Sunday 27 August 2017

How To Promote Your Business Online In Free.

Promote your business
Social media have completely changed the face of marketing in recent times. In the olden days, marketing needed hordes of cash to be spent on advertisements to be shown on television, spoken on radio and to display on prominent places in the city as sign boards or sponsoring local events.

Not anymore. There are more effective ways to promote your brand online (the easiest, best way to sell products and make money) for free. If you are new to business, do you want to know in this article on “how to promote your business online in free? Do not worry; you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will be given valuable points on the subject and the perfect places to look to promote your business.
You do not need to spend a dime, but kindly read the article patiently:
1.    Use International Local Listing Services
Having your business listed with Google Places can make the name more effortlessly searched as it can be easily found on Google Maps. It just involves a simple way of filling the form, get the business verified via the confirmation process that is done with a snail mail or phone call. The other two listing services are Yahoo Local and Microsoft's  Bing. Would you believe if all the three listings are freely available without any cost? There are also other online places where you can promote your own online content for free. However, in some websites, you need to post just the URL while most require a different style of approach.Your business gets lodged in the data banks of these websites, and they showcase the URL when a specific category is searched on the internet.
·      Yellow Pages
·      Submit Express
·      Moo-Directory
·      So Much
·     MapQuest
·      Entire Web
·      Super Pages
·      Insider Pages
·      eLocal
·      Merchant Circle
·      Manta
2.    Power of Social Media
In recent times, social media has moved from being a simple platform for exposure to a necessary investment for any business, small or big. The best way to give exposure to your business via Facebook page is to have ads as well as offers. How about having a direct channel on Twitter and involve in networking on Linkedin at the personal or professional level?
The other social media platforms which are most used to promote the business online free of charges are -

3. Social Bookmarking

There are also other ways by which you can draw focus on your business. By submitting links to main pages and also the products or individual pages, images and posts, the content is circulated to the audience base of the platforms thus driving traffic to the website. Some of these social media platforms are -

4.    Websites
Although you need to have a website to have an online presence, half a decade ago, launching and designing a website used to be a cumbersome task. Not so at the present time of 2017. There are numerous companies such as Wix through which you can register and easily design a website for yourself. They have the best advanced tools, templates and other features, even if you are a novice with no coding or design skills, you can make an excellent online presence for yourself. The next phase is also important – guide the users to increase website traffic.

5. Blogging

One of the best methods to preserve your online identity, you can interact with loyal customers directly via comments and answers. However, you have to keep the content always updated in the blog or it will lose its worth. It is better if the name of the blog is in connivance with your business product or service. You should also have registered with a perfect domain registration provider who offers the best services.

6. Importance of YouTube/Flickr

You can give the best promotion by uploading a video about your product or service in youtube. However, with 3 million videos loaded every second, you have to really ensure that the content is up to the mark or above. In case of Flickr, you can compress all the images required for the business, and then provide a link to the website.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Agreed, content is the key and search engine optimization can also burn tracks in the way of success. However, its power can never be underestimated in this fast paced world. You can easily read articles on the internet about SEO and make your website feature on search engines.

8. Press releases

A new product, a new service or a new award – never forget to have a press release. They are excellent media tools to generate curiosity among the public and they are also free. Some of the websites you can use are 24/7 Press Release and PRLog.

9. Online Community

You can join a forum concerning your business, regularly post your comments or ask questions and answer queries. Kindly note, the words used should be in tandem with the community. You may take some time to build a rapport and once done, you can passively promote the product or service by mentioning only at appropriate times.

10. Other Options

You should make the website work for your business. A signup box placed at a relevant position can be used to capture the customer’s name and email. You can use their email to advertise or give information about a new product or service. You can also announce benefits to your clients. The website should also be mobile responsive.

However, kindly note that not all type of promotions can make a mark in every business. It is necessary to check which type will suit for a business. We sincerely hope that the points specified above will help you pave the path for free promotional campaigns for your new business. All the best!

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