Tuesday 29 December 2015

Evaluate Your Website’s Performance for a better Conversion.

evaluate website for better performance.
You are dedicated to your business, you have a very beautiful website with important information for your user, but have you ever check how effective your website is?
When did you check up your website last time?
Did you ask a question to yourself that did evolute your site will help your customer?
I believe your answer will be “NO” for all the above questions!
Now let's dive into how evaluation will speed up your website performance.

As we all know that for an online business your website will be your very first step of creating an online presence, which will give you an identity in the Internet world. Your website can be promoted by several factors which were known as internet marketing strategy. If you fail in business or achieve success in your business all depend on your website performance.

If you are thinking of checking the analyse data of your website then it will be no use until you don't know the goal of your website. Before you start analyzing and optimizing your website you need to find the answer to the following points respectively:
  • What is the percentage of visitors coming from various sources?
  • What is the percentage of visitors getting converted?
  • How much revenue getting per visitor?
  • What is investment per sale?

However, almost all websites have installed Google and Bing analytic tool, if you don't have then install one or you can install both analytic and it is free of cost.
Here you can sign-in and get your free tracking code:
Well, if you have done with the install then you will start getting your visitors information. In this case, most challenging part is to track the conversion customer details.
If you are getting a conversion rate of 4% to 8%, then is a normal conversion rate and if you are getting a conversion rate of more than 8% think it is good. However, if you are getting traffic from different sources like paid traffic, affiliate, referral, E-mail marketing, etc. then the conversion rate also varies respectively. If your running multiple program or source to get user then you have to track each source with the conversion rate for better performance.

Ladies and gentleman to get a petty conversion rate you have to work on multiple factors such as a landing page, font type, design, color combination, keyword density, image, etc. If you run some offer or discount on your product can rise -up your conversion rate. Also, a good landing page can increase 5% conversion, then your present conversion.

Sometimes your optimization may give you a negative result and some time good, but still you have to put your best effort in Optimization as organic traffic is the most powerful one you most look into, and the conversion rate also higher than other platform.

The conversion killing element is time, don't put your customer in a puzzle once they fall into your website. Set-up your sales funnel and according to your customer interest and demand, take help from analytic and work on that to get a simple way to customer for better conversion.

In India, nothing will happen till the moment customer won't trust you. Try to build the trust factor with the customer by providing guarantees, offers and great service. Also, if your product or service needs some documentation or formality then make it simple as it can be and process it faster.

Give multiple purchasing platforms with a different currency. A sales conversion needs lots of money and effort. If a user doesn't purchase something after surfing multiple pages, then may be the user is not getting the information what he is looking for.

Don't harsh your customer by providing wrong information or by opening multiple pop-ups or by run multiple ads on your website. It may force your customer to leave the website without any conversion.
Work for SEO and social media marketing as they are the basic source of user now a days.

Do needful for competitor analysis and online reputation management.
Consult with your website developer to improve website performance and loading time.
However, the market is changing so does the marketing technique. Keep your website updated, informative and user-friendly which is the real success mantra.

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Start Your Online Business Today.

start your online business today
Nowadays you don't have to invest a huge amount of money to start a business in India. Simply you need a planning to start an online business. An online business doesn't need much capital as a physical business needs to. And the most important and beauty of online store is you can reach millions of people and potential customer instantly where a physical business needs much more effort and capital to do same. If you have a physical business or window shop, then it's the time to take your business to a new level. However, to achieve a successful online business, you need to have an excellent product/service with a skillful marketing plan. Here is few easy and simplified step to accomplish an online business.

Step 1- Go for Right Product and Service:

If you want to go for an online business which will particularly deal with the product then you have to invest a bit more, but if you want to provide services then your investment will be a bit less than the upper one. Having customized product something like you can only produce the product or hand made product then a tiny online effort can bang your business.

However, it is always not a matter what you trying to sell, but if your product is different and special from other then only someone will purchase your product. Suppose you have a having a packers and movers business in Bangalore and providing service services to all over the world. Now in Pune may have thousands of other packers and movers providing the same service. Now to make your service visible in online races:
  • your service should come up with quality packing and safe moving.
  • You would have to provide multiple offers and deals on your service.
  • Cross check your market competition and figure out what's already going on.
  • Once you have set-up with your product or service, then register your business with your desired name according to your state law.
  • Always choose a name which should appropriate for your business and describe your business.
  • No matter what kind of product or service you are trying to sell, but in Indian market, you have to build the trust factor with customer first. Like: 2 year warranty, 30 days money back guarantee, 25% off, buy one, get one free and etc.
After finalizing the above necessary its time to go for online. Register a domain name for your business which should short meaning full, catchy and easy to remember. You can read our previous blog “How to choose a great domain name.
You can find and register a domain from any domain name service providing companies such as HOSTINDIA.NET.
Now your business needs a website to develop and a good and cheap web hosting service to host your website. You can take help of instant website development tools to build a website. For more information about web hosting and website development tool read our following blogs:

Now it's time to decorate your online store:

Your online store will be going to communicate with your customer first so, make it simple informatics, eye-catching and professional. However, here is few points you need to take care while creating an online store.
  • Make online store design appropriate to your product or service.
  • Give your store a decent and professional look with a decent color combination.
  • Make it more informative with little space by using different language script.
  • Take help from a graphic designer to make your product visually good and eye pleasing.
  • Add offer and description of the product, if possible implement customer review and comment option.
  • While you are designing your online store, you have to focus on your primary goal make the design according to that.
  • Provide all terms and conditions with the product so that buyer will get the right information.
  • Use analytic In your website to track your customer behavior and conversions.
  • Use responsive design in your online store for better customer experience.
  • Add payment gateway for the transaction and set up a merchant account.

If you have already done with website building and online store set-up, then let's go for marketing. Few basic tips I am going to give so that you can start your marketing in free.

Go For Free Marketing Initially:

The beauty of online marketing is you can start your business marketing with zero investment. There are multiple platforms are available in online, where you can start promoting your website. Here are the details:

Go For Social Network: Social media is the most powerful online tool to make your business viral and get Business from it. Create a profile, then an official page for your business.
Use multiple social media network, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Google+ and tumbler. Post your service product offer and update information on daily basis. Keep engaged the customer through the post. However, social media is the only one free platform where you can brand your business easily and quickly.

Content Marketing: This is another platform you can use for free. Create a professional blog for your business and start post blog related to your business. Online user always searches for something and your blog may be the answer. Initially, you can go for a free blogging partner such as Blogger, Wordpress and blog.com. Apart from blogging you can go for article, press release and directory submission.
SEO(Search Engine Optimization): This is a very effective source of customer, but a slow process initially. It may take 3 months to six months appear on the top for the desired keyword. You have to learn SEO technique to optimize your site.

Local listing screen short.
Local Listing(Local SEO)
Local Listing(Local SEO): Having a physical shop can go for local listing by creating a business page in Google+. Once you create a business page in google+, you have to go through a location verification process which is free then you will appear on the top of the search result on your location for your business keyword.

Classified Submission: List your site in various classified sites to get more number of customers in free. Remember to get potential customer you had to choose the right category and sub-category at the time of submission.

Now Go For Paid Marketing:

If you have a good marketing budget and looking for some more business instantly then you can take help from paid marketing. Paid marketing can give you instant pick-up in your business. Here are various fields you can use for your business.

SEM(Search Engine Marketing) or PPC(Pay Per Click):
Now a day SEM is playing a prime role in paid marketing, especially google. If you want instant business, go for google PPC campaign. Create a Google Adword account, find your primary keyword, create multiple Ad Groups, Ads, target your customer and get value added customer to your website.

Display Marketing: Apart from PPC you can go for display marketing or banner ads and re-marketing. In this case, your product with website details will be shown another website and you will be charged on impression(view) or click basis. Display marketing will help you to build a brand only. Customer coming from the display marketing has very less number of conversions.

Affiliate Marketing: In this method, people will work for you and you have to pay a certain percentage of amount after sales. Only need to create an affiliate marketing platform for your website and start promoting that.

Email Marketing: Old technique, but still effective for any kind of business. Sing-up with a bulk email sender, get database according to your business nature and start email marketing.

SMM (Social Media Marketing): Create some catchy image with proper product description and run paid campaign on different social network. In this case, also you can target your customer by age, sex, location, interest and much more. Social media can give you an amazing result, help you to grow your business and especially brand value with a low budget also.

Apart from these marketing techniques, you can try different platforms to spread your business, such as:
  • Video Promotion:
  • Paid content:
  • Join shopping network:
  • Forum marketing:
You may have enough knowledge about marketing, but never consider as you know everything. Marketing is modifying with the time. Try to learn more marketing techniques as much as you can.
Best of Luck !!!

Friday 4 December 2015

What Is The Importance of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting service
Cloud web hosting is becoming common among the most of the businessman, that most of them can't imagine how to use technologies and applications without a cloud. When we compare the cloud with previous pre-cloud technologies, then it came to know that cloud has budget efficiency that enables companies to reduce their capital costs and increase business flexibility, and according to the expert's opinion cloud has had an effective impact on how web hosts and data centers will operate.

If we look back at the previous -cloud environment, energy utilization was on the rise; resources, such as servers, were commonly pampering; it took a long time to increase the capacity of existing services; server consumption rate was very low; and re-consumption and backup plans were not at the top of the IT priority list. Cloud computing has led to many blessings for the application development cloud.

Why Developers are In Favor Of Cloud?
Because of the flexibility and reliability of cloud, many developers are in favor of cloud. Cost saving measures are also leads of using the cloud for the business. Cloud is important for developers in video editing, gaming and all.
Companies which are not using cloud for their business needs to get attracted towards the cloud. For one thing, they will need to evolve their IT mentality so that employees are comfortable with using external IT infrastructure.
The trick that all kinds of computing services can be delivered totally over the Internet, is changing all the things.
It impacts our daily life also. You don't have to go into the office to grasp a file. You can share the documents with anyone.
Here is few reason to chose cloud hosting for your business:
  • Cloud is seen as a key to business success.
  • It is environment friendly and it will save your most electric resources.
  • Cloud Hosting is important because it reduces maintenance cost. It reduces IT spend.
  • Cloud hosting increases process efficiency.
  • Enhance your hosting with vast capacity of the service’s remote servers.
  • Give you instant bandwidth support based on your demand.
  • No need to pay a certain amount for a certain period of time. Pay as much you used for your website need.
  • Save you from almost all types of data damage possibilities.
  • Resolve from any kind of issue 4 times faster than other hosting services.
  • Automatic software updates including security updates.
  • High collaboration of all types of technologies allowing all employees.
  • Get access from anywhere and any time without any hassle.
  • Great feature in document control, accessible same document many places.
  • High security level, no fear of data scamming.
  • Access all points of time no matter what happen to a machine.
  • No matter what kind of business you are having, small, medium or large, but cloud technologies can be useful for anyone.
  • Great scope for mobile apps and online apps.
However, there is no doubt that Cloud Hosting will help you to grow your business instantly and consistently as it has a number of advantages than traditional hosting technologies such as shared hosting, Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.
You can switch your old hosting plan to Cloud hosting plan very easily by Hostindia.net. Before that if you want to have a discussion with hostindia professional export, you can call us on our helpline number(+91-20-6608 0101), you can mail us(support@hostindia.net) or you can get online help by using 24/7 Live Chat facility. We will help you to choose a better service for your business need with a powerful hosting solution.
Understanding the hosting requirement, we will help you to choose hosting plan, such as VPS hosting, dedicated hosting or shared hosting. However Hostindia providing the flexibility of upgrading your hosting service at any point of time.

Monday 23 November 2015

Do you know Why blogging is Important For your Business?

Business owners choose blogging as their marketing medium. Because there are many challenges associated with blogging, such as looking for a good writer, deciding what contents to write about, knowing how to post, distributing content, keyword density, etc. However, blogging has lots of benefits for your business when it’s done effectively.
Here are five benefits of blogging.

1) Provides Less Customer Recovery:
Business owners use blogs to increase traffic to their sites and generate their business leads.
Businesses are getting reduced due to their direct mail and telemarketing.
More businesses are prefer blogging and inbound marketing.
The research showed that blogging is a cheap way of gaining customers compared to other traditional methods like telemarketing, pay-per-click advertising, trade shows, emailing and so on.

2) Blogging Increases Website Traffic and Subscribers:
Blog is a platform where you can submit your ideas and information about your company and products. The more valuable information you provide in your blog the more user, you will get to your site. However, blogging has the unique capacity to increase the traffic to your company website, thereby increasing page views and hits as your business get more exposure.

3)Sales Increases:
When you post valuable and informative content consistently in a blog on your website then automatically website traffic increases and it indirectly leads to increase in sales. Blog is the medium through which we can tell the people more about our company, our products, our decisions and many more things. Many businessmen use this blogging medium for increasing sales and growing their business.

4) Brand Awareness:
Blogging is a cheap medium to know people what we are? And what we do? It leads to getting people know about your brand online. When we create a blog for our business then it helps to increase the marketing of our company and it spreads awareness among people about our brands and products. When we put our blog into social media websites, then automatically traffic increases.
A good example of blogging is Marriott Hotel.

5) People Get Educated:
A business blog is an ultimate way to educate your visitors and customers about your product. Your content blogs will increase and create interest in your business and offerings. Generally, people get bored by regular emails and telephones. Blogging is a different way of putting our thoughts and services in front of people in a different way.

6) SEO Benefits:
Having a website of your business should accept some traffic and some leads from the traffic and some business from the leads. However, blogging will help your website to get more visible in the search result. It is the best way of increasing sales, customer acquisition, getting more traffic and business.

Well, now the major question of this blog should be how can we own a blog?
Before that, you have to face another question that is do you have a website for your business?
If your answer is “YES” then it's WOW, but if your answer is “NO” then you have suggestion will be to have a website for your business first. But don’t worry, you have a blog site without a website also.

There are lots of free blogging service providing free blogging for your need, such as Blogger, Blog.com, Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and much more. You can go for any free blogging service. But if you have a website then you can go for an own personalized blog for your business.

Monday 16 November 2015

Useful Tips and Trick for a Successful Online Web Business.

trick for a great online business
Are you looking for a business or you want to expand your business into online market? What should be the basic growth strategy you must look for your business?
How can a hosting company help to drive good traffic to your website and help you to grow your business online?

When you have started your business, you may have thought a lot about your business, you may have read a lot of articles, blog, books and magazines to get an idea about your future business. You may have consulted with a business expert for your business growth. However, your business is performing average and you want to take it to the next level. So, Now what?

This article will be helpful for them who have a small business or want to set up a business freshly. There are numbers of factors if you follow then it will lead your business to a successful one.

Please Note: This article is especially useful for online businesses only. If you have a physical store and want to build a website then also this is useful. If you have a physical business and want to grow the physical business then, suggestion will be not to read this article.

We all very much aware that to start an online business, you need to have a website is mandatory. So before we jump into website development part lets consider a few things about your business you must look into.
  • Your business name and location
  • your source of investment and investment budget.
  • Potential business partners for business need.
  • Define your targeted audience.
  • Market analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Legal policy and insurance.
  • Business staffing requirement.
Well, after taking care of the upper factors you need to focus on online presence which is your website and to make its effective website you need to host your website with a Good Web Hosting Service Provider. Your website will act as a connector between you and your customer. However, here are few useful tips to capitalize your trends:

Create high-quality content and give maximum useful information.
The Internet is specially designed to provide information not to sell any product or service, but still, your goal is to sell some product service. If your site will provide high-quality content with blasting information then it will make your customer engage, encourage your customer to return your site for more information. If you able to provide the right information about any element will leads a user to your customer. For a batter engagement, you can leave some space for the customer to comment and reviews your product.

Build a user-friendly website:
A good website depends on some factors such as content, design, navigation and functionality. However, in the above, we have already discussed content part. Now in the bellow mentioning few tips for user-friendly website:
  • Maintain proper color scheme with high content visibility.
  • Use the proper color difference between your background and website design(Best to take white background)
  • Use proper font with visible size
  • For easy navigation system use clean layout for your tab such as home, gallery, products, about us, contact us and etc.
  • Create maximum useful internal link to provides more details about your website easily.
  • Make your site responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Focus on website speed and loading time.
  • Avoid abbreviations, acronyms and negative title.
  • If it possible add a customized search bar to your website to easy find website details.

Make Your Site Search Engine friendly:
Search Engine is the main source of visitor for every website. Make your website more search engine friendly for better visibility in the search result. Here you can follow for basic SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tips primarily for your website:
  • Manage proper keyword density in content.
  • Use proper meta tag including title tag, description tag, Alt tag image tag and etc.
  • Use H1 to H6 tag
  • Use proper internal link structure.
  • Create proper URL for your web-page
  • Use SSL certification for batter security purpose.
  • Include site-map and robots.txt on your website.
  • Install a webmaster and analytic code to track your user activity.
  • Spread your website details in social media and link it your website
  • Create blogs for your site and provide information regularly.
  • Use press release, forum and article wisely.

Host it with a reliable hoster:
Well, if you have done with building an awesome website right now the most important part is to host your website with a right web hosting service and which is very important as your hosting will directly control your website performance. Before you choose a hosting provider you can judge your service provider carefully. Here is some checklist you need to put ticks before you sing for a service:
  • The uptime should be 99.99%
  • Enough bandwidth for your website
  • 24/7 Live technical support service.
  • Add-on facility provided by hoster
  • User friendly control panel to upload and manage website files.
  • Email hosting features
  • Flexibility to upgrade and de-upgrade of your hosting plan if it needs.
  • An affordable price which Should not be a major issue in your web business.

Apart from these factors you can find reviews, customer comment and user opinion on the internet of your hosting providers, read them and try to know the company's service quality and hosting strength. You can check the pro-activeness of Tech support by seeking for a help in the holidays or festivals. Take some time and read the license agreement of your future web hosting company before you sign-up for hosting.
You can start promoting your business online once you finish with website development. Apart from promoting analyzing with the help of any analyzer like google analytic or bing analytic and updating website information regularly is also important.
If I miss something to mention, please let me know in the comments.
Best of Luck!

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Why and How Can I Purchase a Good Domain Name for my Business !

purchase a domain name of yours

Everyone should register a domain name who wants to build a website online for organizations or individuals. A domain name gives you a unique identification of your site in the online. In the online world, your domain can be connected to your user or internet element. On the basis of your domain, you can have your personalized or business email address and multiple sub-domains as well as you can Get an SSL certificate with the name of your domain.

However, if you are looking for a domain for your business or for some individual use then this article will help you to determine a perfect domain name for your requirement.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is nothing but an identity of your business or a person on the internet. If someone will type your domain name in the browser and hit ENTER then the browser will send a request to the internet or DNS (Domain Name Server) to find the same domain name then the site associated sites will be open in your browser for your request.
Every domain name is associated with an IP address you can find any site with the help of IP address also but the domain name is used to avoid confusion and to find web address easily.

Again a domain can have multiple domain extension with the same domain name. Example: your domain name is goodmorning.com then you can own same domain name with another domain extension such as:
Here are few examples of LTD domain extension

How to Choose a Perfect Domain name for your Business?

To choose a perfect domain name one should have a lot of thoughts regarding how it will perfectly suit for a business. While choosing a good domain name to make sure that it will be perfect for your company name also it will be easy to find out on the web. Follow following steps while selecting a domain name:-

1.Make sure that domain name is easy to type:
It is tough to find an easy domain name to type. Don't use short forms like you instead of you, it will be tough for people to find it out on the web just choose a simple and easy name.

2. Short Domain Name is very effective:
If you select your domain name as critical and long then it will become hectic for people to type it. It may lead to mistyping and getting the wrong information.

3. Deliberate Keywords While you begin your domain name search for the first time, then it helps to have terminologies in mind. Once you have the best keywords, then it will become easy to select a perfect domain name. For example, you want to start a photography business, then keywords like “findyourbeauty”,”fireangles”,”imagecapture” are very effective.

4. Focus on Locality or Area:
If your business is small and local, then try to include your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for native customers to search. Example: PuneMirror.com, goodmorningpune.com will do better.

5.Avoid Copyright Violation and search before purchasing.

Why web hosting is Necessary and how it works?
Becoming a good businessman is not an easy task, and it takes some time to achieve that because things are not easy in the beginning. For those who are planning to get started with a small business, a Good Web Hosting is surely a great choice. For web hosting, you don't want to invest a lot of money.

When you start a new business, then for making its online presence better and to attract the customers towards your site you must have your own website. Now, if you don’t have a website, then it is a very big risk for you as you will not able to reach out the customers who are important for your business. Any person who want to get good services he or she first google it online and then only decide to purchase or not. So, think over the matter and try to purchase web hosting from a renewed hosting company like Hostindia.Net.

Friday 16 October 2015

Which Hosting Is Best For You - VPS Or Dedicated?

VPS vs. Dedicated Server Hosting: Take Your Decision....

Dedicated Server or Virtual private server

VPS runs its own copy of the operating system so a user can install any software on that operating system. It is much more easily created and configured. They are priced much lower than an equivalent physical server. That's why most people choose VPS since it can provide power that is many times better than shared hosting at comparable rates to shared hosting.

Hosting is of four general types:

Shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), managed hosting, and dedicated servers. Shared hosting plans are lowest in performance. Who want high-performance services that people choose VPS, managed hosting, or dedicated hosting options.
There are many different options available for people like VPS and Dedicated Servers.
From the last few years, VPS is becoming very popular among peoples. As this virtualization is becoming popular as it gives power and all facilities to people. There are a number of advantages and reasons why a company should choose to host their website or application with a VPS. Here are some reasons why VPS hosting is Necessary for a Business:

VPS provides More stability and reliability for web hosting

Shared web hosting will be a thing that people used in the past. As the VPS is taking its head up the common shared hosting will not be available in next few days.
When hosting with a shared server, your website’s uptime and performance get affected by the other websites on the same server. It is very important to look into the matter that is the Shared Hosting Plans are good for your business and are you willing to take lots of risks as it is impacting on your business?

Provides More control Than Shared Hosting:

One of the best use of hosting on a VPS plan is that users can get complete root access to the environment. In this way, if you want a custom software package installed on your OS, you can do it so without waiting for your hosting provider to support you with that. Shared web servers are typically most effective for security and performance, and this directly leads to that there are many well known hosting, software plans that are not supported due to security limitations. If you have your own virtual environment, then it will allow you to overcome all the issues that are coming while using.

VPS Is Environmental friendly, and more Efficient To Use:

Environmental friendly websites are becoming more popular in peoples from few last years. With a Dedicated Server Plan, you are accepting all the resources of a server – which means that you are the only person who is getting benefits from that server’s power utilization. With the help of a virtual private server, a large dedicated server is being divided many virtual environments. In this way, many people are sharing the resources of the physical server in a different manner.

Provides Scalability:

Some peoples who have websites established and do not expect much more variation in the amount of traffic they are receiving. For such people, this factor may not be that much of importance. However, for persons who are designing their website newly and with lots of hope, of growing their business Successful and getting lots of traffic from their sites for such persons growing it without any downtime and any resource issue is a very important thing.
When you take a VPS plan that is then stored in a container. This container is supported with a certain amount of resources depending on the Virtual Private Server Plan you have bought. The key thing about these containers is how they work is that they easily get allocated more or fewer resources as per your need. For example, if you want upgradetion of your ram very urgently when you are expecting a high stream of visitors, then you can just add more ram to your container easily by just clicking on a button. If you are using a dedicated server, then at that time a person has to physically install the new ram into.

VPS Is Very Cost-Effective Plan:

VPS hosting plans are now much less expensive than they were in the last few years. Because of virtualization, prices are expected to decrease. Due to this reason, VPS hosting is a good option for all the users having small or large sized website. It is very useful for those who just are starting their new brand new websites. You can get this VPS server at just a very small amount. This VPS plan is just as affordable as many shared hostings are.

Once you decide to go with a VPS solution, then the chances of coming back are very less. Many VPS plans also come up with the popular control panels that will take care of all your necessities related to the maintaining and managing the websites. If you are really interested then you can check VPS plans from Hostindia.net.

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Monday 12 October 2015

Few New Domain Extension For India you need to know.

If you are looking for a Domain Name, the first domain extension will strike to our mind is .com and obviously, it will, as from the very first we are using the .com domain extension.
Apart from .com other domain few other extensions such as .net, .org, .edu, .gov, and few other website suffixes know as top level domain (LTDs). However, if you try to search a domain extension you can find hundreds of them and very soon thousands will come. But most of the people are not aware of every domain name. Before we discuss it, let's find out the domain history.

domain extension you should know

History Of Domain:

On 1st January 1938 ARPANET adopted TCP/IP and from that day till now the internet is getting developed and has almost reached worldwide. In the very fastest history of internet discovery, there is no domain name facility for any web address. University of Wisconsin technicians developed a name server and the name server design for numeric only like

In 1985 the world has been introduced by domain name with extension in order to avoid confusion. From 1985 to till date millions and billions of domain has been registered. However, some domain have a very stranded price and few domains are known as premium domain having very high price, then expectation, like Insurance.com has sold out with $35.6 million in 2010 and Internet.com @ price of $18 million in 2009.

Why should I Choose another extension:

As .com is the very fast domain extension so it is easy to recall, But it's wake time. Look around, you will find tons of other extensions which give you an awesome website name to jump start your business.

Take an example of that you are going to open a coffee shop and looking for a domain name for your website! Now if you look for a domain name with .com extension, then you have to rub your mind at least ten times. Okay, it's time for thinking creatively.
How about fresh.coffee, refresh.coffee, shop.coffee, getme.coffee, drink.coffee, love.coffee,
Well, now you are smiling!!

Here .coffee is the extension and you must add some desired name before that.
Here is another one suppose you have a business of Packers and Movers, then you can select a domain extension of .solutions. Here is some creative name punepacking.solution, packingpune.agency, packingmoving.exports.

Not only this ,here I am mentioning some extension with domain name ideas.

.Institute– Specially for educational site. Example:- carrier.institute, computer.institute,

.Photography– For studio and personal photo gallery. Example:- creative.photography, nature.photography, beauty.photography, model. Photography, yourname.photography

.Bike– For them who have bike shop, garage and having the passion for biking. Example:- getme.bike, speed.bike, style.bike, portal.bike, spotted.bike, make.bike

.Agency –This extension can be used by all most all agencies.
Example:-philosophy.agency, sociology.agency, model. agency, vacation. Agency, management.agency,

.Me –It can used for personal portfolio and blog sites to show your ideas and creativeness. Example:- advice.me, sharestory.me, contact.me.

.Guru –Especially to show off your experience and talent. love.guru, naukri.guru, freelancer.guru.

Some other domain extension yet to know: .name, .singles, .graphics, .blue, .pink, .red, .webcam, .management, .social, .tips, .supplies, .cab, .cool, .card, .expert and more domain extensions.

However, this domain name are for just few ideas to find a great domain for your need. You can use your name, place or same brand name for this extension also.

Benefits of using other domain extensions:

Choosing a .com domain will specify that your site is targeting globally and the subject of business can be found out from the domain. If you are using a specific domain extension according to your business, then your extension will explain your business nature. Such as in hostinia.net the domain extension is .net indicate that this website is related to the internet. And if we choose hostindia.net, that means this website is related to the internet and special targeting to India user.

Your domain extension can make your domain name short and ear pleasing. In my first example, I had mentioned a beautiful domain suggestion that is fresh.coffee. Anyone clearly can say that this website is dealing with coffee business and providing fresh coffee. In this case, your domain name completes half of your business explanation.

Finally, if you are Looking a Domain Name and it is not available then what?
In my previous blog (6 Tips to choose the best domain name for your business.) I had already mentioned about the same. However, here is few quick tips to avoid the upper line issue.
  • Use a hyphen(-) or under-scope(_)in an appropriate way.
  • You can use numeric and avoid some characters. Exp: bestfive.in can be best5.in
  • Add some awesome adjective to your domain name. Exp: hosterpune.com can be besthosterpune.com
  • The last one but not least one, choose any other name according to your need. Hopefully, you got some very good domain name suggestion.

Still tons of new domain extension are discovered every year and yet to become more. The reason of launching new domain is to take the world to a new step of digitization. This blog also states that take the advantage of this domain extension and forward your business by a step.

Monday 5 October 2015

How can your website make a difference in your business?

website to grow your business

Why should I build a website?
What is the benefit of having a website?
Does my business really need a website?
Is a website built is a worth of money?

For most of the small business and medium business man are struggling with the same question. Window shop also having the same question about the website. If you have a business and you are looking for the answer, then you are at the right place. Let's serious about a website requirement for a business.

Before we go deep into the matter here is some statistics about internet user. Till 2014 more than 40% people are using the internet in worldwide and in 2015 the percentage is increased to more than 44%. Near about 50 crore peoples are using the internet in India. In which more than 10% internet is accessing through mobile devices only. In terms of E-commerce business, India is also increasing by a tremendous percentage.

If we look a few years back we can find window shop and physical shape are the prime source of business, but now most of the business is happening online in order to save time and effort. In a short, you can say digital marketing brings changes in the Indian market.

However, let's look for few reason and easy tips for which small business owner will start thinking about having a website for their business.

People are getting smart:
Whenever people are looking for some information they will start searching at the internet then every before. This not only the matter also most of our young generation searching job in the internet, peoples are getting their needs of business and some people make the internet as their business. Selling, purchasing, booking, research, submission, apply and much more happening through the internet with a less effort and quick time period.
However, in this situation, having a small business with a perfect website can make your small business to a real player and provide a great service.

Educate your Customer:
If you have a new product or different service, then in the first step you have to make your customer more familiar with the product-service and make them understand what you are selling and the importance. The more people will learn about your product the more you will get business.

You can create a blog for your website and start publishing the post about your product and service process. Publish more Article, infographics, PDF and images various sites to provide more information. The advantage is, when a customer calls you to the same product, already the product idea which will save your time and sales will be done easily.

This is a most powerful tool to increase your business size. If your service is great, then your customer will refer your product to another, automatically you will get new customers. However, you can add a tab of “Refer a Friend” link on your website. Highly satisfied customer will help you to grow your business by sending your website link to their friends searching for the same service.

Social Media Engagement:
This is one of the freest powerful tools can help any business to grow initially. Create your business page on multiple social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Provide information and updates about your business including discount, new offers, new products to make your user engaged. Trust me, friend the power of social media will take your business to your desired destination. Post images and content which should informative and make your user share, like and comment. Once your post will go viral means it will build a brand for your business. Add all social media button on your website.

Collect Customer information:
Once you host your website successfully, you can start collecting customer information such as customer name, mobile number and Email Ids. Add a contact us page in your website with a lead capturing box, the Same box you can add to your blog and article site also. Always offer something free or discount offer in the caption of the lead capturing box such as:
  • Get Free 15 Minute Free Consultant NOW!
  • Register here to get one month Free Subscription.
  • Register here to get the FREE sample.
  • Register now and get 20% Discount.

Email Marketing:
The effective power of email marketing helps a lot of business to grow. Run email campaigning for your business. Send professional emails, decent content with nice presentation to the bulk amount of user interested in your product or related to your product. Make sure your mail won't go to spam rather than going to going user Inbox. Send email from your website customized email address. You can Get Email Hosting from the same hosting provider, where you host your website. Don't ignore the power of email marketing.

Establish a Relationship with your Customer:
This one of the success mantra for every business. In this case, your website will be your communicating medium to your customer. Provide the easiest way to connect your customer and engaged them for a long period of time. Apart from email and telephone, you can add live chatting option on your website to give instant information. Add knowledge-base, online forum and commenting option on your website for making your service more user-friendly than the other.
However, your social media, providing the same facility with additional review option but still some people are not using social media.

Make your online presence Impressive:
We have already discussed this in the upper, but still some more point you have looked into.
  • Make your website structure, easy to navigate and more user-friendly.
  • Create some video about your website and service, make them publish on Youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo! Screen and DailyMotion.
  • Publish PDF and Infographics in various sites like: docs.google, slideshare.net, 4shared.com
  • Proactively answer your product query or related product query participating in various answer sites, such as: Yahoo answer, Quara.
  • Include yourself in multiple online forum and join your product related discussion.
  • Publish Press release about your company regularly on multiple news sites.

Having a website is not so expensive nowadays. A company like Hostindia.net is providing Domain Registration Service starting from 149/year and Web Hosting Service starting @39/month. Apart from the website on internet you can find lots of free platforms to build your online presence. With your little and honest effort can make a huge profit in your business.