Friday 28 December 2018

7 Reasons To Choose Dedicated Server Hosting

When your Company opts to deploy a new server, are can really explain the cost of a depreciative plus asset which your company will have to write off the books in three to five year. A dedicated server is the eventual in power, security, and control. You won’t have to share resources with anyone with a dedicated server. Renting a managed dedicated server may make extra point when your organization is looking to swiftly deploy a server which can meet or overshoot wants of your end users. Let’s consider a preferable look at what a managed dedicated server provides a company once they try to expand their infrastructure with the use of dedicated servers.

A client hires a server from a dedicated hosting supplier, and has full use of that server’s resources with dedicated hosting. The supplier works with the client to deliver them the CPU, RAM, and disk space that they require. The supplier creates and maintains the server, removing a business upfront cost of acquiring their own.

Let’s know more about why to choose Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Dedicated Performance
The extremely perceptible benefit of using managed dedicated server is that system administrators are able to configure services which are particular to the latent hardware. Once you differentiate virtual personal servers with dedicated servers, multiple companies will require their guarantee that the onboard system resources are obtainable in every informed situations.

2. Fast Deployment
When you buy a new server, you should wait for your provider to configure the hardware to your real identifications. You should then wait for the server to be shipped and then you require to install the server in all rack. But when you have the managed dedicated server, the server may already be holding in a rack halting for you to utilize the resources once access has been provided. In multiple situations, dedicated servers can be created in a matter of hours.

3. Ideal for Increasing Websites
Those who host websites on shared web hosting suppliers may execute into queue when end users are logging in and using their services. Accordingly, other websites which are using services on your shared hosting plan may be also affecting your website’s performance. When you host your website on a managed dedicated server, you can aware for sure that your website is using hardware that’s a 100% dedicated to the operation of your organization’s web-facing properties.

4. Entirely Customizable Infrastructure
Other restriction to shared hosting and VPS is the undeniable reality that there may be latent system alters which you easily make in order to get your urge your app to execute rightly. With shared hosting and VPS, you can be restricted on particular system modifications which your app may need; making managed dedicated hosting the logical next step for you developing the organization.

5. Deploy Dedicated Servers with cPanel, and More!
In extra to being completely customizable, dedicated servers offer you the ability to have operative systems pre-installed in on your system during the same time wrapping famous apps like cPanel and Webmin. Since your managed dedicated server can be customized faster, you can begin creating and relocating your websites and apps instantly when you’re new dedicated server has been created to be utilized.

6. Uptime Monitoring and DDoS Security
If you host a captious service, dedicated servers can provide you with security from usual hazards for a nominal fee. For less than $15-20 per month, gives uptime monitoring on your dedicated server which notifies you if an prime service is unreachable. Other famous add-on is DDoS security, which might cost up to $1,000 per month. If you’re hosting a service that’s unsafe to somebody aiming it with a DDoS attack, the DDoS security cost is likely a nominal fee and could be required if your website is usually aimed by cyber criminals.

7. Dedicated Servers - Cost-Effective and Saves Time
When you hire your infrastructure, your business can rest assured aware of any problem which appears with the latent system architecture will be included by useful technicians at the data center wherever your server is being hosted. Differentiated with buying new servers each 3 to 5 years, dedicated hosting might save your company time and cash in terms of planning, deploying and hosting your own servers onsite. In fact, if your business expands its existing requirements, multiple co-location providers may aid you execute a free basic relocation to your new server, that can smooth to reduce any downtime which would be associated to making the switch to a managed dedicated server.

About HostIndia
HostIndia has been positively promoting its services to the hosting industry since 1999. The company has observant on 24/7 tech support, value-added services and a cooperative attitude towards all its clients. HostIndia is now one of leading Web/Cloud Hosting service provider companies in India. Our dedicated servers are the perfect solution for business application hosting, high end website hosting and web hosting resellers looking to go to the next level. We offer dedicated hosting servers in Multiple Geographic Locations!

Friday 21 December 2018

Why some URLs starts with https and some with http?

Google has started a vision to improve connection security; Google is inspiring – some might say pushing- website owners to guard their blog or website by installing SSL certificate. In October 2017 Google Chrome started manifesting “Not Secure” caution when users enter data on an HTTP page or if visiting HTTP page in private mode. In July 2018 Google started the next phase, by displays “Not Secure” caution when visiting every HTTP sites via chrome.

What is an SSL Certificate?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is the security protocol which builds an encrypted and secure transmission bridge between a web browser and a web server. To build an SSL connection and trigger it on your web server, you require a certificate, called SSL Certificate. When installed on a web server, SSL Certificate triggers a secure padlock and https protocol, enabling end-users to safely submit sensitive data such as personal details, banking details, credit card details, and more to a Company’s website.

Concisely, SSL certificate allows secure communication across the internet by encrypting the information like your password or credit card data which is being transferred between your computers and the server. When visiting a website or blog which is protected by SSL certificate you will notice a padlock icon or green bar on the left side of your URL bar. The padlock icon and the ‘s’ in the ‘https’ in the address bar evidence that the website is secure, and is using a protected and encrypted connection. These encryption and security are configured to the website using an SSL Certificate.

Transferring from HTTP to HTTPS supports you with organic search ranking. If you are looking for an uptick in your organic search traffic your better make the switch NOW. The other advantage is you are not only developing faith by protecting the transmission of sensitive data but also guarding your website against hackers infusing harmful ads or spyware. Since many of applications and tools are now interfacing across HTTPS you will notice it hard to retain your website operational.

What SSL certificate should you get?
This is about certificate validation level not certificate types but this defines about how much does it cost to get an SSL certificate? Either you can go with Open Certificate Authority or Commercial Certificate Authority.

Open Certificate Authority: It is a community-driven CA which offers free SSL certificates, Lets Encrypt and Cacert, these are two main Open Certificate Authority. These types of SSL certificates do not offer any warranty, assistance is restricted and you only require to verify the domain ownership in order to create the certificate.

Commercial Certificate Authority: This type of SSL certificate is extensively used by online stores and/or businesses. The acceptance activity is done via Email, in some cases, the SSL Certificate Authority might query for business registration and other government-issued documents to finish the verification activity. The commercial certificate offers after-sale support, warranty up to $2,000,000 (relying on the type of certificate you order) and is compatible with 99% of browsers and systems.

About HostIndia
HostIndia has been positively promoting its services to the hosting industry since 1999. The company has observant on 24/7 tech support, value-added services and a cooperative attitude towards all its clients. HostIndia is now one of leading Web/Cloud Hosting service provider companies in India. We offers different types of SSL Certificate to our customers to secure website. For detail information about the Type of SSL certificate, we offer please click here.

Friday 14 December 2018

Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Website

Your website’s content may be at peak, but if you aren’t holding your readers, creating a solid user bottom is going to be a rising battle. Besides, you might be wasting out on a lot of conversions by not making an attempts to connect with visitors. By increasing engagement, you can presume users to pass more time on your site and optimistically, as an output, turn to fully-fledged customers. Additionally, continued involvement from customers can aid to build a group of followers which looks like representative for your content. Growing a reliable involvement plan doesn’t have to take that much effort. In this blog, let’s go thorough four simple ways to boost your engagement,

1. Increase Your Internal Linking Plan 
Internal links are those that guide visitors to other pages within your own website, and they’re a better plan for different reasons:
  1. Engagement increase - They can increase engagement by indicating users towards other content they might be interested in, thus engaging them on your site for longer.
  2. Easy navigation - Internal links make it simple for users to navigate through your site and search the content they might otherwise fail to hit.
  3. Distributed ‘authority’- Using internal links allows you to distribute authority from more famous chunks to others that might have been failed to notice.
Clearly you can see, there are enough reasons you’d want to take benefit of internal links. And mostly they are particularly easy to implement. Only you require to do is to ensure the content you’re linking towards is related to your readers, and check you don’t abuse the number of internal links per page.
Lastly, whenever operational, you must consider to add links using contextually relevant anchor text instead of generic words. Preferably, the text of your link should offer readers with an idea of the content they’re about to see. This will enhance usability and allow you to write content without having to include awkward pauses (such as “click here”) to add links.

2. Build Appropriate Content
Focusing on relevant content will allow you to engage your visitors more effectively, since they’ll come to faith you as an authority in your field over time. This will aid increase your profile, which should attract others to seek your outlooks. One of the best ways to do this is to target for content that aids to answer difficulties, search the right tools to do so, and discover new skills.
However, before you start writing content, you need to look out what your audience’s interests are. Then, you should follow these fundamental directions to write content that will produce with them:
  1. Aim for profits - As a basic rule most of your content should advantage your readers in any of the way. Like solving difficulties, or helping them explore the correct tools, etc.
  2. Offer practical guidance - You should share your knowledge with visitors. Give guidance on what to do and how to do it whenever practicable. Readers will notice you as an authority and reward you for it.
  3. Use a communicative tone - Readers are not interested in excessively long, dry content. With the cordial tone in your content will allow readers to notice with you more easily.
If you recollect these simple and easy tips in while writing, you will be skillfully on your way to writing appropriate and engaging content.

3. Communicate With Your Visitors
There are numerous ways to communicate with your visitors, anyhow of what type of website you’re running. You can connect with them through social media, replying their emails, and even taking part in comments sections: Apart from communicating inside your own site, you must regularly make yourself available through social media. However, this doesn’t indicate you require to have a existence on each platform. Select the ones you feel are most worthy for your business and target on those. If you offer an outstanding level of customer support throughout your platforms of option, word will get around!

4. Use Enthralling CTAs (Calls To Action)
Consider CTAs as triggers for your visitors to do particular actions. If you’ve ever come across a BuyNow or AddToCart button, you’re already known what the CTA’s (call to actions) are. A few simple CTAs can increase your involvements if used with good judgement. For example, you might direct visitors to comment on your articles (as we usually do), subscribe to your email list, or even reach out to you via social media. The keys to a enthralling CTA are to utilize the correct language for every condition and consider their placement cautiously. Every CTA must appropriate to the content at hand, so as not to prompt actions that wouldn’t make sense.

Targeting on increasing your website’s involvement is one of the leading choices you can make for its long-term improvement. It also occurs to be one of the most worthwhile. Apart from engaging visitors on your site, increased engagement allows you to come to know your users. This will gives you with distinctive insight which you can use to drive your website in the exact direction.

Friday 7 December 2018

Functionality and Significance of Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Presently, every small/big organization is opting for a dedicated hosting platform for showcasing their business online since the hosting platform is completely feasible and offers a diverse range of features which no other hosting platform might provides. Consider any digital business for an instance. The organizations exists in this domain are focusing to create and execute their businesses in a more proficient manner. The digital agencies like to build their business infrastructure but don’t want to administer it on personally as they concentrate more on their core businesses. But that is not the thing which made up of their passion and thus it is not the cause they are getting in the business. So many organizations largely outsource their management tasks which make them quite feasible to fix to their core business tasks other than squandering time in management. So, a fully managed dedicated server is the ideal for managing the organizations server and thus website.

A dedicated hosting server is a best option if you have got ideas to make money via an online business. Even though VPS and shared hosting platforms one of the reasonable ones in the market right now, there is no other hosting platform which will offer you with the aforementioned advantages all in a one package. One should select for managed dedicated hosting platform only if your website needs diverse resources and has got a immense traffic daily.

Server Management
In case of a fully managed dedicated server, the following aspects are taken care of when it comes to server management
Updating the operating system
  • Updating applications
  • Monitoring the server
  • Monitoring the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) hardware
  • Monitoring of application
  • Technical support by a dedicated expert team
  • Firewall services
  • Updating the antivirus
  • Carrying out security audits
  • Protection and mitigation of DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service attack)
  • Detection of intrusions
  • Carrying out regular backups and restorations
  • Administration of server database
  • Tuning the server performance
Now the addition to above-stated features in the hosting packages differs following to the 4 sub-categories of the dedicated server:

1. Fully Managed Dedicated Server:
Monitoring, software updates, reboots, security patches, operating system updates
2. Managed Dedicated Server: Medium level server management, monitoring, updates, and limited system support
3. Self-managed Dedicated Server:Regular monitoring, server maintenance at some specific level
4. Unmanaged Dedicated Server: No involvement or very little involvement from hosting service provider

Advantages of a Fully Managed Dedicated Server

A flexible access to everything you require
A managed dedicated hosting platform offers you ingress to each single thing you want and whenever you demand it. This is the best ever flexibility provided to a business module by this kind of hosting platform. A fixed hosting service provider may not offer you with this much flexibility since it has poor server management expertise.

Website Blacklisting:
Shared servers launch a motivating risk vector: there’s an opportunity that Google and divergent search engines can blacklist your websites as an answer of some other person on the server occupied in felonious or discouraged practices such as spamming. Hazardous adjacent on a shared server will get the complete data processing address blacklisted, making your websites to go hidden.
Having your website on a managed dedicated server, it is most improbable that you’ll get blacklisted – except your organization occupies in immoral or felonious web practices.

Server Performance and Response Time:
On shared hosting, sudden bursts of internet traffic may drain the server’s restricted bandwidth resources. This ends up in slow response times and slow website loading times. This, in turn, frustrates your websites’ visitors as well as your employees. If your neighbor suddenly and unexpectedly gets famous, you’re stuck in an exceedingly huge traffic with obscurity to travel.
A managed dedicated server will never let you down in terms of server break down. The team here effectively works on resolving the server issues without the server being stopped. The expertise present in the team immediately resolves the issues and hence proves to be the best support team.

Full command over your own website:
A fully dedicated server provides you an perfect accord of custom options and settings. Your organization can have a complete grasp to the server management. You’ll include your most liked programs, applications and scripts to fulfill your operational requirements. Dedicated servers offers tremendous latitude to manage your operational flexibility and protection – that is extra functional for numerous businesses with the essential data and skills.
Along with the advantages, a Fully Managed Dedicated Servers gives you:
  • Scalable storage space
  • Easy to use server control panels
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Dedicated domains, sub-domains
  • Dedicated email accounts
  • High-speed connectivity
  • Security patching
  • Anti-virus management
Drawback of a Fully Dedicated Hosting Server
Drawbacks comes along with the amount of benefits. A fully managed dedicated server being feasible hosting platform in the market currently, it does have a few of drawbacks.

Adult content is entirely to be avoided on a fully managed dedicated hosting server. It either can make problem of legality or the content can utilize most of the disk space and bandwidth.

Copyright issues can also take place if some copyrighted content is hosted and this goes against most of the hosting organizations terms and conditions.

Many hosting service providers avoid allowing IRC (Internet Relay Chat – carried out by bots or daemons). This is avoided since it lowers the customer service quality.

The Inference
A managed dedicated hosting service gives you more flexibility as differentiated to the other hosting services exists in the current market. If a business has decided to outsource its server management, managed dedicated hosting platform is the perfect since it also saves time with respect to server maintenance and management. Your in-house staff can easily access the applications and servers of your business module. This allows you build a new staff for handling the server and also to make prompt changes in the server.

You can refer our website and check out the plans for Dedicated Servers that will suit your requirement. Our infrastructure is powered by Cloud Technology with easy to use dashboard, instant scaling, 24/7 Customer/Technical support and Best hosting plans.