Monday 23 November 2015

Do you know Why blogging is Important For your Business?

Business owners choose blogging as their marketing medium. Because there are many challenges associated with blogging, such as looking for a good writer, deciding what contents to write about, knowing how to post, distributing content, keyword density, etc. However, blogging has lots of benefits for your business when it’s done effectively.
Here are five benefits of blogging.

1) Provides Less Customer Recovery:
Business owners use blogs to increase traffic to their sites and generate their business leads.
Businesses are getting reduced due to their direct mail and telemarketing.
More businesses are prefer blogging and inbound marketing.
The research showed that blogging is a cheap way of gaining customers compared to other traditional methods like telemarketing, pay-per-click advertising, trade shows, emailing and so on.

2) Blogging Increases Website Traffic and Subscribers:
Blog is a platform where you can submit your ideas and information about your company and products. The more valuable information you provide in your blog the more user, you will get to your site. However, blogging has the unique capacity to increase the traffic to your company website, thereby increasing page views and hits as your business get more exposure.

3)Sales Increases:
When you post valuable and informative content consistently in a blog on your website then automatically website traffic increases and it indirectly leads to increase in sales. Blog is the medium through which we can tell the people more about our company, our products, our decisions and many more things. Many businessmen use this blogging medium for increasing sales and growing their business.

4) Brand Awareness:
Blogging is a cheap medium to know people what we are? And what we do? It leads to getting people know about your brand online. When we create a blog for our business then it helps to increase the marketing of our company and it spreads awareness among people about our brands and products. When we put our blog into social media websites, then automatically traffic increases.
A good example of blogging is Marriott Hotel.

5) People Get Educated:
A business blog is an ultimate way to educate your visitors and customers about your product. Your content blogs will increase and create interest in your business and offerings. Generally, people get bored by regular emails and telephones. Blogging is a different way of putting our thoughts and services in front of people in a different way.

6) SEO Benefits:
Having a website of your business should accept some traffic and some leads from the traffic and some business from the leads. However, blogging will help your website to get more visible in the search result. It is the best way of increasing sales, customer acquisition, getting more traffic and business.

Well, now the major question of this blog should be how can we own a blog?
Before that, you have to face another question that is do you have a website for your business?
If your answer is “YES” then it's WOW, but if your answer is “NO” then you have suggestion will be to have a website for your business first. But don’t worry, you have a blog site without a website also.

There are lots of free blogging service providing free blogging for your need, such as Blogger,, Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and much more. You can go for any free blogging service. But if you have a website then you can go for an own personalized blog for your business.

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