Wednesday 11 September 2019

Why Different Variations of Domain Name Registration Is Necessary?

Domain name is an unique identity for online existence for any business holder. Each domain name holds a significant value to the business and to its users. As the trend is growing, and mass of people are getting knowledge of the Google search, a wide range of people type in Google Search for the result, rather than typing the URL.

If you are unclear on selecting the perfect domain name for your business, then refer our earlier article : Easy Tips To Choose Your Website Domain Name

If you are cleared that phase and now you have a difficulty in choosing domain name variations are important or not? If yes, to what range? Losing audience traffic for business websites is a huge snag, it occurs frequently if businesses do not take precautionary measures to keep away customers getting lost, registering different variations of your domain name is like registering a shop in your name at each alongside road, your audiences may get lost but they will reach to you finally.

Multiple domain name versions are Not required but it is a better objective to occupy subscription on each extensions for productive SEO on a website. So, at HostIndia we propose in approval of it. You should at least review the general misspellings for your domain name. That is why businesses highest domain preference to get registered with .com at the end of their name, though customers get lost .com works as the anchor to fetch them back. If .com is not available for the moment, do wait for it and do not skip any chance in making it your domain extension.

As we all familiar, the domain name is a unique internet identity, so it is supposed to have different versions. You might be thinking what type of versions? If I have a domain name of, and I know that users may spell it wrong as or,, also the numbers,, it's in businesses best appeal to book each miss spells. Or else, a strong rivals of yours may reserve it and make the benefit from the redirected traffic.

Everyone knows the great example of company. How they fought to obtain their original domain name, they could not get their brand name so misspelled it, and then acquired the real domain name registered after.

Booking multiple domain name charges you around 250-500 Rs, its between 20-40 Rs/month. It's a better to spend one or two bucks extra instead regretting it later.

If you do not procure .com domain in first try then it is recommended to go with the .org and .net domain names as these are quite commercial. Whenever you register new domain your service provider automatically setups the domain 301 redirect, it directs to your main website address from a different domain name. So the end your content stays isolated and your audience also does not get lost.

Host India has the great scale of Domain Registration, and the domain locking and privacy policies are the added bonus for every client.

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