Monday 5 October 2015

How can your website make a difference in your business?

website to grow your business

Why should I build a website?
What is the benefit of having a website?
Does my business really need a website?
Is a website built is a worth of money?

For most of the small business and medium business man are struggling with the same question. Window shop also having the same question about the website. If you have a business and you are looking for the answer, then you are at the right place. Let's serious about a website requirement for a business.

Before we go deep into the matter here is some statistics about internet user. Till 2014 more than 40% people are using the internet in worldwide and in 2015 the percentage is increased to more than 44%. Near about 50 crore peoples are using the internet in India. In which more than 10% internet is accessing through mobile devices only. In terms of E-commerce business, India is also increasing by a tremendous percentage.

If we look a few years back we can find window shop and physical shape are the prime source of business, but now most of the business is happening online in order to save time and effort. In a short, you can say digital marketing brings changes in the Indian market.

However, let's look for few reason and easy tips for which small business owner will start thinking about having a website for their business.

People are getting smart:
Whenever people are looking for some information they will start searching at the internet then every before. This not only the matter also most of our young generation searching job in the internet, peoples are getting their needs of business and some people make the internet as their business. Selling, purchasing, booking, research, submission, apply and much more happening through the internet with a less effort and quick time period.
However, in this situation, having a small business with a perfect website can make your small business to a real player and provide a great service.

Educate your Customer:
If you have a new product or different service, then in the first step you have to make your customer more familiar with the product-service and make them understand what you are selling and the importance. The more people will learn about your product the more you will get business.

You can create a blog for your website and start publishing the post about your product and service process. Publish more Article, infographics, PDF and images various sites to provide more information. The advantage is, when a customer calls you to the same product, already the product idea which will save your time and sales will be done easily.

This is a most powerful tool to increase your business size. If your service is great, then your customer will refer your product to another, automatically you will get new customers. However, you can add a tab of “Refer a Friend” link on your website. Highly satisfied customer will help you to grow your business by sending your website link to their friends searching for the same service.

Social Media Engagement:
This is one of the freest powerful tools can help any business to grow initially. Create your business page on multiple social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Provide information and updates about your business including discount, new offers, new products to make your user engaged. Trust me, friend the power of social media will take your business to your desired destination. Post images and content which should informative and make your user share, like and comment. Once your post will go viral means it will build a brand for your business. Add all social media button on your website.

Collect Customer information:
Once you host your website successfully, you can start collecting customer information such as customer name, mobile number and Email Ids. Add a contact us page in your website with a lead capturing box, the Same box you can add to your blog and article site also. Always offer something free or discount offer in the caption of the lead capturing box such as:
  • Get Free 15 Minute Free Consultant NOW!
  • Register here to get one month Free Subscription.
  • Register here to get the FREE sample.
  • Register now and get 20% Discount.

Email Marketing:
The effective power of email marketing helps a lot of business to grow. Run email campaigning for your business. Send professional emails, decent content with nice presentation to the bulk amount of user interested in your product or related to your product. Make sure your mail won't go to spam rather than going to going user Inbox. Send email from your website customized email address. You can Get Email Hosting from the same hosting provider, where you host your website. Don't ignore the power of email marketing.

Establish a Relationship with your Customer:
This one of the success mantra for every business. In this case, your website will be your communicating medium to your customer. Provide the easiest way to connect your customer and engaged them for a long period of time. Apart from email and telephone, you can add live chatting option on your website to give instant information. Add knowledge-base, online forum and commenting option on your website for making your service more user-friendly than the other.
However, your social media, providing the same facility with additional review option but still some people are not using social media.

Make your online presence Impressive:
We have already discussed this in the upper, but still some more point you have looked into.
  • Make your website structure, easy to navigate and more user-friendly.
  • Create some video about your website and service, make them publish on Youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo! Screen and DailyMotion.
  • Publish PDF and Infographics in various sites like:,,
  • Proactively answer your product query or related product query participating in various answer sites, such as: Yahoo answer, Quara.
  • Include yourself in multiple online forum and join your product related discussion.
  • Publish Press release about your company regularly on multiple news sites.

Having a website is not so expensive nowadays. A company like is providing Domain Registration Service starting from 149/year and Web Hosting Service starting @39/month. Apart from the website on internet you can find lots of free platforms to build your online presence. With your little and honest effort can make a huge profit in your business.

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