Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Be the owner of your 'own website' (getting started)- hostindia.net

Hostindia.net is going to teach you all about the website and its supporting ingredients.
All about building and hosting a website.

If you are a beginner, if you are willing to know everything in a short and systematic way, yes, you are not alone in the search, and we are here to help you get what you desire. In every step of the way.
First of all, take it out of your mind that creating a website or hosting it is very difficult. Not at all. It's a piece of cake, but what is important that you like the flavor.
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As it is the beginner's guide lets just get the steps right:
Steps for hosting a great website:
A good website needs a great idea, always design a website keeping your business in mind,  it needs to be popular for its user-friendly layout. Make a rough layout of what you are willing to put online. Write about the media coverage of your product (if any), awards/ rewards you recently achieved. It brings Large attention.
Always remember, content is the 'king'. Always try to write a good content. No matter how creative your ideas are, putting them in right words is the TASK...!
 If this website is for your business or company, follow the basics: custom menu > About us> Company profile> Products > Pricing> Contact us.
A custom menu makes it easier for your visitors to search exactly what they are looking for. Add relevant data on each page and write it in an impressive fashion. Make it easy and market it well. Write about your product in brief, but do not exaggerate. People can easily understand the difference.
Just praise your product do not compare with competitors that put your impression down.
Yes, it is a bit of tricky part, if you are a tech savvy goes ahead create your own website, but if you are not into IT like me you are still going to shine away. There are many website builder tools available online, I suggest hostindia.net's builder tool, it is easy and have a lot of features, you can have a look for website builder here,
If you are willing to write your own codes for your website that is good! but for people like me (non-tech) I suggest ask for help, or our well-known website builder tool is there. Our website builder tool gives a lot of custom made temple options to choose from. It gives you ready made hotel temple, For coffee shops, your showroom, travel agency's templet's and much more, check it out you'll seriously get affected by its finish.
After the development, Keep in mind that purchasing the domain name and hosting service from the same provider helps you a lot.
Choosing the correct domain name and hosting service can be crucial. I suggest picking something Brand-able and easy to remember.
 for example mywebsite.domainname, or mybusiness.domainname.
Step 5: LAUNCH
A website needs some additional support to get published, it requires to have a domain name and hosting service. Which is easy to get and light on your pocket. You will have to do the following:
  1. Find, choose and purchase the web hosting.
  2. Then take the backup of the contents of your website, it must be for your own purpose only.
  3. Test your website on various browsers.
  4. Install website analytics for keeping track of its success.
  5. Whoever is your web host, will need your files in order to keep & publish the contents. So transfer the files to your web host.
It is not enough to simply create an amazing website and launch it, keeping the website up-to-date is remarkably important. Always remember that the content of your website is key to getting people's attention. 
Hoping that your doubts would get clear with this post. For more details stay tuned!!
I will always be happy to hear from you, you can ask any questions by commenting below.
 Please like or comment if it was useful for you. You can even request for posts, I try to put them as early as possible.

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