Tuesday 24 March 2015

What is Email hosting and it's benefit

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In 1971, the first E-mail(Electronic Mail) Message was sent by Ray Tomlinson. From that date to till now email service acts as a major role in communication. Almost all the business, service providers and organisation use email service for communication. The Individual has also had one or more email addresses for personal use. Basically, peoples use free services like Gmail and yahoo but organisation used paid and personalized email service. There are a few reasons for which email has been favorite with everyone.
    It is free or very less expensive with low maintenance charges.
    Very easy to operate and fast sending and receiving capacity.
    Accessible from any part of the world with all type of computerized device
    Flexibility of sending most of the files through attachment
    Email address with your name or your brand name
    Safe to work with confidential documents
    Provides a marketing platform for business owner

If you have registered a domain for your need, then you will be able to get an Email hosting facility with your domain name. In a normal world, email hosting server makes your email service run.
Companies provide such service having a very large setup server: however, email hosting service provider companies, mostly supplies you with POP3 email and the basics in spam/virus protection and other features. When you are having a free email service restricted to a particular amount of server space and in paid service, you are going to get service space and email id depending upon your plans.

Understand the mechanism:

A mail server is basically a server which delivers the email from one client computers to the other client's computer.

Below is a Simple mail server design showing the Flow of E-mail.

Email hosting and it's simple mechanism

When someone types a mail in a computer or any devices and press send button, then your whole email programming will be connected to a server on the network called server internet technically known as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). SMTP is an acronym who will receive the mail from a client computer and delivered to the other server by using the internet.

Where the other client computer will connect to a server technically known as POP3(Post Office Protocol) server and as it is the 3rd version of the POP server, so it is named as POP3. When you try to download the mail from the mail server, the POP3 retrieves the information from the mail server to the client computer using third party application. In simple words pop3 allows an email client to download an email from the email server.
Both protocols are used to differentiate email server one is responsible for sending and routing the email and another one is responsible for receiving it.

Note: This is a simple infographics structure and its function. But its actual function is a bit complicated than the explained one.

Email Hosting Benefit:

As I discussed in the upper line, email service is utilized by small, medium and large business enterprises rely on custom email address matching with a company domain name which leads to building a brand value. Using customized and personalized email address is more considerable and able to build a trust factor with the customer.

Why should I pay for email hosting service:

Well this not an intelligent question, but remember a free service will not give you an email address with up to limit disk space. But having your own business and to build a brand value personalised email address is essential with a good disk space.
In my previous blog, I had given a brief discussion about the importance of customized email address. Here is the link:

How can you get an email hosting service:

Getting an email hosting service provider is not so hard, but getting a good service provider is important. Hostindia.net provides a wide range of option to choose an Email hosting service for the user. It has a multiple number of email hosting package with required number of email name, server space and Customizable user mailbox quotas. Also this company providing the facility of email space with the web hosting service, But this will good for small organisation for macro organisation separate email hosting is recommendable

Advanced web based mail access, integrated multi-layered anti-virus protection for all incoming and outgoing emails with real-time multi-layered spam protection. Web based administration with full control on all features and fully qualified technical support will makes your work simpler and smarter.

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