Friday 26 December 2014

How digital marketing brings changes in India's Marketing industry:

Today we will have a brief discussion about digital marketing potential and how it has affected our physical marketing. Before going to the topic I would like to present some information about the Indian market.

In past 5 years, India has come with a revolutionary change in the overall market. Statistics said that in past 3 years India had double of his all product including manufacturing and service. So you can say India is a top developing country in the world. As everything is on the way of development so are the marketing strategy developing with the technology. The earlier company preferred physical marketing and also gave a good result, but with the time changing environment our customer changed and they are getting modern and hi-tech. In order to save time and effort, they start surveying the product on the internet. If they find anything wrong about a service and product they raise their voice on the Internet. Social media had played a vital role to make our customer modern.

Now, let's look into some function which has been changed due to digital marketing. First of all, lets think about Shopping. In the time when people used to visit shops to full fill their needs, that time marketing roles were zero. Then shopping complex and malls were developed then they started physical marketing and electronic marketing. Electronic marketing is dealing with TV and radio advertise. After that e-commerce business had started which was found by amazon. Letter on so many companies had raised their head and competitions started. As it deals with the internet so business owner started marketing on the internet. They had used the different platform to reach people with their product. This practice had given a new direction to the marketing called a digital marketing.

So digital marketing is nothing but marketing on the internet to sell a product. As we know “Necessity is the mother of invention” so our online marking requirement leads to create multiple platforms on the internet. Now a days digital marketing is included with social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC(Pay Per Click), remarketing, video marketing, email marketing, banner/display marketing, content marketing, link building, online reputation management, blogging, forum, article, press release and many more. In digital marketing, we try to drag a good no of traffic to our website to achieve our sales target. Digital marketing is divided into two type push market and pull market.
Pull market is a marketing in which customer want some product and service so he searches on the internet and reaches to a destination. In this process, a marketers try to appear in the 1st in the search result and basically its conversion ratio is very high. Pull market is dealing with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) PPC(Pay Per Click).

Push marketing is something, say, you want to sell your product to a customer even though he doesn't want that or he is not interested in that product. So conversion ratio in this method is very less. Push market belongs to remarketing, video marketing, email marketing, banner/display marketing, content marketing, link building, online reputation management, blogging, forum, article, press release.
Now a days social media is very active in young generation so businessman are taking the advantage of social media platform to enhance their product or service reach.

The advantage of digital marketing is we can track each and every customer activity his nature of choice, interest even though by using some advanced technology we can track each and every customer pointer position. And this is the main lesson of digital marketing had been choosing by every businessman.
In tradition marketing like giving add in the newspaper and sending mail, we can't track the customer reach or his activity.

So This is the right time go ahead for a domain registration, website and web hosting because now is better than later. 
Apart from this also businessman still carry forwarding with marketing techniques in electronic marketing like TV(television) and Radio.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Choosing a Best Web Hosting for your Website !

Choosing between free and paid web hosting !!

Finding the right Web Host can be very daunting, especially since typing ‘web hosting India’ in Google will get you thousands of company and suggestion. Every Web Host company in India seems to be outselling their products with the best deals and it can be very hard to filtrate the deals we can trust or purchase and the ones we need to be wary of.

There are several factors and things we need to consider before deciding if a particular Web Hosting is worth our time and money. After all, the main thing anyone required is to do is transfer their entire website data to a different service provider as his current service provider fails them.

Free or paid web hosting service

* Choosing Between Free or Paid Web Hosting India this all depends on what you want your website for. If you simply want to have a personal blog to share with friends or a place to store your photos then free hosting can be fine. But if you’re planning on creating a business or online store then paid to host is much safer and will have much better features to offer you.

Free websites are excellent for newbies that want to learn all about web design but don’t want to risk losing money if they mess up! It’s a great way to learn the experience and outs of web building and a super way to test your website before actually using it.
Website with free web hosting service

Most free websites have limited disk space with limited data transfer and limited bandwidth but this is a fair enough for them who want a small website for their small business or blog to submit your ideas and experience. But sometimes if you are taking some free services from any service providers then they show their add or pop-up their add in the website which is a negative for a user and also for a search engine. up ads and this can not only be ugly but annoying to your visitors.
Paid hosting will have different plans for you to choose from with added features like free domain names, free sub-domains, unlimited email accounts, GI-Bin, MySQL databases, e-commerce set up, shopping carts, and Microsoft FrontPage extensions etc. Many free hosts will not have these services available.

You’ll most likely find that paid hosting offers much better customer service and reliability.

BEWARE: One thing that should be known about free hosting is many hosting sites are purposely set up with the intention of selling for profit in a few months. What are the tell tail signs of this?? Usually by offering huge bandwidth and web space amounts per member. It may be something like up to 50GB bandwidth and over 20GB web space. This is a good deal for a member which makes it easier for them to sell their business later.

Often with free hosting the company can collapse quite quickly due to inexperienced webmasters and run out of funds. You probably won’t have to worry about this kind of thing with free hosting from Yahoo or any other huge organization but the chances are much higher coming from tiny companies no-one has heard of.

Free sites that offer MySQL for free can be a danger and should be avoided. Why? Well, MySQL is a server’s biggest recourse destroyer and with thousands of free members using its features like crazy such as forums, blogs and whatever else will eventually cause slow pages. If a free hosting company offers MySQL they should charge you a small fee for it.

Another problem with free hosting is the size of the files you’re allowed to upload. Many sites have a limit of 5 MB or something like that.

which is fine for a lot of people but if you want to start uploading programs and zip files that are over 1 gig then this is really going to cause you problems. This isn't usually an issue with paid hosting.

Hidden deep within the terms of service of many free sites is also a condition that ‘x’ amount UNIQUE people must visit your site per month/week. Many private/personal websites will never be able to get 10 unique visits per week simply because their site was made for their own use or for family and friends. Wouldn't it be a waste to spend all that time making your site just to have it deleted! is a Pune based domainregistration in India and Web Hosting India company, famous for his best and quick service capacity.

So at the end of the day, it’s usually much safer to get paid hosting, especially if it’s to host your business or livelihood.

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