Wednesday 17 September 2014

Top 6 Tips to choose the best domain name for your business.

Top 6 tips for a great domain name

Hi, everyone, I am back with the interesting tips and tricks for your small business, to grow it biggest amongst all..!!

Today lets talk about the most basic thing for a website to go up on air, what is it? Of course, my blog title says it all. It's the “Domain name” the name of your baby website.
Domain name is the name by which everyone recognizes the business online. eg.

It's not hard to choose a domain name, but a little tricky task, we need to take some small things into consideration before picking a domain name.

I have listed the top 6 tips for selecting a perfect domain name for your business. You can follow these tips to get most out of your domain name.

  1. Quickly Recognizable:
    Domain name is the main asset to reach your website online. It is your brand name.
    So always make it a point to select a domain name that is short, and related to your business.
    If you use short forms or numbers in your domain name then it might be difficult for your customers to understand. For example. If you put short forms your clients may misspell it and will be directed to another business. Also totally avoid the use of numbers and hyphens.

  1. Easy to remember:                                                                                                                  A domain name must not be hard to type or recall, as we know customers do not have the habit to write down each and every website address they visit.                                                            Even if the content of web page was fairly liked by the customer, later they could not recall what site he/she visited then its a big loss in your direction.                                                            Use ideas such that it represents your business, keywords make best business names.               If you have a coffee place, the customer will search for keywords related to which coffee you provide, area name, cost, the menu will be the main focus.                                                                   You can target the audience as youngcoffee.domain ,                                                                                                                       coffeehouse.domain,                                                                                                                      mumbaicoffee.domain etc.                                                              Before jumping to the conclusion you have to check if the domain name you like is not a copy right or a business name. If it's not taken by anyone else you can register through that name. provides a tool that helps you check the availability of your domain name, also if that domain name is not available, it gives suggestions of the nearest possible variation in extensions.
  1. Unique:
    Your business is unique so must be your domain name. For easy identification and less confusion.

  1. Not close to brand name:
    If your domain name is similar or close to any big brand with a different utility, you may get traffic to your website but not meant for you. Distinguish yourself as a separate brand.

  1. Rich in keywords:
    Give time for researching your domain name. It must have rich keywords. For a coffee shop, the keyword variation may be wide, you have to analyze your surrounding and fix which words are mostly used when people relate to a coffee shop/(your business). Target your location (area of business) because it gives you maximum traffic.
    Ex. Cold coffee place
    best coffee
    coffee near pune
   coffee combo etc..
  1. Use good domain extensions:
Domain extensions play an equally important part in website's success.
Choose a domain extension wisely, you have to use a fitting extension for the domain name.
Those days are long gone when people only knew of .com and .net.
Today there are thousands of domain extensions available, and specially tailored for your business profile. It gives you immense credibility and high page rankings. 

Some mostly used domain extensions:

.com - For any purpose, used most widely all over the world.
.net - For the networks and technology related business and companies
.org -For organisational purpose 

for more generic domains you can visit:

The latest released domain names that worked wonders for new businesses are:

.photography- for professional photographers, camera sellers.
.siksha- Its new domain name for educational purpose
.asia- The extension which helps you take your business beyond the boundaries.
.menu- For fabulous lip smacking menus and restaurant places
.plumbing- For the nearest reach to your plumber and other household help.
.guru- For the tech savvy or the business experts.
.clothing- Clothes of every brand, you stand out here.
.jobs- Represents the job we all need.
.club- The fun domain name for fun lovers.

For any more details or assistance regarding the selection of domain names, you must not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer you and suggest you the best domain name for your business or personal requirement.
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