Friday, 26 December 2014

How digital marketing brings changes in India's Marketing industry:

Today we will have a brief discussion about digital marketing potential and how it has affected our physical marketing. Before going to the topic I would like to present some information about the Indian market.

In past 5 years, India has come with a revolutionary change in the overall market. Statistics said that in past 3 years India had double of his all product including manufacturing and service. So you can say India is a top developing country in the world. As everything is on the way of development so are the marketing strategy developing with the technology. The earlier company preferred physical marketing and also gave a good result, but with the time changing environment our customer changed and they are getting modern and hi-tech. In order to save time and effort, they start surveying the product on the internet. If they find anything wrong about a service and product they raise their voice on the Internet. Social media had played a vital role to make our customer modern.

Now, let's look into some function which has been changed due to digital marketing. First of all, lets think about Shopping. In the time when people used to visit shops to full fill their needs, that time marketing roles were zero. Then shopping complex and malls were developed then they started physical marketing and electronic marketing. Electronic marketing is dealing with TV and radio advertise. After that e-commerce business had started which was found by amazon. Letter on so many companies had raised their head and competitions started. As it deals with the internet so business owner started marketing on the internet. They had used the different platform to reach people with their product. This practice had given a new direction to the marketing called a digital marketing.

So digital marketing is nothing but marketing on the internet to sell a product. As we know “Necessity is the mother of invention” so our online marking requirement leads to create multiple platforms on the internet. Now a days digital marketing is included with social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC(Pay Per Click), remarketing, video marketing, email marketing, banner/display marketing, content marketing, link building, online reputation management, blogging, forum, article, press release and many more. In digital marketing, we try to drag a good no of traffic to our website to achieve our sales target. Digital marketing is divided into two type push market and pull market.
Pull market is a marketing in which customer want some product and service so he searches on the internet and reaches to a destination. In this process, a marketers try to appear in the 1st in the search result and basically its conversion ratio is very high. Pull market is dealing with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) PPC(Pay Per Click).

Push marketing is something, say, you want to sell your product to a customer even though he doesn't want that or he is not interested in that product. So conversion ratio in this method is very less. Push market belongs to remarketing, video marketing, email marketing, banner/display marketing, content marketing, link building, online reputation management, blogging, forum, article, press release.
Now a days social media is very active in young generation so businessman are taking the advantage of social media platform to enhance their product or service reach.

The advantage of digital marketing is we can track each and every customer activity his nature of choice, interest even though by using some advanced technology we can track each and every customer pointer position. And this is the main lesson of digital marketing had been choosing by every businessman.
In tradition marketing like giving add in the newspaper and sending mail, we can't track the customer reach or his activity.

So This is the right time go ahead for a domain registration, website and web hosting because now is better than later. 
Apart from this also businessman still carry forwarding with marketing techniques in electronic marketing like TV(television) and Radio.

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