Monday, 28 March 2016

Office 365: Your Complete Office solutions in cloud.

Microsoft office 365 Business tool
We are in the year of 2015 and surrounded by a highly comparative business environment. The reason is very simple everyone in their business want to appear on the top. In order to be on the top, your business should have a certain quality, secure environment and require accessible anywhere at any point of time.
Microsoft office is the perfect business tool for all your need. Microsoft one Drive for Business had synchronized office tools and cloud technology in such a way that it will give your business a secure platform by which your business can be accessed, any time, any part of the world securely.

Microsoft office release on November 19, 1990 and almost all business using office tools such as word, excel, power-point, mail and act. So all business is familiar with office tool. Now, this Microsoft one drive provides all kinds of benefits associated with cloud, including the capability of storing, syncing, sharing, collaborating and easily managing all your files in real time, thereby, making sure that every employee of yours stays on the same page. The beauty of this tool is allowing you to save all your data in the cloud server.

This Microsoft Office 365 for the Business plan give you a storage space of 1TB and it is accessible from any device and anywhere. You can save your office files and documents with provided 1 TB storage. As you can save it on cloud storage so you can share it with your team member or they can browse it and edit it if needed. You can share outside of the office strafe also for your convenience. The same file can be accessed through the different person through different PC and can be viewed, edit simultaneously and feedback can be shared by commenting. You can always sync your data and important files with your team, any time.

As your data is saved on online, secure assurance is the most important one. However, Office 365 saves all your data private by default. No one can access your data until and unless you share with them. Depending on your organisation permission and setting your desired person can access your data from the cloud.
One big question for every organisation is a data backup as sometimes it seems that the data was deleted mistakenly by the new employee. Office 365 store all your data online so by default it will save and backed up automatically. In any critical situation such as damage of the computer hard-drive, the OS crashed and any failure nothing is going to lose as your data saved in cloud buy office 365. And in a cloud, there is zero risk of data losing and server crash as it connected to different servers and having multiple data backups.

As we all are familiar with Microsoft so it is proving very easy set-up option and easy to use admin center to manage all your services. With 99.9% uptime guaranteed, easy to create business element, and customized professional business tool defiantly speed up your business.

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