Wednesday 7 February 2018

G Suite is coming up in the business productively with 4 million paying customers.

G Suite has now 4 million paying customers where the Google’s Cloud Business is already raking in billions of dollars per quarter. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said had revealed the excellence of the G Suite and Google Cloud Business at the conference call while making the Alphabet’s earnings announcement. The Google’s Cloud Business includes the G Suite productivity applications and Goole Cloud Platform which is a rival to the Microsoft’s Cloud-based Office 365.

Sundar Pichai noted that the Google Cloud has now reached a great scale where they are excited to share that they are earning billion dollars per quarter business. Google Cloud Platform is also exponentially growing as the public cloud provider across the world. G Suite is succeeding well and the data itself proves where G Suite 4 million paying customers are doubled in the past two years which represent a steady efficient growth.
G Suite Applications is indeed helping everyone globally with their day to day activities with different kinds of office applications delivered with excellent designs and features. Generally, people are very convenient in using the Microsoft Office so G Suite has smartly designed their office applications that will provide flexibility and convenience in operating the G Suite Applications. Most of the G Suite Applications are free but there are some of the applications that you may have to pay a subscription fee. The greatest advantage that is provided by the G Suite Applications is that it is remote so you can view the application and share it with the other team members.

It is not surprising that we are witnessing G Suite doing well in the coming years because of the excellent services that they are providing to power up the work with simple tools. G Suite Application provides Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts, Gmail, Forms, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Site for Collaboration. G Suite provides powerful security protocols where the G Suite users will be not seeing any advertisements compared to the other free services provided by the other providers. The user's data and information won’t be used for the Advertisement purposes so this shows that G Suite will not compromise Users Security. Google has also introduced the collaboration of the digital interactive Whiteboard Jam board. With all these cool features provided by the G Suite, it is expected that G Suite will be dominating the market side by side with Microsoft relating with the Office tools and Cloud Platform.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

What should you opt for? Windows or Linux Hosting?

When you are looking for a hosting plan you must be noticing that many web hosts offer Linux or Windows hosting. This is because these two hosting plan provides a lot of features and functions regarding Operating System, Performance, hosting plans and much more.

Windows and Linux have a wide variety of different services with different pricing, performance, database formats, security and other features which will affect the functions of the hosting. With Data management Windows and Linux have similar features and the easiest tool you will find in both of the systems is the FTP server. It is fast and convenient which is very great for a file manager. The Operating System is also friendly with the files such JavaScript and HTML. CGI is provided by both the Operating System which is a tool commonly utilised for working on the shopping carts and other E-Commerce solutions. MySQL is also now processed by both of the Operating System but it MySQL was originally was Linux Format. 

Linux Hosting:
Linux is a very convenient Operating System and that is why it is the most popular server solution. Linux’s three components which are MySQL, PHP and pricing are considered to be a flexible solution. MySQL and PHP can operate on the Windows servers but you will get the maximum outcome when you operate this together. This combination works on Linux excellently because MySQL and PHP were originally used for Linux. Linux web hosting is cost-effective where most of the functions provided by the Operating System cost nothing. For Start-up Linux is the preferred choice in consideration with the Flexible system, low, database formats and popular coding and etc. 

Windows Server OS:
If you are working with the ASP.NET then you will have to go for Windows Powered Server. ASP.NET is somewhat similar to PHP and HTML but it utilises a different request processing scheme. ASP.NET works with various databases types. ASP.NET algorithm aids Windows Server to work with big databases faster but you will not find any data to support that idea. It is a myth when they say in a blog or articles that Windows is less secure than Linux. Linux also has a lot of security issues its better with a proper background checkup. 

Which is better Windows or Linux Web Hosting?
  In some ways, Windows is better preference and in some Linux has its own great features too. Basically, the answer comes down to this is that it depends on the user as to what they want according to their requirement so they can choose either one of them to accompany them with work. People who require more than one single domain operating on a cheaper hosting plan with just simple five-page HTML/CSS website are offered a host that provides little disk space and bandwidth but with great automated tools and support that can help them with initial set up. But there are other users who will require highly technical support team that will guide them to scale up exponentially their demand for additional resources grows. For such users, it’s better to do a proper evaluation and interviews their web host to check what services they provide and how they deliver extended support. Windows and Linux have their own advantages and disadvantages so it depends on the usage whether which operating system will be the best option for you. It’s better to consult with your webmaster to understand which Operating System will be the best option for you. You need to list down the requirement and the goals when you will be choosing an Operating System and the Web host so that it can help you know which function, features and advantages can be best suited to cater your needs.

Thursday 1 February 2018

Things that bring the website down and remedies to eradicate this problem.

So many websites are overloaded with a lot of stuff on their websites such as images, links, advertisement, grammatical mistakes and what not. I am sure that you must have stumbled on articles that have a great info but is not structured properly. The advertisement is the most annoying thing to have on a website because it just keeps on popping in front of the screen and hides the content on the website. There are so many websites that make so many silly mistakes and doesn’t realize as to how it is affecting the website. If you are facing similar problem then first you have to learn the basic of any website and the basic is viewer satisfaction. Make sure that you don’t offer your needs first and let the visitor navigate your website with ease.

In this article, I will am going to guide as to what mistakes that you should avoid in your content and website:-

Slow Website:-

In this world, everyone hates a slow website because waiting for the website to load and then again wait patiently for the whole website content to load is pretty much irritating. Do you know that the viewers will only wait only 5 seconds for your website to load and if it delays then the visitor will eventually lose interest and hop on to another website.


If a website is selling a product or a service and there is no way to contact the customer support or if you want to connect with an author and there is no email id provided then such website is a complete fail. A website like this is making a dumb mistake because they are failing to retain its customers and readers. Make sure that you provide an email id or a contact no:- so that they can reach if they find any difficulty.

Advertising is a big Distraction:-

Let’s understand a scenario where you have written down a content and in the middle of the content there is something very important you want the readers to read but the advertisement on the page becomes so distracting that before the reader reads it, the reader is already distracted with the advertisement. What we can learn from here is that too much Advertisement will hamper your website in a very bad way so you structure the advertisement in such a way that it doesn't disappoint the viewer. 


Now you must be thinking of adding a plugin because it will make your website more interesting and fun. But what about fun on a website where the website is loading slowly because of the plugin or most of the visitors are not interested in the plugin. Even if you want to add plugin then make sure that it is relevant to your website. If you want facebook followers or twitter followers then you can add a plug-in to your website but by adding an irrelevant plug-in where the visitor is not interested at all then it is a complete waste of time and space.

Grammatical mistakes:-

Don’t you know that most of the readers and viewers are very picky about the website content and the design of the website. But anyway here we are talking about the grammatical mistake made in content. You should add a built-in spell checker that will correct out your mistakes. If your whole website consists of poor structured content and tons of spelling mistakes then the visitor will make sure that your website is not been visited again and may share with others how poorly your website is doing. 

As you have learned as to what mistakes that bring your website down then I am sure that you will be implementing all these points when you are building your website. The most important thing is that while you are setting up your website make sure that you are able to combine all the elements in a website properly. Having a fast loding website able to hold a user more time. Somehow, your website loding speed is also depends on web hosting servcie, thelocatin of hosting and the user is also metters.