Thursday, 6 September 2018

Does hosting location can affect your SEO OUTCOME?

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Do you know that once the page loads the visitor forms an opinion in just .05 seconds? So if you have a website that loads slower than the standard rate of loading time then you will be judged sharply by your user. It is also observed that the user will leave the website if the website fails to offer content within 10 seconds of the time frame. You must be now getting the idea that how impatient viewers are now and the levels of expectation that has risen of the people. 

Here’s more to understand how a slow loading website can affect your traffic flow. According to the data gathered by research, it is been confirmed that if there is any single delay in the website loading time, it can result in a 7% loss of the conversion. And if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load then 40% of the web users will move on to the next site in just milliseconds.  

Localized Web Hosting Speed:

Now coming to the main point that does a hosting location affect the website SEO and the answer to that is a big YES! When someone visits a website the information is passed from the data server to the user via the Internet. Now how long it takes to pass the information from the data server to the user depends on the location of the data server and the speed of the Internet connection. 

There are many networks that are using fiber-optic cables that transfer data at the speed of light so the users will only have to experience 10 milliseconds of delay which is a standard loading time. 

The time that it takes the server to receive the request from the visitor and then send the information to the receiver determines the distance of the server from the location of the user. The latency of the network or server performance determines the loading time of the page. 

Does the website SEO get affected because of the location of the Server?

The server location does not directly affect the SEO of the website but choosing a web host that is nearby the user location is always recommended. If the server is near to the user location then the information will be sent at a much faster speed. User having a fast access to the website is always a plus point for the website owners because there will be fewer chances for the website to the abandoned by the users. When data has to travel less distance with less resistance those websites will have a faster response time and low latency.

The loading time can impact your SEO, even Google has made it clear that the website’s ranking will be determined by the loading time. You need to make sure that your website is overall well optimized instead of just focusing on certain elements because you don’t need your website to be disappointed at other aspects your website lack in. 

If you have a website that is targeting Indian customers then is the best web host you can choose because of its scalability, low latency, and high performing servers. 

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There are many aspects which affects the website speed such as low network bandwidth, latency, overloaded server, website size, images size, plugins and much more. You can troubleshoot most of these problems by going for a reliable and best web host. You can host your website with if you want your server to be located in India. We also do provide Cloud Hosting that can help you set up your server in other parts of the country by offering higher scalability, flexibility, low latency, and high performing server. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Here's how you can easily protect your WordPress website for free without any plugin

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Protecting website from the Online threat is the most vital part while setting up a new website. Now there are website’s that were set up a long time ago but not much security measure were taken into consideration to keep the website protected. You must be browsing the internet to find ways to secure your WordPress website but only to find that they are tons of information available and not sure which one to choose. In this post, you will be learning as to how you can use coding and basic settings to protect your website. 

You will find common suggestion from the internet to install a WordPress security plugin. There are many security plugins out there in the market which might be heavy on your pocket. Do you think that 100 percent a security plugin can protect your website from getting hacked? It was observed that the 22% of the website that was hacked was because of the security issue found in the WordPress plugins. So now you know that you cannot rely 100 percent on WordPress security plugins. 

When you use a plugin it creates a load on your website which will make your website to load at a slower rate. It might be okay for you if your website loads a little slow but with the Internet world, it is not the same scenario. Installing a plugin will slow down the website because of the number of files stored during the process of installation. If you want to keep your website secure and make your website load faster then try to minimize the usage of plugins on your website. 

Here’s how you can protect your website without any plugin:

Keep your website up-to-date:

You should keep your WordPress website up to date that means that you should always update your WordPress website when there is a new release of a feature or a security patch. Most of the people don’t find updating their WordPress website important because they are happy with their website performance. But this is just plain laziness when people do this because upgrading the website will increase the performance and troubleshoot problems arising in the future or at hand.

Hackers try to search vulnerabilities within the website so if you are not updating your website then they will find such loopholes and hack your website. You can enable the automatic update of the website by default in the settings. But there are some developers who are not comfortable to do this because if the new update is not be compatible to the code then it might bring the website down. For this Developers can test the website on the local server before taking it to live before settling with the new update.

Strong Password and Username:

When the website is newly built the username is set to admin by default. The username that is too simple and easy can be easily hacked and millions of passwords can be run by it. There are many website security is breached mostly because of this reason. You have to keep your website username and password strong so that it is difficult for the hackers to get into your website.

Protect Website with Code:

Disallow Editing of files:

Anyone that has an admin access can infiltrate WordPress inbuilt code editor that can bring down your website in just matter of seconds. But you can disable this feature by adding this code to the website in the wp-config.php file. 

<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Restrict access to the .htaccess file:

It is very important to protect the .htacess file because it contains one of the most important files. If any hacker gets access to this file then they can easily break the security of the whole website. You can either strengthen or weaken the security of the website with the .htaccess file that is why you have to make sure that there is a very limited access to it. 

<files ~ "^.*\.([Hh][Tt][Aa])">
order allow,deny
deny from all
satisfy all

Restrict access to the error_log file:

You have to make sure that the error logs are not accessible because that can also create a loophole for the hacker to enter and disrupt your website flow.

<files error_log>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Choose the right Web Host:

If you find any free website hosting or cheap hosting and if you opt for their hosting plan then you are compromising the security of your website and visitors. Mainly most of the free web hosting provider will host your website but it will keep your website vulnerable from hackers, virus, malware and etc. 

There are some free web host providers who will provide you with free web hosting and in exchange they will sell your information to the third party vendor. Basically, you are not only compromising the security of the website but also your privacy. But here at HostIndia, we take care of your security with the utmost care with our strong build secure servers. You can opt for an SSL certificate for your website from that will not only protect your website from malware and virus but also protect the interest of your website visitors or users. 

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

How to hide domain name details from the public for security reasons

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With the online security threat rising rapidly it has become utmost important to maintain a website with optimum security measures. Earlier, the online threat was rising predominantly because not many people had known about their rights to privacy and security. But now people have come to know how they can protect their privacy and secure themselves from online threats such as spamming, hackers, identity theft and much more. 

Most of the website owners know the importance of security when it comes to their customers and visitors but what about the security of the website owner. When someone registers their domain name with the domain registrar their details such as Name, Phone number, email address and etc can be viewed via WHOIS website


WHOIS allows you run a query and then it provides you a set of information about the domain name. So when you register a domain name with the registrar you have to provide contact information such as mail address, contact number, name and other details.

When the domain name is registered, a WHOIS record is created that has all the information that you provided during registration of domain name. When you purchase a domain name then your contact information will be available to the public. These records can be accessed by anyone through the WHOIS website.

If you have a website with the domain name registered then you can run a WHOIS search and see what information is available to the public. 

Now there are some who want their contact information to be available because it’s another way of providing contact information to their customers. But not everyone is comfortable with their information being shared with the world and that is where Domain Privacy comes into the picture. 

Domain Privacy:

Domain Privacy allows you to hide the contact information that you don’t want to show up on the WHOIS website. There are many web hosts who provide this service as an add-on service when you are purchasing a domain name. 

There are web hosts who will secure your information where the information will be listed as the name and contact information of the web host. If anyone wants to contact you regarding domain name then they will have to first contact the web host and if they find out that it is not a spam call then they will redirect it to the customer. 

Customers who register a domain name without Privacy often experience that their inboxes are full of spam emails. They will receive emails from digital marketer pitching SEO and marketing services, small business related offer, website builder tools and discounts and lots more. There will be services that will be genuine and there will be some emails that will be a scam. Customers do have a wrong idea that the domain registrar has sold their information to the third party but in reality that is not actually the case. The web host or the domain registrar never sell customer’s personal information to the third party. It is just your personal information is available to the public when don’t opt for domain privacy while registering a domain name. 

How can you make your website more secure?

Now once you have a website you should be prioritized two things that are the development of the website and the security of the website. Development of the website concerns the structure and layout of the website and security concerns protecting the interest of the customer or the visitor and also the interest of the website owner. But here will be focusing more on the security aspect of a website. To make your website more secure you can opt for an SSL Certificate that will keep your site secure from all the malware, virus and hackers. If you want to know more about SSL Certificates then click here.