Monday 12 October 2015

Few New Domain Extension For India you need to know.

If you are looking for a Domain Name, the first domain extension will strike to our mind is .com and obviously, it will, as from the very first we are using the .com domain extension.
Apart from .com other domain few other extensions such as .net, .org, .edu, .gov, and few other website suffixes know as top level domain (LTDs). However, if you try to search a domain extension you can find hundreds of them and very soon thousands will come. But most of the people are not aware of every domain name. Before we discuss it, let's find out the domain history.

domain extension you should know

History Of Domain:

On 1st January 1938 ARPANET adopted TCP/IP and from that day till now the internet is getting developed and has almost reached worldwide. In the very fastest history of internet discovery, there is no domain name facility for any web address. University of Wisconsin technicians developed a name server and the name server design for numeric only like

In 1985 the world has been introduced by domain name with extension in order to avoid confusion. From 1985 to till date millions and billions of domain has been registered. However, some domain have a very stranded price and few domains are known as premium domain having very high price, then expectation, like has sold out with $35.6 million in 2010 and @ price of $18 million in 2009.

Why should I Choose another extension:

As .com is the very fast domain extension so it is easy to recall, But it's wake time. Look around, you will find tons of other extensions which give you an awesome website name to jump start your business.

Take an example of that you are going to open a coffee shop and looking for a domain name for your website! Now if you look for a domain name with .com extension, then you have to rub your mind at least ten times. Okay, it's time for thinking creatively.
How about,,,,,,
Well, now you are smiling!!

Here .coffee is the extension and you must add some desired name before that.
Here is another one suppose you have a business of Packers and Movers, then you can select a domain extension of .solutions. Here is some creative name punepacking.solution,, packingmoving.exports.

Not only this ,here I am mentioning some extension with domain name ideas.

.Institute– Specially for educational site. Example:-,,

.Photography– For studio and personal photo gallery. Example:-,,, model. Photography,

.Bike– For them who have bike shop, garage and having the passion for biking. Example:-,,,,,

.Agency –This extension can be used by all most all agencies.,, model. agency, vacation. Agency,,

.Me –It can used for personal portfolio and blog sites to show your ideas and creativeness. Example:-,,

.Guru –Especially to show off your experience and talent.,,

Some other domain extension yet to know: .name, .singles, .graphics, .blue, .pink, .red, .webcam, .management, .social, .tips, .supplies, .cab, .cool, .card, .expert and more domain extensions.

However, this domain name are for just few ideas to find a great domain for your need. You can use your name, place or same brand name for this extension also.

Benefits of using other domain extensions:

Choosing a .com domain will specify that your site is targeting globally and the subject of business can be found out from the domain. If you are using a specific domain extension according to your business, then your extension will explain your business nature. Such as in the domain extension is .net indicate that this website is related to the internet. And if we choose, that means this website is related to the internet and special targeting to India user.

Your domain extension can make your domain name short and ear pleasing. In my first example, I had mentioned a beautiful domain suggestion that is Anyone clearly can say that this website is dealing with coffee business and providing fresh coffee. In this case, your domain name completes half of your business explanation.

Finally, if you are Looking a Domain Name and it is not available then what?
In my previous blog (6 Tips to choose the best domain name for your business.) I had already mentioned about the same. However, here is few quick tips to avoid the upper line issue.
  • Use a hyphen(-) or under-scope(_)in an appropriate way.
  • You can use numeric and avoid some characters. Exp: can be
  • Add some awesome adjective to your domain name. Exp: can be
  • The last one but not least one, choose any other name according to your need. Hopefully, you got some very good domain name suggestion.

Still tons of new domain extension are discovered every year and yet to become more. The reason of launching new domain is to take the world to a new step of digitization. This blog also states that take the advantage of this domain extension and forward your business by a step.

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