Friday 22 February 2019

Does Revising Domain Name Affect On SEO?

The answer is undoubtedly, Yes! Changing to a new domain name will definitely influence your search engine ranking. So now the question in people’s mind is – is there any answer in which the search results don’t get influenced because of revised domain name. Now people are ignoring at modifying domain names frequently, and it happened when they are forced to do so with respect to some of causes specifically company unites, domain vending, rebranding, and many more. If you decide to transfer some of old website data to the new then you have to make sure that data migration done right.

Exert 301 redirects to your website
The basic and leading thing to do is apply 301 redirects for the reason that a domain name alteration is a persistent action. A 301 redirect notifies the search engines that the migration is constant, and applying the correct code is one step of the betterment. A 302 is used while the migration is momentary. 301 redirect should be used rather than 302. Assigning 301 redirect notifies search engines about directing the user to the latest or correct page. Redirect requires to be executed in the .htaccess file which sends each of the files on a domain name level. It is essential for web hosts and website holders to make sure each of the pages and links are given a 301 redirect to make sure you remain on the ground for user hunts and traffic.

Ensure You Have An Identical URL Structure
While redirecting domains; it is crucial that you retain the same domain structure while revising from one to another domain. Once the domain has been moved, required modifications can be done to alter the URL.

Notify Google About Your Actions
It’s absolutely easy to reach this, just need to login into your webmaster tools, and select the gear icon, and chose ‘change of address’ to apply the modifications. This change will tell Google about your domain name alteration and executes the required updates in its system as well.

Review 404 Errors Repeatedly
If your page is not redirected appropriately, then it could give a 404 error. At the beginning, for couple of weeks, website holders require to review on 404 errors repeatedly and fix them, if there are any.

Migrate Gradually
If there are more than single site, and you like to merge all the information of those sites into one, then to be on safer side, it’s better to test it first. For this, you can redirect a sub-domain to the new domain and verify whether you receive the same traffic or you can migrate a site or sub-domain that gets the minimum traffic and then analysis your results too.

Keep Old Website Working For Few Months
By keeping your old website live for some period of time ensure to user and search engines to spot your 301 redirects, and this helps the switch productive instead of obstructive in which if you choose to terminate the old domain immediately, then it would consequence in deficient search engine indexing and lower number of users aware of your switch.

If done accurately, the shift can be a constructive and your SEO rankings will not collapse too low. So before you thinking changing your domain name, consider these points mentioned in this article. It’s better to have this done by a skilled one to avoid a wrong move which can pull out your website from the search engine by affecting your search ranking results.

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Friday 8 February 2019

Consider 3 Fundamentals To Be Found In Google Search Engine

As long as you design an attractive website with revealing content, you should have a mass of people leading towards your website very quickly. Correct?

Alas, the complex network of the internet is not entirely liberal. Enormous organizations with an impressive websites have arrive and leave only because of no one ever realized they lived. The extensive bulk of online people depends on Google to find new websites and if your site is not searchable on Google, then there is possibility of never being discovered though your website is appealing with good informative content.

HostIndia being Hosting Service Provider, we studied that the users who applied Search Engine Optimization service gained 2X time big traffic from Google comparing to those customers who did not apply it.

So the point of concern is, which basic steps will help you to get your website noticed in Google Searches? And the answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to pull out your website to be most noticeable from bulk of websites in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.
Consider following tools and strategies which can help you to ensure that the website you have designed for your organization is found online by the one of the powerful search engine globally. So will discuss the three main fundamentals to be found in Google Searches. Following are three easy steps to get your website noticed on Google;

1. Mobile Friendly Website with SEO
Mobiles are playing vital role in everyone's life, they are making everything so easy and convenient. So make sure your website will be mobile friendly at the time of designing website. The important things that you will have to optimize your website for search engines. Mobile friendly websites makes it easier for your users to notice your website faster. Frequently, Mobile optimization left undone but especially prime part of any SEO campaign caused by the increasing demand of mobile utilization for internet browsing. Use Google’s own mobile-friendly test tool to check whether your website is Mobile Friendly or not. Or, if you are designing new website from start, then include integrated SEO tools to make sure every page of your website are mobile-friendly.

2. Perform Keyword Analysis
To be get found in Google Searches, you need to rank higher and to accomplish this target you require most perfect keywords. These frequently searched appropriate keywords helps you to be in high position of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). To find these most searchable keywords, every business needs to perform keyword research according to their business requirements. Google offers you Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to analysis your business related commonly searched keywords according to your business criteria. This tool helps you to select Keywords which are high in Google SERP that eventually will help your business to get found in Google Search Engine.

3. Register Your Business in Google
Google My Business is a no-cost and simple-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to handle their online existence across Google, containing Search and Maps. By validating and editing your business data, you can guide users to search you and your business. This Google My Business feature is designed specially for local businesses, offering them a direct medium for more visibility in searches. Google My Business is essential for local SEO, this will help you publicize your business.

If you keep in mind the basic requirements of SEO at the time of creation of your website and a appropriate plan to prescribe your website content making and continuing management plan, these tools can guide any business person and any organization to scale high in Google rankings. The higher rankings of your website in Google will give you the more visibility and visitors which convert into large revenue. The recurrent concept in this article is based on SEO process, so if you have not done it yet, then consult today to be get found Google SERPs to increase your business growth.

Friday 1 February 2019

How Maintaining Domain Registration and Web Hosting At One Place Helps?

Earlier, when the website hosting industry was in its early stage of the development, lot of businesses and personal sites holders were suggested to keep away from maintaining their Domain Registration and Website Hosting controlled by the same provider. One of the prime intention was to minimize a service supplier’s exclusive control over a company or someone’s online existence such as their website address and content. For example, if customers retained their both; website and domain services under the same supplier, but failed to give their hosting charges, the most probable unintended consequences would be their websites going down until their accounts were paid. However, if customer had a different domain registrar than their website hosting supplier, even if their accounts were unpaid, they could directly redirect the domain to a new site or sign up for a new website hosting service.

The Features of Split-Up Earlier
Businesses who allow their domain names expire have always pushed into panic situations. In the starting phase of the internet, we could say yes to excuses because of human forgetfulness, particularly as not every person was well-versed in handling several suppliers of domain names and website hosting. Besides, many domain registrars implement firm rules of no tolerance when a customer’s domain name expired.

This summer marketing software giant forgot to renew its domain name at Network Solutions. In the minimal hours of July 25, the website faded from the internet, while millions of customer emails and following links stopped functioning. This was a tragedy for a company whose market value has about $2 billion. Fortunately, one of’s clients willingly renewed the expired domain name with his own credit card and tweeted the invoice to the company. The site launched to normal before noon on that day only.

Now, Everything at One Place is Effective
Currently, there are several reasons why customers should continue website hosting and domain registration together at one place and not just to be away from Marketo’s kind of mistake. HostIndia did the survey to know reviews of our customers about Under One Roof Formula of Domain Registration and Web Hosting.

1. Single Account
The basic questions we asked was why our customers have clear opinions to shift their domain registration to one place. 60% plus customers surveyed answered that it was the potential to handle numerous websites and domains within one account.

2. Reasonable Price
Many of survey answerer picked “Affordable Price” when asked why they choose to shift their domain registration to one account. Buying a domain and website hosting jointly can get at very reasonable charges since many suppliers offer different schemes to customers. If customer controls multiple websites, so it can be a huge money saver for them accordingly, if he is wrapping the two services jointly.

3. Website Hosting Updating is Easy Some of survey answerer replied – its easy upgrade to website hosting, when questioned to describe their choice. We consider that to mean that our customers decide on enlarging their web existence, and retaining their domains adjacent to quality hosting offers is a tactically sound move.

As explained in above example of, infrequently a domain registrar can harm well known company position cause of an expired web address. The answer to this problem is – maintaining domain names and website hosting services inside single account. Do not forget to choose a perfect service provider. Consider HostIndia, as a one stop solution for your Domain Registrations and Web Hosting Solutions.

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