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Advantages of dedicated hosting -HOSTINDIA.NET

dedicated hosting service by hostindia

Dedicated hosting offers you the most powerful and advanced hosting facility completely assigned for your website only. No website will share your server for which you will get enough bandwidth space for your website.

As a dedicated server is totally allocated for you and providing a powerful hosting facility that means it should be costly and expensive than others, but what facility or advantage you are getting from

In this blog we are going to discuss Dedicated web hosting plans and how can you get benefited from this hosting will be explained.

A dedicated server is basically used for big organization and e-commerce website. Using a dedicated server for a small business is not a wise decision. Big organisation may have integrated with a lot of websites, apps, mail server and more. In that case shared hosting server or VPS hosting will not do better. However, a dedicated server is for them who want more power, space and next level hosting.

Advantage of choosing dedicated server from

Secured server allocated for you only:
secure server by dedicated hostingIn a dedicated server, all the physical equipment is allocated for a single purpose with a particular amount of RAM, space and processing speed.
In other hosting like shared one server will give access to multiple sites and in VPS all the equipment will be created virtually.

So in dedicated hosting, you no need to worry about over connection of website. As you are only connected to the server, control all the activity and monitoring make you sure that bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth usage won’t slow your server down. A dedicated server allows you to Enhance the security level on the importance of your website niche with the help of FTP and SSL.

Enhanced performance of dedicated service:
dedicated server to enhance your performance
Having a dedicated server ensure you the maximum uptime with a zero trouble hosting for your website. It can deal with maximum traffic, then shared and VPS hosting. The dedicated server is the most powerful one and in additions 24/7 support and most possible connecting via(chatting, email and telephone) of will make your work better than other service providers.

Another client benefited point about a dedicated server is the flexibility of hardware. Yes, you can customize all your equipment including RAM, CPU, disk space, hardware and software depend on your stipulation. Dedicated allows you a customized environment where you can control all the software activity including installation.

Every server has confederated with a unique IP address and if you have a dedicated server then you will get a separate IP address so no need to worry about spamming. But in shared hosting server multiple numbers of websites connected with the single IP adders If any site is spam or having an adult site will affect your site as well as google ranking also.

Having a dedicated server does not mean that you should have some physical space to keep the server and powerful sources to keep it run. provides you multiple featured rich and reliable dedicated hosting plans to full fill all types of need.

Round the clock service with multiple communicating options will make your service better, quicker and easier. With hostindia dedicated hosting you will allow monitoring the server and feel confident that your server in safe hand.

There is a lot of reason which assures you to go for hostindia dedicated hosting. So are you ready to experience the admirable performance and the real power of dedicated server hosting?

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