Friday 27 March 2015

Useful web hosting tips for beginner’s

Useful web hosting tips

      Previously to create a single website of 5-10 pages, the cost was around 10-25 thousand and you would get a simple website. The designer will develop a website with his choice. But now a day building a website is not so hard and is also very affordable. Platforms like WordPress, joomla are providing free and easy to build development tool. Domain registration also becomes very easy and cheap. Well, if you are building a customized website for your small business or blog purpose, then you have to purchase a web hosting plan for your website.
Now here are some useful tips about web hosting for beginners which will help you to understand hosting better.
So fill the coffee mug.....

What is web hosting?

Yes, this is a first question which is still confusing you. Here is a simple example: your domain name is your building address, your website is your building, your land is your web hosting and your landlord is your hosting service provider. Your land or the particular place is occupied by you and it is holding your building same as your server will hold all your files of your website and when someone will type the domain then your website will be appearing.
Web hosting plan depends on you such as how much space you want for hosting, bandwidth and server platform like Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting.

How do I choose the best hosting company?

Basically choosing a web hosting company is a very crucial moment of this procedure. You have to do some necessary web research about the company. You have to take care and the important is their support because no one can guarantee you 100% issue free server If some hosters assuring you then he is fooling you. Sometimes you may have to struggle with the technical support team for server issue. So, you have to always think about their support facility:

How you can connect with them?
Are they providing 24/7 service?
In which language they will communicate with you?
What about on national holidays?

These are mainly a primary thing you should clear first. Apart from this how much space you are getting from your hosting plan and how much you need at best for your website. If your service provider provides 99.9% guarantee uptime then fine, or less than that will not be good for any other website. Ensure that your host providers have a regular backup facility.
Well these are the basic things about a hoster, you need to cross check you can read more about how to choose a hosting company in our previous blog:

What do I need to consider when choosing a hosting package?

Choosing a perfect web hosting plan totally depends on your website requirement. It is not about your current goals it is also about your future planning about your website. So choose a plan which will give you the flexibility of upgrading and degradation of the hosting plan.
Apart from this, you have to look for data storage, data transfer, bandwidth language support technology.

Also cross check whether web hoster is not selling anything extra which is not necessary for you, like E-mail space, SSL certification and sometimes different tools which you really don,t want.

Where in the world is your web server?

As we discussed above web server store your file so you have the rights to know where your files are stored. Make sure that your server should locate in your country. Because if your server will appear very far in a geographical era, it may slow down your server.

It is true that the internet has incredible speed, but still, if your website has a geographical target audience, then the own country server will do better. If you are targeting worldwide customer from the same the server then server speed and reliability is more important.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is basically a source providing or supplying medium. In a simple term, you can say a pipeline through which data is flowing and connection between internet and your website. Suppose your website size is 100 km and your bandwidth is 1 MB that means 10 people can access your website in a single time and more than that will slow down your website.
If you have a large size website and traffic is also very high to the website then it may slow down your site due to traffic jump or maybe there would be crashed in your server.
Imagine a cup with full of water and beer bottle full of water. In both cases who will become empty first if we try to drain the water. Definitely the cup first.
In the 2nd if we put thin pipes and try to drain water then also the cup will be able to add more pipes.
In this two cases prove that a great bandwidth is better for your website.

In actual hosting providers are providing very good amount of bandwidth, but still you have to cross check it and also keep in mind that how much traffic you are going to get per day.

Should I worry about data transfer limits?

It is a certain amount of data which is provides for a certain amount of time. Like visitors are browsing your site, that means they are downloading some data so it has a limit, more than that will be extra charges or depends on your service providers.
Note: Now a day all most all service providers provide an unlimited data transfer limit so absolutely no need to worry about data transfer limits.

What is database technology?

A database is a collection of data, which will store your data and flash it whenever it is required.
This technology is used by dynamic website and blogs. Simple you can say the sites those are using dynamic URLs, login facility and add to cart option are using this technology.

What is Scripting?

Scripting is nothing but a bunch of languages like HTML java, PHP and many more are there also. This languages bunch creates some shots of programming which can be popped in your website. These scripts are highly complicated and heavy sized. Collecting of data, analyse your traffic, online transaction and many more complicated work can be done.

More advice form

In the above article, you can be able to get basic knowledge about web hosting and its function. So hopefully this will help to choose a great Web Hosting Service for your featured website. Still, if you are having some confusion, then contact sales expert who can help you to choose a perfect hosting plan for your need.
To choose a hosting plan no need to keep in touch with a sales team regularly, but giving one hour and having a cup of tea with expert may give you a new way to your hosting. is a 16 year old company providing all kinds of business solution including value added service, including Google apps and Microsoft office 365.

It's fast and reliable featured service to make you a founder of your new online empire.

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Tuesday 24 March 2015

What is Email hosting and it's benefit

email hosting service by

In 1971, the first E-mail(Electronic Mail) Message was sent by Ray Tomlinson. From that date to till now email service acts as a major role in communication. Almost all the business, service providers and organisation use email service for communication. The Individual has also had one or more email addresses for personal use. Basically, peoples use free services like Gmail and yahoo but organisation used paid and personalized email service. There are a few reasons for which email has been favorite with everyone.
    It is free or very less expensive with low maintenance charges.
    Very easy to operate and fast sending and receiving capacity.
    Accessible from any part of the world with all type of computerized device
    Flexibility of sending most of the files through attachment
    Email address with your name or your brand name
    Safe to work with confidential documents
    Provides a marketing platform for business owner

If you have registered a domain for your need, then you will be able to get an Email hosting facility with your domain name. In a normal world, email hosting server makes your email service run.
Companies provide such service having a very large setup server: however, email hosting service provider companies, mostly supplies you with POP3 email and the basics in spam/virus protection and other features. When you are having a free email service restricted to a particular amount of server space and in paid service, you are going to get service space and email id depending upon your plans.

Understand the mechanism:

A mail server is basically a server which delivers the email from one client computers to the other client's computer.

Below is a Simple mail server design showing the Flow of E-mail.

Email hosting and it's simple mechanism

When someone types a mail in a computer or any devices and press send button, then your whole email programming will be connected to a server on the network called server internet technically known as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). SMTP is an acronym who will receive the mail from a client computer and delivered to the other server by using the internet.

Where the other client computer will connect to a server technically known as POP3(Post Office Protocol) server and as it is the 3rd version of the POP server, so it is named as POP3. When you try to download the mail from the mail server, the POP3 retrieves the information from the mail server to the client computer using third party application. In simple words pop3 allows an email client to download an email from the email server.
Both protocols are used to differentiate email server one is responsible for sending and routing the email and another one is responsible for receiving it.

Note: This is a simple infographics structure and its function. But its actual function is a bit complicated than the explained one.

Email Hosting Benefit:

As I discussed in the upper line, email service is utilized by small, medium and large business enterprises rely on custom email address matching with a company domain name which leads to building a brand value. Using customized and personalized email address is more considerable and able to build a trust factor with the customer.

Why should I pay for email hosting service:

Well this not an intelligent question, but remember a free service will not give you an email address with up to limit disk space. But having your own business and to build a brand value personalised email address is essential with a good disk space.
In my previous blog, I had given a brief discussion about the importance of customized email address. Here is the link:

How can you get an email hosting service:

Getting an email hosting service provider is not so hard, but getting a good service provider is important. provides a wide range of option to choose an Email hosting service for the user. It has a multiple number of email hosting package with required number of email name, server space and Customizable user mailbox quotas. Also this company providing the facility of email space with the web hosting service, But this will good for small organisation for macro organisation separate email hosting is recommendable

Advanced web based mail access, integrated multi-layered anti-virus protection for all incoming and outgoing emails with real-time multi-layered spam protection. Web based administration with full control on all features and fully qualified technical support will makes your work simpler and smarter.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Why your business need blog and how to build your own website For blogging

Build your own website for blogging

     If you are still thinking about blogging for your business. Then here are some reasons to start writing a blog for your business. Also, I want to inform that blogging is a very powerful tool to interact with your customer on a regular basis ultimately it will make your customer understand your service better.

Individuals who love to write and they are writing blogs for other websites they can explode themselves with their own website for blogging. And seriously friends, this article will make you a website developer without any coding and language knowledge for your blogging purpose.

Yes, some platform like WordPress and blogger giving a free platform to showcase your desire in the form of a blogger. But if you want a personalized and well designed, owned blog site to put your writing skill, then that's what the article is about.

There is a lot of reason to have a blog for your business also and in the below line, we are going to discuss the same, so keep reading, because some time reading may be useful.

  • A blog is a very simple platform to connect with your customer timely with admissible information on a regular basis. This is a direct communication channel which allows your customer to like, share and comment on your blog for better understanding. If your blog explodes with information and ideas, then a good percentage of customers can be driven to your website through your blog.
  • Your Blog is the fuel for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). As we all know that content is the king on the internet for SEO, so your blog will provide the valuable content to make your website a better ranking in SEO.
  • Your blog will become Voice for product service of your business. It will appear with all your new product, service, offer and with timely update. A blog will give a topic to your customer for discussion through the comment and keeps your eyes open.
  • It will be fun when people suggest you different innovative ideas in comment and feedback which makes you think something different, beyond the line.
  • The blog will become a reliable source of information for any industries; which converts to sell.
  • You can confess your business brand story through the blog. Also, it is very cast effectively in prospects of marketing investment.
In the upper line, we explained how the blog is considerable for business industries. If your left hand is still rubbing your head, then hold your breath, below the line will make you a website developer without any language knowledge, like HTML, PHP and CSS.

In a simple action of instant website builder tool (Sitebuilder) with its simple to shift tool will deliver professionally designed website for your blog in a very short time and at a very reasonable cost.

Now a days multiple website builder tools are accessible from different service providers. But you need to figure out which is good for your blog. Some company offers free builder tool with domain registration and web hosting from them. So be conscious in choosing a website builder tool. Once you, complete with your domain registration and web hosting you have to go for a website builder tool. Before choosing a builder tool you need to focus on below the point.
Instant website builder tool

  1. Builder tool should have multiple template options to choose.
  2. It allows you to change main website resolution.
  3. It will develop in CSS(Cascading style sheets), which will allow your blog runs on any device like mobile, PC, Tablet and laptop.
  4. Providing an easy way to add features like PlugIns and complicated script.
  5. Should be in pocket budget.
  6. If it is providing 30 days free trial then the advantage will be considerable.
Once you choose a builder tool for blog you can start designing the website with your own style. It is so simple as Microsoft paint. You have to struggle with the tools only and in the back-end the coding and languages will be configured simultaneously. You can take help from the suite builder help portal or video which will navigate you step by step to build a great website.

With all the compatibility and feature is providing website builder tool to run your website more quickly and efficiently. Sitebuilder provides unique capabilities to a user who wants to create, publish, and maintain their websites with his own way. With it's easy to use web browser administrative tool provided and with the click of a button, your site will be online.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Best and Reliable Web Hosting Service by HOSTINDIA.NET- Ultimate Solutions of Web Hosting

    In a very short period of time, it has been found that web hosting in India has been influenced by (A Division of Hostin Service Pvt Ltd). Although its main office is located in Pune, but it has been able to own multiple virtual offices all over India. With a highly qualified professional team and their dedicated service makes this company an NO#1 web hosting company in India. When the company had started it has been only domestic customer within India, but now, it has a handsome number of customers all over the globe. Here is a success story of our India client:

For the basic customer demand, has implemented spark (A Message transfer). The beauty of this application is you can chat with each and every client simultaneously as well as it has the capacity to translate the language into different languages like Spanish, Japanese, Korean and other popular languages in the world. Apart from this has developed his internal structure to serve his customer the best and in an easy way.

If you are looking for a web hosting service in India you can't find a package which will cover-up all you need for your website hosting and related to that. If you take a service from a service provider in India then it had some limited feature with limited data. Hastened has created multiple numbers of packages or plans for Cheap Web Hosting. These featured rich web hosting plans are specially designed for Indian market after a long market research. Here is some package example of hosting plan for the Indian market:

web hosting India plans
Web Hosting Plans Provided by HOSTINDIA.NET

In the upper plans had configured the perfect combinations of all sources in increasing order. Now let's look into some important feature and discuss the same.

In this above picture we have a different plan, any idea what will it cost you? Remember, we had made this featured plan for the Indian market, so it is very affordable and budget sized. We don't have any conditions such as if you will purchase this service, then only you will get this plan or something like that. We are not saying that our plan is India's cheapest hosting plan, But yes, we are providing plans at a standard price as well as sometimes we have some great discount offer on our web hosting plans. Also, we are providing certain kinds of discount coupon.

Business Email Service in Same Plan:
In the upper passage you can see a bronze hosting plan is not providing business email solutions, but the rest of them are available with email hosting solutions. As we told you that our plan is designed for India market so we have all types of plan according to space, price, features and much more. So you have a good option to choose your web hosting plan.

Static IP addresses:
Providing Static IP addresses for VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated hosting server: Yes, For shared hosting server, we are providing Static IP addresses for any specific plan with additional charges.

Parallels Plesk Control:
If you are taking a web hosting service from hostindia then you will get a Plesk control panel access through which you can track your website activity as well as uploading and downloading can be easily happen through your computer to the website server. It is providing very easy to navigate and simple to operate the control panel.

We are providing the flexibility to upgrade and degrade your web hosting plan depending on your use and traffic. Yes you can move to any different plan at any point of time to complete your need.

24/7 Customer Support:
Customer support service is the main key to measuring the performance and protectiveness of any company. We have round-the-clock support available at no extra charges. We have three sources to connect us for support as:
  • Live Chat Support
  • Telephonic Support
  • Email Support

We had not delivered a good web hosting and domain registration service as well as our enthusiastic service makes our customer happy and creating a long term bond with us.

Note: You can call our customer care number at any point of time for cross check our service you can call on Sunday or in the night at 12.00 am.

Apart from this, some technical factor also plays a vital role for a web hosting company such as server connectivity, server locations, datacenter and much more. have Co-located our IT infrastructure at Tata Communication's [formerly VSNL] Premier Tier III Data Center, Pune, India. It has its own servers, firewalls, networking equipment, routers, etc. All the collection is set up and managed by our own skilled professional team. We are an affiliated member of Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers [IRINN]. is trusted by thousand of customers over 15 years in the industry due to the service quality, better understanding capacity, reliable hosting, better connectivity, and beyond the limit support.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Types of Web Hosting

web hosting service

         A hosting service is typically a server which will run your website on the internet. When we seek for a website, we start our planning from domain registration, then website design and then web hosting.

But what kind of web hosting are we using for a business?

Mostly as a business owner, we do not make that much of research about web hosting service. Markets are the full web hosting service provider and we choose them as a service provider who can be able to give a service with a good offer or discounted rates. If you are looking for a good web hosters then you can read my previous blog:

Choosing a Best Web Hosting for your Website

Well, in this article we are going to discuss different types of web hosting technology we can use for our website.

If you are looking for a free web hosting service, I am not going to discuss more free web hosting service. Basically, it is provided by some company with limited space, limited service, limited bandwidth supported by an advertising agency to promote their service or product.

  • Shared web hosting server:

Typically the name suggests, all about the hosting server. This is one server placed to host hundreds or thousands of websites, depending on its capacity. All domains connected to the server is having the same pool of sources such as RAM, CPU and processors. This is good for small websites not good for E-commerce, software updating sites, gaming sites and online buffering site. Don't have that much of flexibility of recovering data if something goes wrong and it is not so secure.

  • Reseller Web hosting service:

It is a form of web hosting service where account owner will be allocated with a specific amount of hard disk space, bandwidth to host his/her website on behalf of a service provider or third party. This kind of service taken by companies only who purchase the host's and then sell it to different website builders for profit purpose. In this kind of service, the reseller person has to purchase a tremendous size of the space of the hosting service provider and may they have own virtual server to a colocated server. Many companies purchase reseller web hosting service and provide as shared server to direct customer with their own technical support.

  • Virtual Dedicated Server/VPS:

The virtual dedicated server is also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS). Its core mechanism is splitting a server sources into different sources virtually. For this, there is no need for extra hardware, it's virtually created by some certain amount of sizes for server and allocated them to multiple websites for hosting purposes. Mainly we can save energy, hardware effort, cooling function through this VPS technology. In this case, the customer can have access and full control to its own virtual space, but not to the main server space. The VPS user will be responsible for running, maintaining and patching of the server. This is cheaper than the dedicated server.

  • Dedicated hosting service:

A Dedicated Server allows you to get root access and control on your web server. This will be your own server which has to be managed by yourself only. In this case, also the customer is totally responsible for the security, Maintenance, and all types of activity with the server as he/she will have full control of the server as well as the root folder. So you can say it is a self-managed server, but it is more expensive than VPS server.

  • Cloud hosting service:

Cloud hosting server is a newly appear and most innovative hosting platform which provides powerful, flexible and more reliable hosting service. The beauty of the service is you have to pay that much you used for your need. In upper server type, all are depending on one machine but cloud hosting server is configured with many servers. It has an easy integration as well as flexibility to update space size such as RAM. It gives less control to the user but guaranteed high-level performance without failure.

  • Managed hosting service:

In this case, the user will not get an own server and full control on the server, in the same way, you will get the root access for Linux and Windows. But in this case, a user doesn't have own server and no need to manage the server. This is the server which is not dedicated or given to the user, but it is leased to the customer. A user can manage their data through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or other remote management tools. A dedicated server is a bit expensive, but managed hosting server is less expensive.

  • Colocation web hosting service:

In this type of hosting service user have all the physical space and all but unable to manage or don't want to take care and he relocated to a place where all different servers will take care. Simply you can say take your server to a datacenter and host it there to avoid maintenance and physical space. It is very expensive, so it is not visible and not recommendable.

These are basically most popular and most used web hosting server in the world. Apart from this three more types of hosting server are there like:

  • Clustered hosting- having multiple servers hosting the same content for better resource
  • Grid hosting- this form of distributed hosting is when a server cluster acts like a grid and is composed of multiple nodes.
  • Home server- Single machine placed in a residence used to host.

Your Checklist:-
Before you choose your web hosting plan from a hamster make sure that:
  1. The hosting plan is compatible with your needs
  2. The hosting type is cost effective
  3. Upgrading and de-upgrading is possible at any point of time
  4. Before you sign-up with a hoster make sure that his internet connectivity is good and unbeatable
  5. Try to find some reviews on the internet about the company service
  6. Check customer support service facility which is very important.
I will always be happy to hear from you, If you have any doubt you can ask by commenting below.
Thank you...

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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Understanding The Difference Of Transferring a Domain and Pointing a Domain.

Transferring domain name
Transferring Domain Name

What is the really meaning of Transfer a Domain?

The concept of domain transfer is the most misunderstanding processes or a symbol of poor service in the web hosting and domain registration world. Yes, it is very confusing operation in the whole process.

Let's understand it in simple lines: Basically, people transfer their domain for different different reason such as more potential cost, less value added service, poor customer support and many more reason which effect your site performance.

If your domain registration is expiring shortly or after expire you want to transfer the same, then maybe it might not succeed. The domain transfer process takes at least 5 to 7 working days and after that if the transform is not happening, then again, you have to go through the process and same 5 to 7 working days it will take. Because of potential delays in the transfer process, we recommend that you transfer your domain name well before its registration is scheduled to expire.

Understanding Transferring a Domain and Pointing a Domain.

As I discuss in the upper line that the transfer is a confusing process, most of the transfers are done unnecessarily. Yes, we see hundreds of domain transfer in every week and the reason is the user, transforming the hosting service to another service provider, But in actual they only have to point the domain name to their new host. 

This is a very small process of updating the DNS records (changing the domain name server). The most tragedies part is users transfer their domain name blindly to a new service provider with extra cost which will also lead to delays in domain transfer with extra annual cost.

If you are having domain registration India and web hosting service from the same provider and you find that hosting service or technical support is not so good, then you can choose a another hosting service provider and make the necessary change in DNS setting.

At multiple number of domains are transforming, reason is poor hosting service of the other service provider. In that confusing situation, I would like to suggest to our reader that they can only go for hosting service and point the domain name to the new hosting providers. Domain name transfer is very long and headache process.

Note: here we is not discouraging user to transfer the domain, but the suggestion is to save time and money of a user. Yes, if at the time of renewing a domain if your domain name provider is not responding properly or you are facing any other issue related to domain names, we will encourage the user to transfer hosting as well as domain name to the new service provider.

How to transfer a domain name?

If you are holding domain name and you want to transfer the domain name to a different service provider, then you can obviously transfer the domain name to a different registrar. Before that your domain name registration should fulfill bellow requirement:

  1. Your domain must be 60 days old or more .
  2. Your domain should not have been transferred to your current service provider within the last 60 days.
  3. The domain must be released or unlocked by your current service provider.
  4. Any private or hidden service should be disabled. you can disable it through the current service providers, You can check it through whois lookup domain.

When we are going to transfer a domain name a standers instruction we have to follow created by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN is responsible for all the transactions, maintenance and methodology of several databases of unique identifiers related to the namespaces of the internet and ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.

Another most common reason of transforming a domain name is the maintenance price of the domain. Some expensive providers are present in the market who are taking an unfair amount from the customer for domain maintenance. So most of the domain transferring happening from expensive service providers to pocket budget service providers like

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