
If you are taking Web Hosting Service from some service provider, then you will not like if your site goes down many times in a month or some downtime issue on your website. Most of the hosting company assuring 99.9% Guaranteed time, but less than that will be not acceptable. However, a very less downtime of your website can lose a customer.
  1. Space/Backups
Required space depends on your website size and page content. But if your service provider is providing more space then you have the flexibility to enhance your website at any point of time.
Make sure that your future hosting provider must have a weekly backup facility. You may not seek for any backups now, but if something wrong happens to your site that time you need a backup data from your service provider.
  1. Substantial Bandwidth
Every website is allocated with some amount of bandwidth, which will be used by visitors and when you cross the bandwidth limit then your site will not open by any user. So before you sing up for a hosting plan, estimate your traffic. If you are going to get huge traffic than you can go for VPS or Dedicated Hosting. Remember, no web host is giving unlimited bandwidth. But make sure your service provider will give you the flexibility to purchase more bandwidth if it needed.
  1. Support
This is the most important factor need be considered for a web host. Doesn't matter how big your holster is and how good in hosting, but still, there is a possibility of facing some unexpected issue in your hosting. This time tech support will be the only help who can take you from the issue. Find your web host have a good technical support facility with highly trained professional. It should serve you 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. Also, consider how you are going to communicate with them. Always look for multiple connection facilities such as email, phone and live chat support.
  1. Superior Features & Technology
Well, this is a very good point need to be considered in 2016. Technology is getting advanced and things are getting simpler. When it comes to website hosting you must look more feature rich plans and add-ons. Your control panel should support more of Domains and sub-Domains, your host should support numbers of languages, script and database.
  1. Sufficient Email
Every business needs its customized and professional email address which helps you to improve brand awareness and build the trust factor with customers. Make sure your hosting provides E-mail Hosting facility with a good number of emails and if it required you can increase the number at any point of time.
  1. Security
Once you purchase a hosting plan means you will get some space on the internet and you will upload your valuable information, image, content video and more thing. But if it hacks by someone that will a big question mark for every website owner. Ask your web host about SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification, which will make your web element secure from hackers. Also very much beneficial to E-commerce websites.
  1. Secure Location
It is always preferable that your server should be located in your targeted user location. If you are planning to build a website in India and you are focused on India user then server located in USA or UK may slow down your site loading speed. So it is always best that your server should be located in your targeted location.
  1. Standard Pricing/Payment Plans
At last but the most decision changing factor is pricing. You may have come across multiple web host providers offering cheap hosting service, but don't prefer cheap at the beginning especially when it comes to hosting. Low price hosting can reduce hosting feature and space.

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