Thursday 29 January 2015

How to build an attractive and user friendly website for your business.

Tips to build an amazing website

This is very common that when ever we see a good website or attractive website we all love to spend some time on that page. In the same way when ever we plan for a website we always think that thousands of customer should be attracted to my website as well. 

It is a universal truth that people come to your website to get some information or something that they are looking for. But the easy and visible design module also plays a great role in a website design. Honestly, your website is the virtual mirror of your business or organization.

If you have a very good product and people are really looking for that, then you build an accurate website, spend a handful amount to promote your website and finally you will get some visitor to your website. But if your customer will not stay for a while also on your website then we cant accept a good conversion rate from the customer.

People always prefer creative ideas and awesome look. In this article, we will discuss few step which will help you to build a website more attractive and user-friendly, and it will make your customer,  wait a while at your website. 

1:- Build your Home page to create the first impression.
Build your Home page to create first impression.
Most of the web traffic falls on the home page of the website and your home page is your welcome desk. If you are creating a website then keep in mind that home page will be the face of your website which tells or narrates the story of your website.
Make your home page full of genuine information and proper navigation system. Best to not use any ads or pup-ups on the home page. Try to build a trust factor between customer and website. Don't do everything in a hurry which will lead you a negative result.
Designing and developing a homepage is the most important part of a website.

2:- Your site should be build with ease to find a domain name and first loading technology.
ease to find a domain name and first loading technology
To get a customer directly to your website or if you a looking for some traditional customer then you should go for a domain name which is easy to remember and recognizable Remember domain name registration with a proper name is also a part of your website design.
Slow loading site is the main reason to make your customer hate your site. Most of the site basically take more than 20 seconds to load the site and our digital customer doesn't have that much of patience.
A trick is here, use more text which should give more information and less graphic. We can use G-Zip to compress the files and reduce the loading time.
Make your site which could be uploaded in less than 10 seconds. On the internet, there are so many speed checker tolls available for free. You can check your website speed over theirs. You can use google speed checker tool also.
Make your site compatible with all devices like PC, mobile and tablet by using CSS(Cascading style sheets)

3:- Use suitable Color combination with the proper background.
proper background for your website
If you are putting a very good information that visitors are searching for, but the color combination is not good, text images and the background color is same, the text fund we are using is not visible properly, then the site is not user-friendly.
It is very essential to make your text clear and visible, the best practices are to use black text on white background. You can use colored text and background but it should be properly visible to the user.

4:- Don't use more pop-ups ads, better to avoid.

While we create a website our main target should be our audience and audience pleasure. Now a days if you open a website an irritating no of ads or pup-ups will appear on the website which will reduce the user attraction towards the website.
What is ads or pop-ups?

Ads is basically an image banner or text banner appears in header or footer or left and right side of the body. Pop-ups is a small window open automatically or when we click any link on the website it will open in additional. These elements are not the part of the website. The purpose of the ads are , marketing of a product or service. And the website owner get some money for running the ads.
But this is totally wrong. The overuse of ads will lose the customer potential forever. Yes if you are selling some products with an offer then and if the customer is looking for that only then you can run the ads.

5:- Easy to navigate design.

Easy to navigate website designIf you are planning a multiple pages website or more then 50 page then your website should have easy to navigate design website, which helps your customer to find relevant page more easily and quickly.
Don't make your website more complicated which makes your visitor click more and scroll down multiple times. Make your website in a simple way for that a customer click less than 10 times and don’t have to scroll down again and again.
Use text link to and site-map in your website to make your website user-friendly. In the top of the website put a clear menu and sub-menu category.

6:- Brief about your details and don't forget your purpose.

details about your websiteFinally, u can submit all details about your company including location, contact number, contact email address, phone no, who you are, what are you doing. Highlight your main service or product in the about us product. Basically, a visitor will want to have a look at the details of the company before purchasing a product or taking a service. Always remember, provide 100% genuine information.
Don't forget the purpose of your website if you are trying to sell a product or providing some service then decide your website design before you build the website. Don't put tons of graphics and eye pleasing images it can attract customer but may not buy your products. Check your website properly and think honestly that is your website made to sell products or to impress your visitor?

Some other tips apart from this to have an amazing website:-
Some other tips to build an  amazing website
* Always use a customer winner content with proper call to action factors.
* Define your customer in a professional way, not in a negative way.
* Start your content with a plan and answer some question which are very general in same topic.
* Create a contact form or requesting form for information for a business purpose.
* Provide free download documents for more information about your website.
* Make your site SEO and search engine friendly.
* Put social button like facebook, twitter and google+
* If it is possible then put blogging or commenting options.
* Choose a best web hosting service provider for your website.

Remember if a user is satisfied with your service, product or information then the customer will come back again for some more... :)

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Friday 23 January 2015

8 benefit of purchasing a long time domain registration or renewal.

Benefit of long time domain registration
As we all know that to have a website for any reason should have a domain name first. Recently we had come across so many comment and forum where people want to know whether they should go for a long time domain registration of short time domain registration. And Also so many comments have been coming for the same. Surprisingly everyone had suggested going for a long time domain registration but no one had informed, “why ?”.

We do agree that a long time domain registration is better than a short time or one year domain registration, but Why? On the Internet also I did some active search to find the answer but no satisfactory answer was found. So this article will make you understand why a long time domain registration is more beneficial for you.

Before we come to the benefit part we should know the domain registration process and its function. Domain name is nothing but an address of your website in the business. We can purchase a domain from a domain service provider. To have a domain name we have to provide some information including desired domain name, your address, telephone no, e-mail address, payment information, the time period and etc.
Once you submit all the information to the service provider then they would process your request. The registry information will be saved at “whois”. Your domain is considered registered and ready-to-use once all your information has been saved and updated.

We all know that domain registration costs are very less than web hosting. So many companies are providing domain registration free with web hosting. So in the following points, we will explain you the advantage of long time domain registration.

Long time Domain registration

  • You are locking your domain for a long period of time. So there is no need to worry about renewal process for every year. And no one can take that domain for those time period.
  • If you go for a long time domain registration then you can get a huge discount from the service providers.
  • You would be able to save a good amount of time every year as you don't have to renew your service again and again.
  • Every year domain registration or renew price is increasing. On 31st February .net domain extension is increasing by Rs-50. Like this if you compare all domain extension price then you will find that every year domain extension price is increasing, to avoid that extra amount you can go for a long time domain registration which will save your increased domain price.
  • Some few years back it has been heard that google and other search engines were monitoring the expiration date of domains in order to evaluate the legitimacy of the websites. So If you are going for a long time domain registration then it would be more search engine friendly.
  • In prospects of SEO, no one had a definite answer regarding how google or other search engines will treat your website. But if you are choosing for a long time domain registration process or renewal process then it is not negative for SEO but it will give an advantage to SEO.
  • As domain age affect the google page ranking will improve if we go for a long time registration, your domain will give a good impact to the algorithm.
  • If you have a very good site with a very good niche then long time domain registration will help you to build a good reputation on the internet.

If you think that you can update the auto payment method and renew it every year then a possibility of your card can be expired and your domain will be locked by someone else lock which can create a headache for you.
Okay here is a disadvantage of having a long time domain registration which one I found from so many discussion that if you go for a long time domain registration process then you may forget your domain registration details like login user id and password.

So basically we can say that if you go for a long time domain registration then it would be a better option than short time domain registration.

If you want to know more about domain registration and web hosting India then read our blog like

Friday 16 January 2015

.net domain price is increasing by Rs-50 on 1st February 2015. Register / Renew before that!

 .NET domain comes with a force price increase of Rs- 50.

We all believe that new year always comes with a delightful moment and make our life better, so accept some good offer and discount on all products from the company.

But it's different happening this time. VeriSign has been announced that the .net domain registry fee will be increased by Rs-50 ($0.61 USD) for India market.

Yes, It has been confirmed that the .net domain price is increasing worldwide w.e.f 1st February 2015.  The increase of domain registration price will directly effect to the cost of registration, renew and transfer of .net domain.
We believe that this increasing amount will be directly affecting the .net domain buyers as well as sellers also.

So if you have a domain registered with some old pricing slave with some domain service providers then renew it for before 1st February.

Smart work is to renew it for a long period of time which will make you save the hike of domain price every year.

In the above information if you have any question please let us know in the comment.

What is the Basic Need of a web site for any business ?

        Earlier people visited shops & markets for shopping far from their places to fulfill their daily needs. But now As the internet has created its niche across the globe, people are more indulged in online stores and online shopping which are less time consuming and the direct connection between the buyers and the products.
Every Business need a Website.Internet is changing all the time. 5 to 10 years back only big business had their websites and very few customers or users visited the website to get the information. But now nearly 90% of the customers are keenly involved in the internet activity. You can now say that Ours customers are becoming Digital or modern customers.
Coming to a Business Prospects , I feel every small business enterprise to large business enterprise should own a website to grow their business.
Owning a website can help you to be Visible in the Market . It helps you to stand in a competitive market and and control your ranking in the market. A website can be useful and powerful in terms Of sales as you could understand the needs and preferences of your customers are work accordingly on your services and products. It helps the customers to build confidence in your brand.
Website always helps to interact between the customer and you. Website visitors have the ability to control and interact with a well designed website. You can take a virtual tour, spin an object around to see all sides, provide direct feedback, and much more. Website is always available and customers can easily get the information 24*7 as per their convenient time and day.
Website improves customer relation as they get the details about the product and services and they could contact us easily if they face any sort of problem.

Basic Support and knowledge have a web site !!

In today world, due to the popularity of internet, every business man want to have their own website. There are so many companies who provide domain registration in India service, hosting services, website developing services In India . It is necessary to choose a good and best domain registration in India and hosting services in India for a successful website . There are huge service providers across the globe. You have to choose the best service provider to build and host your website.
Best web web hosting service.

Before purchasing a web hosting service we need to focus on few thing which are given below:
1- Pricing
2- Plan
3- Bandwidth allotment
4- Server Compatibility Speed of access.
5- Services and support
If you are purchasing a domain registration service from a service provider and you want to carry on hosting with a different service provider you can do that too. For that you need to do a small change in DNS setting. If you are getting some issue with hosting, like after hosting your site is not live then there are a lot of reason to happen so, may be those can be solved by the support team of the service provider.
So choose a correct Domain Registration company with a best web hosting service in India and be a part of internet world.

Friday 9 January 2015

History of domain extension and the right domain name extension for your website !!

History of Domain extension
History of Domain extension
    Well if you are planning for a website for your business or for your personal use then you may have heard about domain extension. Most of the people will suggest you for .COM domain as it is popular all over the world. But this article will help you to choose the right domain extension name for your website. But, before we proceed deep into the new domain extensions for your website, let's take a look back at the history of domain extension.

History of Domain Extension.  

At the time when the domain name server had developed (Before 1984) that time only numeric numbers were accessible and no domain names were available. I.c.
If we had to go to any website we had to enter something like http://143.983.34/ and this would designate your website address. So, can you Imagine your website in the year 1984 ??
And again some changes appeared in 1985 with the flexibility of choosing domain extensions, like .com, that time a bulk amount of money was supposed to pay for a domain and as well as for website building and web hosting.
But now a days tons of domain are registering per day with a proper domain extension. We can choose domain extensions over 300 range form. And the total cost will be around 700/year approximately or if you go for premium then it will cost a little higher.

Why a Proper domain extension?

Well, there are so many factors for which you should go for a proper domain extension for your website. In the below article we will discuss some popular domain extension and its importance. If you plan for a global business then you should purchase all the domain extensions.

* .com
Your domain extension is the default domain extension and as from the beginning, it is used so everyone loves the extension and also your website looks more professional. .com domains stands for global identity also, so if you have planned for a global website then you should better to go for .com domain.
* .in
.in domain stands for Indian industries and organization. If you have a business in India and want to rock in India itself then .in domain is fair enough. Also, it is creating a trust factor for Indian. We can go for variation on this domain extension, like we can go for,, etc.
* .net
.net stands for network and internet technology industry,  was intended for organizations in network technologies. So if you have a salon shop building a website then is more likable then
* .org
.ORG stands for organization, university, and non-profits organization. If you have a non-profits organization then .org is more trustful then other domain extensions.
* .info
If you have a website and you want to provide only information and nothing else then it is more advisable to go for .info domain extension. If you are promoting a product or a service then .info will perform better website for you.
* .tv
.tv stands for the television industries and movie industries. If you are into an industry which is related to film industries, television or something like that than it is wise to choose .tv domain. Good option for a television-related site like zeetv, starplus, cinema and etc.
All domain entension

Less Common or rarely used domain extensions:-

In the above, as we discussed that there is more than, 300+ domain name that is present overall on the internet. Few of them are given below,
.name - for personal use or use by individual only.
.me - Good for personal branding, or if you can cleverly make it part of your business name with the extension (ie.,
.pro – For highly qualified professionals only.

Apart from above we can have domains like,,,, .eu, .us, .cc,,,, .mobi, .ws, .asia, .tel, .cn, .co,,,, .ae, .menu, .bike, .singles, .plumbing, .guru, .clothing, .ventures, .holdings, .camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting, .photography, .club, .shiksha, .ink, .jobs, .buzz, .blue, .pink, .red, .build, .dance, .wiki, .pub, .ninja, .xyz, .social, .reviews, .bid, .webcam, .trade, .education, .agency, .international, .photos, .directory, .technology, .today, .support, .tips, .solutions, .company, .systems, .management, .center, .supply, .supplies, .exposed, .email, .institute, .camp, .florist, .coffee, .boutique, .bargains, .productions, .rentals, .training, .builders, .shoes, .marketing, .events, .land, .kitchen, .parts, .domains, .contractors, .industries, .cab, .construction, .tools, .farm, .enterprises, .properties. .computer, .cleaning,.academy, .foundation, .watch, .vacations, .works, .cool, .zone, .cheap, .cards, .catering, .community, .solar, .house, .repair, .glass, .maison, .condos, .tienda, .villas, .flights, .cruises, .expert, .holiday, .partners, .dating, .recipes, .careers, .voyage, .diamonds, .viajes, .limo, .codes, etc.

Basically, domains such as .land, .webcam, .bike, .travel, etc are reserved for their specific industries and might be a good choice if your business is customer based and your domain extension is also associated with your business.

The reason of more domain extension is popularity on the internet and the low cost of internet element. Now a days Domain Registration India with proper extensions, Web Hosting India, email hosting are very easy and fast as there are so many service providers in India, like , Hostin Service Private Limited.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

How to Write Great Content - Practices for Improving Your Website's Usability.

Content Writing
Content is the King
  As we all know that content is the king and good content matters for three main reasons: you want the search engines to see it; you want people to stop and read it; and you want the search engines to notice people are engaging with your page whether they are staying on it to read, or clicking on a link to another page on your site.
Let’s first look at what good content is. People land on your site because they want the answer to a question, so good content is copy (words) that gives them the information they need. For example, ‘Are you diabetic? It’s important you care for your feet and check them regularly. Here’s what to do...’
Poor content goes on about you, the business owner. For example, ‘Established in 1864, we at Darling’s Solicitors pride ourselves on...’

Good website content is easy to read, and links are easy to see, whereas poor content means you have to peer at it. It makes a poor viewing experience and people often click away in annoyance. To make your visitors’ experience as good as possible:
• Use a main heading and subheadings in bold to draw customer attention.
• Use a medium sized sans serif font
• Have good contrast and color combination between the words and the background
• Have plenty of white space in your page
• Have at least 250 words on a page, not including ‘stop words’ like ‘and’, ‘but’, and so on
• Include relevant links within the text and make the links easy to see
• Include pictures with good resolution.
• Makes use of tabs or sliders

so people don’t have to scroll too much to find what they need) As you would with a magazine article or sales letter, get your important and eye-catching content at the start. Use your subheadings to give the gist of the story and to pull the reader’s eye down.
Use original content where you can. Make sure too that you update your site regularly, especial y if you’re in a fast-changing field like health or law. If you’re happy with the way your main pages are, add fresh content via news, and FAQs. If you can, add the articles and news through a blog page that’s part of the site. Before you calming to any search engine for you honestly think about your content that is it satisfied to you.

Apart from content, there are a lot of reason to get a good rank in the SERP(search Engine Result Page) including your domain registration name, URL structure, web hosting, back link and many more factor.