Friday 6 May 2016

Why it is important to register a right Domain name for a Small Business.

Choose right domain for small business
If you are planning to own a business or you already have a business setup or you have some talent such as writing, photography, music composition or any other talent then you must need a website to showcase your talent to the world. Any of your activity or work can be an online subject and for your business, your website can be the most cost effective sources to get users.

Now if you have a domain name, then you can go ahead a build a website and host it. But does the domain name you are having currently is best for your business?
May be the best or maybe not! In the post, we will discuss few things which will explain the importance of having a right Domain name for your business or personal need.

Note: - This post will not only help to find a right domain to businesses but also help for your personal need.

Firstly let's understand what is a domain name?

Some people think that domain name and website are same, but they are different. A domain name is the address of your website on the Internet. If someone types your domain name on a browser, then the website or web page hosted with the name will appear on the browser.
A domain name has two parts, one is named and other is extension part.
Example: here “google” is the name and “.com” is the domain name extension.
Note: The same domain name may have multiple domain extension.
If you are looking for a right domain, then you can read our previous blog post to select a right domain “Why and How Can I Purchase a Good Domain Name for my Business !

Right Domain name will be helping to build a brand name:

An online business is completely known for its domain name only which will also become a brand for the business or company. Once a company gets the brand name, can impact huge impression on online users. Sometime brand name goes viral which is a good sign for a business. A brand domain name will be always short and different from the other. Such as google, bing, snapdeal and etc. Your business may have a big name but a short domain name will be good for domain name selection.

Your domain gives a uniqueness on the internet:

Having a business with a unique domain name will identify your business from another. If someone is typing your business name on the search bar and found others website details then it will impact a bad impression on your business.

The domain name will be your brand in online:

It is very commonly known that on the internet your domain name will be your brand names such as google, bing, olx, and etc. Your business may have a big name or you may have registered your business with a lengthy name but registered your domain with a short and catchy name. Having a catchy domain name can become viral and help you to enhance your brand name.

Better performance in SEO:

SEO is a prime source of user for any website nowadays. SEO is free but time taking process, but still having a very powerful impact on the internet. If you have a domain following all the guideline of created by a search engine may help you to rank better in search result. You can create a website in free by using some sources. But search engine gives importance to them who are having an own optimized domain name rather than those that are using another domain name.

It is always recommended to have an own domain name it may be for your business or personal use. Don't go for free if you are serious about your website. is an India based hosting providing company and a leading provider of domain and web hosting. Providing domain with a reasonable price and less renewal charges from other.

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