Tuesday 3 November 2015

Why and How Can I Purchase a Good Domain Name for my Business !

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Everyone should register a domain name who wants to build a website online for organizations or individuals. A domain name gives you a unique identification of your site in the online. In the online world, your domain can be connected to your user or internet element. On the basis of your domain, you can have your personalized or business email address and multiple sub-domains as well as you can Get an SSL certificate with the name of your domain.

However, if you are looking for a domain for your business or for some individual use then this article will help you to determine a perfect domain name for your requirement.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is nothing but an identity of your business or a person on the internet. If someone will type your domain name in the browser and hit ENTER then the browser will send a request to the internet or DNS (Domain Name Server) to find the same domain name then the site associated sites will be open in your browser for your request.
Every domain name is associated with an IP address you can find any site with the help of IP address also but the domain name is used to avoid confusion and to find web address easily.

Again a domain can have multiple domain extension with the same domain name. Example: your domain name is goodmorning.com then you can own same domain name with another domain extension such as:
Here are few examples of LTD domain extension

How to Choose a Perfect Domain name for your Business?

To choose a perfect domain name one should have a lot of thoughts regarding how it will perfectly suit for a business. While choosing a good domain name to make sure that it will be perfect for your company name also it will be easy to find out on the web. Follow following steps while selecting a domain name:-

1.Make sure that domain name is easy to type:
It is tough to find an easy domain name to type. Don't use short forms like you instead of you, it will be tough for people to find it out on the web just choose a simple and easy name.

2. Short Domain Name is very effective:
If you select your domain name as critical and long then it will become hectic for people to type it. It may lead to mistyping and getting the wrong information.

3. Deliberate Keywords While you begin your domain name search for the first time, then it helps to have terminologies in mind. Once you have the best keywords, then it will become easy to select a perfect domain name. For example, you want to start a photography business, then keywords like “findyourbeauty”,”fireangles”,”imagecapture” are very effective.

4. Focus on Locality or Area:
If your business is small and local, then try to include your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for native customers to search. Example: PuneMirror.com, goodmorningpune.com will do better.

5.Avoid Copyright Violation and search before purchasing.

Why web hosting is Necessary and how it works?
Becoming a good businessman is not an easy task, and it takes some time to achieve that because things are not easy in the beginning. For those who are planning to get started with a small business, a Good Web Hosting is surely a great choice. For web hosting, you don't want to invest a lot of money.

When you start a new business, then for making its online presence better and to attract the customers towards your site you must have your own website. Now, if you don’t have a website, then it is a very big risk for you as you will not able to reach out the customers who are important for your business. Any person who want to get good services he or she first google it online and then only decide to purchase or not. So, think over the matter and try to purchase web hosting from a renewed hosting company like Hostindia.Net.

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