Friday 5 September 2014

VPS and its importance/ VPS how to choose the best plan/ VPS the small business manager.

VPS server hosting and plan

A VPS ( virtual private server) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service.

It is essential this way to bridge the gap between the shared hosting and dedicated servers.

It's beneficial to the business that is big enough to outgrow the shared hosting package limits but still small to afford the high prices of the dedicated servers.

In shared hosting, a single server is segregated according to the customers need and price comfortability. It is a very cost effective way to the business or startup companies having not too many needs. A satisfying small group of customers and clients interacting at daily basis.

As soon as the startups grow its necessary the hosting plan to grow with them too. It means that the limited bandwidth and restricted web hosting space becomes less for them to operate from. They need bandwidth and large hosting space many domain names and also their control panel stuff.

The VPS means Partitioning a single server to appear as multiple servers. And giving control to each server to boot itself separately. Its a best way to run any business by using VPS hosting
but there are loopholes in choosing the good hosting provider.

How to decide which hosting provider will be good for us? We are going to help you with that only.
Virtual Private Servers

These are tips for you to choose wisely and cross check what features you need are available in a package. Every company gives a good show about their good features, to know more we need to dig deep.

First of all never fall for cheap things at an instant. There may be hundreds of companies saying that the product is cheap and reliable. But the point is, are we actually looking for just the price or comparing the whole package. Just because a company advertises cheap virtual private server hosting doesn’t mean they will actually save you money.

Things that we need a good VPS plan. Are mostly the bandwidth and the unmerited traffic, these two things give us the fast load time for our website and an extremely high deal of convenience when dealing with a lot of existing customers who have good interaction with you on daily basis.

  • Sufficient RAM: not having enough RAM will slow your website's page load time. This also results in decrease of the number of software's that you can use. The slow responsive websites are frustrating and also discourage the customers from visiting again. Because customer perception comes from your own website's performance at first.

  • High bandwidth: we were talking about this bandwidth for quite long, what is it actually. Bandwidth means the amount of information that your site is allowed to transit every month, it is included in the package. And a limit is already set, If you go overboard then the service provider will suspend your site till the rest for the month, but it rarely happens. Because set limit is at least twice more than you actually use it.

  • Disk Space: Disk space is the memory space provided by the company to store the pictures, videos, texts that are required to run your website. In short your website's on page information.

  • Customer support: VPS hosting is not easy to track single handedly, Always prefer a provider that gives you full or at least maintenance support from their side. We give you the best support and 24*7 assistance on any problem. 

  • Up to date top notch servers: the younger the technology faster is the work performance, if you opt for a cheap service and save money, then you will definitely pay for it later. The slow page load time and frequent down time is a sign of old servers.
    We give you full control over your working environment and the best technology. No downtime and fastest page load.

When we are looking at hosting package that is custom made for users, it has specifications say the disk space, the ram, the bandwidth limit and also many hosting companies have the addons as cpanel or plesk panels to give additional power and control through their service.

Benefits of the VPS servers:

The first benefit is the price difference that it gives between dedicated and the shared hosting package.

It has all the advantages of a dedicated server with limited features but reduced price,
For example it gives us the stability to automatically reboot our system, but VPS packages do not give you the complete authority over the bandwidth. We get a reduced bandwidth but this is acceptable because of the benefit that it provides.

Hoping that your doubts would get clear with this post. For more details keep reading.
In my next post I will explain the the usability and importance of control panels (plesk and cpanel)
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