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History of domain extension and the right domain name extension for your website !!

History of Domain extension
History of Domain extension
    Well if you are planning for a website for your business or for your personal use then you may have heard about domain extension. Most of the people will suggest you for .COM domain as it is popular all over the world. But this article will help you to choose the right domain extension name for your website. But, before we proceed deep into the new domain extensions for your website, let's take a look back at the history of domain extension.

History of Domain Extension.  

At the time when the domain name server had developed (Before 1984) that time only numeric numbers were accessible and no domain names were available. I.c.
If we had to go to any website we had to enter something like http://143.983.34/ and this would designate your website address. So, can you Imagine your website in the year 1984 ??
And again some changes appeared in 1985 with the flexibility of choosing domain extensions, like .com, that time a bulk amount of money was supposed to pay for a domain and as well as for website building and web hosting.
But now a days tons of domain are registering per day with a proper domain extension. We can choose domain extensions over 300 range form. And the total cost will be around 700/year approximately or if you go for premium then it will cost a little higher.

Why a Proper domain extension?

Well, there are so many factors for which you should go for a proper domain extension for your website. In the below article we will discuss some popular domain extension and its importance. If you plan for a global business then you should purchase all the domain extensions.

* .com
Your domain extension is the default domain extension and as from the beginning, it is used so everyone loves the extension and also your website looks more professional. .com domains stands for global identity also, so if you have planned for a global website then you should better to go for .com domain.
* .in
.in domain stands for Indian industries and organization. If you have a business in India and want to rock in India itself then .in domain is fair enough. Also, it is creating a trust factor for Indian. We can go for variation on this domain extension, like we can go for,, etc.
* .net
.net stands for network and internet technology industry,  was intended for organizations in network technologies. So if you have a salon shop building a website then is more likable then
* .org
.ORG stands for organization, university, and non-profits organization. If you have a non-profits organization then .org is more trustful then other domain extensions.
* .info
If you have a website and you want to provide only information and nothing else then it is more advisable to go for .info domain extension. If you are promoting a product or a service then .info will perform better website for you.
* .tv
.tv stands for the television industries and movie industries. If you are into an industry which is related to film industries, television or something like that than it is wise to choose .tv domain. Good option for a television-related site like zeetv, starplus, cinema and etc.
All domain entension

Less Common or rarely used domain extensions:-

In the above, as we discussed that there is more than, 300+ domain name that is present overall on the internet. Few of them are given below,
.name - for personal use or use by individual only.
.me - Good for personal branding, or if you can cleverly make it part of your business name with the extension (ie.,
.pro – For highly qualified professionals only.

Apart from above we can have domains like,,,, .eu, .us, .cc,,,, .mobi, .ws, .asia, .tel, .cn, .co,,,, .ae, .menu, .bike, .singles, .plumbing, .guru, .clothing, .ventures, .holdings, .camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting, .photography, .club, .shiksha, .ink, .jobs, .buzz, .blue, .pink, .red, .build, .dance, .wiki, .pub, .ninja, .xyz, .social, .reviews, .bid, .webcam, .trade, .education, .agency, .international, .photos, .directory, .technology, .today, .support, .tips, .solutions, .company, .systems, .management, .center, .supply, .supplies, .exposed, .email, .institute, .camp, .florist, .coffee, .boutique, .bargains, .productions, .rentals, .training, .builders, .shoes, .marketing, .events, .land, .kitchen, .parts, .domains, .contractors, .industries, .cab, .construction, .tools, .farm, .enterprises, .properties. .computer, .cleaning,.academy, .foundation, .watch, .vacations, .works, .cool, .zone, .cheap, .cards, .catering, .community, .solar, .house, .repair, .glass, .maison, .condos, .tienda, .villas, .flights, .cruises, .expert, .holiday, .partners, .dating, .recipes, .careers, .voyage, .diamonds, .viajes, .limo, .codes, etc.

Basically, domains such as .land, .webcam, .bike, .travel, etc are reserved for their specific industries and might be a good choice if your business is customer based and your domain extension is also associated with your business.

The reason of more domain extension is popularity on the internet and the low cost of internet element. Now a days Domain Registration India with proper extensions, Web Hosting India, email hosting are very easy and fast as there are so many service providers in India, like , Hostin Service Private Limited.

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