Friday 27 March 2015

Useful web hosting tips for beginner’s

Useful web hosting tips

      Previously to create a single website of 5-10 pages, the cost was around 10-25 thousand and you would get a simple website. The designer will develop a website with his choice. But now a day building a website is not so hard and is also very affordable. Platforms like WordPress, joomla are providing free and easy to build development tool. Domain registration also becomes very easy and cheap. Well, if you are building a customized website for your small business or blog purpose, then you have to purchase a web hosting plan for your website.
Now here are some useful tips about web hosting for beginners which will help you to understand hosting better.
So fill the coffee mug.....

What is web hosting?

Yes, this is a first question which is still confusing you. Here is a simple example: your domain name is your building address, your website is your building, your land is your web hosting and your landlord is your hosting service provider. Your land or the particular place is occupied by you and it is holding your building same as your server will hold all your files of your website and when someone will type the domain then your website will be appearing.
Web hosting plan depends on you such as how much space you want for hosting, bandwidth and server platform like Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting.

How do I choose the best hosting company?

Basically choosing a web hosting company is a very crucial moment of this procedure. You have to do some necessary web research about the company. You have to take care and the important is their support because no one can guarantee you 100% issue free server If some hosters assuring you then he is fooling you. Sometimes you may have to struggle with the technical support team for server issue. So, you have to always think about their support facility:

How you can connect with them?
Are they providing 24/7 service?
In which language they will communicate with you?
What about on national holidays?

These are mainly a primary thing you should clear first. Apart from this how much space you are getting from your hosting plan and how much you need at best for your website. If your service provider provides 99.9% guarantee uptime then fine, or less than that will not be good for any other website. Ensure that your host providers have a regular backup facility.
Well these are the basic things about a hoster, you need to cross check you can read more about how to choose a hosting company in our previous blog:

What do I need to consider when choosing a hosting package?

Choosing a perfect web hosting plan totally depends on your website requirement. It is not about your current goals it is also about your future planning about your website. So choose a plan which will give you the flexibility of upgrading and degradation of the hosting plan.
Apart from this, you have to look for data storage, data transfer, bandwidth language support technology.

Also cross check whether web hoster is not selling anything extra which is not necessary for you, like E-mail space, SSL certification and sometimes different tools which you really don,t want.

Where in the world is your web server?

As we discussed above web server store your file so you have the rights to know where your files are stored. Make sure that your server should locate in your country. Because if your server will appear very far in a geographical era, it may slow down your server.

It is true that the internet has incredible speed, but still, if your website has a geographical target audience, then the own country server will do better. If you are targeting worldwide customer from the same the server then server speed and reliability is more important.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is basically a source providing or supplying medium. In a simple term, you can say a pipeline through which data is flowing and connection between internet and your website. Suppose your website size is 100 km and your bandwidth is 1 MB that means 10 people can access your website in a single time and more than that will slow down your website.
If you have a large size website and traffic is also very high to the website then it may slow down your site due to traffic jump or maybe there would be crashed in your server.
Imagine a cup with full of water and beer bottle full of water. In both cases who will become empty first if we try to drain the water. Definitely the cup first.
In the 2nd if we put thin pipes and try to drain water then also the cup will be able to add more pipes.
In this two cases prove that a great bandwidth is better for your website.

In actual hosting providers are providing very good amount of bandwidth, but still you have to cross check it and also keep in mind that how much traffic you are going to get per day.

Should I worry about data transfer limits?

It is a certain amount of data which is provides for a certain amount of time. Like visitors are browsing your site, that means they are downloading some data so it has a limit, more than that will be extra charges or depends on your service providers.
Note: Now a day all most all service providers provide an unlimited data transfer limit so absolutely no need to worry about data transfer limits.

What is database technology?

A database is a collection of data, which will store your data and flash it whenever it is required.
This technology is used by dynamic website and blogs. Simple you can say the sites those are using dynamic URLs, login facility and add to cart option are using this technology.

What is Scripting?

Scripting is nothing but a bunch of languages like HTML java, PHP and many more are there also. This languages bunch creates some shots of programming which can be popped in your website. These scripts are highly complicated and heavy sized. Collecting of data, analyse your traffic, online transaction and many more complicated work can be done.

More advice form

In the above article, you can be able to get basic knowledge about web hosting and its function. So hopefully this will help to choose a great Web Hosting Service for your featured website. Still, if you are having some confusion, then contact sales expert who can help you to choose a perfect hosting plan for your need.
To choose a hosting plan no need to keep in touch with a sales team regularly, but giving one hour and having a cup of tea with expert may give you a new way to your hosting. is a 16 year old company providing all kinds of business solution including value added service, including Google apps and Microsoft office 365.

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