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How to build an attractive and user friendly website for your business.

Tips to build an amazing website

This is very common that when ever we see a good website or attractive website we all love to spend some time on that page. In the same way when ever we plan for a website we always think that thousands of customer should be attracted to my website as well. 

It is a universal truth that people come to your website to get some information or something that they are looking for. But the easy and visible design module also plays a great role in a website design. Honestly, your website is the virtual mirror of your business or organization.

If you have a very good product and people are really looking for that, then you build an accurate website, spend a handful amount to promote your website and finally you will get some visitor to your website. But if your customer will not stay for a while also on your website then we cant accept a good conversion rate from the customer.

People always prefer creative ideas and awesome look. In this article, we will discuss few step which will help you to build a website more attractive and user-friendly, and it will make your customer,  wait a while at your website. 

1:- Build your Home page to create the first impression.
Build your Home page to create first impression.
Most of the web traffic falls on the home page of the website and your home page is your welcome desk. If you are creating a website then keep in mind that home page will be the face of your website which tells or narrates the story of your website.
Make your home page full of genuine information and proper navigation system. Best to not use any ads or pup-ups on the home page. Try to build a trust factor between customer and website. Don't do everything in a hurry which will lead you a negative result.
Designing and developing a homepage is the most important part of a website.

2:- Your site should be build with ease to find a domain name and first loading technology.
ease to find a domain name and first loading technology
To get a customer directly to your website or if you a looking for some traditional customer then you should go for a domain name which is easy to remember and recognizable Remember domain name registration with a proper name is also a part of your website design.
Slow loading site is the main reason to make your customer hate your site. Most of the site basically take more than 20 seconds to load the site and our digital customer doesn't have that much of patience.
A trick is here, use more text which should give more information and less graphic. We can use G-Zip to compress the files and reduce the loading time.
Make your site which could be uploaded in less than 10 seconds. On the internet, there are so many speed checker tolls available for free. You can check your website speed over theirs. You can use google speed checker tool also.
Make your site compatible with all devices like PC, mobile and tablet by using CSS(Cascading style sheets)

3:- Use suitable Color combination with the proper background.
proper background for your website
If you are putting a very good information that visitors are searching for, but the color combination is not good, text images and the background color is same, the text fund we are using is not visible properly, then the site is not user-friendly.
It is very essential to make your text clear and visible, the best practices are to use black text on white background. You can use colored text and background but it should be properly visible to the user.

4:- Don't use more pop-ups ads, better to avoid.

While we create a website our main target should be our audience and audience pleasure. Now a days if you open a website an irritating no of ads or pup-ups will appear on the website which will reduce the user attraction towards the website.
What is ads or pop-ups?

Ads is basically an image banner or text banner appears in header or footer or left and right side of the body. Pop-ups is a small window open automatically or when we click any link on the website it will open in additional. These elements are not the part of the website. The purpose of the ads are , marketing of a product or service. And the website owner get some money for running the ads.
But this is totally wrong. The overuse of ads will lose the customer potential forever. Yes if you are selling some products with an offer then and if the customer is looking for that only then you can run the ads.

5:- Easy to navigate design.

Easy to navigate website designIf you are planning a multiple pages website or more then 50 page then your website should have easy to navigate design website, which helps your customer to find relevant page more easily and quickly.
Don't make your website more complicated which makes your visitor click more and scroll down multiple times. Make your website in a simple way for that a customer click less than 10 times and don’t have to scroll down again and again.
Use text link to and site-map in your website to make your website user-friendly. In the top of the website put a clear menu and sub-menu category.

6:- Brief about your details and don't forget your purpose.

details about your websiteFinally, u can submit all details about your company including location, contact number, contact email address, phone no, who you are, what are you doing. Highlight your main service or product in the about us product. Basically, a visitor will want to have a look at the details of the company before purchasing a product or taking a service. Always remember, provide 100% genuine information.
Don't forget the purpose of your website if you are trying to sell a product or providing some service then decide your website design before you build the website. Don't put tons of graphics and eye pleasing images it can attract customer but may not buy your products. Check your website properly and think honestly that is your website made to sell products or to impress your visitor?

Some other tips apart from this to have an amazing website:-
Some other tips to build an  amazing website
* Always use a customer winner content with proper call to action factors.
* Define your customer in a professional way, not in a negative way.
* Start your content with a plan and answer some question which are very general in same topic.
* Create a contact form or requesting form for information for a business purpose.
* Provide free download documents for more information about your website.
* Make your site SEO and search engine friendly.
* Put social button like facebook, twitter and google+
* If it is possible then put blogging or commenting options.
* Choose a best web hosting service provider for your website.

Remember if a user is satisfied with your service, product or information then the customer will come back again for some more... :)

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