Friday, 12 July 2019

Guidelines To Start Your Professional Website

When you enter into a business world, make sure you qualify all the professional needs. And having a business oriented website is one of them. If you are having it already, then cheers for your professional existence in the business world. This guideline will help to them who wants to introduce their brand on online platform. You are a business professional, a savvy business person, who understands how to convert inputs into outputs. For your online existence, the very first orders of business will spin around designing and introducing your website. And the best part is, you can create your own website however you don’t have knowledge of web design or coding in HMTL. Yet its feasible and time consuming in initial stage as you don’t have mastery in this field.

Following are some guidelines that will assist you to build your first professional website successfully.

1. Pre-Plan Before You Start
Lack of planning can be the major hurdle to start a business website. So before start actually start designing a website, start planning it. Review the structure and functionality you require on website. Few points to follow while pre-planning - start writing your ideas on paper, start doing analysis, take references from your competitors website, do not copy them, mark your unique identity, gather all requirements to showcase, highlight your USP, collect product images, copy, and other content prior to starting and the action will go much faster.

2. Keep It Simple
A fussy, clutter websites are intolerable for users to handle or to find what they are looking for. So make sure that you have simple, unique but attractive designs for site that is user-friendly. Certify that your site is easy to navigate from any webpage of website. Include navigation at header and footer. Your contact details should be easily available for users. Keep it as simple as possible and let your business speak for itself.

3. Put Realistic Objectives
Determine what you desire your website to perform. Ask following questions to solve your objectives based on your requirements. Are you after sales conversions or are you accumulating leads? Is it only about increasing brand awareness? Do you want to integrate any apps? The answers to these questions will support you to describe the grade and functionality of your site. For example, if you are running Restaurants, then it should have menus and event calendars, but not certainly eCommerce. Consider your website as a visitor would. What and which features will lead them the serious satisfaction? Are you planning to incorporate blog also? Some features can be managed by integrating a widget and some may requisite custom coding.

4. Outline a Budget
It is always better to remember that you will requisite to outline a budget. Understand that you will have to spend something; nothing can gets for free. If you’re creating website by own, then your thousands of money can be spared. You will need to buy a Domain Name, WordPress Hosting, WordPress Theme, that all together will cost you couple of hundred dollars. But, appointing any expert designer, will charge a sizeable numbers. If you follow the actions with a budget keeping in mind, you will more than probably be able to stick to it.

5. Keep Eye On Competitors
To be on the peak of services in your industry, you have to understand what your other competitor is up to. Examine your competitor’s websites and refer if anything innovative or new from their book. Don’t copy any design elements straightforward (and you shouldn’t), instead you can take ideas as there is nothing inappropriate with follow few features and functionality. As you both are competitors to each other so certainly you both share the couple of similar services, means what suits for them can surely appropriate for you.

6. Discover SEO
SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, that is one of the very powerful part of doing business on the web. SEO aids to upgrade your visibility with search engines and bring organic traffic (i.e. unpaid) to your site. The right SEO plan will drive striking value to your marketing performances, so knowing what it can (and can’t) do, is forever a better objective. Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool these tools will help you to do keyword research. Follow the latest updates of SEO to know about it as it changes often.

7. Try Open Source CMS
There are multiple open-source CMS (Content Management System) are available online among them WordPress is one of the most strong and handy CMS. The profit of using WordPress is that there are thousands of developers and users across the globe who can work with it, so you are permitting yourself lots of flexibility at the start and moving ahead. WordPress is perfect fit to go whether you wish to design your website by own or appoint an expert web designer. WordPress is the very often used CMS so there are enough of designers and developers that savvy to work with it. WordPress is easy to gain knowledge by your own. You will require to buy web hosting and install WordPress onto your web hosting account. HostIndia is satisfactory option for hosting WordPress.

8. Design Mobile-Friendly
You may have heard ‘responsive website’ somewhere, that actually indicates your website will require to be mobile friendly and be correctly visible on any devices. Now the mass of people access the web with the mobile devices, and use them for online shopping, any search on google and so many other usage. Search engines recommend mobile-friendly sites, so it’s to your individual benefit to certify that your website is mobile-friendly. Many CMSs like WordPress present responsive themes/templates. While designing, consistently review your website on each of your mobile devices to ensure it looks impressive and operates as it should.

9. Avoid Flash/Music
Flash is an ownership compressed animation technology, developed by Adobe. It’s attractive but not supportable with many devices, like iOS (Apple, iPhone, and iPad). And it is takes lot time to load as it is heavy in size. So many people have switched off the Flash on their devices or computers, so try not to use it. There are many other options available, use them.

We hope that these above guidelines will help you to build your website by your own. And if you have any queries the please feel free to contact us, HostIndia offers affordable Hosting Plans.

Friday, 28 June 2019

The Worth Of Business Email Hosting!

Can you visualize handling your business without Email? Neither can we. Email communication is no longer a mysterious term in Business World. The very basic and much useful Internet based communication platform is Email. As an ultimate means of business communication, Email, exclusively hosted email, is immensely paramount to every organization. Email Hosting is a secure and very helpful platform to enhance your online communication for your organization. With the assistance of Email we can send mails in any place of the world and today this functional feature is accessible with web hosting services. Due to of its vogue and efficiency thousands of users are delighted with the Email hosting results.

Business Email Web Hosting is a service that permits organizations and singles the power to generate personalized email accounts for better web business.

Importance Of Hosted Email Due To :

1. Professionalism : The reliability which gets from an email address that anyone utilizes from and address is immensely disparate that the professionalism that is delivered from a business email address, i.e.

2. Security : Emails are essential for corresponding with prospects and clients and also with your own employees and team members. We generally send legal documents and financial information in emails and if you use a free email then you are at risk. There is no guarantee for free emails and if your email gets hacked then you cannot do anything about it.
But, if you use business emails then this can be avoided and all their emails would be saved on your server which you have full control off. So your information remains with you only and all the business data is retained safe.

3. Branding Prospects : Whenever you send an email to anyone from your hosted account, you are expressing your brand and domain to your customers, prospects, and vendors. Besides, it supports in brand recall. When a Customer/Prospect needs to locate your business online when you have communicated with them via an email, they are probably to recollect your website URL since you have mentioned it in your email address.

4. Trust : If you are operating with a free email account for your organizational correspondence then it becomes hard for clients and prospective customers to have faith in you. Anyone can easily have a free email with few clicks and data and there is no assurance that your business is legal and you offer good quality products and services.
Whereas, if you get a business email which is of your own domain name then the customers can straightforward link to your company and also produce faith in your organization.

5. Durable : Some email service providers provide email accounts at no cost, example and, but at the time you switch the provider, these email address goes with them. But your hosted email addresses stays along with you.

6. Sector Division : No matter what your organization size is, each company having the categorized email addresses to different sectors accounts, support, testing, maintenance, billing, administration, and customer support, will describe you as professional, and also helps in managing your incoming emails as per sections.

Boundless options are available for email hosting, but most important are security, functionality and availability. Looks like all your queries related to hosted emails are sorted now? Even if, you have any queries then contact HostIndia. To get further details on the same, and to schedule a free consultation with our expert team regarding the features and pricing of our Hosted Email service for you, please feel free to contact us. Now go ahead and get a professional business email addresses that makes your organization seem legible and trustworthy, Contact Us.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Why Data Centers Are Important ?

Although the fact that hardware is continuously becoming compact, rapid and very robust, we are a growing data-hungry people, and the need for handling power, storage space and data in widespread is expanding and persistently frightening to outpace organization’s potentials to deliver. Any system which creates or utilizes data has the requirement for data centers on some level, containing government agencies, financial institutions, educational bodies, telecommunications companies, retailers of all sizes, and the vendors of online information and social networking services like Google and Facebook. In many cities, our existence depend on the working and availability of one or different data centers. It is not an exaggeration. Many of the things in each part of human actions like energy, lighting, telecommunications, internet, transport, urban traffic, banks, security systems, public health, entertainment and even our physical integrity are controlled by data centers.

What is a Data Center? 

Every data centers are basically buildings which offers space, power and cooling for network infrastructure and a huge set of networked computer servers usually used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data. It is a centralized area provided with computing resources and major telecommunications that covers Storage Systems, Databases, Softwares, Servers, Applications, Devices, Access Networks. These things are operated by particularly skilled workforce to utilize and to handle industry, government and company services. Few years ago, the Data Center was judged as one of the prominent harmful cause to the environment by its pointless power consumption and the highly growing prices of operating.

Anyway, now the situation is greatly divergent. The new era of Data Centers are more small and modular. This is huge corporate drift, the modular advancement.

The advanced data centers absorb low power and require minimal space. Their extension rely on the need for services. They expand as the requirement for services increases. Essentially, they are born compact and calculate on the energy consumption, carbon outflows and global warming. The sustainability and its consequences on the environment is an actual anxiety, even if there are very affirmative outcomes for the organizations themselves, in the ideology of “green technology”.

If equated to elderly data centers, these latest modern data centers have 4X greater execution potential and engage barely 40% of the space. Rigidly speaking, it is not due to the trimming of components, yet cause of the current analysis for the complete system efficiency, that includes the theory of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Further, differentiated with the earlier data centers, current data centers have huge potential to keep data and information in racks, such as in earlier days it was very hard to cool them down. Modern and upgraded technologies not only allow rise in density, but also certify superior cooling because of which modern data centers hold least space. The complete system efficiency can be expanded in different methods, as multi-zones are obtainable with specializing in high, medium and low level of processing.

A further dominant and prime swing in data centers is the unbending trail of top levels of security, mostly, those which perform the areas of important services and financial sectors. Wide reaching banks require to certify that there is a certain consistency of services and lessen the chance of disturbance and power cuts to nearly zero. This identically implements to the telecommunications companies, mainly after the advent of the Internet.

Progressively, technologies are developing and people are relying on data centers as they provide the higher levels of security, flexibility and accessibility to data and information across the world. Our proficient team will work to deliver you the benefit of deploying your complex infrastructure parts in discrete solutions depending on your particular requirements. Grab benefits of our resources simultaneously keeping your costs low assigning HostIndia As An Exclusive Supplier for all of your dedicated hosting requirements.