Thursday 5 February 2015

11 simple step to promote your website and boost your web traffic.

If you have a good website with proper information that fine but you will have to promote a website to get a good number of traffic to your website. We have discovered that there are tons of ways to promote your website. In this article, we will give you some trick to promote your website.
11 simple step to promote your website.

1: -Put your website URL in Your E-mail Signature:
In your email messenger, you can put your all details including designation, name mobile number and the most, you can put a link to your website at the end. If you have installed google analytics code then you can track the actual traffic to your website by email. Here is an example of the email signature.

Thanks and Regards
Mr. Debasish Pramanik
Manager- Marketing
+91-mobile no

You can use like this or shortened version of the signature in your email signature and all online forum. It will help people to find your website very easily.

2: - Impressive website with proper Information: 
If you are putting some information on your website for your visitor then a visitor can visit the website and read the information and then go on the internet again and search for some other. So whatever information you are putting on your website should be motivating so the user will visit other web pages and come back again to your website.

3: - Website Details in Your Official visiting Card:
If you have a business or working in some company then you should carry your business card with you, having your website address. Offer this card to your official contacts also let them inform that they can find tons of information on their official website. And if your photo is present on your website then the client can easily remember that who are if he forgot your meeting also.

4: - E-mail Marketing:
If your site is proving some service or product then you can create login platform in which user can share their experience with your company. In order to log in that website, a customer has to give some minimum information including email id. Once we get a set of email id we can start re-marketing from our old customer. As they are interested in our product so we can send an email about our new product and offer, as well as you can leave your website address in that mail which navigate customer to your website.

5: - Submit Article and Start Blogging:
Write an article about your product and experience and submit them in different article site like www.ezinearticles. Com. Also, you can start blogging in different blogger to make your user educate about your product and service.

6: - Link Exchange:
You can exchange link with your related website. You can exchange link with your competitors also who have the same target audience.

7: - Link Submission:
You can submit link in different directories site. As SEO is essential for every business, submit your link in good directories for SEO prospect. Make some necessary research about directories and submit your website link.

8: -Traditional Terrific Source: 
Try to promote your business in some unusual way to get a traffic and create a brand value. Some think like if you have an area specific business then put your website address with your business logo in ticket and banner, something like local cinema and banner on the street. Interested people will come to your website to get relevant information. 

9: -Post your Feedback
Find some popular blog which is related to your website business and give feedback honestly and put your website address in that feedback. Make sure you are not fooling a user to get a traffic to your website. Be genuine and give useful feedback. Your useful feedback will motivate the user to come to your website, not the false information.

10: - File Shearing: 
Share your website information and file like pdf, photo, ppt, E-book on the internet in free. All the element should be a good structure which leads the user to fall in love with your website. Be sure your website link should be there. Let everyone download the e-book and all files in free.

11: - Newspaper Service
Apart from this, you can take help from the newspaper. Although it is bit expensive but let offline user should know about your website.

If you are new to the internet market then you have to take help from online as well as offline also. Now a digital marketing brings a revolutionary change in India market, so peoples are becoming digital so never try to fool them and don't try to give any wrong information.

Remember one more thing, once a user visits your website means you can track them for more business by remarketing and roll.

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