Monday 11 May 2015

What Should Be the Ideal Domain Name Strength?

Ideal domain strength
Choose Your Ideal Domain Name !!

If you have a business and you want to build an online brand and to get a good business through online as well as want to appear on top of the SEO result than an ideal domain concern a lot.

Your domain will be the first impression towards your brand and company reputations. Choosing a right domain for your favorite business is not a magic kind of thing, but following few rolls may be lead you to have an ideal domain.

Basically, there are three factors that will be considered before choosing a domain name: the brand name, keyword and perfect domain extension.

Brand Name:

domain leads to a brand name.
Whenever you set up a business, first of all you have to think your business name and later on, which will become a brand for your business. So, once you choose your company name you can move forward to choose a domain name for your business.

Here is some trick you should follow to choose an ideal domain name. Always remember that a short and easy to remember domain name is good for any business.

Choose a unique domain name that will create an impression on the first day on-wards. Like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

If your domain name includes your product or service name, then it will be more user friendly as well as search engine friendly.
Avoid hyphens, underscore and symbol in your domain. If you are using any number or underscore, then try to use in such a manner that it will be very catchy and create a decent sound when someone pronounces.


Having a straightforward and unique domain will not be just enough for all you need. You have to give a special attention towards your main keyword.

If your business is targeting a keyword and you want to appear on the top of any search engine, for that particular keyword than having your primary keyword in your domain name will become an ideal domain for your business.

Don't put the only keyword or a bunch of keyword in your domain to appear in a good position in a search engine.

Always remember that an ideal domain would be a domain which has maximum two keyword explaining your business as well as the main intention and the nature of your business. Choosing an ideal and smart domain will make your business grow as well as a run longer.

Domain Extension:

choose a right Domain extension for your domain
As of February 2015 total 810 number of top level domain extension approved by IANA(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Very few people have the idea of using the right domain extension for the right businesses. Domain extension is the end part of a domain name. If you Registered a domain with the name of “example”, then the extension may be .com, .in,, .net, .org, .name, .bike and etc.

.com domain extension is very famous and most of the business owner is using this only. But what about a blog writing by a person having a passion of bike or photography. Then smart choice will be to choose an extension according to the nature of business or blog. Exp: “” or “”.
If you are developing a normal business and targeting worldwide customer then a .com domain extension will do better. But if you are targeting a country or particular geographical region then, you can choose a domain extension for that country.
Suppose you are targeting user in India then you can go for the extension with .in or and you have the flexibility to choose a domain like “”. The most important about this domain extension is it explains that your business is India based and related to the internet.
This 3 factor is the most important to choose an ideal domain for your dream website. Maybe sometimes you will not get the same domain for your business which one you were looking for. May be that one has taken by some else previously. In that situation, you can go for another domain extension or else choose another domain name.

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