Saturday, 18 June 2016

Which kind of web hosting do you need?

A website performance totally depends on web hosting and a few other factors related to the website. We can't say a web hosting is good or bad, but it totally depends on what kind of web hosting service you are choosing a site, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. Any kind of web hosting cannot be a good hosting for any kind of website. However, the amount of space, control, flexibility, reliability offer by a web hoster is also considered as a parameter of performance.

Now let's collaborate and elaborate each and every type of web hosting with its benefit and compatibility.
Dedicated Web Hosting:
It is one of the most independent and powerful hosting solutions all time. If you own a Dedicated Hosting means you will allocate to a particular server, which means all the bandwidth, space and server access is only can be used by you. If you will host a website on the server means that will be benefited from all the access you get from a dedicated server. As this is one of the most powerful hosting services and having enough space can be used for an E-commerce website, online gaming site, live video streaming or any other website having more data and traffic. The space provided by dedicated can be used to store your website files such as image, content, video and other document files. You will allocate total access panel having the liberty to access all information. You can add multiple websites and manage them.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server:
This is the 2nd powerful web hosting solution in a cost effective way. It is very helpful for the medium and big business organisation. If you will purchase a dedicated hosting you will allocate a server with physical equipment but in VPS server you will get a server created virtually. In this case, a web hoster will create a virtual server with your requirement and give you access to that. This will be a smart choice for a medium size organisation with a flexibility equal to dedicated hosting but a lower cost of that.
A dedicated server will divide into multiple parts virtually and each part will independently work on that server having separate access to that. In that case, the server which created virtually will don’t have the hardware maintenance charge and no extra resources required so it becomes cheaper and as it has created in a strong server circumference means the VPS Hosting has also a powerful capacity.

Shared Hosting:
This one of the most selling and Cheap web hosting plan for all time. In this case hosting service provider will host and leave your site in a server with multiple other sites. You don't have a separate access panel or full access control panel. As service provider hosting multiple sites with the same server means the charges are getting split and divided by all. You may not get enough space to keep your site document and limited bandwidth will be also a headache. But if you are a start-up or small business owner or student than shared hosting will do better.

However, in shared hosting also different plans are theirs with compact-able space, bandwidth and other resources. Shared hosting is good for them who have a small website with less traffic. For a start-up also shared hosting is the best option and later on, you can change the hosting plan to upgrade plan.

Cloud Hosting:
Basically, Cloud Hosting is a hosting provider to multiple customers from multiple servers connected through the latest technology formed cloud server. It is the latest technology of web science. Also, it is called server on demand, because it gives you a flexibility of data usage and most important is you have to pay only for the data used. Cloud hosting is expensive but very powerful hosting with no downtime.

Now if you are ready with your website and looking for a best web hosting plan and choose a hosting plan smartly with goals for the space, control, and reliability in mind so that it will fulfill your need.

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