Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Eight Online Marketing Strategy that Really Works for Your Website.

Earlier Marketing Strategies weren’t so robust as how it is now because of many factors that are available to promote business and social media has become a fire which makes sure that it spreads everywhere but as a Marketing Expert you should know on how to take the business to the sky.

But there are many who have limited knowledge as to how they can use the internet to promote their business globally, locally or to a specific location. In this article, I will give you the right way to form a marketing strategy that will work for your website.

Many methods are there in the market that will guide you with marketing strategy but you will get overwhelmed with so many tactics and you may be even asking yourself questions that which is the best marketing strategy that can take the business to the highway.

You will find many people who will think that they have Digital Marketing knowledge but that is not the case because you need a technical knowledge also to make this work where an Expertise can provide. Online Marketing and Traditional or Offline Marketing is very different even if they share the same interest, principles, and values.

Let’s understand the 10 best marketing strategy that will help the website grow:-

Active and Responsive Website:-

In 2014 it was recorded that only 53% business has a website which shows that 47% of small business didn’t have a website but ever since the number is decreasing and now most of the business has a website. A lot of people think that having a website it total waste of money or it is expensive and it is also time wasting but little they know that how a website can boost their business with daily customer generation depending on the service and product.

Start Blogging:-

I am sure that the minute you read that you have to start blogging you must have already said you in your head let’s skip this part. But do you know that businesses who have blogs receive 67% more customers compare to the people who don’t have a blog! There are at least 170 million blogs in the entire world which indicate that Blog can effectively help you in your business and you can earn some money if you want to via the blog.

SEO is essential:-

People create a website and put useful and informative content and there is also great services and products on your website that people need and love but what is the point if people don’t find it. Search Engine Optimization can help your website reach the maximum people. Many people find SEO time consuming and sign up for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads but if you really be patient and let the SEO play the game it will be really rewarding for you.

Guest blog:-

Earlier, Guest Blogging was considered to be the best strategy as a robust way of link building and traffic generation but if you see the scenario now SEO backlinks used in a wrong way will let Google Block you. However, Guest Blogging is still very essential in creating Brand Promotion and creating blog traffic source and bringing back some traffic to your website. Guest Blogging is also useful in building relationships with viewers from communities and blogs.

Email Marketing:-

A lot of businesses don’t make a list of emails which is very essential for the business. Make sure that you start making a list of email for email marketing and List building. You may thousand and millions of followers on facebook, twitter and Google but when you have a list of emails you secure your fans and users with you. It is the most profitable and cost-effective way of retaining your customers and providing more services and products to them. For email marketing, you must have your own personalized Email account.

Social Media Marketing:-

Social Media has worked for everyone effectively no matter for what reason and it has worked perfectly for the website to get traffics. Social Media is not going away for a long time and you will find most of the audience on it.  Find which social media platforms work for you the best and try to build different ideas to be where your audience is. Make sure that you spend your time, money and expertise on the social media platform that works for you the best.

Content Marketing:-

Nowadays, Content Marketing is a force because it is working very well for every website where you have to just create content that is informative, useful, problem-solving and compelling online content that will attract potential customers and convert them to paying customers. Social Media and Blogging can be used in the content marketing strategy to bring in many viewers to your website. Content can be generated by utilizing it for video, Ebooks, white papers, webinars, live stream video, and audio.

Influencer Marketing:-

It is one of the most effective marketing strategies that work in creating traffic to your website and it will help your website grow increasingly better. Influence Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the potential leaders that will put a word out for you that will spread your brand message to a large market.

As we have finished with the best marketing strategy to be applied for growing your website traffic and business, now keep in your mind that Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be very costly and all the above methods are cost-effective. When you will apply all these strategies it will provide you more opportunities for your business and you will discover more methods and ideas to reach more customers online. 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Creating Personalized Documents on Google Spreadsheet With Simple Steps.

Document Studio is a Google Add-on that allows you to create reports and documents using the merge data that is stored on the Google Sheets. You can also generate documents with live data from the Google Forms Submissions. The documents that are created can be sent within the personalized email messages by utilizing the built-in Mail merge which has a built-in sharing option that can quickly share the documents with other recipients. 

The Documents can be created in Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, ePUB ebooks, Open Office format, HTML web pages from Google Docs. Such files can be uploaded to Google Drive and can be shared and also you can send the file directly to the printer through Google Cloud Print.

The businesses workflows can be integrated with Document Studio and you can do a lot of things such as produce Sales Quote, Purchase Order, School Certificates, Event Invites, Policy Documents and much more. Document Studio offers flexibility on one platform with many features and functions that helps you generate quality documents. 

To get Started with Document Studio the following are the steps on how to use Document Studio:-

First create a Template in Google Slides, Google Sheets or in Google Docs and insert Placeholders and enter the details such as Name and Address for merge Fields.

Now Open a Google Sheet with the source data and the column heading will coincide with the placeholders in the template while the rows will correspond to the records. 

After that, install the documents merge add-on and follow the wizard to create the documents. Document Studio will generate one document per row on the sheet. 
The Document Studio also consist of a WYSIWYG email editor that helps in sending the merged documents to the multiple or single recipient inside the personalized email messages. 

G Suite is comprised of many features and services that will help you in creating documents, spreadsheets, and slides. You can also use the additional G Suite Features such as Hangout, Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Vault, and Jam board that will revamp your workflow and also your workspace. Document Studio is an Add-on to Google Docs, Spreadsheet or Slides that will help you in creating documents from the Google Spreadsheet data and quicker response from Google Forms. You can use the built-in Mail merge to email files and documents that are saved in the Google Drive which can also be automatically printed or shared to other recipients. Document Studio can used to generate professional and sophisticated documents that consist of customized customer invoices, business letters, purchase orders, student test results and other type of documents. Google Maps images, QR Code Images and PayPal Payment links can be inserted in the generated emails and documents by using the built-in spreadsheet function. All the Documents will be saved on the Google Drive so you don’t have to worry about the storage and it is 100% secure in the Google Drive.