Friday 29 September 2017 Launches Affordable Cloud Hosting (Managed AWS) service in India.

cloud hosting by hostindia
Before we drive into cloud hosting let's understand what is web hosting.
What is Web hosting Service?

Web Hosting is an Internet Service where your website can be available for the people to view your content, videos, images and etc. A Web hosting service provider serves storage space which is needed for storing and transferring the data. The storage is done on high-powered computers with ample of data storage space which is connected to a fast network. By the help of web hosting your files such as video, image and web pages will be accessed by anyone from any part of the location by typing your website URL or unique IP address.

The Web Server which is holding your website files gets triggered when someone types the name of the website and then it will swiftly transfer the website information back to their mobile or a computer. For a website, a web hosting service is very important so that it can generate viewers and avoid delay of latency.

Normally, we use shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting to host any website. Cloud hosting is the latest web hosting technology coming on demand for its easy and fast accessibility. Not only this cloud hosting has tons of features for which it is getting popular. The secure server, zero changes of data damage, scalability and upgrade and upgrade without any hardware changes.

Hostindia.Net is a professional Web Hosting Company that provides a better solution to your Business Website with Amazon Web Server which will help increase the performance of delivering information and increases the growth of the business.

The benefits of Web Hosting Service:-

1.    Reliable solution:-

With the help of Web Hosting, you will be getting a consistent and dependable online presence with a feature of automatic backup and restoration of the data. With help of our highly dedicated and well trained professionals, we suggest you the best solutions.

2.     24/7 Customer Support:-

You will be getting a 24/7 Web hosting Customer Support which is very crucial for the business. When something is wrong it is better to consult the expert to get the perfect solution to solve the problem so that you don’t incur more loss.

3.   Perfectly Secure:-
When a website comes for security we may be very conscious for the same. Hosted with cloud will give you the maximum security assurance as it has its own firewall systems. Not only it's about your website hosting but also to access a cloud hosted website you should have an authorized internet connection. Application developed for internet is totally secure only on cloud hosting. Hosted in cloud server will say bye bye to spammers and hackers.

4.    Get the perfect control of your Website:-

When you have a professional web hosting you will have a complete access to the functions of your website but if you opt for a third party service or a free service then you will have limited access towards the customization and functioning of a website.

5.    Provides Domain and Email:-

You will be provided with a Domain by a Professional Web hosting Company which will allow the business to build a unique and permanent brand. On the other hand, a free web hosting will provide a sub domain which will rob the brand of the business by advertising it as a website of the free service. You can also create a personalized email and email campaigns that can introduce the clients to the online business platform.

6.    Design and customization:-

When your website is professionally hosted you will get an unrestricted access to customization, designing your website and the supporting technologies.  You can design the layout using a different platform for their business

7.    Unlimited amount of space:-

You will have an unlimited amount of space to store your data by hosting your website which will give you a lot of flexibility and it will also adjust the growth of the traffic.

8.    SEO Services:-
When you host your website there are some companies that will provide professional SEO services which will progress your website on the search engine result rankings. This will give your business the ability to optimize its performance over the long run.

Hostindia Provides the best and low cost hosting plans for all scales of business for the Indian market. You can contact to hostindia expert with your business requirement.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Amplify Your Business With The Help Of SEO.

Amplify business with SEO
This blog may suit and benefit four kinds of individuals. The first will be the one, who is a bundle of energy, had done hard and smart work and has opened a business of his/her own and wants to promote the business website with a passion.

The second type of individual will be a person who is having a full-time job but wants to have a passive income. He/she has an excellent website; now they want their online presence to get a global rating.

The third type of individual will be a fresher who has passed out of college and has joined a start-up or a reputed organization dealing with SEO services. This article will help give a few valuable points.

The fourth type will be the person most important as he/she will be a keen observer who keeps a tab on the recent trends that are going to shape the businesses of the globe.

Now with your permission, shall we start?

Agreed, the entire set of principles, policies rule the world of popular websites, but SEO cannot be ruled out even when content has always remained the KING. Kindly note, your website rankings, the inflow of traffic and other performances always are dependent on SEO. Now you know the reason why every web design and web development companies focus on also giving SEO services.

The main advantages of SEO are the benefits are permanent. Unlike the traditional method of advertising, they do not stop if the charges are not paid. However, it requires smartness and knowledge on the best SEO practices to get and retain the top spot.

You can also do SEO for your own website, however, it will take a little bit of time to learn, analyse and implement every action. The tips and tricks of SEO can also be learned in little time if you attend a coaching class and if you are not willing to let an agency handle the marketing part.

What Are The Factors That Will Be Focused On?

Content and the use of right words play the perfect part in an SEO marketing strategy. Kindly note, attractive content with the right set of words are considered by search engines before giving rank to a web page to build a firm online presence. On the positive side, the content will act as the main crowd puller to your website.


The first point you think about SEO, and you get the term - keywords. So, should you research about the keywords? As per the industry experts, the SEO strategy does not the first start with keyword research. A proper basic infrastructure has to be put in place to develop first rate online web presence. Kindly note the points below for the SEO strategy for your business:

Type of Audience

Before focusing on keyword, it is vital to know the type of audience your business should rely on. Creation of personas will not only help in understanding the behavior but, also preferences of the potential customers. Knowledge of your audience pulse will predict the kind of products and services they prefer.

List of Keywords

After completion of the first part, next step is to formulate the list of high profile keywords. If you have many services and products, then you have to distribute the keywords into segments. It is mandatory to note the value of a keyword to your website, demand for particular terms, and the most important – effort needed to make the search engines look to your online presence in the most positive manner.

With nearly every business cutting their teeth in the online market, even big conglomerates, it is really tough competition. So, keyword selection is important. Also, as per the recent trend in 2017, long-tail keywords top the list and have the best conversion rate. And, as per the recent norm you can find many websites which offer free online research tools to assist you in the process. Synonyms and other related terms in the content for your specific niche are the main ways to beautify your website and get recognition from search engines. Apart from this web hosting and domain name also plays a vital role in SEO ranking. You can read our previous blog to find a good and cheap web hosting plan for your business.

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For Domain Registration
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Hope, you have understood as to why experts favor SEO even in recent times of small attractive words, hash tags and meta tags. If we have missed some valuable points, be kind enough to put a review in the comments box.

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Friday 8 September 2017

How To Start Your Online Business In A Week !!!

There are many who want to make millions of cash via online, but very few have the guts to become an entrepreneur. If you are one of the latter categories, give yourself a pat on the back. You have resolved to take care of your luck, destiny to consider starting an online business. You might have worked for some time to gain knowledge of the niche: the business has to be started and then you took the right decision. To assist you, we have also put in some points in this article of How to start your online business in a week.

In spite of upsurges in technology, the laws to become successful in any business have not changed at all. If you have already started an online business, kindly check if there are some points you have missed as we have written the basics.

Day 1: Identify Market: Design product or service for the market

The most important point to make your business a successful venture. It is mandatory, that you understand and find the target audience. However, many design their product or opt for providing services without understanding the fine nuances of the business. There is a high rate of risk and failure in this method.

However, there are also many who study the market and then make their brand name. When you know the market, you can suitably adapt the service or product according to the trend. You can tap into a target audience that is easily available instead of searching for clients via various methods.

If it is a product, then it is mandatory that you should know any information and if it is a service, be tuned to handle any challenges. In the initial stage, you should handle only one product or service.

The lines have to be drawn properly and you need to state in the website regarding the advantages of buying the product or opting for a service. In other words, the content should clearly state what the customers can get, benefit and the other options that are not provided.

You cannot start an online business in a second. The time taken will be/should be more as that should appeal to the public. The business should cater over to the long term and not be a bubble on the ice.

Either a product or service, people will always want to buy solutions for a problem they have.  So you need to strike the right chord. You can visit online forms to check the questions customers ask in your respective market and their problems. You can also do keyword research and find the low ranked keywords and write copy according to the trend.

Day 2: Search for content which can make an impact

A person who comes to your website is not interested in your intelligence of the market nor the product or service but wants to find a resolution to his/her problem. So ensure that your website does not contain technical jargons.

The titles on your website should have compelling words and the conclusion should initiate a call to action for the customer.

The content in the website should focus on how the product or service is able to focus/solve customer problems. You have to think as per the customer. In case of interaction with the customer via the website, ensure you follow professionalism.

Day 3: Choose to Design/ Build Easy To Use Website.

You need to have a website which is the address or online presence for your business. It is better that you opt for a domain registration service provider with a reputed name. The more famous they are, they will do the best to sustain their popularity in the market and provide the best service round-the-clock.  

Regarding website design, you need to seek the services of a professional if goods are sold via the website as people trust you with their money. And at the same point, you can find a cheap web hosting service provider but a excellent service quality.

The present couple of months have been easy for those who want to set up an online business. When you combine the best software and great ideas, you can start a new website quickly. However, choosing a domain name is a challenge. There are many corporations who have bought number of names similar to their domain brand name.
Kindly note, the website is a representation of your brand as there is no face-to-face interaction. The navigation should be easy especially for a goods selling website. A customer should not do more than two clicks between selection and checkout.

Day 4: Make A Reputation And Collect Information

Since people make use of the internet to get information, provide the same free to sites in your niche and you can expect traffic and search engine rankings. You can opt for content in various forms such as articles, audios or videos and also take part in forums and social networking platforms.

Day 5: Business Plan

A business plan has to be handy, as it will direct you in times of crisis towards your goal. You need to set small time goals to attain success. Your business plan should cover marketing, branding, sales and promotions.

Day 6: Business Registration
Be authentic. Register the business according the laws and policies. Also ensure that you know every point related to sales and taxes in your domain.

Day 7: Software

One of the most needed aspects of a website. The software is needed to safeguard customer information. Also, ensure your website is suitable designed to ward off hackers who deface websites. An easy to understand, smooth UI and UX can benefit you by saving times and attract more users. Mean time for E-commerce website also you may have to install more than 4 API.

Make a Splash

If you have been active in the social media, ensure to let all your friends, relatives know about your new business in the first day of the new week. If you have done proper ground work, you will definitely become successful and chances are that your name will feature in the Forbes list.