Friday 26 July 2019

How Correct Domain Registrar Helps You?

It is difficult to find a genuine and right web host and it is the same when it comes to registering a domain. There are a lot of online services available in the market that provide domain name registration but not all these service providers are not the same when it comes to quality service, technical support and much more.

As you must have realized that not all web host are the same so it is same with Domain registrars. When you go to the right domain registrar you will save money in the long term and your work will become much easier depending on what management features they offer. In this post, you will learn what are domain registrars and the difference between their services and some tips on how to choose the right one.

Domain Registrars
A Domain Registrar helps you select from the variety of different domain names available and purchase a domain for your website. This will allow you to register any number of domains you want to and assign them to your website or save them for later use. So for this, you will have to pay a yearly fee to maintain the ownership of the domain name after you purchase. So you can check what domain names are available that will be best suited for your website and most of the websites offer multiple Top-Level Domain options. If the domain name that you wish to register is available then you will need to just fill some forms and pay a fee which will depend on domain and Top Level domain you choose.

Hosting a website and registering a domain name is two different things. There are some web hosts who offer domain registration services so that it becomes easier to use all the website resources at one place. Domain Service is part of the website management so it becomes easier and natural for all the service managed at one place.

Difference Between Domain Registrars
When you buy a domain name from any domain registrar it doesn’t become so important from where you purchased it from but however, there are some domain registrars who offer different services and advantages.

Multiple Hosting Services
Some web host offers both hosting and domain name registration and there are others who offer only one service.

Different Prices
You will find different prices on different domain registrars for the same domain name for any reason so shop around to look out where you can save your money.

A Different Set Of Top Level Domain Name
Domain Registrars provide popular TLDs such as .com and .net but there are also other domain registrars who provide .wiki, .blog, .net and many other options.

Management Features
It is recommended to use a registrar that  offers a user panel which will help you manage the domains. There will be chances where you will want to transfer some domains or modify CNAME records so it will become easier to go for the registrar who will provide better domain management features.

Tips On Choosing The Right Domain Registrar
Choose the domain registrar that will allow you to make changes easily so choosing a quality registrar will pay off because it makes things easier. When it comes to transferring a domain it is a very difficult process so it’s better to go for a registrar that offers flexibility.

Easy To Use
It is better to go for online services that offer easy interfaces because it will make your work easy and less frustrating.

Low Prices
Before choosing a registrar it is better to shop around or do some research to see cost varying at different places. There won’t be much difference but it is better to save some bucks.

Domain Management Features
A domain registrar serving different features is an added advantage to see if the domain registrar that you choose should give you an option of hiding your information from the people who want to look at your domain records.

Web Hosting Service
It is better to get all the services under one roof but there are some who want to keep the domain and hosting separately. But for people who want to make their work easier than having a web host and domain registrar at one place is convenient.

After you have selected the domain registrar then you just have to pick the perfect name for your website and purchase it where setting up everything will just half n hour. Make sure that you consider these points while choosing the domain registrar which is a broad selection of TLDs, easy to use interface, competitive domain prices, advanced domain management features and complementary hosting plans.

Friday 19 July 2019

Avoid Basic Mistakes To Prevent Website Failure

Countless websites are available on the Internet but not all of that offer a satisfying experiences. Yet there are websites that can be set as an examples of worthwhile websites. Certainly, not everyone can invest millions for brand awareness, marketing and advertising to reach out to the end users, regardless of how bad your site experience is, right? That indicates you have to be extra acute, offer more satisfactory than the others, and avoid basic mistakes to see your website (and business) take off. Take care of these three basic mistakes to prevent from website failure :

1. Time-Consuming And Old-Fashioned
Majority of small business holders are like “if something is reasonably successful, there is no need to change”. That traditional direction might be helpful in few conditions, but web design does not follow the same. To rival, a website requires frequent updating and maintenance. That means it should regularly follow best practices for site navigation, layout, and design to boost usability and SEO boost. As technology consistently upgrades, it may require modifications in your website. Latest business trends require updated website. Your old websites with flash can be out of race, and these consequences pieces of your website may seem torn in latest browsers. Maybe worse, they can delay your website to a crawl, make it hard to direct, or avert users from watching major elements of the UX. Time-consuming and rarely updated websites too lower the position in search results, as search engines consider that rare updates compare to past data that’s low relevance to the searcher. To avoid these website loading issues, update your site frequently. Add a blog on website and write blogs regularly. Change the entire visual of a website after certain years to retain it concurrent. Certify that images are big sufficient for latest, higher resolution devices and monitors.

2. Non Responsive Website
While creating a website remember that responsive website is a core necessity. As every single person is using mobile phone for any kind of browsing. Talking about old-fashioned website, avoid creating anything which seems impressive on a desktop or laptop screens, but does not transform same on mobile phones. Although recent mobile phones are very superior than their predecessors at presenting data on non-mobile optimized sites, the experience is yet quite clunky. Website data expands beyond the boundaries of the mobile screen, gets too tiny to read, and may bound functionality. Actually, according to survey, the count of people accessing the web through mobile phone is larger than the count of desktop users, and it is increasing rapidly. If your website is not responsive for mobile phones, you may be stopping your new likely visitors from visiting. So make sure that your website is mobile friendly that anyone can access it from any location across the globe.

3. Complex & Vain Content
When you search on Internet for something and you get that search found but result of that search is hard to understand or not appealing. Perhaps, this is because excessive use of content stuffing, slang, or grammatical mistakes. Even bad, you refer a website exploring for something particular, but there is no such appropriate content available on that website. Many of us had faced this issue. This is the biggest reason visitors exit from your website without walking through website. Consider you have zero knowledge related to your own industries business. And then think how to grab attentions of visitors to your website. How your website is answering to visitors queries. Is your website offering data that both spots the problem and describes solutions. If you have Blog added, then do you write blogs for beginners, learners or for expert levels? Can everyone understand your blog? So do regularly write blogs and keep consistency in your writing language. Use graphics content to enhance your website traffic.

Hope that this article helps you increase your online audience through website. And by avoiding these above points your website can stands on higher rank in search engine results. If you haven’t created website yet, then visit HostIndia for your website Domain Registration

Friday 12 July 2019

Guidelines To Start Your Professional Website

When you enter into a business world, make sure you qualify all the professional needs. And having a business oriented website is one of them. If you are having it already, then cheers for your professional existence in the business world. This guideline will help to them who wants to introduce their brand on online platform. You are a business professional, a savvy business person, who understands how to convert inputs into outputs. For your online existence, the very first orders of business will spin around designing and introducing your website. And the best part is, you can create your own website however you don’t have knowledge of web design or coding in HMTL. Yet its feasible and time consuming in initial stage as you don’t have mastery in this field.

Following are some guidelines that will assist you to build your first professional website successfully.

1. Pre-Plan Before You Start
Lack of planning can be the major hurdle to start a business website. So before start actually start designing a website, start planning it. Review the structure and functionality you require on website. Few points to follow while pre-planning - start writing your ideas on paper, start doing analysis, take references from your competitors website, do not copy them, mark your unique identity, gather all requirements to showcase, highlight your USP, collect product images, copy, and other content prior to starting and the action will go much faster.

2. Keep It Simple
A fussy, clutter websites are intolerable for users to handle or to find what they are looking for. So make sure that you have simple, unique but attractive designs for site that is user-friendly. Certify that your site is easy to navigate from any webpage of website. Include navigation at header and footer. Your contact details should be easily available for users. Keep it as simple as possible and let your business speak for itself.

3. Put Realistic Objectives
Determine what you desire your website to perform. Ask following questions to solve your objectives based on your requirements. Are you after sales conversions or are you accumulating leads? Is it only about increasing brand awareness? Do you want to integrate any apps? The answers to these questions will support you to describe the grade and functionality of your site. For example, if you are running Restaurants, then it should have menus and event calendars, but not certainly eCommerce. Consider your website as a visitor would. What and which features will lead them the serious satisfaction? Are you planning to incorporate blog also? Some features can be managed by integrating a widget and some may requisite custom coding.

4. Outline a Budget
It is always better to remember that you will requisite to outline a budget. Understand that you will have to spend something; nothing can gets for free. If you’re creating website by own, then your thousands of money can be spared. You will need to buy a Domain Name, WordPress Hosting, WordPress Theme, that all together will cost you couple of hundred dollars. But, appointing any expert designer, will charge a sizeable numbers. If you follow the actions with a budget keeping in mind, you will more than probably be able to stick to it.

5. Keep Eye On Competitors
To be on the peak of services in your industry, you have to understand what your other competitor is up to. Examine your competitor’s websites and refer if anything innovative or new from their book. Don’t copy any design elements straightforward (and you shouldn’t), instead you can take ideas as there is nothing inappropriate with follow few features and functionality. As you both are competitors to each other so certainly you both share the couple of similar services, means what suits for them can surely appropriate for you.

6. Discover SEO
SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, that is one of the very powerful part of doing business on the web. SEO aids to upgrade your visibility with search engines and bring organic traffic (i.e. unpaid) to your site. The right SEO plan will drive striking value to your marketing performances, so knowing what it can (and can’t) do, is forever a better objective. Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool these tools will help you to do keyword research. Follow the latest updates of SEO to know about it as it changes often.

7. Try Open Source CMS
There are multiple open-source CMS (Content Management System) are available online among them WordPress is one of the most strong and handy CMS. The profit of using WordPress is that there are thousands of developers and users across the globe who can work with it, so you are permitting yourself lots of flexibility at the start and moving ahead. WordPress is perfect fit to go whether you wish to design your website by own or appoint an expert web designer. WordPress is the very often used CMS so there are enough of designers and developers that savvy to work with it. WordPress is easy to gain knowledge by your own. You will require to buy web hosting and install WordPress onto your web hosting account. HostIndia is satisfactory option for hosting WordPress.

8. Design Mobile-Friendly
You may have heard ‘responsive website’ somewhere, that actually indicates your website will require to be mobile friendly and be correctly visible on any devices. Now the mass of people access the web with the mobile devices, and use them for online shopping, any search on google and so many other usage. Search engines recommend mobile-friendly sites, so it’s to your individual benefit to certify that your website is mobile-friendly. Many CMSs like WordPress present responsive themes/templates. While designing, consistently review your website on each of your mobile devices to ensure it looks impressive and operates as it should.

9. Avoid Flash/Music
Flash is an ownership compressed animation technology, developed by Adobe. It’s attractive but not supportable with many devices, like iOS (Apple, iPhone, and iPad). And it is takes lot time to load as it is heavy in size. So many people have switched off the Flash on their devices or computers, so try not to use it. There are many other options available, use them.

We hope that these above guidelines will help you to build your website by your own. And if you have any queries then please feel free to contact us, HostIndia offers affordable Hosting Plans.