Wednesday 29 October 2014

How important is a .COM Domain Name:- HOSTINDIA.NET

The first thing we know about domain names is that top level domains are .com, .net and .org. .COM is dominating the domain industry since 1987 total 27 years. .com has now become a standard not only for business but in every field .com has its charm.
 People blindly go towards them, many popular domain names are having the .com, it is mostly considered as professional name and factor for the higher page rank.
Another main factor is pricing these .com's are Super-Super cheap.

Register .COM with Hostindia.Net

So what about the .us, .in, and other domain extensions?

Every domain extension is as important as a .com, in fact, there is no real difference in the service of both.
Google does take the geographic locations into preference. If you have a site in India with, it may come higher in the page ranking. As Google has the searches with regional targeting, it's the most convenient way for the general people to get the relevant searches in relevant time.

But it is true when people, by memory type the URL of any company's name they automatically type .com assuming that .com is what they are looking for. So why lose business to a .com? When we are well aware that people will hit .com only. Let your business be floating on .com.

Most popular with the Cheapest Price. It is .COM
Registering with a .com is obviously the wise decision. But the problem with the most popular TLD is that it is hardly available for registration at the right time, thus register with some other extension suitable for your business, even that is the new trend for credibility, and later register with .com when available.
Jump on the first opportunity to register with this domain name.

If you register with you can get most out of your money and the best service ever. You can check the price of the domain name at

Mostly the prices are kept reasonably low, and you can get the cheapest price during a sale. It's all a win if we register through

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