Monday, 16 May 2016

How to hire a Skilled Web developer For your Website?

Having a skilled web developer can design a website best for the market. Web development industries are changing extremely and appearing with different language, technology and frameworks. Earlier websites are designed, for desktop and laptop only, but now mobile is also in the race. A website must have quality such as responsive, compactable with mobile, quick loading time, Well structure, best functionality and etc.
Now, developing a skilled website is totally depend on web development. If you are having a small business or hiring a web developer for your personal need then you must find these below quality before hiring a web developer. However, it is hard to find a skilled web developer, but not difficult.

Website you want to be:
If you assign a web developer then he/she must deliver a website which you imagine in your mind. Your developer should have understood your thought process and deliver website according to that. To judge your developers thought process give him/her 5 websites which you like the most and requested to create a template according to that, also inform all your website niche and motto. If the template which is created by your developer is up to make or according to your expectation than maybe he is perfect for your need.

Website Speed/Performance:
Now a days Website Speed/Performance is a major factor for all websites also good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your website is loading quickly in desktop and mobile that means user will love to surfing your website. Ask your developers about previous project and check it through different online tools such as Google Pagespeed Insights tool or Gtmetrix. Once you check website through this tool then it will suggest few things need to be changed or modified to improve the speed of your website. If your developer can able to do such things means he/she is recommendable. Having a quick website loading speed improve your SEO ranking.

Website Functionality:
Having a search bar, online form, shopping cart or any kind of tool, adding value to the user is called as website functionality. However, it depends on what kind of website you are developing whether it is an E-commerce, static or dynamic website. Your web developer should able to construct any functionality at any point in time and it should work properly. Suppose you are creating a website and providing information and collecting user details to generate leads from it. Your website should have a form which should fill by the user. Cloud packers is good example of website which have best functionality for user and providing packers and movers services in Banglaore. After filling the form the details should rich your mail as well as it should save in your database in a structured way.

Proper Coding:
A web browser can read only HTML but a website can be built in any language such as PHP, .NET, ASP.NET and etc. Proper coding means the language which you developer used to build the website should be clean there shouldn't be any simple error. The small coding error may not affect your website look, but it affects your website performance. However, if you are not a developer it is a bit difficult to find and understand the coding. You can check it through HTML Validator.

This is one of the mandatory things your developer should have. Creative idea can deliver a better website. A skilled web developer will be creative enough to get around, over and under any issues that pop up to ensure a seamlessly functioning website. In addition to being about to find or create solutions, he or she should know what course is best to take in solving a problem. Easy to navigate website, convert user, providing more information with less click simple and easy to find site map can be done a creative developer.

Other Skill:
We can't judge a developer on the basis of only coding or work style or personality. Here are few more things you must search in a web developer which is very important for a developer.

Attention: To create and deliver the best website your developer should have attention.
Collaboration: A web developer can't build and live website alone. He/She had to collaborate with different teams such as graphic designer, Web Hosting department, Domain Registration and a few other departments.
Enhancement: A website can enhance with different sub domain to create your blog, news, forum, knowledge.

In a simple term, a good web developer means to write code, build structured website and solving any problem related to development. Some time designers also responsible for creating a good website. Remember a good web hosting will help you to perform your website better.

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